Griffiths has earned right to do what he likes on social media


Last night Leigh Griffiths ‘Liked’ a Twitter comment suggesting either he or Bayo were likely to leave the club following the arrival of Patryk Klimala.  What subsequently kicked off was sufficient for Leigh to delete his Twitter account.  The original comment may be valid, and Leigh’s reaction was certainly ill advised, but he, more than anyone in the squad, deserves some slack from the support.

Leigh Griffiths has earned the right to do pretty much whatever he likes on social media, within normal taste guidelines.  Since he arrived at Celtic six years ago, he has exceeded expectations, scored goals and been an important part of our story.  His interaction with fans and kids outside the stadium and at events is generous and increasingly rare.

He is also 29-years-old and naturally fit.  His story has a few chapters still to write.

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    We don’t really have enough evidence to judge him either way but it comes down to the fact he can’t be relied on right now because he appears injury prone AND we are unsure if he fits the bill when he is fit.



    But still only 23, so a loan move could let us evaluate him further.





    Fair enough



    But only if we signed another striker who could be relied on. Klimala is a prospect or ‘project’ as some like to say.

  2. Big Mick knows a good thing when he sees it………..





    I doubt he’d want to crush the huns further. He’s aw about makin’ money.







    I suspect he’ll just keep the (football) boot on the huns kommercial throat and press it a bit more, and then a wee bit more.







    A Level of thickhun spin will be applied so that the mouth-breathers can cling onto something, anything.








  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    St Tams ,



    Let him go for free then.?




    How much ?




    If you don’t rate him the just getting him off the books ?

  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 15TH JANUARY 2020 12:09 PM



    True. We must avoid ending up in the same boat where one injury/suspension could leave us short again.




  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Remember they want to own their sales rights, so no sure they will make a deal, remember their “no surrender” philosophy, intransigence is their way.


    Might prefer to repheonix than deal, the SPFL have already changed the rules to accommodate that strategy.

  6. Garngad – me too………….on both counts.



    The Club has handled Leigh’s situation fabulously and continue to do so.


    He deserves a chance to shine again in his favoured Green…..


    and the Club should get to benefit from a revived Goal scorer and hun-heartbreaker.




  7. We’re better than “shipping out” someone with his recent history because he’s no longer of any use to us. There’s no timetable for the rehabilitation that he needs, pushing him out the door doesn’t help anyone.



    I’m not sure a load of grown men and women who spend a stupid amount of their time arguing on football forums are in any position to criticize him for his behavior on social media. I include myself in that.

  8. Canamalar…


    All good points, question is can they afford to?



    Will their intransigence have shifted a tad with the ( apparent) passing of the glib and shameless throwback?




  9. We should give Leigh every chance. He has some deep issues we as a support should be more sympathetic towards. Managing him, with the right duty of care, is a tough one and the club seemed to have done that well.



    The last place to offer up advice are the internet bampots.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Jeez new terrain agreeing with Celtic40me, need to sit down getting dizzy

  11. If Griff is to stay then he should be starting against Thistle



    Give Shved a chance too.



    Would like to see a team like:



    Gordon, Bauer, Bitton, Ajer, Taylor, Ntcham, Robertson, Shved, Johnston, Rogic, Griffiths

  12. Leigh deserves our support, anyone who has / is suffering with mental health issues deserves that, far too young and prolific when he’s on form to get rid of.

  13. we need 4 CF at club. Let him go if we have a first choice striker lined up,(yes I know, no chance). He should never have been given a long term contract. An d one term should have been, no gambling, no drinking and definitely no social media. Last thing he needs is any of those 3. And should have been in full training every day .not give months off. How many times did BR say he was not fir because he was not professional?

  14. Regardless of any player’s ability or usefulness. A Celtic player who has fallen on hard times should be sure of support, encouragement and understanding from the support and their employer.



    Mental illness is a tough thing to deal with and it can affect anyone.



    I would love to see the wee man back and bursting the ol’ onion bag. Best set piece taker at our club by a mile imo.




  15. PS I would love him to knuckle down but I can’t see it. Keep Bayo too but at least give him a chance from bench when (if) we are a few goals up

  16. PS we should have been signing the replacement for OE this window. give him time to bed in for EL/CL play-off.



    It’s ok not to be ok 👍





    I think some of our support are losing sight of that. On this one, football takes a firm second place.

  18. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Scott Robertson put bhoys ahead In 67 minutes



    That number rings a bell




  19. MARADOMINIC on 15TH JANUARY 2020 12:52 PM


    I would love him to knuckle down but I can’t see it



    I think that sort of thinking is a large part of the problem. For people living with serious mental illness the last thing they need to hear is being told to pull themselves together, screw the nut, man up.



    It’s likely we’ll not see the old Griff again, but there’s surely space at Celtic for a different one.



    The fans reaction to him shows there’s still a lot of the sort of love that he needs at Celtic, that he won’t get anywhere else now.

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