Griffiths understatement nailing detractors


I heard Leigh Griffiths was being damned in a Scottish newspaper with a wide-eyed wonder about how many goals Steven Fletcher would score against Hamilton Accies, Ross County and Kilmarnock. Not Fenerbahce, Aberdeen or Malmo, who Leigh has scored four times against in four games, but didn’t rate a mention. Not even his goal against the mighty (cough) St Johnstone was recalled.

Leigh is the great underdog of our time. The Tea Cake Warrior who has reached above this allotted station. Hostile journalists are not alone in dismissing his potential, ask around, there are some in our own ranks.

Yesterday he responded, with wonderful understatement, to Paul Dykes tweet (below), noting the return he’s given compared to some of the more successful strikers we’ve had over the last dozen years of so, with “Not too bad I suppose…”
capture-20151007-115954Goal scoring stats don’t tell you everything. Griffiths, Hooper and McDonald have a better goal return in their first 50 Celtic games than Henrik Larsson, but they are nowhere near the player he was, but if you are paid to be a goal scorer, this is a pretty important measure.

What Larsson did after those 50-or-so games was kick on with impressive style, eclipsing the exploits of Dalglish, and gave a return only McGrory could match. It’s totally unfair to ask Leigh to emulate Larsson, but there are comparisons with the immaculate Swede, Hooper and McDonald he achieve. All of them scored big goals for Celtic in important games.

When given a chance, Leigh has delivered in Europe. He never played for Celtic against Oldco Rangers, but he opened the scoring in an important League Cup semi-final against Newco last season, and he shows none of the complacency one or two on the above list were, on occasion, accused of.

A “bunch of Scots wrinklies” are walking through the Grand Canyon from Friday to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie.  The Hospice costs thousands of pounds each week to carry out the work they do.  Have a look here at what one of the “wrinklies” has to say about it.  You’ll no doubt read more from Weeron inside.

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    Certainly seems likely,mate. Again,grateful thanks,and food for thought.



    Your post reminded me to check my spam folders. Oh dear,there’s some strange stuff in there…

  2. I tend to view things simplistically.


    As in any conflict situation, in Syria, there a few if any good guys with guns in their hands or dropping bombs.


    Assad is as big a bastard as Saddam was and those backing him are as big a bastard as we were when we backed Saddam.

  3. Captain Beefheart on




    Assad may well be a bastard but he won’t threaten the Europeans like fascist Islamists will.



    ET, having worse propaganda than Russia is like having worse make up than Boy George. Amazingly, the hopeless yanks/Brits have managed that.



    Thankfully your cave doesn’t seem to be getting the yank transmissions.

  4. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby, I had planned to meet up with you all on Saturday but my wife has put the kibosh on it.



    While you are coming up from Ayrshire, we will be travelling to Ayrshire. My wife has arranged for us to visit her pal in Ayr. Damn , drat and double drat.

  5. Maria Sharapova on

    Что касаетсяя ужина того что вчера сказал strange Captain Beefheart, могу ответить – есть только один парень с которым могу встретится и это most handsome Oldtim67. Могу с ним встретится в любом месте, даже в Blane Valley.

  6. Hamiltontim,



    Very sad to watch that.



    On another note, I met Almore today who gave me the posters etc for Dublin2016, I think they are fantastic.



    Thanks to everyone involved. All on a voluntary basis.



    I will have them on Saturday at the Hootenany.



    Roll on Saturday.




  7. CB


    I can get the septic propaganda, I just turn it off.


    As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle, tho in this instance, it is swings well away from the west’s version of the truth.



  8. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Anybody been to Lourdes ? I’m off next May for a week. Didn’t think I would but I’m looking forward to it – there’s an enormous mass there !

  9. I just wanted to say thanks to Blantyre Kev and North Cyprus Bhoy, and indeed anyone else who has donated to the Hospice appeal Paul so kindly mentioned in the leader.


    My brother when suffering from a terminal brain tumor was looked after in the hospice.


    It provides personal, caring comfort for seriously ill patients from North Lanarkshire, and do so fulfilling the respect for life at every stage which Pope Francis highlighted on his recent visit to the USA.


    The Sisters who run the facility dedicate themselves to alleviating the suffering of the patient and providing comfort to their family.


    Thanks again Paul for highlighting the trek the aging wrinkles are undertaking to raising funds.


    If you missed the link, or want to visit it again it here>>>>>>



  10. St stivs,



    The Griff statts are based on his starts, not total appearances.





  11. Blantyretim


    “Conserning lunch offer and that what strange guy Captain Beefheart said yesterday. My answer is – there is only one guy with who I can meet and he is most handsome Oldtim67. I can meet with him in any place including Blane Valley”



    I mean , it’s what Maria Sharapova said to you Oldtim67, it’s not my offer!!!!.

  12. Henning Berg is out an since yesterday Legia have new coach in Russian guy Stanislav Cherchesov. My friend who works for Legia website called me yesterday and said he would need me for tomorrow , for simultanous translation. Then, something came to my empty head. Cherchesov was the guy who was Spartak Moscow coach in August 2007 when they lost to Celtic after penalties. That was the game! Should I ask him about that game? I don’t think so.

  13. Hamiltontim: Cheers for posting video. The fact that police would target and harass football supporters is disgusting, but hardly surprising.



    The young people in the video conducted themselves excellently. They knew what they were doing, why they were doing it and made sure that they did not react to the provocation in a way that would discredit their protest. Confiscating the banner because it was ‘offensive’ while not arresting any of the young people who claimed ownership of it exposed to all the absurdity of the OBAF act.



    Such harassment is not new. It has been used many times to discourage people from standing up for what is right and just. I was impressed by the young people who combined their love of football with a desire to promote an issue of justice.



    When I was a teenager many young people protested against apartheid, nuclear weapons and for political status for prisoners incarcerated as a result of the ‘Northern’ conflict. We were regularly harassed, arrested and even brought to court on trumped up charges. Nearly everyone I know from those protests have gone on to make very positive contributions in our work places, ourcommunities and continue to promote causes close to our hearts.



    In Ireland at the moment, people who oppose the imposition of water charges are being subjected to similar treatment.



    Best of luck to all in FAC, and other worthy causes, who fight against the odds to achieve justice and equality.



    On a lighter note, best of luck to the Irish football team in the Blatterdome tomorrow night. I’ll be in the ‘singing section’, the most heavily stewarded area of the stadium…….. because fans there dared protest against the FAI’s poor treatment of its own supporters re football matters.

  14. lennon's passion on




    Ha ha Leigh being mis-leading with the stats. Still the most natural striker we’ve had since the king. Better striker than Hopper.

  15. i’vehadtochangemyname


    Been there once, was very surprised by all the Vegas style lights and advertising, but when you blank it out, it’s a very beautiful feeling about the place.



  16. Earlier I posted information which was incorrect.



    I stated that the confiscated banner had the message AXE THE ACT displayed on it.



    In actual the wording was ‘SNPolice Scotland. FoCUS on your Failings Not on Football’



    Apologies for this misinformation.

  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    Great to read your posts. Hope you are well, and my Gdansk grandfather’s country give my country a good game tomorrow.

  18. Anyone have an idea what the ticket criteria will be for Hearts game in League Cup. Celtic website says we are getting half of the Rosevale stand which will equates to between 1500-1800 tickets. Criteria yet to be determined…



    I would imagine it would be based on the five away matches in the league so far and the home match versus Raith possibly being taken into account.

  19. Lp,



    I don’t think it was leigh who compiled the stats and to be fair to the guy who did he never tried to hide it was based on competitive starts only.

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    Totally agree bro. Call the cops! Never in my scheme. Never in my life.


    Hail Hail

  21. glendalystonsils on

    The policewoman in that bannergate clip is like a charicature of the thick,officious, abuser of position which would give the Gestapo a bad name.


    The young lad did well and spoke with far greater intelligence and maturity.

  22. Almore



    Good post sir.






    I’d imagine it will also be based on attendance at most of last season’s away games.





    Ayr will be the better for your presence,mate. You can never get enough Tims in The Shire!