Green, Murray and transubstantiation


You couldn’t script that lot.  Charles-this is probably the worst Rangers team you have ever seen-Green is back, like a dose of something you never wanted first time around, appointed late on the day Rangers International receive a request for an Emergency General Meeting from rebel (hmm) shareholders.  The reason given to the Stock Market for his appointment was nothing to do with the EGM request, so don’t go implying it was a reactionary panic measure.

And who is behind the EGM request?  None other than Paul Murray, one of the few responsible for ensuring that Rangers FC (in liquidation) ran their affairs in good order.  His credentials for the position of Ibrox powerbroker are impeccable.

Before the news of the EGM was released, the Herald suggested, “Some informed sources believe the club will run out of money during this season”, as the Celtic online community has been asserting since their interims were published.

And yes, you noticed the transubstantiation from club to company.  I think it goes:

A club will run out of money.
A company ran out of money.

Keep the league flag flying high.
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  1. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    Mather’s Statement:



    Ya shower of nae-use, good for nothing bags a rubbish that yeeze ur!!!!.


    Ah’m pure nerked off an’ ahm no havin’it


    If that screwba’ with’ the shovel hauns thinks he kin date any better then come ahead ya’ knuck-faced get ye!!!!!!

  2. Marrakesh,



    No sorry, l’m RC, no pun intended.



    I might know RN pretty well though, does he work at Bayer?




  3. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)




    14:31 on 3 August, 2013



    Totally agree, mathers statements are scripted(mediahoose), the only problem is they forget what they said previously. It is truly is laughable.



    The MSM are a collective joke, there is not one amongst them who will give the true picture of what is really happening, because they don’t have the baws to, a bunch of cowardly imposters who’s writings are not fit to wipe your a*** with.



    The return of Chuckie! Coming to a comedy club near you, you couldn’t make it up






  4. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    im not in uk at the moment, but the last I heard was that the bus conductor brothers from paisley were going to be in charge at ayebroke



    what happened there then?



    did that go up in flames just like their wee arra peepil carrier? or have they arrived to save the day, along with chuckles?



    that’s the thing, you wait aw day then two come along together, is it no just like it?

  5. Hugh Keevins




    Hugh Keevins


    Hugh Keevins: Rangers pre-season training shows they have more money than they’re letting on

  6. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    I guess that’s the thing about being a liar, you need to have a good memory, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter if your memory is not up to the job, if the msm don’t have the inclination to remind you



    we should take every opportunity to remind them though


    that’s our job!

  7. Afternoon all



    Looking forward to the game today – hope we see a couple of the new Bhoys from the start. I know we’ve played three games already this season but there is something special about the start of a new season.



    Hopes for the season? That we win the league obviously but hopefully we’ll get a more sustained challenge than last year- Aberdeen are ‘due’ a revival and I’d guess Motherwell will be more than the sum of their parts in the league. I hope that somebody from the youth set up makes a real breakthrough- Paul George? Jackson Irvine?one or other Twardzik? Good luck to the team and whilst I think it’s perfectly okay to be critical of players in the pub or in these pages or in NTV it’s not okay inside the stadium. From my seat in section on 108 I heard nothing offensive aimed at the two Swedish women but some of the ‘encouragement’ of our players was utterly unacceptable. I may as well hope for it to rain gold coins on Maryhill as expect some people to grow up.




    Flag days? Nice to see John Keane unveiling the flag – I know his nephew Pat from my days in Edinburgh and they are a real Celtic family. It won’t be Lady Kelly raising the flag and Cliff Richard’s ‘Congratulations’ as the limo drives back but it’ll do








  8. new sevco statement!


    RANGERS Chief Executive Craig Mather has issued the following statement today.



    He said: “Rangers Football Club is a 141-year-old institution built for success and along with the Board of Directors, I am determined to conduct business with honour, dignity and integrity. The men who created this great club would expect no less.



    “During my time as a main investor and now as Chief Executive, I have learned about the club’s rich history and proud traditions.



    “So it is with deep regret that I find I must address the recent frenzy that has surrounded this great club.



    “Again there are those attempting to bang down the doors simply because they feel they should be inside before any others and for no good reason other than self gain and arrogance.



    “It doesn’t matter to them that they have not invested or helped the club, or that they failed to make even a remotely credible attempt to save this fantastic club in its darkest hours.



    “Not a single one of them stepped forward willing to invest their own money. Yet now they think they can waltz into the club.



    “This club needs commitment and unity. It does not require the type of people who stood back and did nothing when Rangers were in trouble.



    “Now, as Rangers has been climbing on to more solid ground and as the fans are heartened by what they’ve seen, these men emerge from the shadows with empty promises. They should be ashamed.



    “It is surely no coincidence that they waited until the signs are positive and strong.



    “Ally McCoist has enjoyed a positive pre-season programme, we have added eight new players to the squad to get Rangers back to the top flight and more than 34,000 supporters have bought season tickets for the new campaign.



    “There was a positivity and excitement ahead of the new season and this was heightened by last weekend’s victory and slick performance against Albion Rovers.



    “It is therefore disappointing that once again we are distracted by non-football matters that do nothing but destabilise this club.



    “Rangers fans are well aware that there have been various people trying to grab pieces of their club for years now and to force themselves into positions of power.



    “However, all they have ever done and continue to do is have a negative effect when I and the other directors are trying to focus totally on taking Rangers back to the pinnacle of Scottish football.



    “It is a difficult task and yet again we are seeing people attempting to make it impossible.



    “But we will not be defeated, I certainly won’t, and we will meet this latest ill-considered and ill-timed challenge head on.



    “Let me stress that I, as Chief Executive, a position I am privileged and honoured to hold, and all of the other directors are firmly behind Ally McCoist and his team as we embark on stage two of our journey



    “I urge all of our fans not to listen to rhetoric or empty promises and continue to support the manager and those of us who do genuinely have Rangers’ best interests at heart.



    “Everyone is entitled to an opinion, including Charles Green. But what I want to make clear is this: Backing the manager and the playing staff in their quest to restore Rangers’ fortunes is critical to our ambitions.



    “That and resolving to stand firm against anyone who would drag Rangers down in their selfish desire to promote themselves.



    “This great club is bigger and more important than any of them, or any other individual.”

  9. all the best to the Celtic family on another flag day.


    Best of wishes to Mr Keane who stood up when others backed down, thank God the Orcs have none like him in their ranks.



    Question , Wednesdays game can I see it on BBC 2 i-player when in London on Wednesday?


    Please help me out.



  10. I for one am scared of chuck greens return. I fear for my poor aching sides and the very real prospect of them splitting again…….



    Stitches fir me please ….


    Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly



    It’s strange how those things jump back into your memory. Like the memories are an old dusty book, once opened other details jump back too.

  12. Sweet mother – have sevco just used due process to act for the good of the organisation and have journalists just reported an evidence based story – holy shi* , the times they are a changing !



    well done paul el journalista

  13. Sevco statements are comedy gold; I can imagine them being read by the Two Ronnies-struggling to keep a straight face-at their news desk.





    Mathers’ statement,IMO,suggests civil war.



    I hope it’s a typically dirty one.



    I know they canny afford the laundry bill,but I look forward to the dirty linen being aired in public.



    I know,I’m a bad man….

  15. Lovely juxtaposition today between us and them.


    As Mr Keane takes the deserved thanks for what he done for the club, we see the crows fight over the still warm carcass of Sevco. Says it all!

  16. Well that’s me ready to rock…tunes have been on… Time to get the bus,never been on the castlemilk bus before as I would make my own way or jump on the mire bus.hope there’s space!!! Hail Hail.

  17. 50 shades of green on




    thanks to the late kick off cant make it today of all days.



    still got a mate taking wee shades for me.



    guys if you are going and read this .please for me give an extra loud cheer to John Keene as the flag is unfurled .



    without Mr Keene and a few others our grand kids might be supporting na


    dont even want to think about that.



    And remember folks We Celtic supporters.



    hope one or 2 new guys get a run.







  18. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Off to the Park and looking forward to another flag day. Thanks to John Keane for making this possible. A true hero. HH.

  19. ProphetOfRegret on




    re: celtic



    think joe ledley and samaras should be the first names on the team sheet every week (if fit)



    also hope watt has his head screwed on and scores a bag this season.



    same with rogic. hope he ges a lot of time and he’s played in an advanced central midfield role.





    re: sevco



    they’re a gang of monkeys living off past glory. give them a big smile. deep down they know it’s over.





    re: MSM



    stinky troll-poison. stop reading. stop buying. stop commenting. don’t even link to their websites. don’t get mad. it’s like getting angry at wolf from gladiators.





    re: my stomach



    my stomach hurts. i fear the only way to sort it is beer. help.

  20. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Club impersonating dead club rangers losing. Same scummy fans support them so get it up them!!

  21. .



    The football clubs rearranging stadiums to help their teams




    Feng shui to lift Millennium Stadium curse



    For football fans, the start of a new season is often met with relief that the waiting is over and things can get back to normal.



    Fans find joy in the well-worn routines of going to the match, catching up with mates and the familiarity of their home stadium.



    The start of the 2013-14 campaign for Middlesbrough supporters, however, represents the biggest change since the club moved from its old Ayresome Park ground.



    In choosing to “reconfigure” the Riverside Stadium, the Teessiders have joined a growing trend of clubs revamping their homes with the aim of helping their team on the pitch.



    ‘Definite science’


    Boro boss Tony Mowbray backed the move, which means home fans will be be able to sit behind both goals, just a year after neighbours Sunderland made similar changes to the Stadium of Light.



    Martin O’Neill was in charge on Wearside when away fans were shifted from their plum spot behind the goal after Aston Villa’s Villa Park was overhauled during his time as manager.



    Singing ‘louder, harder, stronger’


    Dr Paul Davis, a lecturer in sport psychology at Northumbria University, said fans liked to think they were influencing the action on the pitch.



    Moving away fans to a less prominent area could mean they are “out of sight, out of mind” for the home team, he said.



    But Dr Davis said visiting supporters could be spurred on to sing “louder, harder and stronger” as a “badge of honour” if they think a home club has tried to dilute their influence.



    Sunderland’s media and communications manager Louise Wanless said the switches were ordered by the club’s American owner Ellis Short.



    “There was a definite science behind it,” she said. “It wasn’t just done on a whim. It was all about the impact it would have on the team.



    “The players themselves had noticed that sometimes if they were shooting towards the South Stand and there were 3,000 away fans there it was almost like playing away from home.”



    Sunderland were also concerned about the negativity caused by “great swathes of empty seating” behind the goal for games that attracted only small numbers of away fans.



    The issue of empty seats in areas picked up by television cameras was also a factor at Middlesbrough.



    “TV is something that we’re aware of but it’s not the main driver,” head of supporter services Anthony Emmerson said.



    “We agree with fans that it doesn’t look great.”



    From Saturday’s season-opener against Leicester City, ticket offers for Boro fans aged under 21 will encourage younger supporters to migrate to the stadium’s South Stand with visitors moved to the side of the pitch.




    Mr Emmerson said: “In terms of The Riverside, away fans will still have a good view but we were keen to get home fans behind both goals.



    “More than ever at The Riverside you can go and watch the game in an area that suits you.



    “As the football fan grows through their supporting life, perhaps they can evolve from one space to the other.”



    Feng shui professional Paul Darby has worked in sports grounds for many years after he was approached by the Football Association when cup finals were being played at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium while Wembley was undergoing redevelopment.



    Mr Darby is currently working with three Premier League clubs and said the use of feng shui in football was evolving.



    “Gone are the days when feng shui was about burying crystals under the pitch.



    “It’s now all about positioning and space.”



    Managers appear to have had input into many of the recent changes.



    Leeds United’s Elland Road ground was restructured at the behest of former manager Simon Grayson but Neil Warnock, the man who replaced Grayson, was said to be against the move.



    ‘Like watching Subbuteo’


    Changes made to Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, when away fans were moved to behind a goal and away from the dugouts, were said to have been instigated by Jose Mourinho, Trizia Fiorellino, the chair of the club’s supporters group, explained.



    “The away fans were moved during Jose Mourinho’s first stint. The rumours are that it was Mourinho himself that asked it because he felt that away fans were directly affecting referees’ decisions.



    “Personally, I think it’s had a really detrimental effect on the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge.



    “I think it’s done more harm than good.”




    Ms Fiorellino said the trend of housing visitors far from the action was an inconvenience that would make some supporters consider not travelling.



    Away ends at grounds like St James’ Park, Newcastle, are so high up “it’s like watching Subbuteo,” she said.



    “I like grounds where you’re virtually on the pitch,” she said. “If you’re next to the area where the vociferous home fans are, then all the better.”



    Clubs often try to “restrict” away fans, Mr Darby said.



    “You’re trying to keep them in a part of the ground that has a very low energy and where that energy is isolated.”



    He accepts “lots of people” insist feng shui is unscientific.



    “It’s good that there’s doubt, rather than having people accepting things obsessively,” he said.



    “Clubs are always concerned about what fans will think about what they’re doing, even if it works.





    I get the impression that Mr Keane knows how important his contribution to The Celtic Revival has been.



    I also get the impression that he is shortly to be blown away by our appreciation of that fact.



    His modesty may have blinded him to that over the years…….



    BUT HE IS NOT DEAF!!!!!!



    Loud and proud,folks. He deserves it all.



    Maybe next year it will be Fergus,and the year after,a wee trio of Vanessa,Oscar,and MacKenzie.



    Aye,enjoy it,Mr Keane. You earned it.

  23. Ah’ve bin Thinkin’…



    Ye probably hiv hoid this stuff .. aboot…



    Celtic, Invariably … suffer fae some kinda Paralytic Shock, as a Reaction tae, Suddenly…and Abruptly.. coming doon,aff the Beanstalk.. efter hiving hid a serious Wrastlin’ match wi’ a Continental Giant( Elfsburg?..ed) ( Sure, Elfsburg.. Look Ah’m writing this tale..No You.. Keep oota it!)..


    Celtic,noo, find themselves… Pitted, Mano A Mano..agin a Scottish Provincial Minnow.



    So the Story goes…



    And Usually, Celtic, are foredoomed tae fa’ oan thur Collective Patooties.. and


    Are Vanquished..and Embarrassed… tae Hell n Back..



    And Like Ah hiv Said..



    Ah’Ve bin Thinkin’…



    Will Ross Coonty … Do the .. Expected.. And Play the Part of The Giant Killer..of the Giant Wrastlers?



    So, Like Ah said… Ah’ve bin Thinkin’…



    If ye expect me tae Answer that.. Then Ye Must be a Very Poor Judge of Character!





    Still, Laughin’

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