Greenock MSP credits Sturgeon’s attack on Celtic for Newco action


In August, after Celtic suspended and fined Boli Bolingoli for breaking isolation rules, Nicola Sturgeon postponed two Celtic games and took the opportunity at her daily press briefing to grandstand on the issue, condemning “privileged football players…. incapable of living up to their responsibilities.”

Earlier this month, when Newco suspended and fined Jordan Jones and George Edmundson after police action, Sturgeon took a completely different course.  She made no comment instead allowing her Government spokesperson to support the club:  “We commend Rangers [sic.] for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

Until now, no one from the SNP has been prepared to answer questions on why their leader was prepared to stick the boot into Celtic, postpone their games and grab a microphone to declare it, then praise Newco for acting in the exact same way after a rule break.

Yesterday, Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, wrote to a CQN’er with this nonsense:

“What the First Minister is recognising, is that as a result of the Scottish Government’s response to the Celtic and Aberdeen players’ breaches, the SFA and Scottish football clubs have taken a more robust approach to ensuring their players follow the COVID-19 rules in place for them, and where a breach has occurred, clubs are prepared to take swift action.

“That is why Rangers were commended for their recent response.”

They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.  He did not care enough, or seem to notice, that Celtic and Newco were treated differently.

Sturgeon screwed up.  Her gut reaction to the Bolingoli breach was to rush to the podium and vent, when Jones and Edmundson she drooled support at Newco’s same reaction to Celtic’s.  Celtic were an easy target but she should have said nothing if she was not prepared to treat other clubs (or just club) the same way.  This is your Government.

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  1. Uncle Jimmy



    “If only we have former politicians / current Lords on the board.”




    Can you imagine the reaction of Celtic fans if Lord Livingstone or Brian Wilson had raised this point?



    “That Tory Bassa/ Unionist Bassa does not speak fpr me or my club”



    would be amomg the milderr responses.




    I would agree with the view that Peter Lawwell should have spoken out when Neil Lennon did- BTW- we do not know if he did or not and, in line with my view that we hold authority to account, I think he should be asked. But, imagine if he had and did not get a response. After all, nobody from the SNP had the guts to answer neil when he raised it.

  2. Pfizer now saying their vaccine has come out at 95.4% after the latest trials and that it is ok for people over 65. Starting to see a BIG light and the end of the tunnel, hope so! They are now thinking that they could get the go ahead in a few weeks time to start to distribute the vaccine, por cierto.

  3. The simple fact is that ‘Rangers’ did nothing, absolutely nothing, different from what Celtic did in terms of taking action.



    The Scottish Establishment does not treat Celtic equally to ‘Rangers’, and in my opinion they hold ‘Rangers’ and their supporters in higher social esteem than they do Celtic. As someone pointed out on here yesterday such an attitude is no the exclusive preserve of the SNP, as previous Governments have (in my view) been equally culpable.



    What I do find interesting though is the number of Celtic fans who defend the SNP at every turn against the club. The SNP have never been a friend of Celtic and never will be in my opinion. Whether or not the now seemingly inevitable future Scottish Independence is the Land of Milk and Honey many believe it will be is not really the point. Celtic will still be regarded and treated as 2nd class. It’s just the way Scotland is. It is certainly not the welcoming nation to all the SNP ridiculously claim it to be.

  4. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    Your video is age restricted for some reason? Need to sign into youtube!

  5. Interesting take on the situation and everyone has their own opinion on this and all events surrounding Covid.



    When Nicola S commented on Boli and indeed Aberdeen was she not asked a direct question about those issues by journalists at the briefings? Was she the asked a question about the rangers players and refused to answer? If so, then it is double standards but if, as is likely she was not asked about Jones and the other guy then she was not hiding from it in the same way she was not grabbing the mike if she was actually asked the question about Boli and Aberdeen. We all want politicians to answer the questions they face, a lot of the time the questions asked are not what we want.



    The statement praising rangers actions would have been written by an official and unlikely to have been seen by Nicola S, a gov spokesperson comment and a FM answer to a direct question will not always add up to the same thing.



    I see our Norwegian players have not been banned by the government though, which is great news, if you weren’t secretly wanting it to fit your agenda of course.

  6. Paul67



    “We don’t seek special treatment for Celtic,” he said.



    “I have never claimed we are better than anyone else. But we won’t be treated as less than anyone else – those days are gone.”



    John Reid 2010

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    You get the government you deserve.



    Indeed, you get the level of democracy and accountability for those in power you deserve.



    I see BBC Scotland writing today about ‘the klumpany which ran the Glasgow klub’ in connection with the malicious prosecution of the administrators of said klumpany.



    I’ve read umpteen articles on this case and still not a word on WHY they were maliciously prosecuted.



    If this is the pinnacle of the Scoddish ‘fourth estate’, what does it tell you about the quality and integrity of the executive, legislature and judiciary?



    We live in a corrupt backwater.






    Dearie me.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BSR……and to think Celtic fans hounded him out. He’s second only to Fergus in being prepared to publicly fight our corner.

  9. Number 12



    I see you are speculating that an underling wrote the “We commend Rangers” message.



    Do you think that excuses her? Is she not, ultimately responsible for a government message sent out by an unamed spokesman? Could she have chosen to correct it if she was unhappy about it?



    And finally, what is her legitimate excuse for silence when Neil Lennon posed his question in a Press Conference two weeks ago today?



    Her silence, until she chooses to clarify, speaks volumes.

  10. GM



    Good value for for quotes ( somebody will post he was a war criminal )



    ” I’m a small balding Celtic-supporting ex-Communist Catholic Unionist. Is it any wonder that everyone seems to hate me?”



    John Reid



    p.s. You wonder what these guys would say about the same club myth, Res 12, etc, etc. We even leave


    Neil Lennon to fight the pandemic, on his own.



    Our ‘board’ have hidden under the bed since 2012.

  11. Paul67



    Hi Paul67. 😊



    Politicians the world over are MOSTly self-serving rather than people-serving. I don’t have a vote in Scotland so your attempts at influencing MY vote are wasted on ME. Influencing Celtic Supporters and Celtic Shareholders on a Celtic Blog; that’s a different matter…



    I would be much more impressed if I was hearing how you might suggest Celtic PLC should take positive action on matters that they can, and should, influence. Biased and unprofessional refereeing standards, the directly-related higher risk of injury to professional footballers who work for Celtic PLC, Resolution 12, and a dysfunctional SFA are all matters that Celtic PLC can and should, nay MUST, influence…



    I look forward to seeing future articles on the above as suggested.



    Take Care, Keep Safe, Hail Hail and God Bless. 😊



    Yours in Celtic, 🍀



    TB&F. 😊

  12. I think Paul67 is letting his hatred for the SNP and Scottish independence get in the way of his Love for the Union. This week alone he has attacked a decision that was never made concerning Mohamed and Kristoffer, and now telling us, that wee Nic has taken the credit for the govt’s reaction to newco.



    This is complete bluster from Paul and directly in conflict with the serious moto of his website, which states “CELTIC NEWS, NOT LAZY JOURNALISM” but it’s fine to be Lazy when it comes to politics.



    Paul, you will do better to stick to Celtic news from now on.

  13. Ernie.


    you are personally not subjected to any bile.


    The party who stuck to tory spending and betrayed the working class i loathe


    you defend the chaos wrought on the country


    by the 11 fingered son of the manse


    now chase keep defending


    labour i will correct.


    “we are all middle class now”-scum

  14. As someone who lives in Greenock,the most startling fact in Paul’s header was that someone claimed Stuart McMillan had responded to a request for clarity regarding the Nicola Sturgeon comment.



    Typically he offered nothing new,in fact the person concerned should treat the response as a collectors item,this from a man who refuses to answer E mails if it means putting himself at odds with Local Authority or popular opinion.



    A waste of space,who would be incapable of debating the point,as he would be unaware of the significance.




    NUMBER12 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:15 PM




    “if you weren’t secretly wanting it to fit your agenda of course.”





    Why would anyone on this site,let alone Paul 67 ,want our Norwegian players banned.



    A ludicrous comment,get a grip.

  15. AN TEARMANN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:46 PM



    So you hate the Tories.



    You hate Labour.



    You don’t vote SNP.



    Are you a LibDem?

  16. SFTB – I subscribe to Celtic TV on You Tube. The guys are right, above, and even when signed in it says the content may be unsuitable.


    Think some Hun on You Tube must be at it and flagged the content.



    A fun piece nevertheless.

  17. BigJock67



    “and now telling us, that wee Nic has taken the credit for the govt’s reaction to newco.”



    I think we can all read and parse a sentence.



    Here’s the sentence I read taken verbatim from Paul’s Leader:-



    They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.”




    How this can be twisted to state that Pauls is saying “Nicola has taken”, is a form of deliberate mis-reading. They – referred to the Greenock MSP and all of Nicola’s defenders on this matter.



    Now, how about answering the 4 Central Points- they’re quite simple:-



    Did the Government treat covid breaches from football clubs differently? One got a commendation and the other a punishmnet.



    Is Nicola responsible for the Government message?



    Should she have responded to the criticism and clarified her views?



    Why the silence?

  18. The Scottish Government treat Newco with kid gloves while punishing our club in similar cases. This statement is accurate. This is not about independence nor about the SNP except that there party is in Government. It might not have been a Politician who praised Sevco but a scottish government civil servant



    Our Nationalist minded supporters should see this as what it is in that in common with SFA and SPFL Referees Media and Police where bias is being shown in favour of Sevco and not even handedness,



    This is Pauls blog and he can say what he thinks

  19. CORKCELT on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:08 PM



    At a more Global Level I would love to see an Independent Scotland & the total break up of the UK but all these decisions are a matter for Scottish people and Scottish people alone.




    interestingly, the definition above was not used in the 2014 Referendum. At that vote it was ‘people living in Scotland’ who were the electorate , hence Scots in other parts of the UK or abroad had no vote and non-Scots living in Scotland got a vote.



    The latter quirk was not controversial but the former was



    My view is that anyone who was born in Scotland and still lives in he UK should have a vote and all ex pats within 15 years of leaving (same as current rules on ex pats voting in GEs and Refs)

  20. Cancelled my SNP Membership because of this. The SNP are rudderless with no idea what to do next? They have alienated an entire global support whilst pandering to a support that will never vote for them. Stupid is to kind a word..! Infiltrated by Unionist BritNats.

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    As CQN continues its politics crazy leaders and comments, my own lockdown preparations have been assisted today in no small way by the cobbler at the bottom of Clydebank Shopping Centre.



    Lopped six inches from one trouser belt, punched two new holes in another two trouser belts and all three alterations done for a total cost of £2.



    It’s not the road to riches but a grateful Celt says thanks. Eat less. Move more. Keep breathing.



    “Cancelled my SNP Membership because of this”



    Did you give the reason for doing this? Be interesting to see what response you get, if any, por cierto

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    Let’s face it, anyone can say anything about Celtic, be it the First Minister, Dave King or the Holy father and our board just sit there and take it. We are run by guys who would not look out place in an Arthur Daley suit trying to sell you a used Ford Fiesta. resolution 12/11 anyone?






    trump blamed the people (plus the chinese, the governors, biden) – we thought a-hole



    the tories blamed the people (lying, evasive bojo got one of his yes-bods to do it)- we thought a-holes



    now the snp (via linda bauld) are blaming the people



    ppe, care homes, schools, return to uni – snp any better than the tories ?



    where is there any evidence of a good job ?



    btw, not a unionist, and wont be voting labour again





    I’m not a follower of politics. Don’t know who Linda Bauld is or what she said.



    To reiterate, based on the numbers provided each day, and having to weigh up public health, mental well being, social well being and the effect on the economy is not an exact science.



    Decisions which are better for one aspect are detrimental to other aspects.




    It was forever thus, don’t you know.


    And our pals across the river are the shining light of goodness, where has every body been these decades??


    Our biggest problem is that our board do not, never take up a cudgel on the club’s behalf. IT could be argued that we deserve all we get if our board forever gives in to the constant bullying by the whole of Scoddland.


    If we don’t find the bully, then what, they will continue their way forever.


    Time for CELTIC to make a stand, once and for all I say.




  26. Interesting: circa 70% of the Scotland team aren’t eligable for a vote in any independence referendum.

  27. On another topic dear to my heart.


    Fair play to Lewis Hamilton , fair play. But let’s be honest here, my good wife would win the Championship driving that Merc





  28. I can sympathise with you Paul, having to suffer the dictates of the First Minister. But you are looking back in anger. Celtic handled the Boli case wrongly. He should have been disciplined but he was also hung out to dry. Haven’t we learned the lessons from the past? If we hang out one of our own to dry, the media, the politicians and every Tom, Dick and Harry will think we are easy meat. That is why the Greenock MSP feels so emboldened. Lenny has also crossed a line this season, having a go at Boli and other players at press conferences. That does not augur well. The bigwigs at Celtic need to come into the media spotlight. Lord Lucan could be in that boardroom.

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