Guidetti the exceptional talent


We’ve had a few free kick experts in modern times.  Lubo was first.  He could hit them, and score with them, with either foot.  The man was a menace to opponents on many levels.  He also taught us that hitting the ball as hard as possible into an opponent’s body, standard fare for Celtic in the 80s and early 90s, was a poor return from a dead ball situation.

Lubo clearly influenced Shaun but it wasn’t until Naka arrived that Shaun really found his grove.  With right footed Maloney and left footed Nakamura lining up behind the ball keepers were forced to leave a vulnerable space at any centrally-located free kick.

I don’t remember any player scoring with three consecutive free kicks, an absolutely exceptional feat.  John Guidetti is proving to be an exceptional player.  From what I hear he’s also enjoying being a Celtic player, there’s been a meeting of minds on what is expected and what’s on offer.

This is a young player who has already learned a few lessons on football clubs and career management.  He has the makings of a Celtic legend.

Those of you who weren’t there last night, make sure you see the goals.  Four of them were exceptional.

Many thanks to everyone who has big on our auction for two debenture seats for the Inverness game on Saturday, courtesy of Celtic sponsor, Magners.  Funds raised go towards building our forth kitchen for Mary’s Meals in Malawi, specifically for the 909 children who attend Chibwata Primary School in Dowa, which currently doesn’t have a kitchen.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, but………  things are improving.  93% of your money raised is getting to the projects on the ground, Mary’s Meals are now feeding hundreds of thousands of kids there each day, over 2000 of them in kitchens CQN readers have already built.

Kids who are fed at school there are able to attend instead of having to work for food – primary school attendance is up 30% after Mary’s Meals build a kitchen.  As a result they all get a basic education, some of them are set on a road to a higher education and all have better chances in life.

The auction closes tomorrow. You will do nothing better today than get involved with this one, which you can do here.

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  1. lennon's passion on

    lennon’s passion



    12:52 on 30 October, 2014


    Enjoyed last night’s game some good football on show. RD has ditched his awful system and we start winning wasn’t rocket science. Hope he kicks in from here.



    Watched Johnson last night my own player cam. What a shift that bhoy puts in superb fitness if that’s the standard Ronny wants all his players at god help the other teams.



    Don’t like stokes out wide left seems waisted. Would have started Scepovic but RD choice. In my warped humour was glad the stands were empty laughed at all the best support in the world missing a very good performance.

  2. After last night’s great return from John Guidetti, I am further convinced of the need to get him signed permanently on a long-term deal with a substantial minimum buy-out clause included, to cover us for when the EPL vultures come circling to try to tap him up in the next year or two. But I don’t get all this £5M malarky being peddled by the chip wrappers.



    I did read somewhere that he is only contracted to Man City until the end of this season, so surely we just offer him a lucrative pre-contract agreement to sign for us on expiry of his MC contract?



    If MC really are asking for £5M, then it would be more cost effective for Celtic to incorporate say half of this sum into a lucrative remuneration package, thus giving the club the ability to offer him a far more attractive deal to persuade him to stay with Celtic rather than chasing the mundane cash cows on offer at the likes of West Ham Utd, Newcastle Utd, Aston Villa and their like.



    Something along the lines of a £10k-a-goal incentive bonus on top of his basic salary would keep him focussed on delivering the goods for the club, whilst giving him the potential to earn a lot of extra money, while still saving Celtic several million pounds compared to a non-incentivised deal with a £5M fee going to MC… unless he weighs in with 60+ goals per season for the next 4 years. But if that hapens, will any of us be complaining!



    John Guidetti is the Prince of Princes… potentially.




  3. AARGHH It happened again, I don’t line up for last post on a thread it just bloody well happens, anyhow here’s a copy & paste of it.



    The first objective last night was to win the game and Ronny quite rightly put out a team to do just that. Wakaso for McGregor was a justified substitution and once the game was won. he did the right thing in giving Scepovic and Griffiths a run. Leigh was particularly impressive when he came on and looks like he is back in business big time. Very impressed with all last night but it was at home to a 10 man Partick Thistle so we can’t get carried away. If we can play like this in our next 2 games then yes, I’ll believe the new era has arrived.

  4. Paul67



    I hope you’re correct about the meeting of minds. I had several weans this morning asking, “What about Guidetti’s second free kick?!”



    That’s the future, they need hooped heroes in the way we did.

  5. Joe Filippis Haircut




    12:52 on 30 October, 2014




    NatKnow.We have to trust the manager he makes the decisions with much more knowledge than the fans we won 6-0 so for me his team selection was correct. Scepovic will get plenty of game time . H.H.




    Don’t disgree mate – I’m happy to let RD do the job and I trust his judgement.

  6. Geordie Munro




    12:54 on 30 October, 2014







    New manager juggling 3 comps and arguably up till very recently a weaker squad than lenny had to chose from.



    There’s gonna be changes neebs.



    Last post reads a wee bit arsey. Glad you never took it that way:)




    Not at all dude!




  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Big Chips. Unfortunately if you believe the MSM John Guidetti when asked if he would like to stay with the hoops said he would wait to see at the end of the season what offers his agent has for him.Currently he said he only takes things game by game and he would go with what his agent advises him that doesnt sound to great for us im afraid unless we are prepared to break the bank but that doesnt look likely. H.H.

  8. Great performance.



    In my view Griffiths should be 2nd choice striker ahead of Stokes and Scepovic in that order.



    Macgregor should be used only occasionally as he does not have the necessary pace for the RD vision and it was evident the movement was more fluid second half.



    More of this will get the camp followers back to the ground.

  9. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Paul67, a few weeks back there was a survey on the blog. Have you posted the results?



    See that grove that wee Shaun found, was it an olive one:-)

  10. “In my warped humour was glad the stands were empty laughed at all the best support in the world missing a very good performance.”




    Lennons p,




  11. Was surprised to see Stokes back in the side last night as I thought given that Scepovic has started finding the net, confidence and a bit of form he would have continued in the side. Saying that it was an impressive performance particularly after Thistle rightly went down to 10 men for a terrible challenge.


    Addditionally I thought Griffiths showed in his 2nd half appearance that given the run of games Stokes has had he would have scored a lot more goals than the Irishman. I appreciate that Stokes has spent a lot of time out left but he doesn’t produce enough for me.

  12. glendalystonsils on

    With JG and LG making big impressions last night, I thought Scepovic was just trying too hard to make an impression with limited time to do so. With a few more 90 min games and goals I think we will see a more relaxed and effective player.

  13. an tearmann



    12:54 on 30 October, 2014



    Hamilton Tim



    :-) that was funny.usually pop in there beside my mate as there is usually spare.




  14. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    I was cooking up my lunch there and had the window open. When I went back into the kitchen a wee sparrow was flapping about in in there. The wee bugger had shat in my scrambled eggs. FFS, I had to throw half of it oot.

  15. Tom mollach @1302



    Is that not the prequel to the Gerrard Butler movie about Sparta??




  16. The Battered Bunnet on

    Tidy win last night. Is a 6 goal victory becomes the new “regulation 5-0″?



    Lots of bollox on the OBAFTC Act, and Celtic’s part in it.



    For those who wish to know, Celtic’s position has been articulated formally twice, once at committee stage, and once earlier this year. On both occasions they have been unambiguously against it.



    For those who don’t wish to know, can’t be arsed looking, or more generally, want to present the club in a poor light, you can always make up some sh!te.

  17. I love big EFE



    However I am not so convinced as some on here that


    a 2 in mid field has become a 3 and things moved on



    I am sure that Lustig at right back is a much better


    option going forward than EFE.



    Attack both wings instead of everything down the left

  18. TBB,



    I was going to post a request for all the talk about the bill to remain on the last thread but I’ll make an exception for yours :))

  19. The Battered Bunnet:



    You can also read Scottish Government published documents if you wish.

  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    BigChips. Like you I hope he gets hero worship from the support especially from the youngsters in the Green Brigade.I think the Bhoy is the real deal and at only 22 his best footballing years are ahead of him. H.H.

  21. McDowellcelt god bless wee oscar on

    Lawell told us he would have no problem spending big money if the right player came along. We have that man in guidetti. We should be putting an offer to guidetti to make him the top earner at the club and tie him down on a long contract.


    We have a new hero, someone who will put bums on seats, have the young fans getting the tops with guidetti on the back and a genuine top class match winner.


    The other players will have no issue with him being the top earner. Messi doesnt get paid the same as pedro, ronaldo doesnt get paid the same as ramos. This wage structure has it merits but for special players it needs to be pushed that bit further.



  22. Re Guidetti: I think a lot of credit must go to the Celtic backroom staff. I saw a bit of Guidetti last year at Stoke – a very little bit as Mark Hughes wouldn’t pick him for any important games – and he was unfit and uninterested. Similar, I believe, at Manchester City.



    Whether he stays or goes will be decided, in part, by his family and his agents. I hope we’re paying as much attention to these factors as we did to his mental and physical fitness.

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Mini was buzzing when she got home last night, think J Guidetti has struck a cord with the young ones..



    said she was nearly in tears when he was taken out for the red card..





    nurse in today, they will be back next week so hope to gett back to work once they stop coming round.



    hope to get laptop from wofk to do something at least.

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