Greg Taylor and the summer ahead


There was some disappointment for Matt O’Riley when he was excluded from the Denmark squad for the Euros.  Not here, though.  Matt’s reputation needs no enhancement by his national team.  He will also benefit from a clear summer and normal preseason.

James Forrest should have plenty in the tank after a season low on appearances and will again play a partial role for Celtic next season.  After his inclusion in a friendly for Scotland last night, I hope he makes the final squad list.

Callum McGregor and Greg Taylor remain our biggest concern over the summer.  They always play for Celtic when available and would ideally be on a beach somewhere right now.  Scotland has two left backs ahead of Greg, so his final inclusion is not certain.  I am sure he would like to be involved, but it would be better for him next season if he dropped out now, rather than continued in training for the next month, without actually playing.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Kehoes Lounge, South Anne Street. One of my favourite Dublin pubs. Among many. 🤔

  2. I am sure he would like to be involved, but it would be better for him next season if he dropped out now, rather than continued in training for the next month, without actually playing.






    what a daft and disrespectful comment,



    better for “him”






    he is a grown man, decide with advice, for himself.



    no chance he does not want to be there

  3. glendalystonsils on




    He will turn up .


    The Aipple never falls far from the CQN tree .

  4. Good article by James Forrest today on the Huns new,well,second hand loan deal.I won’t go into it,but he mentions that the guy played a couple of games then missed the rest of the season with an injury.Alarm bells should be ringing,not over there it seems,they have got him for another year,with a guarantee to buy for £ 4 million.James Forrest tells the tale of very strange goings on surrounding this deal,but the reason I mention is,last week on one of their in house rags,the ” Medical expert” on all things Hun stated,that the player would not be liable for a pre transfer medical,as the Hun ,medical team have passed him fit,so the deal can continue.


    Eh !!!?.


    Article well worth a read.Something a tad off with this deal.Not sure if Real Madrid will be interested in this one.More chance the Real Infirmary.

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    “James Forrest should have plenty in the tank”




    has he ever looked like he has plenty in the tank?

  6. garygillespieshamstring on




    Or maybe it should read “the hun medical team have passed him fit so they have no way they can wriggle out of the deal.”



    They broke him so now they have to keep him?

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    Let’s all



    James Forrest the winger or the blogger?:)



    🎶There’s only two James Forrests🎶




    I am ashamed to say I may have over served myself. On a school night as well. I blame BRRB in part.

  9. I’m sure MoR will be well-rested. Not sure that benefits us. Are you assuming he’s staying?



    Personally I think being dropped by Denmark might strengthen his desire to play in a stronger league.

  10. I would love to see O’Riley play in the Euros and am disappointed for the boy. Having Celtic players in tournaments make the games more interesting for me. There’s been plenty of players playing here that have starred in many international tournaments. I guess Matt still has a very slim chance of getting a call-up, if any of the squad gets injured in the two warm up games this week. He makes it, I’ll watch their games, hoping they do well. He doesn’t, I’ll watch their games, hoping they get gubbed 😁

  11. Bhoyjoebelfast on



    Enjoy your stay.


    The CEO of Ikea has been elected prime minister of Sweden…he said his cabinet would be in place by Thursday.

  12. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 4TH JUNE 2024 1:41 PM





    Enjoy your stay.



    The CEO of Ikea has been elected prime minister of Sweden…he said his cabinet would be in place by Thursday




    😁I’m sure the assembly will have one or two screws missing.

  13. Let me get straight. As things stand Scotland have a 27 man squad. A squad that includes four (4), count em, goalkeepers, though the rules say you can only play one at any given time. Doh! At least three of the squad have injury problems, Armstrong, McTominey, and Souttar. Tierney can play, in extremis, at the left side of a back three, Robertson left wing back. Taylor could play there too in my view, or as an old fashioned left back. The idea that Greg should drop out now, fully fit, missing out on the opportunity to play in a Major tournament in Germany, against Germany, or even just being part of the overall experience, has not been fully thought out, and in my opinion, (and surely that of any reasonably informed observer) does not merit any more time than it took me to read it.




  14. bigrailroadblues on

    Still no sign of the hun in Dublin. I know that they have a march here somewhere. Not advisable in certain areas.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Freely admit to bias on this one as I have only limited interest in an SFA organised team.



    I have a huge interest in Celtic … wanting what is best for our club at all times.



    Everything else in football is secondary.



    I completely get players wanting to represent their country at a major finals.



    No argument.



    My overwhelming concern is the impact to Celtic.



    Ralston – fine. Don’t see the harm … given his lack of minutes for Celtic.



    Ditto James Forrest.



    Calum McGregor – I suspect his recent Achilles injury is the start of a (very slow, very long) deterioration in his capacity.



    IMHO, he is the most overworked footballer in Europe.



    Over the next few years I suspect he’ll play fewer minutes and, cumulatively, will be less effective when he plays.



    For that reason, I’d prefer him to be resting and recovering right now.



    As for Greg Taylor, I think he’s looked a jaded player sometimes (and only sometimes) this season.



    Add to that, IMHO, he lacks a bit of physical capacity (muscle) at the best of time and we have no credible alternative at LB right now?



    I’d prefer Greg to be on honeymoon on a beach somewhere.

  16. back to basics



    So basically you are not really a fan of Greg Taylor then?

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope Callum follows Broonie and retires, after the Euros, and concentrates on Celtic, he needs to rest up now during international breaks,to prolong his career.

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    At the risk of being slightly risqué, I would suggest Greg might get more rest in Germany for a week or so than he would as a very recently married man on honeymoon for the same period.

  19. I wonder if those who would prefer that Greg Taylor was laying on a beach somewhere do so because they believe that he is er all washed up?

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    CELTIC MAC on 4TH JUNE 2024 2:54 PM


    back to basics



    So basically you are not really a fan of Greg Taylor then?





    CM – I quite like Greg Taylor.



    I think he’s a smart footballer, is good enough technically, a proper team mate on the pitch and a positive presence in the squad.



    My concern about him is (and always has been) his lack of physicality.



    He gets targeted as a result.



    If he bulked up his upper body just a little bit (4-6 kg) I suspect he would be a far more effective and less targeted defender.

  21. DAVID66





    The reason I asked , my grandsons team were playing Charlie Millers team and it went to penalties … his teammate was getting ready to take his penalty a huge rumpus took place on the pitch next to him , players fighting , parents , grandparents alleged to have been involved and all the refs and linesman were doing their best to stop it .



    Needless to say his pal missed the pen and they went out ……



    Useless piece of info I know 🙈🤣

  22. Just after reading Paul’s piece yesterday regarding the possibility of getting Adam Idah to Celtic is looking iffy at present. Will he be here for pre-season training if he signs ? Good thing is, he slotted neatly into his position at the club during the loan spell and played a significant part in driving the Hoops to the title. Adam set a target of scoring ten goals at Celtic – he has 18 goals in total at club and International level for 23-24 season. Will Norwich let him go ? he wants to come to Glasgow annd loves the place.



    The ROI play Hungary at the Aviva this evening in a friendly international and looking forward to seeing Mikey and Adam in the side. I will be watching Scotland in the Euros and naturally hoping to see our players doing the business. Busy summer for sport with the Euros, Olympics, Wimbeldon and GAA championships.

  23. Maybe it’s my age but I find myself increasingly reaching for the off button on the Tv and radio when the politicians of every hue ignore the question asked and they launch into a tirade of the opposition. Dire stuff.

  24. The Euros may be the pinnacle of Greg Taylor’s football career.



    It is inconceivable to think he would not want to be part of it.




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