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Newco’s narcotic-type dependency on ever-more-creative PR was illustrated on BBC Radio Scotland last night by Michael Stewart, who highlighted ludicrously false attempted murder stories fed to the newspapers, followed by rushed and selectively edited TV interviews when the truth became apparent.

Meanwhile, every other football club in Scotland goes about their business, where PR prepare information ahead of games, like any normal entity.

On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.

Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.

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  1. Traynor has made an absolute erse of things in the last week.


    However if the stories doing the rounds in deepest Lanarkshire are true, and I believe they are, there is an absolutely heartbreaking twist on the Morelos story that will leave everyone speechless.


    I wouldn’t repeat it in public but half the story will come out this week and the rest is sub-judicial.

  2. I know I’m not allowed to speak of Billy Joel or golf on here,big G said so


    I’m away to euro Disney on Friday with my three grandchildren and they don’t know there going 😉


    A wee extra Christmas surprise 🎄


    I hope the school run and bridies,sausage rolls and the like for everyone turn out good


    Weebawbabity-I hope you’re holiday was good

  3. SAINT STIVS on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 7:58 PM










    NALLY81 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:49 PM



    ‘heartbreaking twist’???….i am intrigued.


    Is he about to move to canada to escape to racism in scotland?

  4. Should Lee Griffiths if he is a member off the Players Union ,be asking his Trade Union Rep to take issue with McFadden and Ferguson and BBC Sportsound

  5. CORKCELT on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:16 PM


    Griff cleared. No case to answer . Apart from that I have been talking away to myself on the old thread.




    I’m not surprised Corkie yir years are stackin up.hh

  6. TIMBHOY2 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:53 PM






    should he have been given the right to defend himself on the bbc program?


    Maybe he or celtic were invited to speak..if so full apologies to shortbread.

  7. Dear visitor – A quick lesson in what thankfully is no longer acceptable in Scotland as we have become, ahem, more enlightened:





















    And what is acceptable:











    Enjoy your visit.

  8. I remember Roy playing at ibroke when big bad John scored our winner,the easiest 1-0 win 🍀

  9. The Media have not changed one bit in the 50 odd years I have attended games.We had it throughout every decade.This onslaught is nothing new.Just take great pleasure in the anguish they are feeling at the moment,and have been since 2012.The pain must be unendurable.

  10. Quite happy to be called any of the 4 words.I always answer with,”Aye,and don’t you ever fekin forget it”.

  11. if and when we eventually do the 9 in a row it


    will be all the sweeter after all that’s going on

  12. SIT DOWN FALLOUT Rangers news: Sky Sports and agent arranged Morelos translator not the Ibrox club


    NALLY81 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:49 PM



    AH know somethin you DDDDDOOOOOOONNNNNNNN:::::TTTT



    I just love people like you.

  14. Will be interesting to find out who supplied Sky Sports with the translation for the Morelos interview.



    Regardless though, Sky has an obligation to get such things right and do their due diligence.



    Their journalistic reputation lies in tatters tonight. I’d be surprised if heads did not roll.

  15. Any business with a PR rep whose statements so consistently backfires as Traynor does, would sack the idiot immediately.



    Sadly, the MSM is awash with idiots of a Sevconian persuasion, only too keen to jump on every rumour, every anti-Celtic snippet they come across and Traynor keeps them well fed.


    These people are so consumed with their bitter hatred of all things Celtic they can’t even see how utterly ridiculous their statements are.



    Even Graham Roberts. I hadn’t realised he didn’t have a brain. I guess I am well out of the loop…


    I just watched that video clip with him claiming that NIAR doesn’t count when Sevco weren’t in the top flight for half of them.


    They actually believe this crap.


    They are certifiable.



    Bada @8:24







    Steady man, our Judith not worth it😱😵



    Life is a trade off I suppose…🙄

  17. In the UK, who are the regulators for such as Sky? Ofcom?



    This is a fairly serious feck up

  18. Traynor and his rats,working the midnight oil, to try and make themselves victims in all this,it’s what they do……

  19. Over the years which opposing players have received the most abuse by Celtic fans?


    When I grew up it was the likes of Strachan and Miller of Aberdeen that got it most. Then Souness and his galacticos including Judas.



    Morelos gets applauded onto the park by us – that seems to have been forgotten about :)


    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:15 PM


    The tart Moreloss was caught with,is close to telling all



    Now you are talking.will she tell what the throat slitting gesture really means.will she tell us how bad is balance really is,KANNY WAIT.

  21. Fairhill Bhoy


    Went last year with 2 of my grandsons – terrific time. Food and drink very expensive but you’ll love it

  22. This would all make sense last week allowing the piggery to accept a ‘cut price’ 7 million bid for morelos from west brom or something like……..keep the lights on


    ‘hounded out of scottish football’ e.t.c blah blah



    But this week all it does is put a spoke in their only glimmer of hope of keeping pace with us.

  23. I just want Celtic to keep their eye on the ball no matter


    whats happening in the press



    take it one game and one win at a time

  24. Bada…….Yip



    And then the genuinely heartbreaking part that’s sub judicial.



    Anyone who makes his wages from the working class and drives a Lamborghini is thick as sh**….. Incidentally, Barcelona players are banned from driving such cars to the Nou Camp.



    If you’re that thick then the people you might associate withmight be

  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Uncle Jimmy – respectfully, forget the regulator.



    Various Broadcasting Acts too slow to react to, and effectively oversee, satellite broadcasters.



    Money talks.



    Just a few hundred cancelled subscriptions from Scotland over a short period will give Sky pause.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  26. BBC



    `Rangers manager Steven Gerrard hopes the racial slurs Alfredo Morelos says he has been subjected to will not drive the striker out of Scottish football.



    Morelos said he has experienced racism both on and off the pitch in Scotland and his manager says the situation should be a national embarrassment.`



    Says it all.