Griffiths understatement nailing detractors


I heard Leigh Griffiths was being damned in a Scottish newspaper with a wide-eyed wonder about how many goals Steven Fletcher would score against Hamilton Accies, Ross County and Kilmarnock. Not Fenerbahce, Aberdeen or Malmo, who Leigh has scored four times against in four games, but didn’t rate a mention. Not even his goal against the mighty (cough) St Johnstone was recalled.

Leigh is the great underdog of our time. The Tea Cake Warrior who has reached above this allotted station. Hostile journalists are not alone in dismissing his potential, ask around, there are some in our own ranks.

Yesterday he responded, with wonderful understatement, to Paul Dykes tweet (below), noting the return he’s given compared to some of the more successful strikers we’ve had over the last dozen years of so, with “Not too bad I suppose…”
capture-20151007-115954Goal scoring stats don’t tell you everything. Griffiths, Hooper and McDonald have a better goal return in their first 50 Celtic games than Henrik Larsson, but they are nowhere near the player he was, but if you are paid to be a goal scorer, this is a pretty important measure.

What Larsson did after those 50-or-so games was kick on with impressive style, eclipsing the exploits of Dalglish, and gave a return only McGrory could match. It’s totally unfair to ask Leigh to emulate Larsson, but there are comparisons with the immaculate Swede, Hooper and McDonald he achieve. All of them scored big goals for Celtic in important games.

When given a chance, Leigh has delivered in Europe. He never played for Celtic against Oldco Rangers, but he opened the scoring in an important League Cup semi-final against Newco last season, and he shows none of the complacency one or two on the above list were, on occasion, accused of.

A “bunch of Scots wrinklies” are walking through the Grand Canyon from Friday to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie.  The Hospice costs thousands of pounds each week to carry out the work they do.  Have a look here at what one of the “wrinklies” has to say about it.  You’ll no doubt read more from Weeron inside.

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  1. Sheriff William Wood seems to his finger on the pulse of things?.


    So there you go.


    And the Style Mile Vandals no longer exist.


    And an 18 year olds life ruined, because of a stupid act, they really have to try and play it cute, they need to sit down without the agenda, and take on the problem head on, but cute, an adult approach is needed, like what? My days of arrests and the nic are long gone, but there has to be another way, as Celtic supporters standing together, no groups, no he’s no in our club crap, no left wing Uni. Pash, deal with the problem at hand, don’t be the problem.

  2. Paul67



    what have you done quoting 39 from 50 starts



    As we speak DR and Evening times looking at



    Waghorn’s figures for 15 games and going to



    exteropolate etrapoolate oh F3£K it



    Make up the figure for what 50 starts from him








    I did worse at that age. You probably did too.



    THETOKENTIM sent me a clip of us playing the huns at Ibrox on 1/1/83. I forwarded to my mate,wi the words-how did I get away wi that?



    Thirty years later,he knew what I meant. Kids-FANS,ffs!-are getting done nowadays for eff all.



    Tony,this isnae a support or criticise the board issue. You seem unable to see the difference.



    This,mate,is about right and wrong. And if it had happened to you and your pals thirty years ago,you’d be going ballistic.

  4. .



    Gee thanks Paul67..



    That’s You just Craw’d My Griffiths Top Scorer Bet..【ツ】



    You’ll be Crawing My Waghorn-Pen Top Scorer Next..lol



    Is Waghorn-Pen really his Name..?



    Summa of FirstBetInSixYearsCSC

  5. Philbhoy



    I agree with your statement. We can only call it as we see it and most Celtic fans hadn’t seen a lot of him.



    Personally I backed Griffiths from the start. I get to watch a lot of Hibs though via my Mrs who watches their games on the telly. He was also at Livi and I remember him at Dundee. A goal scorer is a goal scorer is a goal scorer. There is nothing complicated in it. Take a guy who can score goals and put him in your team. Give him a dozen games to fit in with his team mates and watch the goals rain in.


    How many could Leigh score with a decent partner?


    That is another question that can be debated long into the moon howling hours. Bit harsh on auld Henke to be thrown in with goal hangers like Skippy, Griff et al when he essentially played attacking midfield when we signed him but I guess the point is made via the fact Henke is a legend.


    Leigh Griffiths was lethal at Hibernian. If you can score 30 goals a season at Hibs then you will get 50 in a Celtic shirt. Leigh’s off field antics have been well documented and defended at times by myself on here. I think his exploits were in the daft bhoyness camp rather than any badness from the lad but I may be a tad lenient on the Bhoy because I love goal scorers and I know the vitriol and hate he faced on a daily basis as displayed by the banking Jambo fraternity in my work. Leigh is now a Celtic player of that there is no doubt. The Bhoy has in my mind matured. Do I suspect he will be prone to the odd moment of daftness? Certainly. Mr McAvennie was still probe to it in his 30’s it is nothing new in a Celtic forward.


    Long may Mr Griffiths hit the net from all manner of angles in the Hoops. A wee lad from a housing scheme coming good in the green & white of Celtic always warms my heart.




  6. Bmcw



    read my last post, they need to be more clever, more cute, wide, fly.


    The approach the fans are using is not working, to many different colours getting nailed to the mast, to many agendas, to many chiefs, to much in fighting, to much politics, and no one will give way, so they will keep arresting and charging kids, giving the criminal records, I care about the kids, it’s not right, and those in charge should think that way too, but they don’t , to many agendas, and I’m pig sick saying it, and the cops know it too, as I said it’s not moved an inch in ten years, time some of them sat down and think about the harm these kids are getting into.

  7. Livibhoy



    Good to see you posting again!



    I like Griffiths and think he has a gallusness about him on the field.



    He will continiue to score loads for Celtic injuries and suspensions permitting!!



    Hope he has matured a bit with the responsibility being a Celtic player brings.



    I hope he doesn’t play tonight, no chance of getting injured.



    it’s pity Waghorn is no Scottish so it is!

  8. Well said, Paul.



    Leigh Griffiths has done pretty much everything asked of him and keeps finding the net – which is pretty crucial for a striker! He has also scored some quality goals and I don’t think he always gets the credit he deserves for them.



    Meanwhile, here is my latest piece. It is about the strange case of Mark Warburton being ‘linked’ to the vacant Liverpool manager’s job.






    And if I can be cheeky… If people would like to vote for me in the ‘Best New Blog’ category of the ‘Football Blogging Awards 2015’, the details are here! And I would be VERY grateful!






    Alternatively you can ‘click and vote’…



    On Twitter by using this link http://bit.ly/1PVwe7P



    On the FBA website, by following this link http://bit.ly/1uMohJw



    Many thanks!

  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on 7th October 2015 12:52 pm



    A group of us are going to “sleep out” at Celtic Park in the open air on the night of 14th November to try and raise some money for, and highlight the problems of, those who are homeless in and around Glasgow.



    *Bob Rae is a former Canadian politician, he came from a prominent Liberal (pink tory) family and was of the same ilk. That is until he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford, where he studied at Balliol College.



    During his period in Britain he became involved with social work, helping squatters find rental accommodation in London. He attributes the experience with helping him develop a deepened commitment to social justice and, on his return to Canada in 1974 Rae joined the social democratic NDP (as close as you’ll get to a socialist party in NA).



    He became the youngest Federal MP in the House of Commons when he won the seat for the NDP and it was his motion’s passage that toppled the conservative government after only eight months. They never forgave him.



    He resigned from the federal party at the urging of the provincial one and became their leader. At that time the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party (PC) had governed Ontario since 1943 and was widely regarded as unbeatable. Bob was strongly critical of the government’s approach to social issues, and used his acceptance speech to describe the PC Party’s Ontario as “Toryland”, “essentially a country club in which women and people of colour were not welcome”.



    He played a pivotal role in bringing the PC Party’s 42-year dynasty to an end. He signed an accord with the Liberals in which the NDP agreed to support a Liberal government in office for two years. The Liberals, in turn, agreed to implement some policies favoured by the NDP.



    Where am I going with this, if it hadn’t been for his witnessing “cardboard city” we over here would not have been blessed with his humanitarian policies.



    Incidentally, Bob Rae’s paternal grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew who had moved to Glasgow where he met and married Bob’s presbie granny. On deciding to move to Canada, they were advised to revert to the granny’s maiden name as they would have a better chance of succeeding in the waspish province of Ontario.

  10. So much for Celtic Quick News, not lazy journalism.



    For those interested the SMV are still very much in existence.



    The idea for the banner protest took place at a FAC meeting around 6 weeks ago. I know because I was at the meeting.



    In addition to Celtic supporters there were also some Hamilton fans there as they’ve also had an extremely hard time as a result of the OBaF Act.



    A suggestion was proposed that at the Hamilton v Celtic game a joint banner protest involving both sets of supporters take place highlighting the collective objection to the legislation.



    It was hoped that at least one member of FAC could be seated in the main stand so that a banner could be held at either end by opposing supporters but this wasn’t possible.



    In the lead up to the game some Celtic supporters clubs asked FAC if it would be possible to have banners made with the names of their clubs on them and a simple statement about the Act. FAC ordered 16 2ft by 1ft banners. Some identified particular supporters clubs and some displayed the messages FANS NOT CRIMINALS or SUPPORTING YOUR TEAM IS NOT A CRIME.



    In addition other supporters groups indicated that they would make and bring their own to the game.



    The 16 banners ordered by FAC were distributed only to those who ordered them. No one was ‘asked’ to carry or display a banner either inside or outside the ground.



    I hope this provides some background to Sunday’s events.

  11. mullet and co 2 on

    I’m glad Leigh is proving me wrong. I said he wasn’t any better than Tommy Coyne a few weeks back. His two recent headers have been henrikesque. If he adds an ability to not just win headers outside the box but to hold the ball up we have our next 10 million pound export to England.


    Imagine Henrik as the 1 in a 4 3 2 1. Leigh should watch some Henrik videos. That number 10 role still causes me great concern with Commons pushed out wide and Deila quoting young Nesbitt as a replacement. Clearly Armstrong is favoured on the left of 3 when fit and that is square peg stuff.

  12. Philbhoy-Someone at the SFA,will be frantically scratching around Waghorn’s family tree……

  13. LiviBhoy on 7th October 2015 3:07 pm







    Leigh’s off field antics have been well documented and defended at times by myself on here. I think his exploits were in the daft bhoyness camp rather than any badness from the lad



    *some families have a black sheep in them looks like Leigh’s has a black bull.



    BTW you were firmly behind LG from day one, well done.

  14. Hamiltontim


    Now I’m not being smart here, but why do we find out these things after the secret meetings, why wouldent you advertise it for all clubs to bring a banner,? why the seclusion?


    This is the bit I don’t get, and this was passed at a meeting SIX weeks ago? And it was just done at the weekend.?

  15. “So much for Celtic Quick News, not lazy journalism.”







    Only Paul has to live by that tag line.



    We can post any old shoite we like :)





  16. Mullet,



    I think you have hit the nail on the head. The problem with RDs 4231 is in the three. He needs a creative player in the middle of the three. Armstrong could be that player. Neither Commons nor Rogic can play that part. Commons is now too slow to play in the middle creatively. Rogic wants to do it all himself. We might be better with a traditional CF who can hold the ball up for Commons or Rogic, but I doubt thatLG is that player. Not a criticism of him by the way.


    If RD does not see Armstrong in the role, I’d like to see Allan given a shot.


    I do not think that the problems in defencecan be blamed on the system…..it is a “newness” issue.








    Ok,bud. I get that. But read the post from BRT&H at the start of the article.



    The whys and wherefores of for or against the board should take a back seat on this. We should all be kicking up f… about it.



    And if that means having to be on the same side as people you normally disagree with,so be it.



    By deciding that those who were targeted on Sunday are victims of a left-wing conspiracy is just a f…..g joke.

  18. I’ve read a lot of books in my life, fitba ones included, especially about the leather belts. But the 2 best I’ve read were a George Best biography and Derek Dougan’s “the sash he never wore”.



    Re the former, I watched Bestie on the Parkinson show and wisnae impressed by him bumming about is exploits. I read the follow up book and it confirmed to me that he was a J Arthur Ranker full of his own importance.



    Couple of years later and I’m over here and found his book in the local library. It was not the same one and he says right at the start it was an apology for the one he assisted parkie with when fueled with alcohol.



    He talked about a statement that he made when asked what he would be doing if he wisnae a fitba player. His response had been “throwing rocks at Catholics”, he qualified that by saying in the part of Belfast he came from that was what is contemporaries were doing



    He mentions waking up in the back room of a pub he frequented lying on the couch and looking out of the clear part of the window at the top seeing workers on the upstairs of busses, they’re paying my wages he thought, he felt really humble about that.



    As for the Doog, my first memory of him is his asking for a transfer from Blackburn Rovers on the eve of the FA Cup Final. A game in which he played in the losing side.



    Although growing up in a ken dodd family and following both his da and grampa intae the shipyards he despised the bigotry and actually while captain of the black north side took part in an informal match between Brazil and a Shamrock Rovers XI that was actually a covert united Ireland side.



    He had long been a proponent of such a team as a healing gesture, but the match was not sanctioned by the Northern Ireland FA, and soon afterwards he was dropped from the side.

  19. TONYDONNELLY67 on 7TH OCTOBER 2015 3:47 PM







    Now I’m not being smart here, but why do we find out these things after the secret meetings, why wouldent you advertise it for all clubs to bring a banner,? why the seclusion?





    This is the bit I don’t get, and this was passed at a meeting SIX weeks ago? And it was just done at the weekend.?



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/griffiths-understatement-nailing-detractors/comment-page-2/#comment-2693871









    It wasn’t a secret meeting, it was a meeting of FAC. Anyone, regardless of which club they support, can become a member.



    The sole purpose is to oppose the OBaF Act. That’s it Tony, nothing else.



    The reason that the banner protest was kept quiet was because there was concern that if the police were aware of it then they would do their best to prevent banners getting into the stadium.



    I think the video clip indicates that our concerns were justified.



    There was also a concern amongst the Accies supporters that their banners would be stopped by club stewards.



    Again, this was accurate as none of their banners were allowed into the stadium on Sunday.



    Lastly, the reason the protest took place 6 weeks after the idea was suggested was because there were only Celtic and Hamilton supporters at that particular FAC meeting and Sunday was the first time that the two clubs would meet each other since then.





    George was a genius on the park. And AFAIK had no time for sectarianism.



    Even in the really bad times in which he lived.



    My Dad and him-and a few others-shared a belter of a sesh in The Pontiac Silverdome in 79. I’ve got the photie to prove it,arms around each other’s shoulders.



    I was holding him up! It was a great night,he was a great guy.



    His flaws are well documented,but I like to think of the great guy and great player that he was.




    Lovely words, just a joy to read




  22. Bmcw



    Oh. I totally agree with you, we should be going to town on everything related to that bill absolutely.



    But as a group of Celtic supporters worried about the way our young fans are being treated, not tagged by any other group with an agenda, concerned fans first and foremost, everything else on the back burner.


    And they have to be up front, no spin or zig zag.

  23. HT,



    Oh I like a wee haver from time to time but I think you are unfairly adding yersel into that. :))




    I’m having to wait till I get home to watch the aforementioned video so I can’t comment.



    I’m out in the sticks right now. The alphabet has as many G’s as my phone reception right now.





  24. lennon's passion on

    I also wonder, if the boy had produced a share certificate showing that he was a shareholder in Morrisons PLC and asked for a written statement from the manager as to why his custom was not wanted




    That’s priceless seriously can’t believe someone wrote that.

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