Guidetti, life without the death-wish opponent


I see the story that Feyenoord are chasing John Guidetti has lasted more days than I expected.  John Guidetti is a likeable guy and seems to have enjoyed his time at Celtic, but he desperately needs to show some form before the end of the season if he is to attract the attention of Feyenoord or any team of that calibre.

One aspect often overlooked about Guidetti is his inexperience.  The player is still only 22 and had started only 30 games before arriving at Celtic Park last season, there’s a good chance that by the end of the season he will have played more games for Celtic than anyone else.  On paper, a season at Celtic was a chance to sort his career out, grab first team football at a prestigious club who were short of a centre forward.  Conversely, being kept out of the team by Leigh Griffiths will damage his reputation.

Barcabhoy sent me an interesting summary of Celtic’s material loss since the liquidation of Rangers.  The figures below compare the three years before Rangers liquidation with the two and a half years since.

As you see, even though we are comparing a shorter time period after liquidation, Celtic’s turnover and profitability is still miles better than when we had to compete with Rangers.

This should end any nonsense about Celtic needing or in any way missing Rangers.  We lost some revenue streams: domestic commercial and ticket income, but the slipstream to European revenues have more than made up for the gap.  More importantly, we are also no longer caught in an arms race with a death-risk opponent, allowing us to bring costs below income and plan longer than the current season.

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  1. 67Heaven:



    Aye… but then why entertain it in the first place, why give the complaint credence by having a hearing.



    They know, just like we all know, the term ‘hun, although maybe distasteful to some, is in truth inexorably not sectarian and in perpetuity it’ll historically always remain indelibly so, though many will try to have it retrospectively revised so.



    Such is life, pity those who harbour such hates don’t appreciate they’re squandering all their heartbeats in vain and pain.

  2. TBB



    Re: Cordoba – should have mentioned. I did the site on foot (knackered for 3 days) – lots of steps, cobbles, pebbled surfaces etc. If I was to do it again I would take one of the minibus tours (open top/sided 12-16 seaters) – you buy a ticket and can hop on/off at at various points. Taxi to and from station – 7/8 euros each way.



    Forgot to mention the ‘El Cid’ type castle within the Site – this was where Ferdinand and Isobella lived when they drove out the Moors. It’s close to the Great Mosque and the Roman Gardens and Baths.



    Wear the Hoops/or Celtic casual shirt – gets you lots of ‘holas’ and handshakes. I was there just after the Barca 6-1 game when I stayed with my great host TET at the cave.




  3. NatKnow


    11:00 on


    14 April, 2015


    South Of Tunis


    10:53 on


    14 April, 2015


    nat know.



    Ah ! Prince Jammy .



    Really like the Horace Andy – In The Light – Dub Lp – original issue on Hungry Town / fine re issue on Blood and Fire.



    Boom Shaka Laka !




    Will check that LP out dude – cheers.



    BTW – watched your film recco – I Cento Passi? – great film. Passed onto a friend I was visiting in Spain last week. He too was impressed.

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on





    always the bridesmaid :-)



    Teddy bear FC …. how cuddly eh?




  5. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan. The Vow – Critically Rebuked by 45% of this fine nation.


    11:10 on


    14 April, 2015


    £970m profit in 2013



    I want a floating stadium with a rotating pitch.



    And I want one now.



    MWD said AYE





    11:10 on


    14 April, 2015



    Paul67, does that mean we have a spare 927 million to re-invest in players?




    Oh you two wags!!

  6. Bhoylo83



    Watched that tillman story today..cheers for that. Highly recommend to everyone. Watched it on an excellant website filmsforaction.org



    Loads of short and long docus on it.



    The tillman story isnt at all surprising ..just a tip of the iceberg in what the american and most governments get upto.



    Well worth a watch. Pat tillman seemed like a great person and his family deserve alot of credit for exposing the lies.

  7. 2310 looks like a record breaking season, with THAT much Profit from that years Turnover!!!



    With Our Lords ability to turn water into wine, did we hire him on a consultancy basis…

  8. I posted regularly that income every season from UEFA, not to mention the Kudos and attraction of playing the best in Europe, WAAAAAY out balances playing the huns 4-7 times a season.

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    Shafted by Green and Whyte, dumped by Ireland, pimped by Mick.



    They are the peepil.

  10. “Paul67, does that mean we have a spare 927 million to re-invest in players?”







    Not until around 300 years into the future :)




  11. Hi Paul67,



    Glad to see we have the figures to support what we all know, Celtic don’t need Rangers to survive and flourish.



    The same folk that tell us this, are the people that would tell you that A new strong Rangers would give financial benefit to Scottish Football on one hand. Then complain that if they make the championship play-offs they will have to hand over some of their gate receipts.



    As far as John Guidetti is concerned, I haven’t seen enough of him to be impressed.



    However the trumpeted up charges from the SFA don’t help Celtic to keep players. Remember Hooper feeling that it wasn’t a great environment to play Football in.



    Interesting Guidetti’s hearing was supposed to be held last Thursday, yet despite the blaze of publicity surrounding JG getting charged with “offensive” comment. There wasn’t a peep last week.



    As you are aware no one seems to be able to put their finger on just what was offensive, in fact the situation was so confused they wheeled the previous SFA compliance officer out. I read his interview again….



    Now what is striking is you would expect a trained lawyer to quote chapter and verse on the legalese and a clarification of the charge, instead we get an emotive and subjective response which clarifies nothing…*



    “Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, former SFA compliance officer Vincent Lunny said: “It would appear that their focus is on the comment attacking Rangers or making fun of Rangers for having gone into liquidation back in 2012.



    Lunny preceded Tony McGlennan in the role of SFA compliance officer


    “It is, I think, significant that there’s no mention of it being sectarian or otherwise based on religion.



    So we have VL accusing JG of “attacking” Rangers, now what constitutes an attack is many a varied however no reasonable person is going to describe the JG song as an attack. Making fun off I can except.



    Now the next thing, to make an “offensive” comment, there must be some intention to make a bigoted slight on a group or person, VL rules this out. So from the off we see the charge is nonsense. VL continued…



    “[Celtic forward] Leigh Griffiths this time last year was sent a charge for singing ‘Hearts are going bust’.



    “For me, the problem with this case and with the Griffiths case is you’ve got professionals who are making fun of other clubs in difficulty. People are losing their jobs within football and it’s simply not appropriate for players to behave in public in that manner.



    Now then LG wasn’t charged with “offensive” comment, even though after his initial charge he was hit with another charge with a “racist” element LG wasn’t charged with Section 73 as JG was, Leigh’s charges were more of the brining the game into disrepute type.



    Also VL suggests that JG was making fun of folk that had lost their jobs, absolute nonsense. And as the SFA did little or nothing to the Rangers’ supremos who were recklessly responsible for the redundancy notices and insolvency event apart from scape goating Craig Whyte, this is disgraceful comment.



    Also when you consider the SFA manipulated their Article 13 rule to allow Rangers to dump <£100M of debt. What was the knock on effects on businesses, jobs and sole traders from that. Totally hypocritical.



    “There are different standards between the fans and the players. The players are directly under the jurisdiction of the SFA, the fans are not.



    “Any rule against fan behaviour is against the club. It would have to be fairly serious for a club to be prosecuted for fans singing something and probably would have to be a criminal-type scenario or grossly offensive for that to be done.


    “That is not necessarily the case here with players. You expect fans to make fun of other clubs and taking delight in another club’s demise is not surprising for fans to do but for players to do it is perhaps something completely different.”



    Now we get to the point, to charge a fan with “offensive” comment there are legal norms that have to be followed, professional footballers come under our jurisdiction so we can ignore justice and make the rules up as we go along.



    *If we deem making fun of Rangers to be “offensive” then it shall be so. Upsetting a Celtic prospect into the bargain is a bonus.



    Hail Hail

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    Cameron and Duncan Smith are in Swindon. Hopefully they pop into your local for lunch. :)

  13. Gudetti can go anytime hadn’t lived up to the hype and not worth the ££££ in wages being banded about, he’s good crack at the away games when he’s dancing about and singing with the fans that makes him very likeable but we need a guy like hooper who bangs them in regular HH

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    All: cheers, Cordoba looks like a good shout.



    Awe Naw: The SFA is so far removed from what’s going on that like the rest of us, they can only stand back and imagine what’s coming next.



    What Ashley’s done with the IP singularly prevents a new phoenix club – they can liquidate of course, but in that scenario, Ashley owns the rights to a football club called ‘Rangers’, and thus there’s no new newco without Mike.



    Saying that, remember Ashley’s interest is the retail business, and a continuing retail business means a continuing ‘Rangers’ to profit from. He has no interest in taking it down for the sake of it. He’ll act in whatever way maximises his retail profit. My sense of it is that he’ll exercise the options now available to him to this end.



    If I were the 3 Bears, top of my list today would be paying down the loan and getting Ashley out of the club.



    The first part is somewhat easier than the second I think. The first needs only £5M. The second needs however much Ashley values his position as.



    Remember, Ashley gets 3 cuts from the current deal – the dividend from the RRL operation, and before that, the manufacturing margin on merchandise, and additionally, a further contribution to store overheads from the retail margin. How much is that worth?



    Set against that, RIFC has to consider the cost of back-filling the cash from an absent merchandising revenue line – about £5M per year in a mature operation.



    In these circumstances, it’s probable that the current situation is more valuable to Ashley than a de-Ashleyed merchandising operation is to RIFC.



    Choice 1: Pay Mike Ashley upwards of £20M to get him out of the club, with a negative return on investment.



    Choice 2: Try to run a football club without a merchandising revenue line.



    Let’s call that a rock and a hard place.



    Of course, if the loan is in default, there’s nothing they can do but wait and see what Ashley’s plan is, as a default situation puts him in complete control – he would have all the cards, and the outcome is entirely at his discretion.



    That’s a big IF. It may be in default. It may not. If it’s not, they need to pay the loan back immediately to salvage the RRL project (which is in jeopardy either way) and safeguard a future merchandising operation.



    If it is, they are hostages to fortune, Ashley’s fortune at that.



    If I was a journo, the only question that matters right now is: Is the loan in default?



    Curiously, RIFC themselves might not even know the answer to that question right now. Ashley needs to tell them formally, providing of course the circumstances justify it.



    I’d say the blue touchpaper has been lit. Stand well back.

  15. normanstreet49


    nice one congrats to you and yours, my 2nd grandchild is due in six weeks……..lovin’ it

  16. Well done Paul,


    Great to see the real figures set out re pre and post liquidated rangers.



    They provide one more, FACTUAL, reason, to add to the many other reasons, why I and many fellow Celtic supporters have no reason to mourn their demise.



    BTW, Season book for 2015/16 already bought. One and only consideration was to support Celtic.


    Only, minor, consideration of Sevco was, I dearly hope they are not in a position to pollute Celtic Park with their presence, next or any other season.









  17. Shoorly Shome Mishtake



    Pedro says we’re down 10 million a year and we all know he never tells lies. Right kids?

  18. The Battered Bunnet on




    Will be based in Marrakech, but will be hitting the hills though while the wife trawls the souks.

  19. Geordie Munro:



    What a bummer, I suppose I can wait, I’ve grown sort of used to it. 300 years it is then, maybe by then I’ll be able to afford retirement.

  20. herbo



    11:36 on 14 April, 2015


    Shoorly Shome Mishtake



    Pedro says we’re down 10 million a year and we all know he never tells lies. Right kids?



    According to a poster yesterday PL stated that it had cost us £10m over two years.. (the press misreported it). That doesn’t mean that the figures would show that if revenue/ player sales increased.

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