Greenock MSP credits Sturgeon’s attack on Celtic for Newco action


In August, after Celtic suspended and fined Boli Bolingoli for breaking isolation rules, Nicola Sturgeon postponed two Celtic games and took the opportunity at her daily press briefing to grandstand on the issue, condemning “privileged football players…. incapable of living up to their responsibilities.”

Earlier this month, when Newco suspended and fined Jordan Jones and George Edmundson after police action, Sturgeon took a completely different course.  She made no comment instead allowing her Government spokesperson to support the club:  “We commend Rangers [sic.] for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

Until now, no one from the SNP has been prepared to answer questions on why their leader was prepared to stick the boot into Celtic, postpone their games and grab a microphone to declare it, then praise Newco for acting in the exact same way after a rule break.

Yesterday, Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, wrote to a CQN’er with this nonsense:

“What the First Minister is recognising, is that as a result of the Scottish Government’s response to the Celtic and Aberdeen players’ breaches, the SFA and Scottish football clubs have taken a more robust approach to ensuring their players follow the COVID-19 rules in place for them, and where a breach has occurred, clubs are prepared to take swift action.

“That is why Rangers were commended for their recent response.”

They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.  He did not care enough, or seem to notice, that Celtic and Newco were treated differently.

Sturgeon screwed up.  Her gut reaction to the Bolingoli breach was to rush to the podium and vent, when Jones and Edmundson she drooled support at Newco’s same reaction to Celtic’s.  Celtic were an easy target but she should have said nothing if she was not prepared to treat other clubs (or just club) the same way.  This is your Government.

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  1. So how do you court the moderate wing of the home support without alienating the Irish diaspora

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Ffs mcbirnie on well will stay tuned since Griff a real striker is on. Would have been better to keep Dykes on

  3. Hail hail, morning, see griffs on for Scotland, c’mon Scots, dont fancy another day of grief from teh english, I dont even “go for” (nearly used the ‘f’ word lol) Scotland

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Must admit it’s impressive the number of caps Ryan Jack has accumulated considering he contributes absolutely zero. A pass to Jack is guaranteed to be passed back to you😱

  5. Czechs up 2-0. Czech Coach forecast that Scotland will crumble prescient so far. Watching this borefest and waxing nostalgic about watching Law, Jinky, Baxter, Jordan, Dalglish and others who were actually international class and carried a real threat to the opposition. I’m old enough to remember us destroying Spain 6-1 in the Bernabeu. How far have we fallen?

  6. Scots have lifted a bit, Calmac unlucky there nice move, Teiny, calmac griff, has a nice ring to it. :o) godbless Celtic_lite.

  7. Man U LOL lol



    Gemany LOL lol



    them beating us



    The Sun has come up in my part of the world, Probably , PROBABLY come up for you tommorrow.



    The future is a fantasy.


    be well



  8. Looks like there will be an unmolested barrel as far as Scotland are concerned tonight – really poor final third fir whole game

  9. Shanghai Shenhua humps Perth Glory 2-1, being a Celtic and a WestCoastEagles fan, not used to my teams Not winni9ng everything, say la vie. kammic.






    PS (if no Oz soccer team in comps(often lol) ) my big team is Argentina. the hand of God, best two world cup goals in the same game lol



    PSS Diego and WCE ‘things go better with Coke’ ;0)

  10. Based solely on the last 2 games, Englandshire will wipe the floor with us. How McBurnie makes a career as a football player is unfathomable.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Well some of the bhoys on here have said it’s a blessing in disguise that we fail to get into the CL cause we would be hammered.



    Scotland could argue the same about going up a league, anyway master chef calling😵😱

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    did ireland only score 1 goal in 6 games in their league?



    that is dire



    they need a McBurnie-style striker to rattle the goals in for them

  13. Paul67 was interviewed on Radio Scotland recently but chose not to present his opinions about bias from the Scottish Government.


    Why not?


    Was that not a great opportunity?

  14. We have good players, a lot on the ball but can’t score



    And don’t start me about Scotland 😀

  15. Ireland have just completed 7 games plus extra time in one of them, that is 11 hours of Football without scoring a single goal.


    The result tonight was actually pleasing as the scoreless draw saved us from relegation to C Divisions.

  16. The last two games reveal the ‘Kilmarnock’ side of Clarke – no way back from the first goal

  17. another penalty claim last play of day ?looks like the Griff is getting his Mojo back and Cristie is definitely going to be a great player one day, but not yet. just has to loose that schoollboy/headlaess chook to his game to realize his big 20 million move. ( hopefully with a teninarow in his CV)

  18. prestonpans bhoys on




    While watching the first master chef making an arse of it. Adding to the Israel stats, Slovakia have only won two nations league games

  19. PPBhoy



    Yes – we shouldn’t over analyse- we have next year to look forward to.



    I’m happy for the youngsters who will get to see Scotland at a big tournament – and hopefully we will all be well and enjoy it too



    Meanwhile- Easter Road beckons for Celtic – site of one of my best teenage memories- the first 8 in a row 😀

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