Griffiths deliveries, Shved raw materials, Cluj


Still a long way to go, but there’s a sharpness about Celtic that is very reassuring.  Nomme Kalju were unable to make anything of their Champions League qualification tie with Celtic in front of their own fans last night, while Neil Lennon must have been delighted at what he saw throughout the team.

Marian Shved’s added time goal gave us an insight into why Celtic signed the player, who turned 22 this month.  He has pace to burn and an end product.  There is a lot more to the modern game, and it will take a while before we see him fully integrate into the team, but the raw materials are clear to see.

One notable aspect of this tie was the quality of dead-balls from Leigh Griffiths.  Last week’s free kick aside, his corners arrive in the box at pace and a height that created opportunities.  Chris Jullien should have made more of one in particular, but he can be very satisfied with his competitive Celtic debut.

My feeling is that Cluj caught Maccabi Tel-Aviv unprepared.  The Israelis have played half as much football as the Romanians this season. Having knocked out two higher seeds, Cluj will face Celtic next Wednesday with nothing to fear.  We should progress, but this tie will be a necessary step-up in pace ahead of the play-off round, which starts in three weeks.

The relaxed days of summer are over.  Between now and 1 September we play four league games, four European qualifiers and a League Cup tie.  If you check the calendar, cup finals happen in March and May, but the real ones take place in the coming weeks.  Be ready, Celtic.

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  1. Be ready Celtic?



    Buy a feckin quality Right Back then !!!!!!!



    And a Moussa replacement….finally.

  2. Dan Pet Rescues arrogance is really begging to rip ma knitting .. hope we well and truly annihilate them!

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    Both SFM and Phil have commentated that the huns have been served a court notice to pay just under £1/2m by 16 August, there is no appeal on that and just the tip of the iceberg. SMSM all over it of course😱😵 aye right

  4. When asked about the proposed move by Newcastle,for Tavernier,Steve Bruce,commented,


    “No interest whatsoever.I have no idea where that one came from”


    Err,try Jim Traynor via,The Daily Record.

  5. John1314mac



    “We know what Celtic are all about, especially on their own ground, but we will fight.



    “Celtic is an historic team, a big name, these are two games that won’t be easy at all.



    “But let’s embrace them. We hope to qualify again.”



    He added: “We want to go even further, even to the Champions League groups.



    “I think it’s possible. We have come through tough qualifiers against Astana and Maccabi.



    “We don’t have a young team and this was seen in the second-half against Maccabi.



    “The players of Maccabi had more freshness, but we knew how to earn the result ”



    What is arrogant about the above??




  6. Scotland`s population is about four times that of Estonia and Romania`s is about four times that of Scotland.


    ……but Scottish football is rubbish. Hmm..

  7. shirley thull just no’ pay it and trumpet some sleekit dodge tthat will streeeetch inkredulity to a whole new Level?



    Any thoughts from the SFA????


    Any thoughtful insights from the scoddish bizness broadkasters?????

  8. Football Scotland/Daily Record melting my scone on the Celtic news apps.



    Relentless negative, day after day.



    Surely the app hosts can provide an option to block /filter the offending sites?




  9. ” Cambridge United have signed Rangers striker Andrew Dallas for an undisclosed fee on a two-year contract.”



    Money problems over.



    Cheerio for now.




  10. In the Court order,Hummell and Elite get a bit of a pasting.Can see more than SDI,looking for their money



  11. traditionalist88 on

    16 ROADS. on 31ST JULY 2019 12:49 PM



    if you’re using Newsnow on desktop, you can block a site from appearing by selecting the little arrow beside it which gives you the option to hide or highlight that particular publication,




  12. Garngad to Croy on

    traditionalist88 12:39pm



    Rangers 3



    This time it is written to the League rules that they can start again in the top league as long as they pay-off their football debts.



    That was the whole point of starting a new league set-up (new rules) . We could end up with a Rangers 10 ! The only person who can prevent that is the Tax man, the tax man has the power stop them using the name Rangers.

  13. Based in n Lenny’s last time in charge of the hoops I think he’ll be looking to play with two centre forwards. When he was playing we had Henrik, Sutty , BBJ and Maloney ( when Maloney left Camara came in ) .



    We play more games in a season now than we did then. Seems like a definite need for 4 forwards if we’re going with 2 up top in vast majority of games.



    Griff and Eddy are the only tried and tested forwards we have at present. Bayo will hopefully make the grade but I think we should be looking to get at least one more forward in. RB should still be priority. Hoping we get both a RB and CF in but not overly optimistic.



    Ps think the Ukrainian boy will score a Shevd load..:)



    Grabs coat, ups and leaves..:)




  14. traditionalist88 on

    GARNGAD TO CROY on 31ST JULY 2019 1:09 PM



    Shocking, if they dare to risk it its the one thing that would unite every other football fan in Scotland,




  15. Hrvatski Jim on

    An “exclusive” from The Sun Scotland: The comments in the last 4 paragraphs are the most telling



    ‘PEOPLE SHOULD WAKE UP’ Rangers fan and ex-MP Donohoe ‘stunned heads haven’t rolled’ after Ashley’s Sports Direct court victory



    A RANGERS-supporting former Labour MP says he is stunned that ‘heads haven’t rolled’ at Ibrox following the club’s latest court defeat to Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.



    Lifelong Gers fan Sir Brian Donohoe has expressed his concerns as the Light Blues face paying millions in compensation and potential legal fees to the retail giants after last week’s developments.



    Political veteran Sir Brian has had his say on Ibrox situation



    A company in the Sports Direct Group, SDI Retail Services, said Ibrox chiefs had been in breach of obligations under a deal relating to replica kit.



    Rangers bosses disputed these claims – but Judge Lionel Persey QC ruled in favour of SDI.



    Mr Persey also held that Gers company secretary James Blair was ‘untruthful’ in his dealings with Sports Direct.



    Sir Brian is a former director of fan group Rangers First, which joined forces with the Rangers Supporters Trust in 2016 to form Club 1872.



    The Westminster stalwart – who served the constituents of Central Ayrshire for 23 years – told SunSport: “Having read the judgement, which is the final element that can be expressed, I am astounded that heads haven’t rolled at this stage.



    “If Rangers Football Club is to protect its reputation, a number of individuals should be considering their positions.



    “There are two major players on both sides and, almost like a street fight, common sense hasn’t prevailed.”



    The feud between the organisations was reignited last year after the Scottish Premiership club signed a bumper new £10million three-year kit deal with Hummel.



    Rangers have vowed to meet any cash demands coming their way in the wake of the club’s court defeat to Ashley’s firm.



    Club 1872 – Gers’ second biggest shareholder – yesterday savaged the billionaire Newcastle owner in a statement and called on fans to boycott Sports Direct in protest.



    Sir Brian, 70, added: “On the basis of the actual statements that have come out of some supporters’ organisations, it would be hard to say the lunatics haven’t taken over the asylum.



    “I’d just ask fans with intellect to read the judgement themselves and come to their own conclusions. I’ve come to mine.



    “The deflection of the reality of the situation is of major concern. People should wake up and smell the coffee.”



    Sir Brian quit as a director of Rangers First in July 2016 just four months after being elected.

  16. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Good result and competent performance had by all.



    Boli Boli plays an interesting role. A few occasions wee Mikey was further back :)



    Hoping to see a little quality added ASAP



    Hail Hail

  17. The courts stopping the huns from kicking the can down the road with another appeal is the biggest stinger there…



    We are now in code red territory…..if Parks can’t be persuaded for more soft loans and Stevie Gee fails in the next round and Alfredo continues to attract absolutely no value….yum yum…



    Jelly and Ice Cream..

  18. jinkyredstar on

    According to Shortbread lunchtime news no Scottish Team played anywhere last night!

  19. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Big Wavy,



    They could try Amigo but not sure they could a get a guarantor.




  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    It appears that my subconscious was so confident of a result last night that I completely forgot that the Celtic were playing until the bhoy came in and showed me a video of the Shved screamer.



    Well played Lenny and the team for a roundly magnificent 7-0 aggregate score. It’s just pity that you can’t carry a few goals forward into the next round.



    From the first leg, I thought the Estonians were pretty much mid-table SPL standard, a Motherwell or Hearts level team, and progress into the next round was more straightforward than might have been expected.



    We’ll see what Cluj have to offer, but I’d be surprised if they were much better than say Aberdeen or Sevco. It’ll be a tricky tie of course, but there is optimism that Lenny’s finding a style and shape that is effective, and a final qualifying nail-biter is more likely than not.



    Speaking of Sevco, I posted a couple of weeks ago on the implications of the recent court ruling. Today’s news only adds some detail on the costs award.



    In short:



    Sevco owe SD damages for losing out on last season’s retail business. That’ll be in the order of £2-3 Million.



    Sevco owe SD damages for losing out on this season’s retail business. That’ll be in the order of £2-3 Million.



    This season Elite are not permitted to carry out any retail business and will likely seek compensation. That’ll be in the order of £2-3 Million.



    Next season SD get the retail business back, but that means Elite will lose out on next season’s retail business. They’ll likely seek compensation accordingly. That’ll be in the order of £2-3 Million.



    In the meantime, having lost the case, Sevco are het for SD’s legal costs. That’ll be in the order of £1M.



    In the round, there’s likely to be something north of £10M to be found to settle the shebawz, and that’s if SD and Elite are feeling warmly predisposed to Sevco.



    You don’t need to be a Chartered Accountant to figure out that few SMEs can pony up that sort of money, let alone a company that, in ordinary course, trades at a loss of £ Millions each year, and which is reliant on directors to backfill a chronic cash shortfall.



    I am instinctively cautious in using the word “if”, and you’ll notice that I use it only once in the above Sevco script. While there are causative links from circumstances to outcomes to impacts, there is more than one outcome possible in these circumstances, and more than one impact.



    Those predicting an insolvency might be bang on the money, and in ordinary course it might well follow. However, given that SD is in the retail business, and that SD needs a continuing Sevco in order to carry out such a retail business, I expect that an alternative outcome is more likely.



    Notwithstanding the antipathy towards SD by the retail customers it’s targeting, and indeed the emnity between the principals at Sevco and SD, I’d be surprised if a commercial solution wasn’t found. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d reckon SD will come out of this with a better retail deal with Sevco than they enjoyed previously. In essence, the damages owed from the legal case will be paid up over an extended period time by way of enhanced share of profits from retail sales, or by some other mechanism involving ownership of brand rights.



    Those bear souls hoping that Sevco would establish a profitable retail business to provide enhanced revenue to the club in its attempt to narrow the financial gap with Celtic will be wholly disappointed. The gap, wide as it is, just got wider yet.

  21. Much as I would like to get stuck into my jelly and ice cream think I’ll leave in the fridge until SS Sevco sinks beneath the waves. They’ve got more lives than a cat, though must say it looks promising this time. H H Hebcelt

  22. SSN Breaking News – Alfredo Morelos turns down £30m move to Hebei Fortune in China



    @SkySportsNews understands @RangersFC striker Alfredo Morelos has turned down a £30M move to Chinese Super League club Hebei Fortune – the Chinese transfer windows closes at 5PM today

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