Green: Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic


Charles Green told TalkSport, “Scottish football effectively is Rangers and Celtic. I mean, there are many other clubs but everyone has to acknowledge that that’s a fact.”

No, no, no, no.  No.  This is not a fact, it is not even a credible opinion.  Instead it is deeply insulting to dozens of teams who conduct their business properly year after year. I have to ask, does he want this project to fail? He is effectively saying – Vote for this plan, you are irrelevant, we are all that matters and this suits our purposes.

It was this erroneous attitude which led to predictions of Armageddon this season.  Instead, the long-suffering clubs who have paid their bills, while others put money which should have gone to the tax man towards buying fooballers, are enjoying a rebirth.

Green added, “Scottish football needs Rangers back at the top and Rangers being a vital part of European football. That’s where we’re trying to get them.”

This is a great season for the SPL.  Financially responsible Hibs, who lost the Scottish Cup final to irresponsible Hearts, are top.  Celtic, with their manageable, low, debt, have just beaten Barcelona in the Champions League.  Aberdeen have their best team in years.  Attendances are up for most clubs.

Before adding, “The Old Firm is the world’s biggest derby.  That’s what world football wants, what broadcasters and sponsors wants, to see those games again.  God willing we’ll see that in the years ahead.”

“The Old Firm” is not the world’s biggest derby, it’s not even Glasgow’s biggest derby.  It doesn’t exist anymore.  As for it being “what world football wants”!  Oh dear.  World football has better things to concern itself with, and don’t bring God into it!

The authenticity of the “Rangers Football Club plc” slideshow presentation which appeared last night is not confirmed, but I hope it’s genuine. It is, literally, fantastic. Notions contained therein that provide for “colts” teams and league reconstruction which “could see Rangers progress faster through the domestic league structures” bring it into perfect alignment with the Scottish Football League plans, which earlier this week Charles Green revealed would be presented today.

I also loved the first point on the summary page, “Profitable business model using prudent assumptions”, despite no mention of future costs, or revenues, in the presentation. Nice that they have confirmed revaluations of property assets at £79m, a fraction of the value the assets were disposed for in the summer.

This will not end well.

The Andrea Kearney Fund have a signed Celtic jersey available for auction on eBay. The fund, in memory of Andrea, assists families of women who are diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Since Andrea died, aged 41, four years ago, over 50 families have been helped.

You can keep an eye on the auction here.

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  1. deniabhoy



    13:55 on


    14 November, 2012



    Sounds like the original virgin. Used to spend ages in there too.


    There were other floors selling wacky punk outfits, gig tickets and expensive hi-fi.

  2. Virgin Records — Glasgow .



    My addled ole bonce thinks the first Virgin was on Argyle St — just past the bottom of Wellington St[ walking west ] — 1971/72?

  3. tigertim


    12:25 on


    14 November, 2012


    “That’s a great idea. Paul could set up an app with a (small) fee which could go towards continued funding of all things CQN.



    I for one would pay a few quid for it.”




    Is there a prospectus available for this? Or somewhere to register interest or pledges??



    We should demand a shiny Power Point presentation from Paul showing future income streams,leafy streams,downsides,upsides,the value of all the CGQ badges in existence,[their meltdown value] etc..before we commit HH

  4. The Comfortable Collective on

    Hi, I have recently bought the history of well known crooner Enrico Caruso and would like to cordially invite everyone to my 140 birthday party in a couple of months time.

  5. I had to look up Wikipedia to find out who Ola Jordan is… she wears more make up than Jordan.



    Onyweys…..my daft colleagues have arranged a seminar on Tuesday evening of next week which clashes violently with another engagement (you may know the one I refer to). The earliest I can reasonably disappear would still mean that I’d be on a train for some of the first half and possibly even some of the second half if I were to go straight home.



    Therefore, I appeal to any fellow Capital, Foreign dwellers for information on where the game is being shown. Is the Cock Tavern at Euston still there? (I don’t mean have they moved it). Wasn’t there a place at Cambridge Circus?



    I will be in Tower 42, Broadgate so somewhere closer to the City would be ideal.






    I will be in London next week, I usually catch the Games at the One Tun Pub in Farringdon



    not a bad boozer and they will show the game



    Hail Hail




  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Listened to ole Mal the Sevmarnock fan. I think it’s great that he decided to make an arse of himself on national radio.

  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    So Charlie Green insists that Celtin and “The Rangers” are the Old Firm.



    Somebody should tell Charlie that arranged marriages without consent are illegal…

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    South Of Tunis 14:09 on 14 November, 2012



    I’m pretty sure the Virgin store opened in 1977. I used to spend hours in there after haning around Listen and Bloggs.

  9. Tallybhoy – do you remember Speed records in Troon and Ayr with the transparent plastic bags with the magic mushroom as the shop’s emblem? Wonder whatever happened to the two guys that ran them, hippies in the nicest sense of the word.

  10. I could be mistaken – and not for the first time in my life – but I think this Mal character comes from Troon and is – surprise surprise – a sad lonely hun bigot.



    Killie ‘fan’ my erchie!




  11. DeniaBhoy


    13:55 on


    14 November, 2012


    It would seem Green is on Talksport rather a lot these days, any reason as to why this has become his preferred outlet? Would imagine its audience in Scotland is tiny compared to the Record and the Sun.



    And totally unrelated, when I was a nipper back in the early 80s, I used to love going up on the train from Troon to Glasgow to spend my pocket money on albums and used to spend hours in a record shop on Union Street just around the corner from Glasgow Central. Anyone remember if that was the original Virgin store? LPs on one floor, singles on another, badges, t-shirts and posters on another.




    It may have been `The Other Record Shop` which was in Renfield St in the mid eighties. It was run by Smashingmilkbottles of CQN infamy.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Deniabhoy- the record shop- was it not Listen?



    They had a branch on Byres Road as well, whch became Echo, and is problably now an internet cafe or some such modren bollix.



    The one around Renfield St may have been the 23rd Precinct.

  13. DeniaBhoy



    Yes I remember ‘Speed records’ in Troon – was in Portland Street opposite where Greggs is now! Think it’s an estate agent’s now! Good god!



    Can vaguely remember the guys who ran it.



    Do you still live in Troon if you dont mind me asking?!



    You are under no obligation to answer – just tell me to gtf and mind my own business!




  14. brnobhoy



    Many thanks for that. I know it. It’s walking distance from my office (pity the seminar is not in the flamin’ office).. .. it sounds like a good plan.



    If I manage in, I’ll come in wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase shouting CQN ya bass. That’ll give you time to take off your CQN badge and hide

  15. Mal from Troon,


    “I’m sick of hearing about Celtic and Barcelona.”


    “They’ve won wan game and we’ve no heard the end of it.”


    “The second goal was jist a hump up the park.”


    “Walter Smith should be the new Scotland manager.”



    Yep. He sounds like a Killie supporter. No trace of Sevcoism here.

  16. philbhoy – it’s just the beginning!



    13:57 on 14 November, 2012


    South of Tunis



    Thanks for your post!



    Mostly good news by the looks of it but Benfica are a tough team to beat at home, any time.



    Quietly confident we can get sometging if we remain focused.



    Take care.







    To be fair if I was a Benfica fan looking at our recent domestic league performance I would be quietly confident also.

  17. So, just to prove a point that CQN is better than Google or Wiki,



    who can tell me what the River Kelvin was called before it was the River Kelvin

  18. Listen was owned by a pair of Rangers supporting brothers from Bearsden ..



    They also ran a Club at Bearsden X called the Club Carioca [ in the Burgh Hall ]



    A great place for Maryhill boys like me to meet posh chicks [ how they loved us roughs ] and ruin your threads brawling with Scrofulous hillbillies who came from Milngavie and called themselves the Mulguy Derry

  19. cadizzy


    14:43 on


    14 November, 2012


    St Stivs…no idea but I’m glad to see that its first important confluence is with the Chantyclear Burn






    i was gonny tell you were to watch the game in the big city, but seen as you couldnt give me a sensible answer , your aff the quiz team.

  20. dontbrattbakkinanger



    14:32 on 14 November, 2012



    Listen was in Union street, almost across the road from Bloggs. Later to become Missing records

  21. Som mes que un club on

    Afternoon all.



    Can anyone recommend a friendly Celtic Bar in Barcelona to watch the Benfica match on Tuesday night please?



    Heading there for a few days next week, and has been booked for some time, prior even to the draw being made for the Group Stages.




  22. Afternoon bhoys from a warm hun free mountain.



    I got some news today that unfortunatly will prevent me from going to Lisbon next week.



    I’m gutted.



    So, I have a hotel booked from sunday for 3 days, it’s paid for, brekie is included, it’s central and has very good reviews.



    Anyone who is interested can have it, I don’t want paid for it, you can make a donation to wee Oscar if you wish.




  23. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    Someone suggested earlier on a CQN phone app, sorry if this had been discussed since, but it’s a great idea. Don’t know what pricing would be APPlicable, but I would certainly pay a couple of quid :)

  24. TallyBhoy – I left Troon in ’83 for Edinburgh then moved to London, then to Caracas, then back to London with a wee stint in York before quitting the corporate merry-go-round and setting up a cycling training venture in Denia, Spain.


    I’m back in Troon once a year or so to visit family. All being well with be home for Christmas with our new baby (3 months old now).


    I wonder what the world of music will be like by the time he is in his teens – can’t wait for him to look in complete bewilderment at my record collection.

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