Green, Whyte, Sevco 5088 and the St Mirren link


After 11 months of innuendo and unanswered questions the Sun today publish confirmation that Charles Green was a frontman for Craig Whyte.  The news will be a bombshell to many but few in the Celtic online community will be surprised.

The Sun today report that Craig Whyte and partner, Aiden Earley, are majority shareholders in Sevco 5088 Ltd, the company which bought Ibrox, Murray Park and other assets from Rangers’ administrators’ Duff and Phelps.

They also claim Charles Green subsequently transferred Sevco 5088’s assets into Sevco Scotland Ltd, which Whyte said was done without his permission.  Green was given considerable opportunity to respond to the claims but despite pages of comment does not deny the central claim that Whyte and Earley were majority shareholders in the company which purchased assets from Duff and Phelps.  The rest of the story amounts to little more than gratuitous detail.

Where does this leave things?

Whyte’s QC has started legal action, seeking control of Ibrox and other assets.

Duff and Phelps (presumably unknowingly) discretely sold Rangers assets to the man who appointed them and who is currently subject to an investigation into the collapse of the club.  Rangers’ liquidators, BDO, can cancel the sale of assets and claim them for creditors if they believe it was not conducted in an appropriate manner – and this is anything but appropriate.

When Sevco 5088 Ltd was negotiating with the SFA Green assured the SFA that Whyte was not part of his consortium.  This was a condition of the Newco being granted associate membership.  The SFA are now duty bound to investigate (although with president Campbell Ogilvie in place make no assumptions here).

What has any of this to do with St Mirren, you may ask?

St Mirren chairman, Stewart Gilmour, appears to have made a pact with Charles Green, who I hear has given Green his assurance that he will vote against league reconstruction plans, which the SPL are due to vote on 15 April.

Questions like who owns Ibrox, whether the Newco is a legitimate associate membership of the SFA, whether BDO will declare the sale to Sevco 5088 void, in the event this circus makes it to next season, whether anyone will buy tickets to the shambles, all remain unanswered….

…but Stewart Gilmour is making plans with Charles Green.  St Mirren fans should be outraged.  Mr Gilmour should be careful who he does deals with.[calameo code=0003901714557cf2d2048 lang=en page=134 hidelinks=1 width=100% height=500]

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  1. Cops warn those at FAC rally “Don’t block


    the roads as you leave the square” & urge


    fans to use three designated routes to


    Celtic Park.



    Did the zombies not block roads in their


    march on Hampden last year?



    Does the Orange Order not block roads


    on a weekly basis?



    It seems the polis have learned nothing


    from the shambles on the Gallowgate.

  2. Stewart Gilmour is making plans with Charles Green



    wee Chick will be wetting himself with excitement, his two favouritist teams in cahoots!!

  3. Ally’s response to the news: “I honestly don’t know anything”. Never does know anything about anything.



    Could we now be entering the end game and they are gone forever and a day? I DO so hope.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    This IS Armageddon,wee Craigy Bhoy could bring down the whole Masonic House of Cards.Enjoy your lunch Campbell?

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    Obviously Ogilvie will be keeping a low profile. I don’t expect the MSM to be chasing him for any answers – or Charlatan Green for that matter.



    Maybe it will all go away…

  6. July 2012



    St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour has hit out at Scottish Football League chairmen after they vote a Rangers newco into the Third Division.



    Representatives from 30 member clubs overwhelmingly decided Sevco Scotland Limited must play in the bottom tier of the league structure after rejecting proposals which could have seen the Ibrox side play in the First Division.



    Gilmour was one of ten SPL chairmen to vote against admitting Charles Green’s new company into Scottish football’s top flight earlier this month.



    In an interview with the Paisley Daily Express the Buddies chief says the SFL’s decision has done damage to the game.



    He told the paper: “This is horrific news for St Mirren Football Club. The consequences are terrible – catastrophic even.



    “What happens next? Well, there is an SPL meeting on Monday and we will need to see what is said then and take it from there.



    “The St Mirren board will meet in the days after that SPL meeting and decide what is the best way forward but we are already looking at major redundancies.”



    Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan has come under pressure in recent days over his handling of the situation.



    However Gilmour added: “To be fair to Stewart Regan, the document he released last week was a good document.



    “It set out changes to Scottish football that would bring in a fairer structure, fairer distribution system, fairer everything.



    “Unfortunately, the people in the SFL have not bought into that. I just hope they realise the damage they have done to Scottish football.



    “Five clubs in the SPL could be in administration within weeks – and we will have to do everything we can to avoid being one of them.”



    Speculation continues over the possible creation of an SPL2, however Gilmour appeared to dismiss the idea.



    He said: “The SFA and the other bodies are already talking about the options and that could be decided on Monday.



    “As for an SPL 2, I’m not sure that is any better than letting Rangers back into the top flight.”

  7. TwoMacaroons on

    In all seriousness, this should be looked into by the fraud squad. If the SFA,BDO don’t investigate this something is definately wrong. Why don’t the police investigate the REAL crooks in Scottish Football instead of wasting fortunes harassing a few bhoys singing songs.

  8. March 2012



    St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour has revealed that the club’s board have declined negotiations over a takeover bid that has links to Rangers owner Craig Whyte.



    Directors at the Paisley club are open to offers for their shareholding but insist they will only consider bids that safeguard the future of the club.



    Gilmour explained that an offer from current St Mirren director Ken McGeoch also involved Craig Whyte’s associate Gary Withey, who was appointed as Rangers company secretary when Whyte gained control at Ibrox in May 2011.



    “We had an approach, as you know, way back last October,” Gilmour told newspapers the Sunday Mail and Scotland on Sunday. “Ken McGeoch and Paul Davies and a silent partner were looking to purchase the club.



    “They showed interest. Fine, no problem. Then in January, we got the lawyer company come to us, which so happened to be Gary Withey – at which point, we decided to let it go cold.



    “I’ll be quite honest, as a club we didn’t want to become embroiled in the whole Rangers fiasco.”



    Withey was a partner at law firm Collyer Bristow, who represent Whyte, until earlier this month. Insolvency experts Duff and Phelps, who are currently administrators at Rangers, have been unable to contact the lawyer who they have said is “of crucial importance” as they deal with the club’s financial crisis.



    Though Withey was not named as being part of a fresh approach to St Mirren this week, Gilmour said that there were still unanswered questions about the offer which directors were uncomfortable with.



    “It had all gone dead until this week,” he said. “Mr McGeoch has come out and said he is still interested in buying the club and can put something together.



    “That seems strange to me as two weeks ago it was dead.



    “He has now appointed a new English lawyer, which seems strange. Why would you appoint an English lawyer when you are doing a Scots Law transaction?”

  9. Every Man, Woman and Child needs to get out there tomorrow, if not then we have, as a society, been nurtured specifcally for a Massive culling soon.



    20000, fs I hope it is 200,000. It will show that we are ahead of the curve.



    I wonder if there will be a 2,000,000 DEMONstration within the next year at the same venue?

  10. First of all Craigy duped Minty and then Chuckles duped Craigy.



    Is that the gist of the narrative?

  11. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on




    13:59 on


    5 April, 2013


    Stewart Gilmour is making plans with Charles Green



    wee Chick will be wetting himself with excitement, his two favouritist teams in cahoots!




    Since when did chuckles’ mini-me like St Mirren?

  12. This is surely a case for the City of London boys.



    At the very least, a no holds barred interview with Gilmour, conducted by Chic Young.



    I hope the FAC rally does not make the wro g headlines tomorrow and take the spotlight away from the real criminals.



    Don’t listen to any agitators, who may infiltrate and encourage action that may rebound on the innocent.



    That includes some keyboard firebrands who haunt this site.

  13. Just dropped in to say…






    14:03 on 5 April, 2013




    Whilst all the CQN-Nero’s fiddled…”…let’s all laugh at Rangers…”


    the FAC-Demo is being set up for a Scottish version of….


    ….’Bloody-Saturday’….don’t say ye wurny telt !!!



    Away to read back the blog….Off oot.

  14. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    and to think Green was talking about a club he seemingly does not own ,buying an english team as a parachute into english football,wonder how the the english authorities are going to react to todays revelations ,do they really want a corrupt outfit with the most disgusting fans on earth coming down south every second week



  15. stephenpollock on

    Clubs in the past have been denied promotion for lack of suitable infrastructure surely this club should be denied promotion for lack of moral fibre. It is a huge risk to promote a business like that. Keep them where they are until things become clear – it is crazy to let this ripple up into the second division.

  16. Perfect timing from the MBB, it will suppress season book sales and also provide a nice distraction during the close season.

  17. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The never endin’ amusement comin’ from the antics of a single football club must surely be another world record…

  18. HenryClarson on

    There appears to be no end to this.



    Will Whyte really choose to go to court?


    He has a habit of saying he will but I don’t recall seeing him carry his threats through.



    There are still so many imponderables here. Is it possible that after Liq2, the real Rangers Men will finally emerge to start again with the remains of the remains?


    Eg, a consortium fronted by The Cardigan with genuine Orcs such as Park and McColl bringing in legitimate business expertise?



    The best solution remains the simplest one. Expel this shower from Scottish football and be done with them.


    Let the Fraud Squad handle the mopping up.

  19. Insignificant in the grand scheme of things but was this common knowledge ( I particularly like the final part quoted):



    “Rangers defender Chris Hegarty accepts ban for ‘stamping’


    Rangers defender Chris Hegarty has accepted a two-match suspension for allegedly “stamping” on an opponent.



    The incident occurred during Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Montrose at Links Park and the Third Division champions have accepted the ban.



    “Having reviewed the incident, Gers will not to contest [SFA compliance officer] Vincent Lunny’s offer,” Rangers said.



    Hegarty, 20, will miss the league games against Queen’s Park and Clyde.



    The defender, who will return for the visit of Peterhead, has made 27 appearances for Rangers this season.



    “Having been a regular in Ally McCoist’s side this term after had his first senior appearance in the game at Linfield last May, Hegarty will be disappointed to serve his suspension,” the club added on its website.”

  20. So Craig Whyte took Rangers into administration. The administrators then sold Ibrox and Murray Park to a company owned by Craig Whyte. His plan all along? Dump the debt and lease the assets to a new club?



    But Charles Green somehow “transferred” the assets to his own company leaving Whyte out in the cold. How could this happen?



    And where do Ticketus figure in all of this? I can’t believe they have simply taken a massive loss and walked away.

  21. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    Paul, this time next year they will be clean and heading straight for the top!



    There liscence must be revoked as it was surely granted under false pretence or, with no substantial evidence of a going concern presented!

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