Greenock MSP credits Sturgeon’s attack on Celtic for Newco action


In August, after Celtic suspended and fined Boli Bolingoli for breaking isolation rules, Nicola Sturgeon postponed two Celtic games and took the opportunity at her daily press briefing to grandstand on the issue, condemning “privileged football players…. incapable of living up to their responsibilities.”

Earlier this month, when Newco suspended and fined Jordan Jones and George Edmundson after police action, Sturgeon took a completely different course.  She made no comment instead allowing her Government spokesperson to support the club:  “We commend Rangers [sic.] for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

Until now, no one from the SNP has been prepared to answer questions on why their leader was prepared to stick the boot into Celtic, postpone their games and grab a microphone to declare it, then praise Newco for acting in the exact same way after a rule break.

Yesterday, Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, wrote to a CQN’er with this nonsense:

“What the First Minister is recognising, is that as a result of the Scottish Government’s response to the Celtic and Aberdeen players’ breaches, the SFA and Scottish football clubs have taken a more robust approach to ensuring their players follow the COVID-19 rules in place for them, and where a breach has occurred, clubs are prepared to take swift action.

“That is why Rangers were commended for their recent response.”

They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.  He did not care enough, or seem to notice, that Celtic and Newco were treated differently.

Sturgeon screwed up.  Her gut reaction to the Bolingoli breach was to rush to the podium and vent, when Jones and Edmundson she drooled support at Newco’s same reaction to Celtic’s.  Celtic were an easy target but she should have said nothing if she was not prepared to treat other clubs (or just club) the same way.  This is your Government.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Prestonpans Bhoy – think you’ve nailed it.



    Angst = Interest. 🤔



    Majestic Harrison – point taken re Christie. Cheers.



    My concern is burn out.



    Ryan is a genuine box-to-box midfielder and he is pivotal to our style of play.



    In the modern game that role needs legs.



    Playmakers / fetch and carry” types / shields for the back four?



    Their athletic/aerobic performance levels can drop off a tiny bit and they’ll still get by.



    Not so Box-to-box players.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  2. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If the latest messiah (the other Ryan) is so wonderful …..



    … Steve Clarke can play him for 3 full matches in 3 different countries in just 7 days.

  3. TIMMY7_NOTED on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:55 AM




    Maybe the SNP reckon they’ve won over as uch of one side of the divide as they are ever likely to and have concluded that if they are to make any further progress towards winning indepenence they have to start winning over people from the other side of the divide.



    Perfectly reasonable position for them to adopt. After all, it would be for the Good of Scotland, and that’s the important thing, isn’t it?



    So, how would they go about trying to win over support from a demographic that has hitherto been in the main unresponsive?



    How would you go about it, for the Good of Scotland?

  4. I was born in the early fifties. There were seven wee boys in my street. 3 from Catholic families and 4 from protestant families. The Catholic families were all celtic supporters and Labour party voters and the protestant families were are all rangers supporters and Tory voters. they were voting for the Scottish conservative and unionist party.


    There was an article in the Herald last year when it was reported that many working class families in scotland in the fifties voted Tory when the Tory party clearly did not represent their interests.


    the reporter did not offer an explanation for this political anomaly.

  5. Westcraigs



    ` the protestant families were are all rangers supporters and Tory voters.`



    Would that not have meant that the Tories would have recieved a big majority of the votes in Scotland?


    Did they?



    Back to Basics



    Did the `other Ryan` play in all three games or are you talking of some future games?

  6. If they are available:




    Elhamed Bitton Ajer,Laxalt.


    Brown McGregor


    Rogic, Chrisie, Elyounoussi.





    or play three at the back (Elhamed drops out) and partner Eddie plus Griif or Ajetti up front.

  7. HOT SMOKED on 19TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:10 AM









    ` the protestant families were are all rangers supporters and Tory voters.`







    Would that not have meant that the Tories would have recieved a big majority of the votes in Scotland?





    Did they?






    General Election 1955 Tories got 50.1% of the votes in Scotland.

  8. TIMBHOY2 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 8:30 PM



    That commentator on SKY ,been a pain for a long time,needs to be replaced,same as Provan,Switched over to the Ireland game,right away Big Duffy another mistake,If I was Lennon and Hoping to keep my job,I would cut my losses,and if it’s possible send Duffy back to Brighton in January,he really is a bombscare,






    We seem to have an awful lot of supporters who are hopeless when it comes to supporting us.

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