Green loaning not investing to protect the little guys


In an interview in yesterday’s Scotland on Sunday prospective Rangers owner Charles Green came up with a remarkable justification for loaning the £8.3m he proposes to put into Rangers if a CVA is accepted instead of putting the money in as equity.  The loan will be repayable with a healthy interest return for investors.

Green said “The reason it is a loan is because I never wanted the 26,000 existing shareholders diluted and destroyed. If I put all those monies in as equity on the first day, they would have been down to nothing. This is a classic example of where I have spent hours with my advisers and paid them big fees to protect the minority and I am now the bad guy, this crooked guy who is putting a loan in to take 4000 per cent interest on it.”

Rangers 26,000 minority shareholders are unlikely to know what percentage of the club they own, or worry too much if that percentage is diluted, but this ‘concern’ is utilised by Green to justify his return.

We like this guy. I hope he hangs around.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    Can I Have Raspberry On That – You’re not even a real cone.



    Philvis wins! (thumbsup)

  2. Paul



    Any news on foster signing ?



    Did we get money for any players who have left us ? Juarez ,McGinn ?

  3. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    Three sleeps till Christmas, bhoys and ghirls, three sleeps till Christmas!

  4. DBBIA


    Thanks for the reply. Two earlier posts on p13 of the previous article ( 1.47 and 2.04 ) from Art of War referred to the subject.




  5. Paul67


    We like this guy. I hope he hangs around.



    Not very Christian like Paul………but I like it :O)

  6. philvisreturns on

    There’s no slavery like debt slavery.



    Borrow, borrow, my loan Rangers. You owe it to yourselves. (thumbsup)

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    BRTH- from the last thread. ‘Boxing News 100 greatest boxers of all time’ is a special edition of the magazine, available in all good newsagents, incl.WHSmith’s in Central Station [which is where I read it].

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Maybe he is really Loa(r)n(e) Green(e) and he will start singing Danny Boy…….



    That would be a Bonanza…….



    Coat on and horse saddled…..

  9. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    JJ -if the SFA were investigating Celtic it would be tattooed across wee Catriona’s forehead when she read the news.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    Thanks– hope you didn’t get a nosebleed being away from Shangri La for to long… and beware because if you stay out too long I am told that you age rapidly….

  11. philvisreturns on

    Jungle Jim – Breakfast is for wimps. I start the day with a double espresso and a hearty high-five. (thumbsup)

  12. South Of Tunis on

    90 degrees at 10 30 —– summertime -.



    Watched Italy 1 Spain 1 in a bar on a beach . Very good game

  13. Paul – surely you would prefer liquidation than Green hanging around? If HMRC puts in BDO, is that not Green finished?

  14. jungle jam67 on

    so charlie is just giving them a loan !



    what makes him think the bears will pay up ?



    they backed up the last share issue in full ;))))))))




  15. BRT & H


    Your many wonderful posts mean you are forgiven for that laboured effort o:-).


    Hughie Green and Opportunity Knocks (in the old sense of stealing) would have sufficed!




  16. Good shout, Paul.



    First Murray, then Whyte, now Greene.



    A vertiable parcel of rogues …



    Lovin’ it!




  17. Double Espresso? How the other half live. I have to settle for the ol` working class tradition of kippers and devilled kidneys.




  18. Oh, and a quick ‘by-the-way’ to Philvis …



    I never thought I’d see the day when your podium-snatchinig-CQN-fluxcapacitor was beaten.



    Back to the laboratory for you, methinks.



    And a big Well Done! to Can I Have a Raspberry …




  19. johann murdoch on

    Chuck to ragers fans..”I am here to secure the club and maintain its proud traditions and history”



    Chuck to investors “We loan them £8m and we get £12m back from the shmucks!”

  20. @GrahamSpiers: I’m a traditionalist. As bedevilled as Rangers are, I don’t fancy Ibrox being sacrificed on the altar of ‘naming rights’. Dreadful business.






    I don’t have the time and I suspect CQN doesn’t have the bandwidth to fully explain this ridiculous statement – surreal.

  21. philvisreturns on

    Can I Have Raspberry On That – I prefer a frozen yoghurt and green tea



    Yoghurts are for ladies and green tea is an insidious concoction from those inscrutable Orientals.



    Are you a Chinese spy sent here to gather information on Zheng Zhi? (thumbsup)

  22. I can’t help but wonder what sort of press would this guy get in England if he was trying to buy a premiership club. The whole scenario smacks of duplicity and opportunism yet once again they seem to be getting a free pass. Some people will never learn especially the MSM

  23. South Of Tunis on

    90 degrees at 10 30 —– summertime -.[it will hit 110 by mid August ]



    Watched Italy 1 Spain 1 in a bar on a beach . Very good game . 2 great goals . The aesthetic delights of Pirlo and Iniesta. Much quiet appreciation of a vastly improved Italy. No celebration —– the only thing that counts is the next game. Lovely smile from Toto Di Natale



    Ireland ? ——



    Match summary man- ” Big hearts and lots of sweat. Poor technique . No quality players . ” No argument from me. ; Stonewall penalty -yes —- doubt it changed the result.



    Modric is a player . Great shift from the impressive Perisic..



    Harvesting peaches / being stung by wasps -way down south.

  24. This is an article translated from El Mundo, 8/11/2007






    “Dear Rangers supporters- never come back to Barcelona again. And not because your players themselves aren’t a legitimate team. No, it’s not because of that- the Nou Camp frequently hosts teams who are lazy, boring, who only defend, who run and kick their opponents, and who shouldn’t be in elite competition. On top of this, Rangers merely defend, run at the opposition and play dirty. Their defenders are butchers, their midfielders, heavy-footed; and their strikers just stand there like the furniture.



    But even apart from the footballing aspect, the best thing would be for Rangers never to return to Barcelona, because every time they do, they make a mess of the place. 35 years ago, you (the Rangers supporters) destroyed the seats at the Nou Camp. This time we have enjoyed no less than 48 hours of brawls, provocation, rackets, fights and common drunk women throughout the whole city, which you have fouled however you pleased.



    Stay at home and vomit in your own living-room, urinate in your sitting-room corners, fight with your neighbours, the Celtic supporters (who deserve a prize just for putting up with you) and foul the streets of Glasgow instead. Don’t come back here again, because it is not a laughing matter. And, by extension, don’t play in the Champions’ League either. You are not at that level neither in a sporting nor human sense.



    There are noisy groups of supporters who, although they drink vast amounts of beer, make friends at the same time. But you? Not you, because everywhere you go, you turn into a rubbish tip. You are undesirables. And so are those who fraudulently sell, or “rent out” their tickets. These people screw Barca over, because they trade their season tickets illegally. And in doing this they cause massive annoyance for other members of the club. A true Barcelona fan would not re-sell their ticket for the match. If you are not going to the match, give it to a family member, or you could even use the ‘Seient Lliure’ service (an automated ticket service used by some Spanish clubs including Barcelona).



    From now on, the responsibility lies with UEFA and the club itself to ensure who the ticket is sold to. The best thing for all of us would be that you as a supporter, in a moment of lucidity, decide not to travel if you do not have tickets. As that is never going to happen, those who sell the tickets illegally must be brought to justice. But the best thing would be if we never had to play Rangers again.” – Jordi Hereu (Mayor of Barcelona 2006-2001)

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