Griffiths value outweighs the baggage


While there was plenty to cheer on Sunday, the sight of Leigh Griffiths, stripped and sitting in the stand was among the most encouraging.  Leigh’s contribution to winning the league last season, when his return to action after the winter break coincided with Celtic’s return to form, should not be overstated.

When all seemed lost for him on the news that he was not in good enough condition to travel with the squad to France in July, we discussed how it was foolish to write him off.  Leigh is one of the most natural goal scorers we have seen at Celtic this century.  He has natural pace, confidence and an attitude that will not easily be subverted.

At 30 and with a payload of baggage, it is unlikely he will illicit an attractive move, either for him or for the club, so I suspect (hope) he will be around to play his part this season.  That could start as early as Thursday, if we need a goal late in the game.

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  1. It’s great that the game is now available on the VST. I’m sure if we win on Thursday then there’ll be a three (or individual) game package for the home group games. Can’t see them being available on the VST.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:53 PM


    POR CIERTO on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 4:03 PM



    Why quote Blair rather than Corbyn?



    Corbyn has had plenty to say about Bloody Sunday over the decades.





    Any insights into any policy that was adopted by a)noo labour b) Labour when jeremy was in charge? i agree jeremy was consistent in his utterances re ireland.


    he was a leper under the fettes boy!


    shunned and shat on by rupert and meejah so ably fondled by the chap who ended your party.sad insight offered at all

  3. If there’s anything worse than a political debate, it’s a political debate that uses Ireland as a bloody football to score points.

  4. Lazy D


    I had a quick read of Willie Millar`s article.


    The way I read the article, he was not predicting the Dons to finish above us.

  5. ZIGGYDOC1 on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:41 PM



    I hear you. Over here in US we tend not to get Euro games live and have to wait for the replay that night. Hoping that changes due to eh, 2020 stuff!




  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Mcphailbhoy from earlier. Cheers



    Poorly structured point by me.



    Point taken.






    To clarify – according to Leigh’s stats on Wikipedia he has played 49 matches in last two years.



    I don’t have Calum McGregor’s to hand but I’d guess he’s played at least 110 games in the same period ?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  7. ZIGGYDOC1 –


    If we do qualify for the group stages, any possibility of Celtic ‘selling’ the game is bound to be affected by whoever has the rights to cover the games on TV? So if it’s BT or Sky, I’m sure that for the money they’ll be ploughing in they wouldn’t want individual clubs offering the game but would prefer that customers pay BT/Sky for that. But you never know. I don’t think Celtic would do it for free. But maybe something like £25 to get a ‘European’ code to see the 3 home games might be attractive to many.


    Anyway, we’re not there yet!!!

  8. 55, 59. 50 plus 18 for scotland



    that is callums 3 last season games. I am sure i read somewhere last season, that Callum had the most minutes on the pitch il all of europe at that point in time

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    i may not be the most intelligent person in the world



    im only about 4th or 5th



    but i think Ernie is wasting his time on here – unless he is just on to abuse snp voters which he might well be



    but assuming he isnt…



    so england is a fundamentally right wing tory country with the odd labour government voted in now and again



    so while we in scotland are landed with those tory governments then there will be a strong snp support here for independence so we dont have to put up with it



    so what might reduce the snp’s support up here is the prospect of a labour government in westminster



    therefore what he should be doing is going on the various fans forums down south and abusing those who vote tory



    his legendary powers of persuasion will rocket the labour party’s support down south and the prospect of a labour government will likely also shift voting habits up here



    and i apologise if he is already on Chelsea Quick News and Gillingham Quick News etc abusing all the tories down there



    though i suspect he isnt

  10. JVR


    That trip to Amsterdam on Glasgow University CSC in 1982, was a very memorable experience for 17 year old me.


    Tiny Tim


    Your memory is playing tricks. The first time I met you, was in Amsterdam on this day in 1982. We were dodging the bricks and bottles that the Ajax scum fans were pelting us with.


    “When it’s Spring again, we’ll sing again.


    2-1 in Amsterdam.”

  11. Back to Basics



    Yes you’re correct of course Calum’s stats are absolutely incredible. I know Leigh has had mental health problems and that meant that he really wasn’t up to play which is 100% correct. I don’t really remember Leigh having any lengthly injuries which led to him not playing, was he also not played much because of firstly Dembele and French Eddy anyone know?

  12. Saint Stivs


    My sister used to be annoyed that there was a boy’s gate at Celtic Park, but no girl’s gate.


    It hasn’t stopped her from being a season ticket holder in our Main Stand for years now.



    Saint Stivs





    The guy in front of guitar man, wearing cap and specs, looks like Matt McGinn.



    GUY in front of him looks like JIM BAXTER

  14. Griffiths value outweighs the baggage? his unprofessionalism in a season of this magnitude is off the charts. He may be the reason we didn’t qualify for the champs league – what message is her sending to the younger players and foreigners coming to the club.



    Time will tell if he can redeem himself this season – I hope he does, I think he is a great player when fit but we need to forget about his history with the club and focus only on what he can do now and going forward. Any player not in the right physical or mental shape at the moment is baggage!





    I wasn’t – but I do vividly recall listening to it on the tranny in my darkened bedroom. The most unbelievable excitement and drama ever witnessed by my teenage laddie’s bedroom (unfortunately) ;-))




    As I remember it was 2-2 in Glasgow. Cruyff equalised late on making it 1-1 in Amsterdam. When subbed, he chose the long way round to the dressing room to enjoy the ‘Johann! Johann!’ chants. But before he reached sanctuary George scored the winner. What a night for Celtic. What a night for sound radio.



    That was a very good Celtic team. Should have done better.

  16. WEE BOBBY COLLINS ,You wouldn’t happen to know a Guy called George Ward ,Sammy Lamont ,Tam White ,they all came from Brigton ,but drank in the Vicky,George worked in the Gas Board in Old Dalmarnock Road for years,don’t know we’re Tam and Sammy worked,wee all grew up and drank together many years ago in Brigton.

  17. POR CIERTO on 29TH SEPTEMBER 2020 3:19 PM


    Please For Sure. Your stuff on Celtic is usually good but when you stray into SNP stuff, it all gets just a bit silly.


    I noted what happened in Ireland from 1968 on. Not once did any SNP person of note condemn what the army did there. Not Salmond. Not Ewing. Not McAskill and certainly not Woolf (‘We should support the Protestant British troops against the Catholic Argentines.) And not Sturgeon.


    Tim Pat Coogan gave a detailed account of the sack of the Falls Road. In his narrative he states categorically that Scottish troops were specially chosen to ransack homes and smash up religious statues. No doubt some of them are now your SNP friends.

  18. Timbhoy2…no sir! The Vicky I refer to was not in Brigton but in Rutherglen. Sorry, can’t help with the names.

  19. St Stivs



    BTW from the elegance and comfort of your front room/window you will see an almost full moon tonight (clear as a bell in south East Kilbride) which will become, on the 1st October, this year’s Harvest Moon! Here’s hoping for a clear sky for you on Thursday night.

  20. Fritsong


    Cruyff never scored in Amsterdam. Big Sinky never let him out his pocket all night. Best man marking job I have ever witnessed at a game. Graeme Sinclair had the game of his life. Met him a few years ago, and told him that. He agreed with me. 😊💚🍀

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