Griffiths has earned right to do what he likes on social media


Last night Leigh Griffiths ‘Liked’ a Twitter comment suggesting either he or Bayo were likely to leave the club following the arrival of Patryk Klimala.  What subsequently kicked off was sufficient for Leigh to delete his Twitter account.  The original comment may be valid, and Leigh’s reaction was certainly ill advised, but he, more than anyone in the squad, deserves some slack from the support.

Leigh Griffiths has earned the right to do pretty much whatever he likes on social media, within normal taste guidelines.  Since he arrived at Celtic six years ago, he has exceeded expectations, scored goals and been an important part of our story.  His interaction with fans and kids outside the stadium and at events is generous and increasingly rare.

He is also 29-years-old and naturally fit.  His story has a few chapters still to write.


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  1. TIMALOY29


    I agree with you, but Rogic and Johnston are apparently doubtful because of injury relapse.



  2. Ron ,They play in the Glasgow Cup with Thistle, Queens Park, Clyde Seniors & the Hun Reserves.


    That is played on a League basis but apart from that it is arranged games like today which they have just won one nil. Well done the Young Bhoys.




    Mike Ashley will not just stand back and let them phoenix this time. He does have the finacial muscle and legal minds to thwart this, surely. I maybe a bit naive re this, but hope not. por cierto.

  4. Celtic share price continues to fall – down 20p in three days – from 1.65 to 1.45.



    That’s a 12% fall.



    By my reckoning – 94m shares × £0.20 =



    £19m wiped off the value of Celtic.



    What is going on?



    This is not a small correction, nor, small shareholders selling to pay off their Christmas Credit Card bills.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Re Griffiths – Who did the original tweet (that Leigh “liked”) come from?



    Re Ashley – suspect BankieBhoy’s earlier views are close to reality.



    Likely he will EITHER



    Cash in – unlikely as Sevco don’t have that cash to hand






    Stay in and renegotiate a deal that will see him recoup his lost earnings over the lifetime of the new contract.



    One to watch – If it is the latter, this will, more than likely, be accompanied by a narrative from Sevco that the healing is done, Ashley is not the devil incarnate, and that chunks of the blame for this mess lie with Dave King.



    Either that or a significant penalty clause for poor sales via SDIR.



    Hail hail



    Hail hail

  6. Good victory today for the development side against a top EPL Academy side. Hopefully some scouts will have seen O’Connor, Connell & Afolabi and we can get them experience on loan.

  7. INIQUITOUSIV on 15TH JANUARY 2020 1:59 PM



    I agree with you, but Rogic and Johnston are apparently doubtful because of injury relapse.








    Thanks for the info

  8. McNut, Each individual trade is listed. It is precisely what you said it’s not.


    Since before Christmas the Share Price has been 1-62 & not 1.65. In the last 3 days it has gone down as a result of about 15 small insignificant Trades, I enclose todays, Celtic Stock Market activity to prove my point..




    0:11:21 15-Jan-2020 150.00 GBX 2,279 3,418.50 Off-book AIMX


    10:06:40 15-Jan-2020 151.00 GBX 84 126.84 Off-book AIMX


    08:39:59 15-Jan-2020 151.00 GBX 132 199.32 Off-book AIMX


    08:14:10 15-Jan-2020 150.00 GBX 200 300.00 Off-book OILQ AIMX


    12:35:51 14-Jan-2020 151.00 GBX 662 999.62 Off-book N AIMX


    * For instruments denominated in GBX, the Trade value is shown in GBP when the traded c

  9. 14:17 – 15/01


    n/a 243 143.50p £348.71


    14:07 – 15/01


    n/a 557 143.50p £799.30


    12:40 – 15/01


    Sell 2941 140.50p £4,132.11


    12:37 – 15/01


    Sell 350 145.00p £507.50


    10:11 – 15/01


    Sell 2279 150.00p £3,418.50

  10. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CORKCELT on 15TH JANUARY 2020 2:28 PM



    To be fair, I think the % drop is noteworthy, but hardly signals impending doom. The 52 week high for the stock was 172p and the low has just been hit today (143p).



    Its better to take a longer term view.



    3 years ago it was hovering around 70p before seeing steady growth.



    So despite what McNut says it could be a small correction in the grand scheme of things.




  11. If shares of a Company, on a given day, are one pound each and no one buys or sells on that day, does it mean the shares are guaranteed to remain at one pound, that day, regardless of other circumstances?

  12. Siempre.


    Unfortunately I am too well versed in the vagaries of the Stock Market. Prices are affected by General Economic issues such as Brexit, Interest Rates etc. and of course also Individual performance factors also if a major Investor builds up a stake or reduces it’s stake.


    It is basically supply & demand, if there are more sellers than buyers in the market, the price goes down and obviously more buyers than sellers it goes up.


    Our price has been very strong in past year, mainly due to Lindsell Train building up a strategic stake. With them buying everything offered there was a floor where our Shares couldn’t sink below. We briefly peaked at 170 mid 2019 but since then the price has stayed rock steady at 1.62.


    In the past 3 days there has been a flurry of small trades obviously there is no strong buyer there and the price has gone down a bit.


    So what the price of the Share is only important if you are selling some, the whole thing is a non story.

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CORKCELT on 15TH JANUARY 2020 2:58 PM



    At the moment its a non story. But these things can quickly become a story!



    I say its noteworthy because our share price doesnt usually show this volatility.



    If Apple shares fall a similiar % you know something is going on. Often its those in the know who have advance knowledge of some negative news in the pipeline that are selling up and the market is reacting with many following suit.



    But as you point out, no massive trades to be concerned about and I think it will amount to nothing.



    It does show you though how something like this which could easily be spun into a negative story goes completely unnoticed by the MSM who are hungry for negative stories about Celtic. Financial analysis never their strong point as we know.




  14. BIG WAVY @ 14:09


    TBB @ 14:12



    What in God’s name is the matter with people like you and the other half a dozen ‘stone-throwers’ on here.



    I am a shareholder, over 1%, not quite in the 3% bracket yet – a season-book holder going on for thirty-years, and a supporter and contributor of all things Celtic.



    However I don’t live my life wearing a green & white blindfold with earplugs permanently blasting out Hail Hail The Celts Are Here.



    I am entitled to my opinion on all things Celtic, the board, the management, the players and our supporters.



    I treat individuals on here with respect. If I disagree with their view, I don’t constantly harangue and name-call, or, gang up with others to do it.



    Someone informed me of the share price yesterday, I thought it right to let others know.



    David Low who was involved with Fergus all those years ago, is also following this event on Twitter.



    Now, if you don’t agree with what I post, by all means take issue, I will be pleased to get another view.



    However surely it’s time to stop the playground antics. We are all grown-ups and hopefully can deal with all kind of news about Celtic, whether good, or not.

  15. I agree Paul that Leigh should not be scrutinised for what he goes along with on social media but the bigger question is what is Leigh’s future on the field. I only hope that I am wrong but I don’t see Leigh recapturing the form he was in for Celtic or even Scotland. He was there but more thereabouts when Brendan was in charge and this long lay off is taking its toll too. If Patryk is able to score goals, Leigh will not even get his chance ,although Griff could cut himself out as supersub because he is such a big fan of the team, as you point out Paul, that he would be able to lift the players and the stadium coming on.

  16. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    HOT SMOKED on 15TH JANUARY 2020 2:52 PM



    Theres a formula to work it out, I believe market cap./no. of shares outstanding, maybe someone can confirm.




  17. Mcnut



    You are far from being the most critical of Celtic on here but, for whatever reason, some have decided you are a Hun.


    As is the case with most posts, I agree with some of your points and not with others.I have yet to see anything that makes me think you are a Hun but your reference to The Boys Club `issue` . Was that necessary? Advisable?

  18. McNut Your shares are currently around 35p.



    Siempre, I totally agree it could become an issue, these things can herald a herd mentality. If guys were interested in making a profit & suddenly the drop in Share Price could panic them to sell and so it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


    All my point is that every Trade I’ve seen are extremely small, if I saw Trades even at 50,000 I’d sit up and take notice but until then it;s not important as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    HOT SMOKED on 15TH JANUARY 2020 3:26 PM



    No worries:) Given that the numbers will stay the same if no buyers/sellers on a given day, I think the answer to your original question would be yes…




  20. McNut



    Let me get this right. You own more than 1% but less than 3% of the total Celtic shares issued?

  21. Ive always thought that Leigh should have been strongly advised by Celtic to stay away from social media when the story broke that he was suffering mental health issues. For his own sake , too many clowns trying to wind him up . Personally I dont think Leigh can be a major player for us . So we have Eddie , Bayo who might be going out on loan and maybe , maybe Leigh and another polish project . Hate being too negative but Im not convinced that Pistol Pete is taking sevcos challenge seriously enough . He needs to realise we need a couple of players who can instantly command a place in the first team . With the way the crazy money is our best bet would be an experienced player coming to the end of his career and get us over the line for title number 9 . Of course such a player will have no re sale value but we really cant make money off every player we bring in and Lawell needs to realise that sticking rigidly to his current plan is holding us back

  22. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    CORKCELT on 15TH JANUARY 2020 3:27 PM



    Yes, some would sell only on the basis that others are selling.



    Those in just to make money may have set stop loss orders which automatically took them the game when it got to 150p, for example.



    But yes, no impending doom!




  23. Yep Celtic Mac, Issued Share Capital is 94 million, so McNut holds around 2 million with a current Market Value of 3 million.


    Hun/Troll/ Walter Mitty Take your pick.

  24. Huns just love getting all excited about child abuse and impending financial doom at Celtic. That’s why we’re hoarding all that cash you know…



    It’s difficult to get the head around such a mindset and it’s probably worthy of some academic research but we move on.



    If the share price is adjusting it’s probably more to do with the impending financial wall being hit at ibrox and the knock on effects at Celtic Park.



    As for Griff, I’d send him to Aberdeen and take Sam Cosgrove. Griff has been great but we’ve seen nothing for two years now.

  25. HOT SMOKED @ 15:34



    The CBC issue is abhorrent, but has the possibility to damage Celtic.



    We have already suffered bad press, and everytime a story about one of the convicted five surfaces, we are again mentioned.



    This story will not go away until it is settled.



    I was responding to various posts that had been wondering why we were apparently “hoarding money”, i.e. sitting with a multi-million pound bank balance when we needed to strengthen the squad.



    I mentioned the possibility that there could be some contingency planning by the board in case we were subject to an adverse decision in court. These are changed days, people are litigious, they want compensation. The board would be failing in their duty and putting the club at risk if they did not factor these things in. You can’t run an organisation like Celtic with an ‘it’ll be alright on the night’ philosophy.



    Those over Ibrox way were gullible in the extreme and suicide ensued – even now, winning on the pitch is all that matters, they don’t give a damn if they are drowning in debt, or, in court every day of the week.



    We are not gullible, we care about everything surrounding our club – we finally woke up and got rid of the old board who were leading us to bankruptcy.



    I stand by my comments.

  26. corkcelt



    Not saying the numbers don’t add up….


    it’s what they add up to is my question…



    one which you have just answered!

  27. McNut – I know year end accounts aren’t your forte but Celtic is a PLC and have stringent reporting duties as a result.



    We are by law required to report all contingent liabilities. Celtic are not hoarding cash for legal cases because we’d have to to disclose this in our accounts.



    I must admit though that like other Celtic fans I am perplexed why we’re not spending more in the transfer market this month, it seems our CEO is still not taking you lads seriously enough.

  28. I feel Bayo has not been given a chance really. What I’ve seen is there is a player in there, give him a chance surely. With regards Mikey, I’d like to see him go out on loan and “bulk up” a tad and get him back just as we did with Ryan Christie.


    Hate to gripe but we persist in bringing players in on loan and not playing them. I mean, what is the point????




  29. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MCNUT on 15TH JANUARY 2020 3:16 PM



    The only thing which has given me pause for thought about your loyalties is the anagram of your moniker .




  30. HS- Sevco asked the Judge to go easy on them,as it would affect Hummel contract? Deferred for another day,hope they getting charged court time,they move the goalposts any chance that they get.

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