Griffiths understatement nailing detractors


I heard Leigh Griffiths was being damned in a Scottish newspaper with a wide-eyed wonder about how many goals Steven Fletcher would score against Hamilton Accies, Ross County and Kilmarnock. Not Fenerbahce, Aberdeen or Malmo, who Leigh has scored four times against in four games, but didn’t rate a mention. Not even his goal against the mighty (cough) St Johnstone was recalled.

Leigh is the great underdog of our time. The Tea Cake Warrior who has reached above this allotted station. Hostile journalists are not alone in dismissing his potential, ask around, there are some in our own ranks.

Yesterday he responded, with wonderful understatement, to Paul Dykes tweet (below), noting the return he’s given compared to some of the more successful strikers we’ve had over the last dozen years of so, with “Not too bad I suppose…”
capture-20151007-115954Goal scoring stats don’t tell you everything. Griffiths, Hooper and McDonald have a better goal return in their first 50 Celtic games than Henrik Larsson, but they are nowhere near the player he was, but if you are paid to be a goal scorer, this is a pretty important measure.

What Larsson did after those 50-or-so games was kick on with impressive style, eclipsing the exploits of Dalglish, and gave a return only McGrory could match. It’s totally unfair to ask Leigh to emulate Larsson, but there are comparisons with the immaculate Swede, Hooper and McDonald he achieve. All of them scored big goals for Celtic in important games.

When given a chance, Leigh has delivered in Europe. He never played for Celtic against Oldco Rangers, but he opened the scoring in an important League Cup semi-final against Newco last season, and he shows none of the complacency one or two on the above list were, on occasion, accused of.

A “bunch of Scots wrinklies” are walking through the Grand Canyon from Friday to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie.  The Hospice costs thousands of pounds each week to carry out the work they do.  Have a look here at what one of the “wrinklies” has to say about it.  You’ll no doubt read more from Weeron inside.

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  1. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    I don’t need your hope – keep it for someone who gives a rats ass



    Captain beef heart



    I would never allow a cop to cross my door unless he has a warrant – which they never have . Trust me that I would never call on their “help “

  2. Dmitri was the first signing for the ole ‘Celtic dream team’ of Kenny Dalglish and John Barnes. After he lived the dream in Paradise, he played 23 games for Hornchurch *and still never scored*




  3. All getting a bit away from Celtic now and we don’t play for another 10 days….


    The attitude of the police in the video and their ham fisted attempts to enforce something they knew little about, entrenched my view of our current police service.


    I don’t like saying that as I know many retired police officers and a couple of serving officers. The retired guys could not wait to get out and the serving officers are counting the days till the pension kicks in. In terms of a police force they are under skilled, overworked, poorly managed and in my eyes a place for career opportunists.


    That’s all I can and will say on the matter but glad this video came to light, the sinister provocation from the female officer was just that, sinister.

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    At least a couple of CQNers are in the Police Force and are both top, top blokes. I don`t know if they have children but if they do, I can imagine how they feel reading such a statement as the one made by TBJ.




  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I have to add that I have met TBJ and he has always seemed a decent enough bloke. His coming out with the most sickening comment I have seen on CQN has genuinely stunned me.




  6. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Calm down jj – were all entitled to our opinions

  7. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bourne, your favourite red head, Miss Hendricks, has has an advert she made for a hair product , banned. The story is in news now.

  8. re: thwe police – in my dealing with them they lie 90 % of the time.. .. deliberating mislay evidence and make up 100% liesd to cover themselves… people who join the police, no matter how nice they were will almost certainly end up that way… very few stay honest.

  9. Paul67



    A great header and a timely reminder of how important a player Leigh has become for us.


    TBH when he signed I thought he would be a squad player , capable of doing a job when required in case of injury etc.


    He has surpassed my wildest dreams.


    The stats u give are exceptional.


    TBH, I shudder to think where we would be this season without him.


    The story about him jumping in his car a while back to drive to Sunderland ( I think) when he wasn’t getting a 1st team game to play a reserve game tells me everything about his character.


    I actually like the facts he supports another team and doesn’t hide it.


    Get the impression though he really likes us.



    HH Leigh

  10. Stairheedrammy on

    I don’t condone violence but aggression breeds further aggression and the aggravation shown by the female polis in the clip warrants some consideration. For someone certainly well trained in avoiding aggression she was doing a good job of winding those boys up. Well done the boys for not rising to her bait. I understand the clip was released in response to the polis making a statement around no banners being confiscated at Hamilton. Liars and thieves?

  11. Good evening friends.



    And a particularly special shout out for my 3 Amigos, The Token Tim, Fleagle1888 and St Stivs – please get yer picks in for Week 2 of Last Man Standing. Smiley smiley, etc

  12. Whenever there is a lull in Celtic on pitch activity CQN goes into looney mode. Who are bombing who in Syria, who is backing who. All I know is that when the West went in to take out Dictators like Saddam or Gadaffi they made things a thousand times worse. The same thing is happening in Syria.


    I am deeply sceptical about the campaign against ISIS by the West but I am equally sceptical about Russia’s motivations, they are probably dropping some bombs on ISIS positions but A lot more on the general anti Assad rebels.


    God help Syria and the Syrian people, Innocent men women & children being blown to pieces on a daily basis. This is a no win situation and an absolute tragedy.

  13. Jungle Jim, Jinky can speak for himself but I have to think he was using poetic licence in his comment. I’m sure he doesn’t really want any particular kid beaten up regardless of what their parents are like.


    It was more of “how would they like it, if someone attacked their kids” but said in an over the top Jinky style manner.

  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    In one game where he was on the bench, I watched Griff at Half-Time and his control was fantastic. I tipped him ( on here) for 30 + goals in his first season with us but after that,I changed my mind and felt he did not quite have what it takes. I am changing my mind again!




  15. Great to see ole DBBIA back on the blog. It’ll take more than a few (hundred) pop ups to beat our own Doc Martin. (DBBIA – I take it you do have AdblockPlus – free download?)



    Oh and BSR’s post from the heart on Page 1 fairly brightened up my lunchtime scroll.

  16. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Sorry I didn`t manage to see you before the Fenerbache game. I have to be in Arbroath on Friday mornings so staying over in Glasgow on the Thursday nights is a no go. That is yet another reason why we really must make the CL Group stages!


    Do you think PL factors that in? 0:-)







    DVK invented the ‘false #1 ‘ position.




    False No.1s are one thing but a false No.2 is altogether a different kind of relief…

  18. Dallas



    It’s hard to keep abreast of all these hair colour changes, but she’d better get it back to red, as far as i’m concerned.Madmen and red hair are the two things that made her famous ☺️ ( I think )

  19. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Hootenanny guide



    trouble-shooter’s guide to alcohol








    Feet cold and wet.


    Glass being held at incorrect angle.


    Rotate glass so that open end points toward ceiling.


    Feet warm and wet.


    Improper bladder control.


    Stand next to nearest dog, complain about house training.


    Drink unusually pale and tasteless.


    Glass empty.


    Get someone to buy you another drink.


    Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights.


    You have fallen over backward.


    Have yourself lashed to bar.


    Mouth contains cigarette butts.


    You have fallen forward.


    See above.


    Alcohol tasteless, front of your shirt is wet.


    Mouth not open, or glass applied to wrong part of face.


    Retire to restroom, practice in mirror.


    Floor blurred


    You are looking through bottom of empty glass.


    Get someone to buy you another drink.


    Floor moving.


    You are being carried out.


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    You have been in a fight.


    Apologize to everyone you see, just in case it was them.


    Don’t recognize anyone, don’t recognize the room you’re in.


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    See if they have free alcohol.


    Your singing sounds distorted.


    The drink is too weak.


    Have more alcohol until your voice improves.


    Don’t remember the words to the song.


    Drink is just right.





  20. Coupla things………….



    (apart from Big Hendricks…..)



    Great to see the Shaman of Shangri-la postin’ – his robust humour a surefire tonic among the odd outbreaks of hunguffery………….



    THAT vidjo however – bear-faced, low brow plod following orders…………….hard to Keep The Faith when you see that rubbish in action – fair play to the composure of the young tim featured,



    In the face of such provocation, I couldn’t have handled that.




  21. I have been a wee bit out of circulation so I have had to catch up on some of the Celtic related stuff..



    In particular the Act and the video of the police action in Morrison’s car park, Hamilton.



    You couldn’t make it up unless you wanted to write fiction for the movies.



    In a silent protest against Police State oppressive behaviour, the Police break the law in silencing that protest.



    I hadn’t seen the video so I had to scroll back a bit to do so.


    A mob handed group of police show up with an apparently generalized remit to take the banners from adults when there has been no complaint, no incident and no crime or public order issue.



    Disrespect, bullying, condescension, intimidation, and blatant lying from the two female police, one of whom is a sergeant.



    One doesn’t even know what is on the banner and has to ask the other woman w”what’s on it?” when she is nearly finished taking the personal details of the young guy.



    It is clear that she is lying about Morrison’s objecting and that there fore everything she says about a civil dispute is just lies to validate the whole episode. If it was a genuine civil dispute the police would NOT remove any property from anyone – that is precisely why they are trained to record some basic details and leave it at that. Purely to note that they attended and took NO action since it was not a criminal matter.



    Maybe he and other Scottish legal experts can explain if anyone stopped by the police in Scotland is obliged to supply personal information just because the police ask for them especially when no crime has been committed and not even suspected by the police?








    I did,mate. Not long replied,with apologies for the delay.



    Sterling work,and grateful thanks. A wee bit to think about.

  23. Evening Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.


    Just listened to an interview with a bloke called Peter Ford, ex Brit ambassador to Syria, I very much doubt you will hear him on the BBC or Sky, he tells it like it really is, the west are hell bent on destroying all the wrong targets, and the west are rather miffed that the Russians are bombing THEIR terrorists.


    It would be funny if it wasn’t so feckin tragic.




    The Teacake Warrior……I like that, nice one Paul :-)

  24. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 7th October 2015 8:38 pm –



    No worries ,thought it may have gone to your spam mail. Guys I spoke to are convinced it’s him. Will try to catch up for a beer at the stadium.

  25. WEET WEET WEET at 8.27 –



    An absolute classic that I’ll be unashamedly stealing and passing off as my own ;-)





    Didnae realise my diary could be so funny,mate!



    Excellent stuff as usual…

  27. Saint Stivs –



    Never mind that, get your Week 2 International Pick in to LMS5!