Griffiths value outweighs the baggage


While there was plenty to cheer on Sunday, the sight of Leigh Griffiths, stripped and sitting in the stand was among the most encouraging.  Leigh’s contribution to winning the league last season, when his return to action after the winter break coincided with Celtic’s return to form, should not be overstated.

When all seemed lost for him on the news that he was not in good enough condition to travel with the squad to France in July, we discussed how it was foolish to write him off.  Leigh is one of the most natural goal scorers we have seen at Celtic this century.  He has natural pace, confidence and an attitude that will not easily be subverted.

At 30 and with a payload of baggage, it is unlikely he will illicit an attractive move, either for him or for the club, so I suspect (hope) he will be around to play his part this season.  That could start as early as Thursday, if we need a goal late in the game.

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  1. AIPPLE; I also fancied the US as a young ‘un (mix of relatives there + cultural brainwashing for me) and thought it’d be Florida or Wash State, but I ended up downunder, which offers similar aspirational lifestyle without the insane gun culture.


    The only other person I know who experienced the ‘hold-ups’ you describe was a Sth African lady from Jo’burg.


    Stay safe; let’s hope Joe doesnt have too many senior moments.

  2. I’ll tell you something An, there were precious few British political voices raised or heard in defence of, for example, the Guildford Four or the Birmingham Six but all of them were Labour. And none of them, repeat none, were SNP. The tortured logic which contrived to equate the squalid politics of 2021 with 1916 is beyond contempt.




    Me he has done that since i first got knowledge of him.whoever gets it in at US


    elections they are just to remote now from the electorate.i hope that gap closes,dont see it and i fear a 2nd victory for him






    Enjoy the you say the last few weeks have been great.get a good planosphere


    on your phone.😊 :-)



    night cqn.



    fluke oh yeah






  4. lets all do the huddle on

    The tortured logic which contrived to equate the squalid politics of 2021 with 1916 is beyond contempt.





    and equating the politics of the 70s with 2020 is also nonsense

  5. Let’s All Do The Huddle


    Shameful propaganda Unionist politics that bloke Ernie spouts on here. If Labour Party think like him? The best support for Scottish Independence on here. Sir Starmer the Tory kiddie oany Labour leader, and he buys it.


    The Great Political Swindle!

  6. Aipple,



    You would be better sitting down and watching a good movie. I can’t imagine there will be any debate, hard to debate with a habitual liar.



    I will catch the ‘highlights’ on Twitter later

  7. fritz


    i could take back to 17th century families askin thir ‘kizzins’ for handers.the scot under the union have always been the bootboys of the empire esp in ireland


    from planters to black and tan and up to today running handlers in the unquiet graves murders.


    yet you,even with your own scepticsism in todays ‘squalid’ politics berth in this union,alas,it is the source of power your party craves.forgive me if i see through such schizophrenia,its rife in all politics.



    apologies for delay in reply hour long call


    and 6.rise means some rest



  8. Good morning all from a rather wet Garngad



    Stroll on Manana to we get to see The Famous.⚽️🏆🍀



    What about that tadger Boris’s presser..Hunbeilavable



    The cnut does not even know his own rules. An absoloute shambles.



    From way back in November- December 2019 this Government have dealt with this pandemic pathetically. Bordering on criminal.


    We are 11 months into this and they have blundered from 1 disaster to another. To not have testing right is a feckin disaster and as I say criminal.



    Anyway have a nice day yall.



    D :)





    There’s nothing shameful in pointing out that Scottish nationalism is a reactionary ideology and that Scottish nationalists have never been friends of either Irish Republicanism or the Irish Catholic population in Scotland.

  10. AN TEARMANN on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:00 Afritz



    ‘the scot under the union have always been the bootboys of the empire esp in ireland’







    ‘A big boy made me do it’???



    The Scots were active and enthusiastic participants in building the British empire. The idea that they were coerced into doing the dirty work of the English is revisionism of the most moronic kind.

  11. This pandemic and the resulting restrictions have brought home just how much we take for granted….not being able to go to CELTIC PARK to watch the bhoys in the company of family and friends is one of the things I’m missing most.I realise a lot worse is happening worldwide but it’s the things that are important to each individual that you miss most.Watching on TV just isnt the same.

  12. Good morning Ernie I think A.T was saying that Scots in the British Army were eager participants in the scandalous treatment of nationalists in the North of Ireland…that’s what I gathered anyway.

  13. Morning all, happy to see that ST holders will get to see the game tomorrow via the VST. It’s the least they deserve, and a little disappointed that it’s taken this long for Celtic to come to this decision. Also a little disappointed that The Club aren’t able to offer it as a PPV event for others. The money they could have generated from doing this might have been enough to pay the ‘leccy bill for big Pete’s driveway over the winter.


    I get that ST Holders should be afforded privileges that others don’t have access to, but there are many that can’t be season ticket holders for a variety of reasons. I would have bought a ST this season, after many years of not having one because it just wasn’t practical to have one, but even if I’d wanted one….I couldn’t have bought one, because of the waiting list.


    I can’t get to CP for every home game ( midweek games being particularly difficult ), and because of the variety of kick-off times at weekends, that’s often a no-no as well, due to other committments. I do get down to Glasgow whenever I can though, and am more than happy to buy tickets through the Club. I also subscribe to Celtic TV, and have done for a number of years now, it being the only sure way to access Celtic games whilst living abroad and travelling a lot with work. Happy to say that isn’t the case any more, as my job has changed, and I no longer travel outside of UK, but still paying £15 a month for the TV service, even though there are very few live games available in the UK.


    It would be nice to see Celtic acknowledge that there are thousands of others outside of the ST holders, and that sometimes they deserve a little respect too.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    It’s the least they deserve, and a little disappointed that it’s taken this long for Celtic to come to this decision





    they couldnt have done it any sooner, they didnt hold the broadcast rights to the game

  15. `The Scots were active and enthusiastic participants in building the British empire.` ernie lynch.



    Which `Scots` would that be? The butchers, bakers and candle-stick makers or the small number in power who, I presume, would put being `Scots` way down in their list of priorities.



    PS That does not mean I disagree with your main point, ` a big boy etc`.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    The idea that they were coerced into doing the dirty work of the English is revisionism of the most moronic kind.




    and ernie doing what he does best and that is abusing folk



    even his decent points – and that is one if them – always have a personal abusive dig in them



    his head must be a hateful place

  17. You really do despair about people at times just sat down on a train and some ar##hole has left their “used” chewing gum on the table scum behaviour at the best of times but during a pandemic is idiotic.

  18. They could have ‘worked a little harder’ with Premier Sports to come to some arrangement, if they’d been of a mind to. Premier Sports have been leeching money out of Celtic fans wallets for a number of years now, and their decision not to show tomorrow nights game, after luring many into another subscription with the hope of getting to see last weeks game, and this weeks, just another example of this


    I’d be quite happy not to pay money into any of the Sports channels, but give it directly to the club instead. C’est la vie.

  19. I see Celtic are being linked with Sessegnon of Spurs he was real hot property whilst a Fulham but seems to have stalled somewhat at Spurs.Him on one flank and Frimpong on the other does sound good but various other clubs interested which would probably scupper any deal…assuming our interest was real.

  20. HOT SMOKED on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2020 8:47 AM



    It would apply to all those who played a part in developing and expanding the empire, either in a military or commercial way. Like Robert Burns for instance who, as we all know, was at one point on his way to being a manager of a slave plantation.

  21. Bateen bhoy…I think that PPV would be most people’s favourite way of watching Celtic with the club directly benefiting but their are tied by who owns the rights be it Sky or maybe in this case EUFA and FC Sarajevo as it’s their home tie.




    Describing a point as moronic is not abusive.



    Describing a person as moronic, might be, even if true.



    There’s a difference and I’d be happy to explain it to you if necessary.

  23. Bateen Bhoy on 30th September 2020 8:54 am






    Agree 100% with you on that.

  24. hand of god – one is dissenting the use of the scot not only in the north but all over haa always been so.anywhere the union touched generally meant dearh at the behest of the union.



    unionist lynch


    Typical unionist behaviour.


    assume a behaviour and base your shiteswipe on it then repeat error to death


    with no insight offered into your own .





    – calling your party “new” cult of tony


    – socialists nationalizing bank debt.


    -orivate finance initiative explain


    -sticking to predecessor monetarist policies


    -blows genie out bottle in mid east


    -intentionally vague/eunuch as the forces of capital gave us brexit


    -ruperts right hand man


    – “we are all middle class now”



    any insights into the above?



    This member of the working class is telling your red marketing wing to do one.i will vote for an honest and principled socialist party



    if anyone wishes to vote for them,your choice await your is sure to come as night


    follws day


    good day to you

  25. A few days left of the transfer window ,



    Need a left back



    Need a back up to Frimpong on right wing Paddy Roberts ?

  26. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Roll on 7pm tomorrow.



    David66 – I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again ….



    Your morning weather reports from the Garngad always bring a smile to my face.



    Likewise with Jobo B’s from EK … but JB has possibly been having a lie in recently?






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  27. Good morning from a wet North Staffs – was planning to go to the caravan in Talacre but the latest local lockdown in Wales has put the block on that. Wonder if the Welsh government will po at my site fees till the block is lifted. Meanwhile my daughter and family are on their way to Harris tomorrow for a week.


    If only we were a united kingdom with the same rules 🤭

  28. Patrick Roberts – now he is invisible. He’s even disappeared from Middlesbrough – could be injured I suppose



    Dont think it works like that at the moment.When a player gets injured,club go out and buy a back up player.How much would we have to spend?.An average squad filler is the last thing we would need.Would Paddy come to sit on the bench?Anyway,at the moment we have a guy who could step in,young Dembele.If we never play them,how will we know if they can do the job.Sessegnon would be a great piece of business.

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