Haksabanovic makes no sense until you look deeper


As far as I am concerned, Liel Abada is not getting enough game time.  I understand why Jota is one of the first names on the team sheet and I see the value Daizen Maeda brings, but Celtic seem so much more productive when Adaba is on the field, so talk of Celtic chasing another winger was unexpected.

With James Forrest also in the squad, the wide attacking positions appear fully subscribed.  Jota will play, Abada will continue to develop, Maeda will contribute plenty and Forrest will largely provide cover.  Why then, are we linked to Sead Haksabanovic?

The Swedish-born, Montenegrin international will undoubtedly provide value for whichever club rescues him from his contract at relegated Russian club Rubin Kazan.  Without either Jota and Maeda, you would see the sense, but with both?

The only way this makes sense is if Celtic, three weeks into the season, are already coming under pressure for a prized asset.  Which, itself, actually makes sense.

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  1. Continued from prev post on last thread apologies my bad, called player club’s name glad Paul has done the above. Wiĺl read it now

  2. Rubin Kazan have agreed to sell Sead Haksabanovic to Celtic for less than the €6.5m they paid for him last summer, according to the reliable Vladislav Zimagulov.



    He’ll link up with former teammate Carl Starfelt in Glasgow.

  3. prestonpans bhoys on

    As I said yesterday to use a BR’s expression ‘we already have a million winger’ or close to that

  4. Typical timing 🙈



    BOGNORBHOY on 18TH AUGUST 2022 12:05 PM






    Seen that she should have been shredded , storm overflow and organic matter my arse..






    JACKIEMAC , every day should be a school day😋



    ERNIE LYNCH , think it only brings up articles with key word , not blog posts ..

  5. You can’t score goals with pound notes – keep our best players for at least one more season!

  6. P67 — Confirmation then that AP is having to sweat the assets / squad to get in the quality he needs to fill the gaps we all can see in the starting 11.



    Not grteat



    Was hoping that we would be a buying club this summer.


    With your comments it would suggest that we are going back to trading.



    Interested to see who comes in — standard / pedigree / starting potential / how many



    vs who goes out — how big a gap will they leave / are they desperate to go?



    LA vs JPNF — I will go for LA ending up being the bigger player / star.


    Not much in it now but LA is younger and a better finisher / worldies excepted.



    In the round — if the board are pulling in the purse strings then it is better we sell a valuable asset and fill the gaps we have in the starting 11.



    Just a case we should have a bigger investment budget for this season — we seem to be £10mill light.



    Not good.



    I wonder how incentivised AP is in the player trading game?

  7. So we are just about to play Champions League and the header is more than hinting that Jota or Abada are away.


    Probably Abada as the board would need a bunker to hide in if they sold Jota.


    Players can be bought and sold in the same window but I can’t see it.


    Abada’s pace will see him linked with EPL clubs so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

  8. RK — PL’s new best pals in Russia?



    I hope we get a discount on the new bloke.


    We paid well over the odds for CS — well over the odds.


    Bit like CJ back in the day — 2019 to be exact.


    Bit of a pattern developing.



    Interested to see how all this has been handled in the RK accounts?


    Do they employ selling agents?


    Do they know where G74 is?


    Hopefully not.

  9. The prized asset I assume is JJ ?



    Anyway, my reading of this link is that Ange is aware that he can’t rely on Forrest if Abada picks up an injury. I could be more blunt as regards James but there’s no need.

  10. Who is linking this winger with Celtic?



    The Sun?



    If Jota goes this window they can stick it up their collective arses.




  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    Yeah the search archive engine is for articles, not individuals. Interesting look at previous monikers, think it was bjmac who introduced me to cqn many moons ago. Don’t know when I first posted though.

  12. Sad if JF is now not to be trusted to perform at our level.


    Huge talent who — at the moment — has never quite made it.



    NL — even SB — need to have a good look at themselves for pressurising him to play when obviously unfit / injured.



    At PR inspired JF was a joy to watch.


    Pity that was it.

  13. bournesouprecipe on

    celticmac – madmitch



    Mea Culpa






    Point stands – I’ve seen a decade of CQN I understand why Celtic did what they did i.e. nothing but I’ve never read on here what we should have done in relation to ‘the cheating’ .

  14. OMG he’s back …



    Your Wee FMcC allegations — have you told Father Joe?


    A village holds its breath.

  15. Paul 67,



    I’ve no doubt we are coming under pressure. Watching the Transfer show on TV, I am utterly gobsmacked at the spending madness of the EPL.



    Players i have hardly heard off going for tens of millions.. Players I don’t rate going for ridiculous amounts.



    This pressure will only intensify over the next 14 / 15 days.


    This is an unavoidable consequence of living right next to the richest league in football that seems to want to emulate energy companies.



    I hope the lure of CL football can keep the hounds at bay.






    PS : Will there be political consequences for this football madness. ?????

  16. bournesouprecipe on




    Disappointed if you’re alluding to what some posters think you are.



    James Forrest however, faithful for 13 seasons and happy to be a squad member,



    Scottish Premiership: 2011–12, 2012–13, 2013–14, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20, 2021–22



    Scottish Cup: 2010–11, 2012–13, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19



    Scottish League Cup: 2014–15, 2016–17, 2017–18, 2018–19, 2019–20



    Makes sense to me CSC

  17. BSR @ 12.44



    Ask for the panel / investigation to be reconvened in light of the SC ruling.



    They charged on with the Q+D investigation to keep ahead of the likely outcome.


    The initial tax tribunal rulings were laughable — they would eventually get grown-ups involved.



    While the tax rulings were either TFOD1.0 favourable / still up in the air they had a form of legal cover to their shameful considerations — once that was gone they are left swinging in the wind.



    SPL gave out a tight remit / terms of reference.


    The DOS — Discounted Options Scheme — episode which they admitted was seemingly out of bounds.

  18. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    I expect Mikey and Ajeti to both go on the basis we buy someone to cover both positions……….Ange stated he was looking at players who were versatile.



    According to his profile Haksabanovich plays wing or through the middle………..two for one??

  19. Reports that we’ve agreed a £5 million fee for a new winger – if this is correct then we’re making a major sale next week.

  20. Stx2 @ 12.44



    The big call this summer is still open — do we sell an active player / starter to help fund AP’s need for more quality in the squad?



    I hope we don’t but I think we will.


    Today’s article re-inforces my view.



    What about yourself?

  21. It may be a poster has just said, that it is this fella’s versatility is the reason he has been signed, at least i hope so.



    Imho the inter changing of our players during a game is amazing.



    I fear Paul may be right and fear the bellow might be the case for some of our best players.





  22. If the posts continue in this speculative vein, by the bottom of page 3, Jota will have gone , we will know the exact sum involved , his new club and his new wages. Juranovic will be accompanying Jota and Kyogo will have a host of potential buyers.


    Who needs a negative MSSM?

  23. bournesouprecipe



    The way I look at it is this, as long as BDO continue to issue Notices and Creditors Reports to creditors of Rangers Football Club (RFC 2012) (In Liquidation) then the legal process in ongoing, unlike the Club formed in 1872. Unlike Auldheid and others I do not believe that Celtic FC or Celtic PLC are Party (Legally) to the 5WA, and any questions should be addressed to those that were or are, one of which can be contacted via BDO. Once complete bells will ring.




  24. I doubt you can buy or sell players from/to Russia due to their War with Ukraine,Non Russians in their leagues I was under the impression they were all out of contract or are free agents, if we are buying this guy how come there is a hefty fee?


    If we are selling a first teamer/squad member Big Ange better have given his consent, or we will be looking for a new Manager before the window closes.

  25. DessyBhoy, that’s what I can’t understand as there is no trading with Russia then who are we paying