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Newco’s narcotic-type dependency on ever-more-creative PR was illustrated on BBC Radio Scotland last night by Michael Stewart, who highlighted ludicrously false attempted murder stories fed to the newspapers, followed by rushed and selectively edited TV interviews when the truth became apparent.

Meanwhile, every other football club in Scotland goes about their business, where PR prepare information ahead of games, like any normal entity.

On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.

Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.

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  1. Scotland……………………..Like Mikey, should be calling out the hunguffery………….



    Guff, guff, guffffffffff.



    Fat Charlies just the currant patsy.



    The huns just need money and a way of keeping the mouth-breathers onside.



    Where was all the koncern for Neil?



    How come “he brought it aw on himsel”?



    Guff then, guff now.



    Get real, Scotland.




  2. The Story is not Fat Charlie – the story is the Story of Hun-guffery in scoddland, its extent and its strength. Next “twist” – expect the unexpected.



    The Level of orchestration is phenomenal.



    I seriously doubt there’s been any blunders with this basket of “stories”.



    What do thems need and want?






    ‘You are correct mate, your info is clearly very good, and probably from some of the same sources as me.



    A stunning story, with tentacles that go in so many directions. It has everything, and at the heart of it a devastating tragedy … an actual one as opposed to us all sniggering over the NewCo.



    And a PR catastrophe of biblical proportions.’






    This is all very cryptic and enigmatic.



    Which of the following emotions is the story likely to elicit amongst Celtic fans?



    A. Sympathy



    B. Amusement



    C. Guilt







    If more than one answer is appropriate, please rank in order.

  4. To be honest, it seems as if we were only really in the market for a left-winger.



    Atsu and the lad from Utrecht

  5. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Just catching up…



    part of me wonders if Sky have just been guilty of laziness by accepting a translation provided…it will all come out soon.




  6. TIMALOY29 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:04 AM


    To be honest, it seems as if we were only really in the market for a left-winger.



    Atsu and the lad from Utrecht



    Wow! We really blew it then. Somehow we ended up with a defensive midfielder and a striker.

  7. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    AKBW1888 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:56 PM



    Maybe, but was anyone under the impression that Morgan was cutting it?



    Lewis Morgan got a run of games in the first Team Shved has not had a run of matches in the first Team so therefore how can he be fairly judged





    I suppose Morgan earned his right fairly and squarely to a run in the first team by training hard and having the mindset of continuous improvement, even if it didn’t work out for him in the end. [As he lies on a Miami beach awaiting the MLS season to begin, he may question that last bit!]



    Again, it comes down to trusting the manager, who has served Celtic as player and 2 spells as manager, that he knows what it takes to play for Celtic.



    If we let slackers play we return to the early 90s.



    Keep the bar high.




  8. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    DAVID17 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:00 PM



    Shved has not convinced Lenny, Kennedy or Duff. Its that simple. Frimpong was so good in training he was thrust into the first team. There is nothing sinister going on here. Shved isn’t cutting it.









  9. Ernie – without scrolling back, did the posters say half the story would be out mid-week (today?) and the other part was sub-judicial?


    If something is being considered by a judge to do with Morelos or/and newco would it not be in the public domain?


    Can’t think of anything that would be a tragedy and a PR disaster of biblical proportions. If it’s in front of a judge it is a question of law. Drugs? Prostitutes? Abuse? Divorce? Hardly earth shattering even if they are tragic for the people involved.


    Intriguing and I hope it isn’t a PR disaster for us, whatever is being referred to.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BBC: `Rangers manager Steven Gerrard hopes the racial slurs Alfredo Morelos says he has been subjected to will not drive the striker out of Scottish football.



    Morelos said he has experienced racism both on and off the pitch in Scotland and his manager says the situation should be a national embarrassment.`



    He’ll be sold in the summer out of necessity as Celtic go for the ten and was the narrative they were trying to put in play.



    Thankfully it’s been nipped in the bud, but it’s really quite sickening.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    On a related note: if you are unable to attend, how do you watch Celtic away games without giving Sky money?

  12. As other posters have mentioned, we should be in no rush to criticise till we know the facts or as the big yin said..



    ’ Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He’s a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!






    On a related note: if you are unable to attend, how do you watch Celtic away games without giving Sky money?






    Generally, people will do it via illegal streams.



    The other option is to go to the pub. Sky will get their wedge from the pub but at least you will be supporting good Celtic pubs

  14. BOB LOBLAW on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:11 AM



    Wow! We really blew it then. Somehow we ended up with a defensive midfielder and a striker.






    I was meaning after those signings.

  15. Can someone helpfully suggest alternatives that can help me watch Celtic live from englandshire.



    I hate Sky, I never watch the ‘punditry’ before or after and keep the volume down but I need to watch my team and the streaming stuff for me is frankly a frustrating waste of my time and not enjoyable.



    I hold my nose but sadly they do get a portion of my hard-earned crust but I’m all ears to making a difference.

  16. DENIABHOY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:17 AM




    So far all I’ve been able to deduce is that it seems to involve a Taser and an octopus.



    This PI lark isn’t as easy as people make out.

  17. TIMALOY29 on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:46 AM



    Generally, people will do it via illegal streams.



    – They are awful, freeze constantly and bugger up your system with constant attacks.



    The other option is to go to the pub. Sky will get their wedge from the pub but at least you will be supporting good Celtic pubs.



    – I live in an English town and in a pecking order would have no choice of seeing a game beyind their EPL fare.



    Not that easy is it?

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Bob LobLaw on 5th February 2020 9:11 am



    Saw Atsu come on in last night’s game and was far from impressed . Glad we missed him.

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Agreed, dreadful pass behind his team mate when in a chance to score himself or play what should have been a very simple pass




  20. …so the “story” will be blown up ooot………….all proportion….it’ll read like we’ve said that we’ve said theres not a problem with “racism” among our support and then boom, up pops the episode where one guy in row z was reported for uttering a racist comment. boom again – the story in scoddland will be Celtica conflated with “racism” while the huns are konveniently / ignored / excused thur multi-various “ditties”





  21. weebobbycollins on

    Guys…I have been informed of a massive story that is going to break this week. Unfortunately, ah cannae tell ye aboot it. But it is of biblical proportions with big long tentacles that stretch for miles and miles…

  22. BIG WAVY on 5TH FEBRUARY 2020 9:59 AM



    Unfortunately, I think your only option is to keep Sky or get a streaming service.



    The guys who seem more satisfied with their streaming services through IPTV. Normally you have to pay for that and it’s about £12.50 a month or £60 quid for the whole year.



    Effectively you get a box or firestick sent to the house which you plug into your telly

  23. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    …Not that one passage of play should put you off a player but thats just one example, a player who did not look comfortable at all.




  24. Thus far, the narrative seems to have been dominated by all-pervading testicles, not tentacles.



    HH jg

  25. I also know this secret but I am not telling anyone `till everyone knows.






    I would imagine there are a lot of motor mechanics feeling a bit nervous as they work under cars this morning



    Cheerio for now.

  26. Barring a few exceptions, octopuses have eight arms and no tentacles ?


    So this tentacled octopus must be an exception to the rule .


    Mmmmmm emndy else an exception to the rules ?




  27. A spokeswoman for the Marine Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church ,Stella Maris, has angrily denied that any Octopuses have been involved in “the Columbian Affair”……..developing story.



    The Unseen Fenian Tentacle?

  28. weebobbycollins on

    Flipflop, flipflop, flipflop, flipflop, flipflop, flipflop…leaving my car alone, you bastardo Traynor…!

  29. Piss off WBC…..Traynor couldn’t fit under a bridge…..let alone a Lamborghini!




  30. I had a work colleague a few years ago who felt under pressure and told me that he “felt like going and sticking his heid under a bridge!” He did make a habit of these sort of sayings – in the Seville season he expressed his worry that Martin had “all of his chickens in the one basket”.

  31. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Notwithstanding any other issues that Morelos may have, and basically hes been stitched up here as well, but just think if that was a player from further afield in Europe or Asia they might just have got away with it.