Griffiths value outweighs the baggage


While there was plenty to cheer on Sunday, the sight of Leigh Griffiths, stripped and sitting in the stand was among the most encouraging.  Leigh’s contribution to winning the league last season, when his return to action after the winter break coincided with Celtic’s return to form, should not be overstated.

When all seemed lost for him on the news that he was not in good enough condition to travel with the squad to France in July, we discussed how it was foolish to write him off.  Leigh is one of the most natural goal scorers we have seen at Celtic this century.  He has natural pace, confidence and an attitude that will not easily be subverted.

At 30 and with a payload of baggage, it is unlikely he will illicit an attractive move, either for him or for the club, so I suspect (hope) he will be around to play his part this season.  That could start as early as Thursday, if we need a goal late in the game.

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    Really enjoying the Blog today.








    Enjoyed your posts last night. I don’t know if you have a source who gives you information about what is happening/ has happened inside Celtic Park and the machinations that have gone on between PL, DD, BR, MON, NL etc or if you hear, read snippets of information from a variety of sources and link them to events that have occurred and draw your own conclusions but I always read your posts. I don’t take them as sacrosanct but they are always worth a read and provide food for thought.

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  3. SCULLYBHOY- the Club should step in and make the game available to Celtic TV subscribers, and to VST Holders

  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    If hes fit enough to be on the bench now I would give Griff game time either way on Thursday, especially with Ajeti injured, whether it be because the tie is won or (hopefully not) we need a goal, I’d get him some game time.



    We are much better with two centre forwards playing and having McGregor, Ntcham and Christie starting is overkill.




  5. Love the Griff and when firing on all cylinders an absolute joy to behold.



    Hope to see him soon, Ajeti back from injury and Eddie with us post-window.



    Blow the bloody doors off csc

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Agree wholeheartedly with this.



    By far the hardest thing to do in the game is stick the lump of leather in the pokey.



    The wee gallus guy does that (even if he can’t read a chart or measure his calories as effectively as others).



    His 40 goals a season days are likely in the past.



    Chipping in a dozen or so goals as part of a forwards group which also includes Ajeti, Edouard and Klimala would be a significant contribution.



    Hail hail



    Keep The

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:25 PM


    No more charges to be brought, re Bloody Sunday





    An absolute effin disgrace.

  8. “Parkhead” is used to describe Celtic Park, so the word Celtic is not overused, and given continual prominence.



    In the late 50’s and early 60’s it was The Rangers that was used in the press at the time, strange they don’t use that now, wonder why?? :)).



    It’s much the same as Rangers new signing jetting in, were as Celtic’s was coming up the road or arriving.



    Does the Scotland National Team or are Cup Finals held in a stadium called Mount Florida?



    Celtic Park, is situated in Parkhead, Glasgow.



    Remember too Walter of no surname, and Mr Struth, never Bill Struth, or it was Boris and Corbyn never Johnson and Jeremy, small details but very relevant in the bigger picture as to how people perceive things.



    If you use Parkhead to describe Celtic Park, you’re not some big bad person, or less a fan, but you have totally fallen for the way they want you to think, por cierto.

  9. Leigh is far and away the best natural striker we’ve had since Henrik, and his work rate is not far behind that of the super Swede either, por cierto

  10. 13 people murdered in cold blood, the more things change in colonial Britain, the more they stay the same, let’s hear it for the Union! por cierto

  11. TOSB 12.10.



    disagree my friend.a havering yomp of unsubstantiated guff bordering on libel.


    but if its your bag so be it my friend.




  12. As usual,the Record finding quotes from our opponents for our European ties,usually bumming them up.Not so it seems with Der Hun.They have found some Gala fans website where they are “Dreading this game.Terrified of this great Hun team.We have no chances etc,etc.


    Yes,they are like that Turkish fans,not fanatical about their team at all.Towel chuckers every one of them.


    Ur they,Aye.

  13. The Onlooker on 29th September 2020 11:29 am




    Back in the 70’s , i thought the ground was was called Parkead. I think I learned that it was ‘Celtic Park’ from the football magazine SHOOT , ( they used to have a team profile every week)





    Even though i had this new information i continued to call it Parkhead as i thought calling it Celtic Park was a tautology.







    When Fergus arrived and always referred to our ground as ‘Celtic Park’, i thought it a tautology. Tommy Burns always referred to us as ‘Celtic Football Club’, at the time I confess I thought both a little quirky , and unnecessary.







    I rarely refer to Rangers by name, Forces of Darkness, Devils Spawn, Oldco, DeadCo, Newco, etc.





    I realised that many Huns also avoid using the word Celtic. I noticed that this extended to the media. ( The ones who always say Rangers and Celtic- never Celtic and Rangers – who generalise a question about Celtic into an answer about the ‘Old Firm’ even though the question was about us)









    Fergus used Celtic Park always with interviewers, make them say the word, make them write it down, make them use it at every opportunity.





    I noticed that Huns in work were slightly irritated .





    It was then that got fully on board with Fergus I have used Celtic Park since.







    When i hear Celtic fans say… ” it’ll always be Parkhead ” it doesn’t annoy me so much as it used to. However I always remind them that if for no other reason than winding up Huns , at least use it when in their company.







    We have many Celtic songs which refer to Glasgow Celtic, they are great songs , but they annoy me a little. We are not just one of the many Celtic football teams in world football.





    We are Celtic.





    We do not need to clarify ,who we are, by saying Glasgow Celtic.







    There are many Open Golf Championships around the world.





    The US Open, Irish Open, Scottish Open, etc.





    The R&A never , ever, refer to the British Open…..





    It is always





    “The Open Championship”







    We are the first ,the original,







    Celtic Football Club ( I hear you now Tommy )







    We are Celtic.







    Other point….





    Naming rights should never be sold.





    I see posters saying things like





    ” let’s take the money , I’ll always call it Celtic Park ( or Parkhead)”







    We also choose stadium names that we would like.





    The Adidas Celtic Park





    The Guinness Stadium etc.







    Look at Livingston Almondvale Stadium has previously benn called





    City Stadium ( City Group sponsorship)





    West Lothian Courier Stadium





    Tony Macaroni Stadium







    Think of the worst sponsorship association you imagine , and imagine that name stuck as a Prefix to Celtic.





    Some things should not be for sale , at any price.





    The Celtic jersey should never have been sullied by sponsorship …at any price.







    The Onlooker


    THE ONLOOKER Thank you for this post , it says it all for me :)

  14. The only illicit move he’d get would be to a non-compliant team. Like them, frinstance.


    I dont expect this will elicit a positive response.


    Seems LB Gutman (and McKenzie) continue to impress Stateside – the player who couldnt play indeed.


    I’m more enamoured w Turnbull atm than LG. Consequently would drive Olli to WBA or Soton if the money was right.


    Our futures youthful and so bright we gotta wear shades. HH

  15. Obviously,this talk about Cambell of Motherwell,is just hearsay,because myself ,personally,have seen very little of the guy,including,Sunday.Be very surprised if those touting him as Broonys replacement,have watched him more.You do realise just how good Broony has been for us,right?Some of the names mentioned as “Replacements”are nothing more than insulting.Ferguson,Cambell,etc.Decent players,no more.


    When Broony does hang up his boots,he will never be “Replaced”.We will adapt,and adjust.Legends are irreplaceable,and certainly not by some of the tradesmen mentioned.

  16. AN TEARMANN on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:46 PM


    TOSB 12.10.




    disagree my friend.a havering yomp of unsubstantiated guff bordering on libel.



    but if its your bag so be it my friend.









    Don’t hold back AT, say what’s on your mind, my friend 🤣



    I know MadMitch is not everyone’s cup of tea but I do enjoy his posts. I think what I enjoy is the absolute certainty with which he posts his opinions. He is unencumbered by doubts. He stopped posting for a while and I remember asking on here what had happened to him. I’m happy that he’s returned as I’ve been glad to see the return of other absentee posters. Like I say, I don’t take what MadMitch says as gospel but I like his style. I also enjoy when he posts his ideas on the renewal of the South Stand, Barrowfield Training complex etc. He articulates ideas which I wouldn’t have thought of and provides back of a fag packet costing and potential generated for these ventures. I take exception when he says that Wee Jamesie (one of my favourite players) is “phoning it in”.



    Chacun a son gout csc 😄

  17. Leigh Griffiths has scored 84 goals in 151 appearances for Celtic why people don’t appreciate him I don’t know , why they get over excited by new players who promise to be great and dismiss someone like Griff who has done it time and time again is just baffling ;)



    Leigh Griffiths has scored 84 goals in 151 appearances for Celtic why people don’t appreciate him I don’t know , why they get over excited by new players who promise to be great and dismiss someone like Griff who has done it time and time again is just baffling ;)






    Surely no one dismisses Griff’s ability as a brilliant goal scorer. Some posters are right to believe that he is unreliable and he’s not available when we need him most because of some of the chaos in his life. As far as I’m concerned, I want him to stay at Celtic as long as possible because when he bangs in those goals I forget what he has done beforehand to annoy and anger me.

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