Griffiths understatement nailing detractors


I heard Leigh Griffiths was being damned in a Scottish newspaper with a wide-eyed wonder about how many goals Steven Fletcher would score against Hamilton Accies, Ross County and Kilmarnock. Not Fenerbahce, Aberdeen or Malmo, who Leigh has scored four times against in four games, but didn’t rate a mention. Not even his goal against the mighty (cough) St Johnstone was recalled.

Leigh is the great underdog of our time. The Tea Cake Warrior who has reached above this allotted station. Hostile journalists are not alone in dismissing his potential, ask around, there are some in our own ranks.

Yesterday he responded, with wonderful understatement, to Paul Dykes tweet (below), noting the return he’s given compared to some of the more successful strikers we’ve had over the last dozen years of so, with “Not too bad I suppose…”
capture-20151007-115954Goal scoring stats don’t tell you everything. Griffiths, Hooper and McDonald have a better goal return in their first 50 Celtic games than Henrik Larsson, but they are nowhere near the player he was, but if you are paid to be a goal scorer, this is a pretty important measure.

What Larsson did after those 50-or-so games was kick on with impressive style, eclipsing the exploits of Dalglish, and gave a return only McGrory could match. It’s totally unfair to ask Leigh to emulate Larsson, but there are comparisons with the immaculate Swede, Hooper and McDonald he achieve. All of them scored big goals for Celtic in important games.

When given a chance, Leigh has delivered in Europe. He never played for Celtic against Oldco Rangers, but he opened the scoring in an important League Cup semi-final against Newco last season, and he shows none of the complacency one or two on the above list were, on occasion, accused of.

A “bunch of Scots wrinklies” are walking through the Grand Canyon from Friday to raise funds for St Andrew’s Hospice in Airdrie.  The Hospice costs thousands of pounds each week to carry out the work they do.  Have a look here at what one of the “wrinklies” has to say about it.  You’ll no doubt read more from Weeron inside.

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  1. Thanks HT thought you would be able to help. That update came onto the website yesterday so it seems they are still working out what to do.

  2. Heading Off,



    If anyone would like a Dublin2016 poster, I was thinking of buying envelopes for them individually. They really are fantastic and I would rather give them out so they might get home in one piece.



    If you mail me at dublin2016@mail.com, I will have it for you in an envelope.



    Getting mine framed, it will look brilliant.




  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bobby , thanks for that vote of confidence.



    I would much rather be with the venerable bloggers from Celtic Quick News and catch up with yon Delaney’s Dunky after too long a time since I last saw him.



    It will be a great day out for you all.

  4. TTR



    I’m guessing to be honest but with an allocation of only around 1,500 I think it’ll need to be based on past seasons.

  5. I have now had time to watch the full video.


    The police officers involved should be ashamed.


    The SNP government should be ashamed.


    Harassment of kids going to the football because they have a banner protesting against a law that aims to criminalise them.



    Disgraceful law, disgraceful behaviour.


    Well done to the kids involved, you ran rings around them.


    And kept your cool.



  6. Blantyretim.



    I’ll be in the Blane Valley on Saturday Maybe with Maria,maybe not depends if Zbyszek brings her, His russian is very good, as I used Translator and that is exactly the same answer that the translator gave.



    That wee movie about the banner was interesting,More interested in what the store security said than what the nazi’s said,what the store security said “your not welcome in the store”I took that to mean Celtic people ain’t welcome,so I’ll never go into a Morrison Store again.

  7. HT



    I think Aberdeen was around 1500 so i would imagine it would be based on this season. Those who have been to the 5 should be safe. I’ve been to 4 out of 5 so think my chances are 50/50.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    It saddens me to tell you I have never been in Poland. That will change soon. :)

  9. What is the Stars on

    Police forces the world over tend to have the same characteristics,


    The power vested in them by their badge or uniform often goes to their head. Combine that with the fact that they tend to see humanity at its worst on a regular basis ( drunken brawls, assaults, rapes etc) and the” circle the wagons” attitude when they are accused of wrong doing leads to a situation where lazy cowardly bullies are accepted and tolerated within the force.


    Sometimes their actions are puzzling but often these are the result of political interference.


    In Dublin in 1980s we had a huge heroin problem. Dealers sold their wares openly in doorways and alleys in the environs of O ‘ Connell Street. The police meanwhile were arresting and prosecuting street traders who sold fruit and vegetables and cheap jewellery etc from makeshift trading stalls on the same stretch of street. I have seen with my own eyes idiot cops walk by heroin dealers to arrest old women selling bananas ( probably without a licence)


    Hard to have respect for them when they get up to that sh**e.

  10. Just logged on to cqn after a we while to be confronted by banner gate.



    I watched the videos and sighed.



    This is all the result of our lack of care. Our lack of questioning.



    Even now to td67, the resident village idiot of cqn, decries the questioning. It’s all their own full he says in an act of oblivious stupidity which I am afraid is the future of Scotland.



    The SNP and their attack dogs called police Scotland are doing all this for your own good you know. You Irish immigrants and descendants off scotland hates. Boring on every other immigrant (well at least publicly) but not “us”.



    I watched that video. It reminded me of how stupid police officers are but. How much at least alleged power they have.



    If the SNP were left wing they would be appalled. But they aren’t. They r are a facist regime. They believe the. Populace are stupid and need controlled and that is what they are doing.



    Scotland. Is institutionally racist. It’s a cesspit. And it’s getting worse.



    Yet some of you want independence. Perhaps is masochistic fanaticism? But guys if you want that go and buy it. Don’t drag the rest. Of us into it.



    This will only worsen. Celtic won’t defend you. The judiciary are trying to hold back the tide.



    A,aging that Scotland has come to this.

  11. .






    I’m taking My Daughter and a Gaggle of Post Grad Shelias to Glasgow tomorrow Avro for Food then to watch the Scotland match..



    Anyone Recomend a Decent Pub where to watch the Game that would serve Food as Well ..



    Thanks in Advance..




  12. BMCUWP,s



    Will I put you and your dad down for one each?



    I have about 100, and smaller sized leaflets etc.



    To be honest, they look class and were produced by a very well known Graphic Desingner in Dublin, for no cost. That was all thanks to Almore and another poster.




  13. Sorry. One more thing.



    Our. Collective silence on all of this.



    Makes us part of it.



    Part of our own demise and a willing victim of racism.



    Scotland is rancid. Racist. Bigoted. And continues to blame it’s victim.








    Mine will look just peachy beside my Lions mural.



    My hun housemate thanks you in advance,he’s probably changing the locks this very minute,haha!!!!

  15. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Old TIm



    Don’t you have shares in Morrison; )



    Mr Z



    I’m heading to Warsaw on 22nd December and staying until 2nd January

  16. TTR



    Pittodrie was 2,000 I think. Hope I’m wrong but 4 out of 5 this season won’t be enough I suspect.

  17. BMCUWPs,



    Ok, I think your dad will love the poster.



    I will put two in your envelope, so that your mate get’s one too.



    See you Saturday,




  18. TheboyJinky.



    No. the only shares I’ve got are in Celtic.



    You’ll enjoy Warsaw,Plenty church’s I believe,


    I was Taken into three the first day by BT but called a halt at the 4th.

  19. TBJ


    Paul has my email address and tel. number. If there is something I can do, please don’t hesitate to contact with me.

  20. NA2


    You takes your pick.


    Fascism under the torys, or the nats, either way the average scotsman is ruled by fascists.


    Now if the good people of scotland had voted for indy, they could have changed the fascist nats at the next election to a left wing socalist government had they they balls to go through with it, but sadly they didn’t.


    You as I recall were as rabid as the nats on here, advocating that a no vote was the answer, bed and sleeping in it springs to mind.


    And I am not a nat, far from it.



  21. TET,



    If you e mail your address in Spain, I will post you our 1916 poster.



    I think you will love it.




  22. NA2



    See that collective silence.



    When you gonny lead from the front with a voice of protest in public ?



    While wearing a Celtic tap, some rosary beads and singing the roll of honour ? Try George square.



    In this bigoted sectarian society you will get thirty years.



    Or maybe you won’t even get lifted. Cos your not on the way to a fitba match.



    You have an amazing capacity to take a real issue , and turn it into a fantasy of fascists everywhere.



    Its plain daft.

  23. Hunderbirds are gone.



    You’re welcome, mate. No sacrifice for me to post about the death of Rangers or the shit storm the tribute act are about to enter soon, hopefully.



    I was only kiddin’ about you not replying, I was a bit hyper on here yesterday so stayed out the way today, till now at least.

  24. Open question.



    Does anyone know any nationalists here, and think, Jesse oh, these guys are really fascist ?

  25. Saint Stivs on 7th October 2015 11:38 pm…………………Try telling them you need your own currency, oil price needs to be high and you want to ditch the Monarchy



    See how that works?

  26. Clogher


    I would love one, it will take pride of place in my Republican room.


    I can’t find your e mail addy, my filing system is scrambled like my head.


    Mail me again and I will get back to you.



  27. Aye but to quote a great thinker



    Who are these people ?




    And what’s the oil price got to do with arresting Celtic supporters ?

  28. .



    Is Canamalar the Captain of the Dolphin Team..Or should that be Captain of the Smiddy team..;-)



    Celtic & Rangers Fans to Face Off on Pitch Where First Ever Auld Enemy Match Was Held in 1872



    With Rangers flying high in the Scottish Championship and Celtic beginning to get in to their groove in the Premiership it won’t be long before regular Old Firm fixtures are back on the footballing calendar.



    Despite being divisions apart for the last three seasons the rivalry has remained and the green side of Glasgow took home the bragging rights when the pair met for the first time in just under three years in a League Cup game back in February which finished 2-0.



    However, there may be no repeat of the fixture this term with Mark Warburton’s men out of the League Cup after a 3-1 defeat at the hands of St Johnstone although fans will be praying the two names are pulled out of the hat in the later rounds of the Scottish Cup.



    Until that moment occurs, an Old Firm derby will take place this Sunday in the West End of Glasgow with rival fans facing each other on the pitch that held the first ever Scotland v England game.



    The “Partick People” Charity Football Match sees Celtic fans from the Smiddy Bar and Dolphin Bar take on Rangers fans from the Rosevale Bar at the West of Scotland Cricket Club – a ground which played host to the original Auld Enemy tie.



    Scotland and England faced off in the first ever international assosciation football match back in November 1872 and played out a 0-0 draw in a match watched by 4,000 spectators.




    ‘Hamilton Crescent’ played host to the first ever international association football match



    Sunday’s tie may not entertain such a crowd, however, organisers of the event can’t wait for a great day with both pretty confident that they will be taking home the trophy.



    Paul MacArthur, of the Smiddy bar, said:



    Despite the long established Old Firm rivalry this will be a great chance for all three pubs to contribute to some great causes. Contrary to what many people think, most of the people who will line up in the green and blue have been friends for many years and have grown up together. This match will show that Partick is a great place with great people, however, The Smiddy will be bouncing in celebration come Sunday night.


    Robert McGuire, representing the Rosevale, added:



    This will be a fun day and a great chance for the people of Partick to come together, whatever team they support. The trophy will, however, be coming back to the Rosie on Sunday afternoon.




  29. Watching the food bank in dundee programme.



    That’s the UK governments real shame, the stories are terrible.

  30. Dolphin bar splitters. Old firmist.



    Then again it could be advertised as a Halloween special



    Humans v zombies

  31. BSR



    Could only have been ‘briller’ with a camera on the journo’s face, as he realised his folly!