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Newco’s narcotic-type dependency on ever-more-creative PR was illustrated on BBC Radio Scotland last night by Michael Stewart, who highlighted ludicrously false attempted murder stories fed to the newspapers, followed by rushed and selectively edited TV interviews when the truth became apparent.

Meanwhile, every other football club in Scotland goes about their business, where PR prepare information ahead of games, like any normal entity.

On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.

Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.

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  1. There are many examples of players that are not the best trainers. However come match day, are invaluable.



    And when its said that a player isn’t great in training. It might not necessarily mean, effort levels.



    The thing is, certain drills with the ball in training are staged. And some players react better to a live situation. Heightened awareness, heightened instinct etc.



    These things don’t come alive until match day.

  2. Hamburg SV have been given the go ahead for letting of flares in a controlled environment in their Stadium….



    I do not like fecking Hamburg and their fans …very very Hunnish….go go St Pauli…



    smiley will be surprised if it catches on thing




  3. Cork Celt so Leigh Griffiths is cleared yeah there was no case to answer it was ridiculous to


    suggest so in the first place by we all know who 1) Ally McCoist & 2) Daryl Hannah hold


    your heads in shame you pair of numpty’s aye I don’t see you paying the same amount


    of attention & very close analysis like going over incidents in your favourites The Sevco


    Inernational FC Born 2012 Not 1873 the old Co have got lost in an Illusionery planetary system


    they are a figment of their illusion anyway Go-On-There-Wee Leigh Griffiths keep banging


    them In & Go On The Bhoys Get It In There



    21-5-79 I noticed on the Under 21s Twiter A/c they where held to a draw what was Henderson


    sent off for ? I heard I also heard Sevco’s Under 21’s aye right equaliser was jammy/lucky


    was that the case ?

  4. Paul 67 The CQN website has more advertisements than the Picadilly Circus Metrix Neon


    Lights Board @ Night Time bhoy where is my Sunglassess driving through the London


    West End its blairing lights ahead blink-blink-blink

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Strange case , the Shved fella . Certainly didn’t look lacking in skill when he took that goal in the CL qualifier and looks quite fit/athletic (although mibbe no as fit as his missus).


    Has to be more to it.

  6. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Strange one with Shved.



    Naka didn’t speak any English. Emilio (signed by Neil in his first stint) was equally poor and yet both had a significant impact at Celtic (and neither of them after a lengthy acclimatisation period- Emilio played his first SPFL game roughly 10 days after signing; Naka within a similar period).



    Similarly, Scott Sinclair seemed to be a fantastic professional. His online posts evidenced that he trained rigorously while out of the team and yet he did not get an opportunity (even when we were 2 left wingers down).



    So I find it difficult to accept at face value the reasons put forward by Neil. By the same token, Bayo doesn’t seem to be getting a look in- training and language barriers afoot there as well?



    Go on, give Shved a chance:



  7. Timaloy, Yeo Bayo did score against Thistle in the 5 nil Betfred Cup game.


    He also scored 2 against Hearts last August in a 3-1 win but as far as I can remember both these goals were later chalked off and designated as O.G’s. So I think that is why Jobo has Bayo on 3 & I have him on 1.



    I know it’s sad but I just went to the trouble of counting back the goals match by match.


    Eddie is top scorer with 22, Christie, 17, Forrest 16.



    Just for Jobo, you appear correct on Johnston 5 but I appear to be correct on Julien 6.

  8. The Star above The Crest on




    If you’re on Twitter you could try Celtic Spares. There was someone offering spares for Copenhagen away but I think it may be in with their fans. Anyway, it might be worth a try. Best of luck HH 🍀🍀

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ David66



    You can buy tickets for the home end on Copenhagen’s own site. However, I’m not sure how accommodating they are due to be to away fans trying to get into the home end.



    They have already confirmed that no away colours etc will be allowed in home end and (I think) have inferred that you might be turned away at the gate.

  10. glendalystonsils on

    I’m still amazed that Griff got off , as being innocent is no guarantee of getting off .



    Just ask Ryan Christie.

  11. Put your head between your legs & kiss your arse good bye Laird of Smiles


    Wee Shved has become a small mystery the chinese whispers are in


    overdrive @ present its either its this problem or its that problem yeah


    its a total mystery I don’t think we should put him out on Loan until we


    have seen him play @ least three matches put it this way we have given


    the likes of Hendry & Bollingoli a run out to see nah they are a waste of


    space in the Team so @ least we should give Shved a fair crack of the whip

  12. Glendalystonsils said:-


    I’m still amazed that Griff got off , as being innocent is no guarantee of getting off .


    Just ask Ryan Christie.



    Glendalystonsils (Tonsils for short) The Ryan Christie Allegation was Ridiculous to


    say the least that Wee Stamping/Diving Around & Pushing Wee Cheat first claimed


    that Ryan Christie grabbed his Family Jewals which was bollocks yes his hand was


    near them however Ryan was trying to turn around so when the panel reviewed


    the so called alledged incident they changed the charge to he was looking @ El


    Cheatah with an agressive look like looks can kill aye in fairy tales anyway that


    review panels outcome/decision was “Ridiculous Outcome” Ryan Christie Gate


    & Now we here there was a Leigh Griffiths Gate which was also “Ridiculous” &


    No Case To Answer For Good Common Sense Prevailed Not All The Zombie


    Panal Board Are Bias & Silly Case Closed

  13. What are the odds? Hun monkey leaves my team in work….only for a new one to start yesterday.



    Quote: “David Murray saved Celtic in 1990!”



    ” Celtic got us demoted to 4th division!”



    “We’re welcome all over Europe!”




    Where do you even begin? This is his 2nd day her FFS!!!!!!

  14. Who is this Boss I was just making a gesture to you that tall bias numpty Clancy said to Me


    that it was on my todd rubber duck time in the old bath tub so when I was coming off I


    made I will slit your throat gesture to let you know my time on the pitch was over Boss


    Numpty Clancy has just came into the Dressing Room & flashed a Yellow Card @ Me


    Boss to wee El Cheatah quick we better make up some false allegations about Sellick


    to divert the so called bias media attention away from Us & create negative scandel


    against Sellick

  15. A good read by @paullarkin74



    Cars and Girls



    It came as no great shock to anyone not hard of thinking that the “Morelos Attempted Murder” story was exposed as unadulterated pish. In a country that didn’t take seriously the actual attempted murder of a football manager, you’re not going to pull the wool (or the car) over the eyes of anyone who doesn’t want it. When it transpired that it was actually a private investigator hired by Morelos wife to catch him cheating most folk thought “Can there actually be two women that daft?” I personally couldn’t give a toss if he is playing with the entire Scottish ladies fitba tesm but I am concerned that Jim Traynor still has an iron grip on a lot of journalists in Scotland.



    This is a man who became Director of Communications at Sevco, got sacked with a healthy pay off, and now works freelance at Ibrox doing the communications. Not a bad gig if you can get it (C.V. requires a list of where the bodies are buried) Now his evil ways are going into overdrive to brush away any and all pressure from Slippy G and his aversion to winning league titles.



    Michael Stewart bravely called it out last on Sportsound when people put such dross in the media (and let’s not forget that one Gerry McCulloch used to do it daily) it leads to maniacs on social media feeling enabled and thinking they can say things like “You are complicit in the attempted murder of Alfredo Morelos”



    When that squirrel didn’t work, the next dark art from Traynor was to set up a rare interview with Morelos and then get his pals in the press to use it as an attack on Celtic supporters. That also came as no surprise to any of us.



    This is exactly a time when strong leadership from Celtic is required but posted missing again. You won’t get any member of staff saying anything so bad is their fear of Lawwell that it edges closer and closer to being complicit as any criticism of leadership in there, or lack there of, sees a threat to all their freebie trips and pension plans.



    Who suffers from that? Just us, the supporters, nobody important.



    What should happen now is an expose of Jim Traynor and blowing the whistle on all his shenanigans but that requires brass balls and the only set I see in Scotland are the ones hanging from Morelos probable next destination.

  16. SEASON Ticket holders can now purchase up to two additional tickets, for the vital UEFA Europa League, round of 32 match against Copenhagen on Thursday, February 27 (KO: 8pm).


    Additional tickets can be bought by Season Ticket holders on a first come first served basis at the General Sale prices from £42 for adults, from £32 for concessions and from £27 for under-13s.

  17. Guys thanks for the tips for Copenhagen



    It’s for my bhoy and his mates I will pass those tips on.






    D. :)

  18. 79CAPS on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:39 PM


    So Shved’s English isn’t good enough? When Emilio Izzaguire was SPL Player of the Season he could scarcely speak a word of English. And Shved is not trying hard enough in training? Why would he not try hard enough?



    i’m not convinced.






    Shved has not convinced Lenny, Kennedy or Duff. Its that simple. Frimpong was so good in training he was thrust into the first team. There is nothing sinister going on here. Shved isn’t cutting it.

  19. In the scheme of things tomorrow night is massive.


    Never an easy place to go but maybe more open.

  20. It appears that last nights podcast version of bbc sportsound has NOT become available.


    This is very suspicious……exactly what was said and why are they shelving it?


    Did Michael Stewart hit a few raw nerves?




    Maybe he’s been caught lying on his CV



    Sorry, couldn’t resist

  22. Celtic should not go anywhere near the Morelos thing. We could not possibly emerge with any credibility in the wider context. Michael Stewart has done us a turn and credit too him. But there is no value for us in getting into an argument with idiots. There is so much at stake this season, we need to direct all of our energy and resources towards winning football matches.

  23. DAVID66 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:42 PM


    Does anyone know of any spare tickets for Copenhagen away?



    D. :)






    I’m in A8 that night along with the homeys. Tonnes of bhoys in there if Celtic spares is anything to go by. Bought them with a non-UK credit card and simple as that.



    I’ll be the leaping, casually dressed middle aged wavy fella who jumps in the air when Marian Schved scores with a diving header from an Arzani cross.



    Keep em guessing csc

  24. glendalystonsils on

    !!Bada Bing!! on 4th February 2020 5:16 pm



    Provided Sky don’t file it in the same bin as the Boyd letter.

  25. Glen D- long overdue, a statement defending ourselves against the constant lies,95% of which are concocted by you know who….HH