Guidetti awaits Fifa, Scepovic held nerve


Celtic await ratification of Guidetti’s transfer by the SFA.  The player travelled to Glasgow yesterday afternoon and quickly concluded a deal with Celtic, but it took until late in the evening before paperwork arrived from Manchester.

Aware of the delay, Celtic applied to the SFA for an extension.  The SFA authorised the extension and subsequently received all relevant paperwork, Celtic believed they were over the line, but I understand we are in new territory with respect to extensions, so the SFA have asked Fifa for guidance.

Paperwork was submitted considerably before Manchester United completed the 2am signing of Radamel Falcao, so there is reason for hope, but it’s not clear in Glasgow what discretion the FA used to register Falcao.  The same may or may not be available to the SFA.

There are also time constraints, player lists for Uefa group stage competitions need to be completed by 23:00 tonight, and we can’t add the player until Fifa issue guidance to the SFA.

If Celtic wanted a more complicated transfer than Guidetti they surely found it with our Serbian striker, Stefan Scepovic.  Transfers involving influences across multiple countries are often difficult……

One thing Celtic are clear about is the endurance of the player, who had to sit through difficult hours in order to make the deal happen.  He kept his nerve as others tried to sell him to Getafe – who were under no Financial Fair Play restrictions.

We’ll do a wrap-up of the window tomorrow.

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  1. ‘He kept his nerve as others tried to sell him to Getafe – who were under no Financial Fair Play restrictions.’










  2. mickbhoy1888



    12:13 on 2 September, 2014


    big wavy



    11:44 on 2 September, 2014



    I think that Henke made more than 42 senior league appearances in the six years prior to him joining Celtic. Guidettis form at Feynoord 2011 to 2012 looks impressive on paper but it seems that Feynoord weren’t impressed and he was loaned out two years later to stoke. What puzzles me is what he did in the intervening period between Feynoord and Stoke,allied that to the fact that he hasn’t featured at international level since 2012 either sets alarm bells ringing


    Btw read up on his proposed moved to twente and it may give you an indication what happened last night

  3. As I said the ghost of Jim Farry and a name suspiciously like Jorge Cadette!:-)



    Interesting about the timing of the Falcao deal beng completed.

  4. the long wait is over on

    ” so the SFA have asked Fifa for guidance…”



    ie – “Fifa , do we REALLY have to register this guy? Surely there must be some way we can find to tell that mob it’s just too late. Please give us an excuse to refuse to register. Any one will do…”

  5. Flags of different Countries have been waved at Football grounds all over the world for years and years. There are Irish Tri-colours flown in many EPL grounds every week. Flags are normally waved to honour players from that Country playing for the Club but not exclusively so. Supporters of a Club will often bring their Country’s flag whether or not one of their countrymen are involved. I’ve seen the Stars & Stripes of America, Japaneese, Greek, Turkish Union Jacks, Ulster Flags etc. Many countries whose flags are regularly flown are involved in conflict. UEFA’s carry on is hypocritical and wrong. This has nothing to do with Celtic or any other Club. Its just nonsense from UEFA and should be challenged. I would love the Palestinian Authorities to take a case against UEFA or some human rights group. In the meantime we should not be worrying about it,we are not in the wrong,UEFA are.

  6. Just Another Tim on

    Because: Only the best run clubs in the world wait 91 days into a transfer window then file the paperwork late.

  7. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox



    It was a pretty straight forward question.


    You are encouraging people to fly the flag will you be there to support it.


    Nothing personal just asking a question.




  8. mickbhoy1888



    The boy has been ill but has enormous potential to be a star. Would love him to sign.



    UEFA, after ratifying the transfer of Guidetti, should be taken to the cleaners for this palestinian flag debacle. An utter disgrace.

  9. the long wait is over


    12:19 on


    2 September, 2014


    Bada bing,



    You missed the Debates debate…


    and the Indy debate……HH

  10. Jaysus this Guidetti thing is like waiting for childbirth….



    I’d hoped to get back to being productive today too :)

  11. I held a World Cup Party for the final this year out in the back garden with the BBQ, family and friends



    It was a great day in the sunshine and everyone enjoyed themselves



    In the corner hung a Palestinian Flag



    I wasnt aware it was a crime

  12. lionroars67



    12:13 on 2 September, 2014



    Sorry I thought it was simple enough.



    Is it A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity?



    The reason I ask is that people are suggesting the nats are telling lies when they say it’s A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity because they think it will help them win.



    And obviously it’s only fair to allow you the chance to make it clear that you’re not lying and it is indeed A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity.

  13. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on




    You’re trying to score a cheap point that has no merit whatsoever.



    It is totally irrelevant. I am supporting the guys at BOTH clubs, and suggesting that maybe UEFA is out of fecking order. I think everyone gets the point, and understands why I raised it. I am sure you ALSO understand the point.



    So I say it again … if you want to make a personal point, you and anyone else who has a mind to, can get hold of me in private and we can take it from there.

  14. traditionalist88 on

    The Honest Cover-up


    12:15 on


    2 September, 2014




    Sorry mate, misread that post and just realised you were responding to someone else who said they were upset by a flag.





    No probs, I should have formatted the post so it was clearer:)




  15. UEFA have some stupid rules, the flag waving rule being one of them. Legia also found out to their costs that a rule is a rule and there is no leeway. We wil proballyl find this to be the case in the Guidetti muck up (hope not ) . The point is it is a rule and should be obeyed and if not you should expect punishment. I know feeling run high with some posters on here about the Palestinian situation. I have my own thoughts on the situation, but feel that a football site is not the place to air them. I also feel a football match is not a place to show your political view. The people doing so know (or should know) by doing it (certain flag waving) the club is liable to an UEFA fine. So I would ask them, please stop being stupid, your only harming our club and uefa are lapping up all that money they are getting in fines.

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Going by Paul’s account, Celtic did everything by the book re Guidetti including applying for the extension?



    Now for me this is interesting.



    There is a new head of compliance at the SFA and if he has set a practice whereby he does not act until he has sought clarification and clearance from FIFA ( not UEFA ) then I will buy him a drink.



    If this is correct and I have no reason to believe that it isn’t then sadly we have many who have jumped to an incorrect conclusion though I say again it would be wise to wait and see what transpires today.

  17. tonydonnelly67



    12:25 on 2 September, 2014


    james forrest is praying for the unconquerable oscar knox



    11:53 on 2 September, 2014


    Hey brothers and sisters



    Haven’t had time to read back, so I dunno if it’s been flagged (no pun intended), but I want to reshare the On Fields post I put up last night on the Palestinian flag issue. This is one of the worst decisions UEFA’s made in many, many years. It is incomprehensible, and I hate to use the word but it’s also corrupt. It’s a clear political statement on the side of the Israeli state, and whatever your thoughts on what’s going on over there, it is abhorrent for UEFA to take sides in a political debate in the name of neutrality.



    Fly the flag lads.








    Just another malcontent causing trouble, they’re not happy unless moaning, typical and predictable, his next moan will be the GB, then PL thennnnnnn, yawwwwwwwwwn has nothing positive EVER to say about Celtic, change the record Ffs.

  18. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on




    One last thing, apologies if I HAVE misread your intent.



    I am sure you can imagine the amount of abuse I get every single day in emails and messages for some of what I write. It becomes wearying at time.



    I expect it from the other side, and if I published a sample of the exchanges (and I tend to give as good as I get) it would have the moderators on this site in a flap.



    I don’t need it here. I don’t expect it here. I hope you understand that.

  19. Bobby Murdoch from previous post ,



    Not at all mate , went to St Andrews from 91 -95 , what about yourself? I’ll guess mid 70s due to your moniker? Good school with good football teams !

  20. What next?



    Will players be suspended/fined for carrying the flag of the country of their birth during post-match celebrations after winning a trophy in a foreign land?



    Eg – Sammi, Izzy…




  21. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on




    Perfect intervention from the Village Idiot. You already know where to find me if you want to discuss this in private, and I know where to find you.



    You’re the second person today to have a pop at the article WITHOUT READING IT.



    I have nothing but contempt for that. Don’t even ask me to take it seriously.



    This is the last time I post to you on this site. Like I said, you know where I am if you do want to discuss it.

  22. but it’s not clear in Glasgow what discretion the FA used to register Falcao. The same may or may not be available to the SFA.



    I wonder how hard Ogilvie & Bryson types will be working on this :))

  23. TimJim



    I think the point is no one knew flying a flag of a UN recognised country was liable to a Uefa fine



    Its completely ridiculous

  24. Macjay:



    Where do I blame anybody? All I said was that well run companies adhere to corporate governance and organisational charts. Employees from the roots of the tree right up the organisational tree to the dizzy heights of the cloud shrouded boardroom are responsible and accountable. I’m happy with such a structure. If somebody is consistently failing in their duties… appropriate remedial actions must be taken.


    I did not attempt to blame anybody – for anything – I was merely pointing out a truism, but still you felt the need to jump to the defence of the board stating we should wait until we get all the facts; common decency and an ethical and sound stance on your part. Your most considerate approach should be applauded and universally embraced. Pity though that your basic sense of fair play is not shared and practiced by the PLC board of Celtic F.C.



    Are those boys in Amsterdam out of the nick yet? Have Celtic apologised to the Green Brigade for the debacle that was the board’s draconian over-reaction post the Motherwell game? Are Celtic still disclosing the personal details of the club’s Supporters without prejudice.



    You can defend the indefensible, under the cloak of ‘faithful through and through’, to your hearts last beat, that is your prerogative; regardless, with all the empirical evidence of our decline smacking us in the face almost daily, I like to call it as I see it, not as some very over-paid employees of Celtic, lording it over some very low paid employees of Celtic and many confused Supporters, would wish us to rejoice in proclaiming our subject acceptance of a club being deliberately declined to the point of international ridicule. Oh! I apologise, that happened last month, this month we are just yesterday’s discarded joke butt. I don’t think many Celtic Supporters have memories akin to that of goldfish, though I have been known to be wrong before.



    We’ve bought a striker, I hope he is a good one because I haven’t – just yet – forgotten how ineffective the last three lauded strikers we bought were. But don’t ever let a track record restrict your optimism. Now hope springs eternal and runs through my veins just like all Celtic Supporters too, only some dam their hopes behind guarded pragmatism, likewise they applying consideration to undeniable historical fact as opposed falling in line with perceived corporate political correctness.



    Some may read that as negative, that too, is their prerogative; however I prefer to celebrate when something is achieved as opposed celebrating something that may yet be achieved only to be made to look like a dribbling fool.



    I wish every employee of Celtic, every employee of Celtic, every employee of Celtic, and all the Supporters of Celtic FC, in or out of jail, Parkhead banned, not Parkhead banned, who can afford to go to the game, who can’t afford to go to the game, who are shamed in hurt, who are punching the passing clouds in strange glee post a most embarrassing month in the Club’s long and illustrious history, I wish them all, and not just the more affluent ones who can afford Hollywood teeth and cravats, the very best of luck and happy days and I do so with my eyes wide open every single day that my Good God allows me to. But then that’s just an inherent character trait of concerned mineshafters, without agenda or prejudice.

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