Green: Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic


Charles Green told TalkSport, “Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic. I mean, there are many other clubs but everyone has to acknowledge that that’s a fact.”

No, no, no, no.  No.  This is not a fact, it is not even a credible opinion.  Instead it is deeply insulting to dozens of teams who conduct their business properly year after year. I have to ask, does he want this project to fail? He is effectively saying – Vote for this plan, you are irrelevant, we are all that matters and this suits our purposes.

It was this erroneous attitude which led to predictions of Armageddon this season.  Instead, the long-suffering clubs who have paid their bills, while others put money which should have gone to the tax man towards buying fooballers, are enjoying a rebirth.

Green added, “Scottish football needs Rangers back at the top and Rangers being a vital part of European football. That’s where we’re trying to get them.”

This is a great season for the SPL.  Financially responsible Hibs, who lost the Scottish Cup final to irresponsible Hearts, are top.  Celtic, with their manageable, low, debt, have just beaten Barcelona in the Champions League.  Aberdeen have their best team in years.  Attendances are up for most clubs.

Before adding, “The Old Firm is the world’s biggest derby.  That’s what world football wants, what broadcasters and sponsors wants, to see those games again.  God willing we’ll see that in the years ahead.”

“The Old Firm” is not the world’s biggest derby, it’s not even Glasgow’s biggest derby.  It doesn’t exist anymore.  As for it being “what world football wants”!  Oh dear.  World football has better things to concern itself with, and don’t bring God into it!

The authenticity of the “Rangers Football Club plc” slideshow presentation which appeared last night is not confirmed, but I hope it’s genuine. It is, literally, fantastic. Notions contained therein that provide for “colts” teams and league reconstruction which “could see Rangers progress faster through the domestic league structures” bring it into perfect alignment with the Scottish Football League plans, which earlier this week Charles Green revealed would be presented today.

I also loved the first point on the summary page, “Profitable business model using prudent assumptions”, despite no mention of future costs, or revenues, in the presentation. Nice that they have confirmed revaluations of property assets at £79m, a fraction of the value the assets were disposed for in the summer.

This will not end well.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

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  1. Woo hoo I think I’ve got a bigger uptake than the zombies.. Send your money, in a plain envelope PO box Yorkbhoy and I promise next year at least one of us will be rich…. I’ve got 500 000 000 fans you know…

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  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Whither the cash strapped scrofulous hillbillies, and their scrofulous cash strapped cuzz, the day?

  4. yorkbhoy



    I’ll send you a blank cheque and you can make up the number yourself. Isn’t that how it’s done?

  5. Richie – I know!



    A fatwa on Gregory’s Girl, brutalist architecture, and all things Cumbernauld. (thumbsup)

  6. Paul67



    “The Old Firm” is not the world’s biggest derby, it’s not even Glasgow’s biggest derby. It doesn’t exist anymore”



    Well said sir. We have to keep getting this message across to the footballing world

  7. Paul67 – allegedly £17m cash in the bank yet they need £15m – £25m extra to carry out £17m worth of activities listed? Why dilute initial shareholding?



    Sniff Sniff



    I also see Alloa being asked to wait 6 weeks for their share of the gate money is now starting to filter out.



    The timing of that and the monies due from the IPO are purely coincidental and do not by any means allow anyone to make any supposition as to the cashflow situation at Sevco.



    And every time you read “No Bank Debt” did you also think “Can’t Get A Facility”?

  8. MWD, an excellent prize.



    Ten Men Won The League, that branding is empty for us now. Has been for a long time.



    KevJungle, the good guys will win.



    Richie, aye, I hear you.

  9. Moonbeams


    A great gift.


    Hope you get plenty for this worthwhile cause.


    What we need is a CQN app.


    it would take pride of place on my not so smart smartphone.


    I would be willing to contribute to this.


    The only issue would be the cost after the initial 1 year free hosting ?

  10. Is he REALLY that incredibly stupid?



    The FTTT (Big Tax Case) result will be available for public scrutiny from Monday………Looks like he’s out of time.

  11. vmhan



    08:44 on


    14 November, 2012


    Just arrived in Glasgow Central, got an hour to kill, any ideas BT et al




    Thanks for the replies about brekkie but I was thinking BT would direct me to the nearest pub opened :>)


    I ended up getting a rather nice dolphin steak, I think it was Philvisreturns that served me, he winked when he seen this weeks Celtic View in my hand, by the way what an amazing centre spread of the ground just before KO, worth the money just for that CQN’ers.



  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    That Charlie Green hes a clown he says why is everybody allways picking on me that Charlie Green.H.H.

  13. sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi on



    A CQN annual for Christmas – greate news!



    Will you call it “Oor CQN” or “The Broonies”?

  14. This “restructuring” proposal is a not very much changed version of the last “restructuring” proposal which fan power binned. Another blatant attempt to shoehorn “The Ungrateful Dead” further up the ladder of Scottish football at everybody else’s expense, whilst telling the rest of us we “need” them. Don’t pee against my leg Charlie and then tell me its raining!



  15. glasgowdave



    That’s a great idea. Paul could set up an app with a (small) fee which could go towards continued funding of all things CQN.



    I for one would pay a few quid for it.

  16. Bawsman, I’ve not heard that. Good source?



    Dontbrattbakkinanger, as the name implies, it’s an Old association, no place in the modern world.



    New associations are not rubbish.



    sixtaeseven, ha! It will not be published by DC Thomson, as you could imagine.

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Kylina McBonkers, Miss Cumnock 2012 [all the billy boys want to come knockin’ at her door!’] will make the draw for the Sevconian Cup at Gregg’s outlet on Paisley Road West this Friday afternoon.



    As before the seeded teams in the draw [ie Sevco I] will be in one pot, and the unseeded teams [ie Sevco II] in the other.



    Kylina ‘cannae wait’ and has brought forward her monthly bath for the big event.

  18. Has a pre-Christmas CQN pub get-together been organised? If not, has anyone any plans to do so? MWD?






    PS I suppose I could organise one in Arbroath but somehow Glasgow seems the better bet.

  19. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    P67 -thank goodness, seein’ how modern life is infested with such a profusion of rubbish.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The Christmas CQN will be fighting for shelf space with the special edition of the Guinness Book of World Records being brought out to list all the pan-galactic achievements of the ole Galacto-diddies and their unsavoury accretion of ole Zombo-billies.

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:02 on


    14 November, 2012





    one observation….”This will not end well”



    …….Aye it will !!!!!






    I’m with you, Bhoy……… !!!!!!!!!!!!

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