Green, Murray and transubstantiation


You couldn’t script that lot.  Charles-this is probably the worst Rangers team you have ever seen-Green is back, like a dose of something you never wanted first time around, appointed late on the day Rangers International receive a request for an Emergency General Meeting from rebel (hmm) shareholders.  The reason given to the Stock Market for his appointment was nothing to do with the EGM request, so don’t go implying it was a reactionary panic measure.

And who is behind the EGM request?  None other than Paul Murray, one of the few responsible for ensuring that Rangers FC (in liquidation) ran their affairs in good order.  His credentials for the position of Ibrox powerbroker are impeccable.

Before the news of the EGM was released, the Herald suggested, “Some informed sources believe the club will run out of money during this season”, as the Celtic online community has been asserting since their interims were published.

And yes, you noticed the transubstantiation from club to company.  I think it goes:

A club will run out of money.
A company ran out of money.

Keep the league flag flying high.
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  1. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I enjoyed todays game and with a wee bit better luck we would have trounced County.We are building a fine squad at Parkhead and remember only one of our new signings played today Lennie is working hard to ensure he has competition for places in the team.If we sign a half decent striker we will score goals for fun.Wednesday is going to be huge for us and if we can score in Sweden we must have a chance of reaching the next round. H.H.

  2. I actually thought we played some really good football. It could easily have been a cricket score. Hope our new Dutchman isn’t too badly injured. He looked in a lot of pain.

  3. Mike in Toronto on




    I can understand why NFL loves SB…. he can run all day…. from what I hear, his teammates love him… on the park, he doesn’t take BS from anyone…. I love his attitude…



    but (i) I think he is as good now as he is good to get, and (ii) I think he still lacks the basic football IQ that is required of someone who plays in the middle of the park, particularly for Celtic where most games in the SPL are like today…. camped out in the other teams half…. we need someone in there who can either pick a lock or knock a door down… SB, for all he does, really doesn’t do either of those….



    I think EA has more upside, at least going forward.

  4. Jonny the Tim – he did not judge the bounce or flight of the ball well today. I can see why he is used as right back for national team. He can rampage forward at times but he needs to work on the high ball.

  5. the boy jinky



    20:31 on 3 August, 2013


    I want to register a complaint about blatant sexism at celtic park today



    Following on from elfsborg trying to put our support off the match by fielding not one but two blonde physios in revealing shorts. .. celtic fc sent lovely looking young ghirls into the stadium today : dressed provocatively in skin tight lycra leggings they try to lure the bhoys into the kerrydale bar with a wink a smile and the promise of a good time



    Wheres angela haggerty tonight





    They were behind me at the game today, a rendition of ‘The Sevco are Shite’ came from the area they were sitting…… disgusting behaviour by girls at a football game….. I think I may report them

  6. Snake Plissken on

    Great Win today and great performance. Sorry about Derk but there’s a player there.



    As for the never ending comedy that is Sevco. Imagine we pull Forfar out of the hat in the next round……..



    Think of the money you’ve lost on that one lurking Sevcovians…… you might have made it to Valentines Day again.




  7. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    20:30 on 3 August, 2013



    That was a fantastic day …… I was told it was 1-1 at Forfar ….. At half-time, I asked a young ghuy if it had gone to extra time or replay…..he looked at me as if I was daft (astute individual..LOL) …. “Forfar won 2-1” ….. Well, that set me, and a few others, dancing and singing all overthe place…… Hahahahahahahaha…



    PFAYR ……fantastic news about your son’s achievement…….you must be very proud of him …..!!!!!!!!!

  8. squire danaher on




    20:07 on 3 August, 2013






    Idiot here. Long way from being shut up

  9. apparently the SPFL are going to ask the angry fc team to take a drugs test, as they are quite sure that a team of highly paid profesional players must be on something to play that mince.

  10. Jonny the Tim



    20:56 on 3 August, 2013



    Anyone noticed or mentioned it previously?


    Ambrose CB is an anagram of






    Say no more!







    Efe is a Brilliant Footballer, I dinnae care what anyone says.


    The guy loves having the ball at his feet and also has the BALLS to go all the way up to the attacking Mid positions, obviously creating so much in the process and that is without even making a Pass. ;)

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Met Brogan Rogan at Parkhead today ….great mhan, as we all know ….!!!!!!!!

  12. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    I’m honestly losing track with what is happening in Govan – simplistically, I thought the battle was between “the Spivs” and “The Blue Knights aka Rangers men”.


    So it was easy to work out that Green, Ahmad, Stockbridge were Spivs, but Walter, Ally and 3 varieties of Murray were TBK.


    So where does Craig Mather fit in? Wasn’t he brought on board by Green? As was Walter? And which side are the Firestarter brothers on?



    Great to see John Keane enjoy his day in the sun today.



    If anyone is in Moynihan’s in Funchal on Wednesday I’ll buy you a pint.

  13. celticrollercoaster on




    I see Sky gave Commons MoM today, The must have been watching from the same seat as me :-)



    Great reception for the Champions and John Keane, Good to see Stokesy getting a brace but hoping we are working behind the scenes to get a penalty box striker.



    So “the cup” was not the league cup then? Must be the intergalactic Ramsden Universal Champions league cup that is the cup that the zombies are concentrating on. Good to have Chuckles back!!







  14. Thoroughly enjoyable day at CP today, sitting in the Jock Stein Upper, had to take my nephews, their Dads no well(on the mend) great view and good fun with the wee lhads.


    Met Tom Rogic and the kids got a foto with him, made their day.


    Kris played very well, Brown was as industrious as ever, Derk looked very good before injury, hope it’s not a bad one. John Keane got a great and very well deserved reception.



    A good day.



    And then the lhad next to me told me the Sevco score, as I said earlier, don’t sack McCoist, love him. I haven’t stopped laughing since. They are irrelevant in a sporting sense and only good for the laughter value.

  15. To all the girls that got married today……………




  16. So…….first points on the board



    Aberdeen and Inverness signalling their intent…



    The team that used to be oldco 1872 out on their errs at the hand of the mighty Forfar….



    Had occasion to listen on radio snyde today after many months……..talking about newco 2012 and the quality that they have etc…….


    The complete denial that they are actually a 12 month old organisation with a bunch of journeymen and 2-3 rd division level players………that somehow if they can get into the big bhoys playground everything will be normal again…….



    You couldn’t make this stuff up!



    Good simple explanation of who/what the orcs are now in legal terms……..




  17. celticrollercoaster



    Kris Commons first half, well, he was out of this World.



    Kris is one of the elderly ones in the Celtic side now.



    Competition to Be a Celtic First Team player is hotting up, I thought Anto had a Great game as well.

  18. Petec



    Caught your post earlier regarding Coach Carter. Yes excellent. Great motivator movie for our students

  19. last year son in law a jambo(dinnae laugh now)took ma 8 year old grand daughter to the league cup final unknown to me of course,decked oot in a jambo strip! obviously no to happy.had to nip this in the bud right away,so bought her a season ticket fir paradise and took her to first game yesterday,so far is to say she is hooked,thank god, saved in the nic o time.


    ps efter 5 mins you with think she had been going aw her life.this place just gets to ye eh!.



    god bless ye all.






    big sean a happy granda.