Greenock MSP credits Sturgeon’s attack on Celtic for Newco action


In August, after Celtic suspended and fined Boli Bolingoli for breaking isolation rules, Nicola Sturgeon postponed two Celtic games and took the opportunity at her daily press briefing to grandstand on the issue, condemning “privileged football players…. incapable of living up to their responsibilities.”

Earlier this month, when Newco suspended and fined Jordan Jones and George Edmundson after police action, Sturgeon took a completely different course.  She made no comment instead allowing her Government spokesperson to support the club:  “We commend Rangers [sic.] for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

Until now, no one from the SNP has been prepared to answer questions on why their leader was prepared to stick the boot into Celtic, postpone their games and grab a microphone to declare it, then praise Newco for acting in the exact same way after a rule break.

Yesterday, Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, wrote to a CQN’er with this nonsense:

“What the First Minister is recognising, is that as a result of the Scottish Government’s response to the Celtic and Aberdeen players’ breaches, the SFA and Scottish football clubs have taken a more robust approach to ensuring their players follow the COVID-19 rules in place for them, and where a breach has occurred, clubs are prepared to take swift action.

“That is why Rangers were commended for their recent response.”

They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.  He did not care enough, or seem to notice, that Celtic and Newco were treated differently.

Sturgeon screwed up.  Her gut reaction to the Bolingoli breach was to rush to the podium and vent, when Jones and Edmundson she drooled support at Newco’s same reaction to Celtic’s.  Celtic were an easy target but she should have said nothing if she was not prepared to treat other clubs (or just club) the same way.  This is your Government.

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  1. One of our board members, Brian Wilson, is an outspoken critic of the First Minister and the Government. She wasn’t going to miss her opportunity to pan us and Mr Wilson by association. This is politics.



    For the record, our board can moan about many things but they can never, and i cannot emphasise this enough, they can never take the moral high ground on anything.

  2. Fitba eh? What a game.



    Trying to read back as I do at this time of night in Louisville after a day dodging Covid in the office. Glad I get to read some great eh, political stuff. Time and again I type out a political response to one or two posts but I delete and read on.



    Crap score for the Scots tonight but not bad enough to tarnish last week. Looking forward to the Hibs game and an energised Eddy.



    HH all.

  3. I’m


    Meanwhile in the parallel universe that is the Daily Record Online Scotland MOTM was Ryan Jack with an 8!!!

  4. CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:59 PM


    So how do you court the moderate wing of the home support without alienating the Irish diaspora



    CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:59 PM


    Sorry . that was Hun support








    Feudian slip?



    But yeah, the huns are regarded as essentially Scottish, which they are, their roots are exclusively Scottish, Celtic fans, not so much.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    DAVID17 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:57 PM



    Agree with that second paragraph wholeheartedly.



    BILLYBHOY1967 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:05 PM



    Jings seriously😵😵😱😱

  6. prestonpans bhoys on




    God grief



    He’s getting better with each passing match and his big-game experience for Rangers in Europe certainly helps. Tigerish in the tackle and classy in possession – you can see why he’s become an automatic pick. 8

  7. ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:45 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:53 PM









    ‘Am I really to believe that the Nationalist party are courting the Orange vote by “punishing Celtic” ?’














    Maybe not the Orange vote.



    More likely to be the more moderate wing of the hun support.



    The SNP’s success is based on them being all things to all people, so this initiative would be totally in keeping with that approach.






    could we imagine that the moderate wing of the hun support are not anti catholic ?


    the 90 minute bigots who are married to a catholic wife, who have catholic children ?



    who might vote for independence for that part of thier family, rather than unionist for their expiring parents.



    so, i doubt very much that moderate huns are voting for an independence party so that their family can be disadvantaged.

  8. The Orange order in Scotland claims a 50,000 membership.



    less than 1 percent of the most bigoted anti catholic country in the world/

  9. ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:06 PM


    CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:59 PM




    But yeah, the huns are regarded as essentially Scottish, which they are, their roots are exclusively Scottish, Celtic fans, not so much.






    the roots of the Rangers might have been Scottish, rowers, cricketers and good old edwardian, but they were not anti-catholic or sectarian, several players played for both clubs, several catholics played for them



    the glee club, our commitee on the piano while the rangers committee sang minsteril songs. all true.



    right up to 1909 where the fans rioted together.



    only changed when primrose same along.



    and the ulster orangism of the yards hung onto the kinning park club.



    i would suggest also, with another reinvention in the 90s these people clung onto being english, not scottish.



    the worst of them hate the thought of there not being a Britain.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Interesting read back of this evening’s comments.



    Scotland lost but Ryan Christie got another full 90 minutes under his belt.



    Thanks Steve.



    Neil Lennon has lost 4 league games in 21 months as Celtic manager.



    What’s the basis for suggesting he’ll lose 2 more in the next month?



    Some posters appear to routinely despise the content provided by the platform owner ….



    … and yet they keep posting?



    Am I surprised? Not really.



    Some claim to despise the DR, Sky Sports, STV etc … but they still go on about them.



    Watch out for those happiness thieves.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  11. prestonpans bhoys on




    Those anomalies make the blog interesting😂

  12. St Stivs/Ernie,



    Yes, “moderate wing of the hun support” is an interesting term. Rangers fans/Protestants/blue noses perhaps?



    Someone who supports his team again live happily side by side with opposite moderate? Like many of the posters on here can?



    I’m hoping Ernie, you are not hoping to build any support on your previous “proddie” comments.

  13. B2B,



    I am delighted that Christie got so much game time.



    He loves playing for his country it would seem from his latest interview, so why not?



    He was injured for a decent part of last season and all players had an extended break.



    So long as he’s not injured then great – IMHO

  14. Where I was brought up,Milton a leafy suburb of Glasgow, I had many friends who came to matches with me who went to non denominational schools quite frankly I dont care what religion anyone is as it doesn’t interest me but football does.

  15. Good morning cqn from a dark and very cold Garngad



    Saturday brings us back to real football, our bread and butter if you like and another £15 out of pocket.



    I hope all our bhoys come home safe.



    Bring on the Hibees.



    D :)

  16. St. Stivs ………



    It’s not just the 50,000 alleged membership of the OO in Scotland, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.



    There’s the same number, probably more who are members of the Freemasons.



    Then you have the Golf Club, Bowling Club brigade, especially the Bowling Clubs, many of whom practised a sectarian membership.



    Then you have the politicians, Police, media, SFA etc, all of whom turn a blind eye to the anti Catholic bigotry in this country.



    Anti Catholic parades still allowed on the streets of our town and cities most weeks of the marching season, which up until this year seemed to last for about 9 months of the year.



    Just look at the scale of corruption with the EBT scandal …….



    Not only did the EBT recipients escape punishment, but even Campbell Ogilvie kept his job at the head of the SFA.



    McLeish was rewarded with the Scotland managers job when he was unemployed / unemployable.



    Look at the number of EBT cheats now working for the BBC.



    Scotland has a long way to go.





    GENE on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:44 PM







    I’m sure Tom Boyd played with Henrik 🤭





    Tommy Boyd was signed by Celtic on Feb.1st 1992. He made his Celtic debut the next day v St.Mirren ( I think ?), or the following week ?


    Paul MacStay retired just after Season 1996/97.




    just saying like…I believe that when tommy Boyd told me an dmy mate sthat paul was the best celtic Player he ever played with…….SURELY…He would know that ?


    HH Chaps.

  18. MORAVCIK @ 6.45


    In the North things have changed enormously.Gone is the unionist majority and glad to report ain’t coming back.We still have the sectarian marches and trappings from a bygone age I.e. uvf wreaths laid at Belfast City Hall on remembrance sunday.Employment is scrutinised, the manner in which the unionist/ loyalist/ protestant used to hold sway is almost erased,they don’t like change,too bad its happened. There is more I could report but,would take a long time.

  19. It would be a welcome gesture imho, if the club banned all SMSM engagement, only barely fulfilling contractual obligation’s.


    But, the entire structure, and mindset of the, director’s, management, player’s, and especially the supporter’s, are all needing new mirror’s to look into.


    Director’s put Old Firm before anything else.


    Management, or at least the manager, was called out by a section of the SMSM a couple of week’s ago, where it was inferred that, “he only has that job because he sucks up to Lawwell.”


    As of now, our manager has yet to refute that charge, which probably answer’s that charge.


    Not a word from supporter’s about the non response from the manager. Of course if they had responded, it would’ve been to ridicule the assertion that, our manager only has the job, “because he sucks up to Lawwell.”


    The supporter’s are incapable of introspection, because if they were capable, then Lawwell and the rest of the faceless wonder’s who occupy the Celtic executive level, to ‘spin, without saying’ the Old Firm banking structure’s that they hold so dear, wouldn’t be in office.


    Seated Celtic supporter’s, couldn’t lace the boot’s of the long gone, “Best Fan’s In The World” who roared on the “real” Celtic, not the Celtic of the offshore, landed gentry. The trophy haul suggests differently, but how many “one horse league” bauble’s is worth losing you’re soul for?


    Covid should lead to the removal of all seated stadium’s, Thatcher’s deceitful reaction to the Hillsborough tragedy, were 96 soul’s were lost, not because of football terrace’s, but by disgraceful policing on the day, ask anyone on Merseyside, and they’ll echo these sentiment’s, indeed some of the Liverpool supporter’s group who came to Celtic Park to study our rail seating, also echoed these sentiment’s.


    With terraces, social cohesion amongst supporter’s would return, along with the rebellious spirit that toppled the Kelly, and White dynasties, in 1994, only for the rebel consortium to be stabbed in the back, by Fergus, who’s fragile ego led to him executing his “it’s my bat, and my ball” philosophy.


    McCann chose to keep a dressing room of loser’s, and sack uppity manager, Lou Macari, who wanted to get rid of the dressing room loser’s, Bonner, Boyd, Grant, McStay, and Nicholas, who hadn’t been champion’s for 5 year’s, and who’d collectively put the tools away under Macari, in the hope that the new owner’s of Celtic, would sack Macari, and bring in one of the loser’s former team mate’s as manager. Sadly that’s what happened, and the loser’s in the dressing room went on and got Macari’s replacement the sack as well.


    The sacking of Macari only came about, after the ‘split’ between, the rebel consortium, and McCann, on their hearing of McCann’s plan to take the side of the loser’s in Celtic’s dressing room. McCann’s Celtic ran out of money in October of 1994, when Tommy Burns informed Scotsport, all because McCann lost the support of his fellow rebel backer’s, forcing McCann into trying to sell Celtic’s ‘only’ saleable asset, John Collins, to Derby, or Middlesbrough! Thank God that John Collins stood his ground, and refused to be sold, after all, it wasn’t Collins who betrayed the rebel consortium, investors, forcing them to leave, taking their investment’s with them.


    Fergus, in recent time’s also declared that, “It was the WORST decision in the history of Scottish football, to remove RFC from the same league as, CFC” and this was not long after the public revelations of, the extent of RFC’s EBT cheating scandal.


    Fergus was never a rebel, imho. He took down Farry, then jumped on the plane to Canada, leaving all of Farry’s henchmen in office.


    Get rid of seat’s. Get you’re soul back. Get rebellious again. Get regime change brought into the club by using you’re season ticket power to good effect. Get rid of the rich, fat, tanned, frauds from the PLC, and make Celtic a football club, not a tool that’s used to sustain an, oppressive rival, saving it from any measure of justice, or adherence to rule’s that are for other’s.


    I posted once before, and the EL game had just started, bad timing on my part. I’m not a hun, before the witch hunter’s sharpen their hooves. :)


    Paul 67 is bang on about the SNP, and wildly woeful about Lawwell.


    God bless all Tim’s. Laters. 💚 🍀

  20. Moravcik;


    Hopefully,the youth are made aware and should make strides in changing,what needs changing,In years to come with proper guidance and careful planning,Scotland will lose that cloak of shame,to be replaced with a different entity for all.Takes time…preach…preach then reach.

  21. Just a fun saying from the Wee North during the troubles.


    Basically means fight them on both fronts,


    Stand up to them today but in the meantime make plenty of Celtic Minded Babies to ensure the future,.

  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I had a look on ‘Hibs TV’ which says ‘live audio in the UK’.



    Is the game being televised?

  23. Saturday’s game V Hibs is available on PPV from Hibs TV.



    £15 to watch the game.



    This is the 3rd away game this season that would normally have been covered by Sky or BT that we now have to pay for.



    When was the last time we had 3pm KO on a Saturday for an away game ?

  24. neilbhoy on 18th November 2020 9:41 pm



    Maybe because he would have been seen to be a paranoid Tim lacking in any evidence? Much better to drive the lack of thinking into a frenzy.



    I see the moonhowlers were out in force most of yesterday, orange order = SNP?



    You really need to try reading something other than facebook or the unionist echo chamber that CQN (Not lazy journalism :-) ) has become.


    Anyone who believes that the OO would ever support an independent Scotland really needs help, or some education.

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thanks, i’ll take another look.



    BT no longer cover SPFL games, only SKY who are showing Huns v Sheep on Sunday live from Mordor. So for them the Hun home game takes precedence over Celtic’s away game.

  26. moravcik on 19th November 2020 6:45 am



    You restated some facts there most of which I agree with what was your point?

  27. Ernie @ 9.35


    Problem lies with North and south governing bodies to amend and put right,saw the report on RTE news last night.

  28. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That’s me sorted, thanks.



    So far this season I have paid Celtic TV, Ross County TV, St Mirren TV, Hibs TV, SKY TV, BT TV and Premier Sports money to watch Celtic.




  29. ” Aberdeen will be missing five players for the trip to Ibrox on Sunday after Niall McGinn picked up an injury while on international duty ..”



    Things do seem to be going THEIR way……so far.

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