Gue-Sung Cho and the familiar waiting game


After a series of low-budget transfers that were completed before the window opened, Celtic are in the market for a striker who is in demand across the continents.  The crucial lack of a release clause allows Gue-Sung Cho’s employer, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, to wait deep into the month before they decide to if they will sell their World Cup star.  It would be a mistake to assume our run of quickly concluded and low-cost transfers would be the way from now on, those in demand will always take time.

While a buyer has to agree a deal with the selling club first, deals like these are often determined by where the player wants to play as much by who offers the highest transfer fee.  If Gue-Sung Cho’s agent has settled on Celtic, he will not be moving to the USA or Turkey.  There is little reason to believe anything will happen soon here.

As a consequence, Giorgos Giakoumakis will likely have to wait for a while to know where his future lies.  Celtic will not release him before securing backfill.


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  1. Wee Bobby Collins



    Whats the name of your mrs film?



    So i can watch it.



    If thats bizarre so be it,i just want to watch the film.

  2. Cho is better than GG.



    Happy to wait.



    Wonder when the obvious trimming takes place – McCarthy, Guchi, Abildgard, Robertson, Bain & Welsh to name a few. Converting some of the loanees would be good too – Scales, Barkas, Ajeti, etc….






    See what I mean?




    From Previous Thread..


    AGAIN, I will ask…


    Whats your Point ?

  4. We’re in strong position, this is not a window where we need to rescue our season. We can afford to be patient so long as we do nothing daft like selling GG before we’ve secured his replacement.

  5. No two transfers are the same, although some are more similar than others. Whatever that means



    Meanwhile in another world Benfica pay £20m for two of the most promising attacking talents in Scandinavia who haven’t played a combined to total of 100 games and Leeds pay £35m for a 20 year old French attacker with 50 league appearances and no senior national caps



    We have some work to do if we’re to emulate Benfica and start selling to the Leeds Uniteds

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An T – from previous blog.



    Re VAR controversies – cheers.



    Yes, unwittingly reposted yours from earlier.



    My only value add was my opinion that we’ve already lost track of the full list of contentious incidents …



    … after just 11 games.



    An happy to keep sharing and sharing and sharing.



    To use the tired old cliché



    Change is a process not an event.



    First stage in that process is often …



    Getting those who don’t want change talking about the thing needing changed.



    Re VAR – well done Celtic cyberspace



    First stage mission accomplished

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pet hate in modern negotiating.



    Against football rules for a player or player’s representative (agent) to discuss a contract with another club without the permission of the player’s current club …



    … IF the current contract has more than six months left to run.



    Virtually all players and their reps obey this to the letter.



    While agents unofficially ….



    get … ahem …”neutral, unaffiliated” 3rd parties to “sound out” other “neutral unaffiliated” 3rd parties ….



    who just happen to have various club Directors of Football on speed dial.




  8. @Big J ..Knocknairs cemetery ..Kilmalcolm rd…..i go up wae my battery strimmer …


    Tidy up 6 graves of loved ones….When you get to my age Greenock cemetery graves all full..


    So yer bumped to Knocknairs etc…The wean was only 2 when she lost her dad..So i show her videos


    of him performing and stuff and we frequent his grave …She loves the videos with her and dad having fun..


    Theres a you tube vid of him under THE PROJECTORZ apparently its hard to find ..if you find it .i think you would like it…All the best big mhan…..

  9. Re Gia.



    I hope he stays.


    This whole transfer whip up has erupted quite quickly.


    There has not been one word from him


    His goals contribution to us is material


    As i say i hope he stays.but Ange knows what he’s doin




  10. DRAMBOWIECELT on 12TH JANUARY 2023 12:42 PM


    @Big J ..Knocknairs cemetery ..Kilmalcolm rd…..i go up wae my battery strimmer …


    Tidy up 6 graves of loved ones….When you get to my age Greenock cemetery graves all full..


    So yer bumped to Knocknairs etc…The wean was only 2 when she lost her dad..So i show her videos


    of him performing and stuff and we frequent his grave …She loves the videos with her and dad having fun..


    Theres a you tube vid of him under THE PROJECTORZ apparently its hard to find ..if you find it .i think you would like it…All the best big mhan…..




    Drambowiecelt – Heart tugging story mate god bless you and your wee granddaughter.



    D :)

  11. CELTIC40ME on 12TH JANUARY 2023 12:30 PM



    Profit Since 2010-11 (Via Transfermarkt) to 21/22 season





    Benfica €566.3m €1.3bn €690.6m


    FC Porto €497.5m €950.2m €452.7m


    Lille €359.3m €755.8m €396.5m


    Ajax €407.5m €803.2m €395.6m


    Salzburg €197.6m €540.1m €342.5m


    Sporting €323.9m €594.6m €270.7m


    Udinese €308.5m €567.7m €259.2m


    Lyon €416.3m €659.7m €243.4m


    Braga €80.7m €295.6m €214.9m


    Genoa €467.9m €665.1m €197.3m



    Celtic €158.76 €212.14 €53.38m



    Taking the 22/23 to date would have halved that amount (before we see what JJ and GG bring us).



    Long, long way to go.




  12. Back to Basics.



    Thats good its building on the same essay.


    If you and i were at a game back in the day,incidents a la wharton/davidson/valentine etc would be debated out by the following thursday.


    Now the Var evidence laps like a wave,and will do until the whole process is broken down and laid out so its open and transparent for aĺl clubs.


    Personally until we have open access to all mics,recordings and real time playback,as my big bugbear is when i sit in my paid seat in the ground i am the last to know whats going on.


    I hope we add vontinually to this film library of error,ultimately they will have to respond as it makes the game look stupid.




  13. What is the Starz on



    Forget the smokescreen about agents and release clauses etc…We know why this transfer won’t be smooth (after 18 months of seamless effortless acquisitions)…Its the return of El Pedro Lawellito…the failed bean counter is back in town .


    He needs Rangers to win the league so that he gets his bonus..That is his raison d’etre










    – Big Ange, Last AGM,



    Don’t get too attached csc




  15. Amidst all the transfer talk,I hope we give Joey Dawson a chance to show what he can offer.


    I thought he done well on his brief appearance against St Johnstone.HH

  16. Big Wavy



    Reportedly Andreas Schjelderup rejected Liverpool to go to Benfica for €14m. 18 years old and around 50 first team games.

  17. All this without the cash from Enzo Fernandez who looked nailed on to go to Chelsea for €100m plus

  18. CELTIC40ME on 12TH JANUARY 2023 1:21 PM



    All this without the cash from Enzo Fernandez who looked nailed on to go to Chelsea for €100m plus



    There is something of the ‘boumsongs’ in the mark up of that player Celtic40me imo.


    Sheer profit,how long was he a player for them? Months?


    Was it yourself who posted bout some prelim investigations into their dealings at Benfica.


    All the same the money is eyewatering.




  19. WTF is wee bobby Collins agitating about ..if he was looking to get a reaction…mission accomplished …has nothing to do with being a Protestant ..Celtics tradition is full of them and rightly so…a hun in my book is someone who is anti Celtic and has actively ( factually) cheated us …step forward McInnes , McCoist , McLeish and the rest …it’s in their DNA

  20. CELTIC40ME on 12TH JANUARY 2023 1:19 PM



    Interesting. Do you remember our punts back in the day where the circa 35-50 game players that we bought before the big boys got in, like a Van Dijk. Seems that goalpost has moved significantly, especially given that historically Scandi was well within reach for us.



    Our record fee remains £9m for Eddie. Does a successful trading model mean we go higher (having broken the back of a £100m+ annual revenue) to just compete. The bubble shows no sign of bursting.



    Interestingly Jota (2022) cost just a bit more than Sutton (2000) in fees. Will any of the current crop come close to breaking the Tierney and Dembele figures and can we reach that to truly ‘do a Benfica-lite’ ?






    Can we

  21. I also have met McLeish at a concert ( Peter Gabriel ) and after being shocked that he had the good taste to be there , I found him pleasant in the brief conversation I had with him …but when push comes to shove …100 per cent Hun Monkey

  22. 35-66 spread of games…..



    Van Dijk (66) – Gronigen


    Wanyama (34) – Berschot


    Edouard (17) – Toulouse (loan)


    Dembele (64) – Fulham




  23. @Hot Smoked 1.01 ats the one cheers mate…..i rec that on a wee kodak camera.


    The traffic in the background are passing Cappielow……It was a beautiful sunny day..

  me at the Garvel i wrote this song heres the chords…..can you stick some lead on it???


    lol whit a bhoy……. i had to blank the tennents logo out of his Celtic shirt Ha…






  24. AN TEARMANN on 12TH JANUARY 2023 1:36 PM



    Benfica are being investigated for match fixing iirc, their ex-chairman had already been charged with fraud and money laundering during the time when he was there but unconnected to the club. They are massively in debt, they had to sell the ground to the directors to avoid going bankrupt and they still make losses despite the huge transfer profit. They need to keep the big fees rolling in, but it isnt stopping them from buying lots of the young talent. They don’t own 100% of the rights of a lot of the players they sell on – they only own 75% of Fernandez.



    Fernandez signed in the Summer but he was one of the young superstars of the World Cup, Chelsea need younger players in his position and Boehly seems to enjoy overpaying for trophy signings, so it’s maybe not that surprising. Although it looks like they’ve baulked at paying the buy out fee.

  25. @David66 thanks for the thoughts mate….I didn’t mean it as a sad post.. cause me and the wee one are


    in a happy place …She was shufflin to the small faces Itchycoo park in the kitchen the other night lol.


    The weans got me a new bush turntable for my 70th on new years eve the vinyls are gettin hammered


    and a new generation are learning whit music is really all about lol


    New year resoloution..catch up wae the team in the Ole Shipbank





  26. bournesouprecipe on




    (3) Celtic FC do not ‘buy’ or ‘sign’ players they ‘finally complete’ deals. The hugely dull nature of this event should be emphasised at all times by using at least one of the following terms – ‘protracted’ ‘long-running’ ‘drawn out affair’ and ‘dithering’



    Transfer style guide

  27. WHAT IS THE STARZ @ 1:03 PM,



    Hope all’s good



    Far too early in the window to speculate how things are going to pan out and what’s causing the bit of turbulence we are facing



    One thing we can say for sure though, the change of Chairman hasn’t improved our player trading business, at all…



    Let’s hope neither of them had much input and things are going to pan out just fine



    In Ange we thrust!!



    Hail Hail

  28. BIG WAVY on 12TH JANUARY 2023 1:44 PM



    Theres a strong argument that Benfica have gone too far, that their bigger operations are player trading rather than football – they’re the biggest team in Portugal but have only won the league once in the last 5 seasons, but there the most successful team in the world when it comes to profit on player sales. Better in Europe than their size and league would suggest but not domestically.



    Our best young prospect in years, Doak, our next Tierney probably, went straight to Liverpool from Celtic. The best young talent in Scandinavia choose Benfica over Liverpool. It shows what we’re up against.



    I think we’re running up against the problem we always have done, if someone is good enough to warrant a high fee they’ll be on the radar of the bigger clubs or clubs like Benfica who can offer a pathway to a bigger club than we can at the moment. Its definitely harder to find a VVD or Wanyama these days, clubs in north Europe also need profits from transfers to make their money, more and more are owned by investors who see it as a way of making money.



    Ange does seem to be suggesting we’re looking to scale up player trading operations, although I think the club still think there’s better value in Asia than Europe which will mean we pay lower fees for some time yet. But ultimately if we are to compete with teams like Benfica there’s no escaping we’ll need to start matching them, or getting near to what they pay for young talent so we can sign better players who will move to better clubs and show that we can offer moves to the same sort of clubs for potential signings.



    I thought we’d be looking to spend more on a striker than we look like doing, but we have an excellent scouting department in place now and you have to trust them.

  29. Thanks Scaniel.👍


    I recall it getting good reviews maybe of yourself and the original sadies bhoy.


    Will go search the i player now.



    Hope your coping well with the floods and rain.


    Thought it was a tremendous touch by Fred Colon to post your link.thats Celtic :-)



    Take care




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