Halloween in July


At the end of last month, looking ahead to the Miydjitlland tie, I predicted, “a Halloween movie awaits”.  Home and away, Miydjitlland created few chances until late in normal time, when Celtic tired.  They were unable to sustain periods of pressure and will surely not lay a glove on PSV Eindhoven in the next round.  Still, we endure Halloween in July.

The young and inexperienced defenders performed well, this one was not on them.  As did Scott Bain, whose confidence to drop the shoulder before playing a 30-yard forward pass, created our best chance of the game.  He also made two fine saves, which makes me wonder what could have been had we never embarked on our Greek Odyssey.

Callum McGregor’s goal was sublime; he placed rather than blasted his shot, one of the few occasions we tested a keeper who never convinced.  Anthony Ralston reminded us why we had such high hopes for him a few years back, while Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray outperformed expectations.

James Forrest should have put the tie beyond the Danes shortly after coming on but poked his shot wide.  Within seconds, Miydjitlland were level.

Like Celtic, Miydjitlland were short of reinforcements, but started extra time with four substitutes on the field, including an 18-year-old debutant, Victor Lind.  The teenager repeatedly mishit the ball whenever he got near it, but he and the other subs managed to provide what proved to be crucial energy.  Celtic made only the one change, Forrest for Liel Abada, until after they went a goal down in the 94th minute.  When energy sapped from ever-busy Ryan Christie and David Turnbull, the writing was on the wall.

Even though Celtic closed the game unable to pass out of their half, Ange Postecoglou stuck to his game plan.  Teams on their way out of a cup invariably go Route One in the final minutes, not so this time.

I am sure none of us had Champions League expectations; we are not at PSV Eindhoven level, but Europa League group stage qualification is crucial for financial, competitive, coefficient and recruitment reasons.  That would have been achieved with a win last night.  Two qualification rounds now have to be negotiated, you have more fraught evenings ahead.

I remain hopeful the squad we have on 1 September will be significantly better that that available last night.  Whether that will be sufficient to take the Champions League bounty available to this season’s Premiership winners is another story.

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  1. FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 6:54 PM


    SAINT STIVS-my god ,you like to goad






    just eating my t, and cathicn up on earlier posts, is it goading ? taking the lead from another, if you dont put a name on it, its ok to make random staments, cos they aint personal at all.



    i am trying to add value to some of the subjects posted since last nights awful events.



    I tried to join the socres forcaster thing today and didnt work for me either.


    i will do the same as you.



    SFTB maybe others are having problesm.

  2. SAINT STIVS on 29TH JULY 2021 6:54 PM


    Definitely not an SNP thing. It’s a socialist thing. Specifically Trotskyist.




    You ask for something that is entirely reasonable, but which the system cannot deliver because it threatens its existence hence you expose the nature and failings of the system.

  3. ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH JULY 2021 6:55 PM


    David Low @Heavidor· 11h



    ‘They’ve become what we replaced.’






    Refernece to Animal farm and the pigs ?

  4. onenightinlisbon on




    Thanks for your comments. Appreciate the analysis.

  5. IniquitousIV on

    At half time, Larne up 3-1 on aggregate to Danish Super League team sitting one point behind Midtjylland ( after 2 games ). Larne! Yes, Larne! Says it all, really.

  6. Every Celtic Fan I know is hurting & worried right now.


    Our recent past glories & past mistakes are part of our history, what matters is the now & the future.


    Posters, making dozens of similar repetitive negative Posts every day are simply annoying and depressing their fellow Supporters,


    Last night was an Artmedia result but remember after Artmedia we won both the League & Cup that Season.


    Not for a second am I attempting to deflect or trivialize our current situation.


    We are currently in a bad place, but we need to stand together as a Support & back our team win lose or draw.


    Why give the Hun lurkers & infiltraitors (sic) reams of stuff to gloat over.



    We need to give Dom & Ange a reasonable bit of space, on the longer term, the Club needs a total makeover, Director of Football, Coaches, Academy, Signing Policy, Youth Development & yes The Board,



    However in the short term, we need 5 or 6 new signings including a Keeper , 2 Full Backs & a Centre half.


    You build from the back, shut down the sieve and you will win most games.


    To state the obvious we also need to move on the wage thieves & malcontents.



    Can we make big progress this year ? Yes, we can.


    Will we make big progress this year ? I don’t know.



    Personally I will simply enjoy every win we have & every goal we score and I would urge every other Supporter to do the same.



    Life can be a bitch, bad times affect us all at some stage in our lives.


    Celtic is like life, sometimes it breaks your heart but by & large it is a source of joy, friendship, happiness and at times pure exhilaration.


    Keep the Faith.

  7. Anyone got a link to the new centre back in his Celtic top.



    It’s on other boards and they are saying he starts against harts.

  8. ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH JULY 2021 6:58 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 29TH JULY 2021 6:54 PM





    Definitely not an SNP thing. It’s a socialist thing. Specifically Trotskyist.




    You ask for something that is entirely reasonable, but which the system cannot deliver because it threatens its existence hence you expose the nature and failings of the system.






    I get it now, and I think that is covered in the letter – paraphrasing –



    Trust Proposal – give us £23,000,000 worth of shares as a value add (is that perfectly reasonable to the other shareholders ?) and we will then have 25% of the company.



    PLC, haud on to we phone Dermo, ah sorry to interupt you at the horses, ,,,,,,,,,,,



    “whats in it for me ” he says twiddlin the tache.

  9. fairhill bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS-you add plenty value to this place.👍



    You just seem to be up for the fight against anyone that doesn’t share your views.


    And you do enjoy goading 😉


    Enjoy yir t

  10. Saint Stivs on 29th July 2021 6:54 pm



    ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH JULY 2021 6:52 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 29TH JULY 2021 6:45 PM


    Are you aware of the concept of the transitional demand?




    I am not, is it an SNP thing ?





    Certainly not a Unionist thing

  11. IniquitousIV on

    The New Saints of Wales, at half time, up 8-0 on aggregate in the Europa Conference League. That’s the Conference where we are likely headed. Exciting prospect.

  12. PeterLatchfordsBelly on 29th July 2021 6:13 pm



    In the Orwellian world of Celtic Quisling News it’s those calling out failure that require psychological help, not those that applaud it. 🤣





    I loved 9 out of the last 10 years. My psychologist tells me to try to be thankful and to look forward to the future – I think he’s crazy.

  13. IniquitousIV on



    I appreciate your attitude, but if nobody squawks, the Board will do nada, and possibly even then. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, no?



    It is surely not human nature to have a blog with only positive posts in the face of the shambolic downsizing implemented by a duplicitous CEO who blatantly lied to us, and has weaseled his way back in after announcing he was leaving ( but only after season books were sold ). We are being taken for an absolute ride here.

  14. Posters, making dozens of similar repetitive negative Posts every day are simply annoying and depressing their fellow Supporters.




    Every poster is entitled to make their own point in their own post. If others are making similar points, so what? Do we ban them from posting – under what pretext? 0We are all Celtic supporters from diverse lives and backgrounds – our only common denominator is the love of Celtic.



    In a crisis situation is it really so strange that many have similar points to make? Of course not!!



    As far as “depressing” other supporters – I’m sorry, but in a free- world, some will be depressed at what others say, some will be offended by what others say…..in fact some might even be depressed by others telling them that they are/should be, depressed…..there is no crime, only the vagaries of human nature.

  15. Can anyone tell me , what the benefit is to Celtic in having someone on the UEFA board.

  16. THE HISTORY of the British Labour Party and its attitude to Ireland has been one of pride and shame, solidarity and betrayal at different times and among the different political tendencies within that very broad-based party.



    During the rise of democratic politics in Britain in the 19th century, many Irish immigrants and people of Irish descent played a central role, notably Feargus O’Connor, leader of the Chartist movement which struggled for the right to vote and against landlordism and wage slavery. As the trade union and labour movement grew in the late 19th century, the Irish were prominent, as was solidarity with Ireland among some on the Left.



    Irish Land League leader and radical thinker Michael Davitt placed great emphasis on links between Ireland and the British labour movement and addressed meetings throughout the island of Britain in the 1880s and 1890s.



    However, the labour movement in Britain also reflected the imperialism in British society which had seen many, especially craft workers, benefit from imperialist exploitation of peoples across the world. Anti-Irish racism was also reflected in Labour ranks. The conservatism of the British-based trade unions, as well as the desire for an independent Irish trade union movement, was one of the main reasons for the establishment of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union by Jim Larkin in 1909. There was solidarity from Britain with the Dublin workers in the 1913 Lockout but it fell short of what was required.



    During the Black and Tan War, many in the British Labour Party condemned atrocities by the crown forces and the work of the party’s delegation which visited Ireland at that time was important in bringing international attention to the Irish people’s plight. By and large, it was all downhill after that.





    The lowest point was reached during the 1974-1979 Labour Government which intensified repression in the Six Counties, treated republican prisoners in England appallingly (hunger strikers Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg died in English prisons under Labour Home Secretary Roy Jenkins), built the H-Blocks and imposed the policy that led to the 1981 Hunger Strike and the death of 10 republican hunger strikers.



    The 1981 Hunger Strike had a significant influence on many on the left of the British Labour Party. Interviewed in An Phoblacht in 1983, the leader of the Greater London Council (GLC), Ken Livngstone, said:



    “The Hunger Strike was really a response to the sort of politics followed by the Labour Government and flowed from that sudden determination from the Labour right-wing, who were completely under the thumb of the military advisers on policy in Ireland, to decide to try and break the IRA. The Hunger Strike was like a shock wave coming back.



    “There was amazement amongst a lot of ordinary Labour Party members to suddenly see, first, Bobby Sands win, then Owen Carron, then Sinn Féin people like Gerry Adams and Danny Morrison get elected, and it has really forced them to think about Ireland for the first time.”



    In February 1983, Ken Livingstone and fellow Labour Councillors Cathy Bundred and Steve Bundred accepted an invitation from Sinn Féin and visited Belfast. There was more hysteria from the British press, a typical headline being the Daily Star’s ‘Red Ken in the Den of Hate’. The depth of conservatism on Ireland within the British Labour Party was shown by the reaction of Labour Party leader Michael Foot — generally otherwise regarded as a left-wing figure — who said he did not think Livingstone understood that “Sinn Féin is a terrorist organisation”.



    Itiswhatitis Ernie CSC

  17. SCULLYBHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 7:24 PM




    Who did Sinn Féin invite from the SNP?

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs – thank you for info re Trust “share strength”.



    Looks like they are still scrambling with very, very low numbers ….



    … which is disappointing.

  19. FAIRHILL BHOY on 29TH JULY 2021 7:04 PM


    SAINT STIVS-you add plenty value to this place.👍







    You just seem to be up for the fight against anyone that doesn’t share your views.





    And you do enjoy goading 😉





    Enjoy yir t






    Its a Port thing.



    If we ever meet you will clock why i only do my fighting on line. wet paper bags and all that.

  20. PHILBHOY @ 7:02 PM,



    Here’s an interview with Carl Starfelt – he should be ready to go…















    Hope he starts on Saturday, he seems to have a great attitude – a bit of PC Lustig about him. If he grows into a Johan I’ll be more than happy.



    Hail Hail

  21. Let’s look at it logically, I’m getting the impression many fans feel we just need a few players in and we’re good to go. Ohh I wish it was that easy. In 2 years we have plummeted at a horrific rate of knots. Look at the squad now and 2 years ago. We have to stop the downward spiral before we improve.



    Now correct me if I’m wrong but our plan is buy more players with the same failed recruitment team, instrumental in our regression. Keep the same failed coaches (Kennedy and Strachan).


    Bring in a coach inexperienced at this level and a massive risk and we’ll start improving. That plan will see us fall further, guaranteed.



    Is it just me who sees that as bonkers?



    St Stivs – thank you for info re Trust “share strength”.







    Looks like they are still scrambling with very, very low numbers ….







    … which is disappointing.






    Purely personal opinion, I think they aim to high. Their website is very informative, and their aspirations are to get enough voting power to force itesm onto the AGM agenda.



    I kinda think (and maybe they do do this), they need allies amonst the biggest voting blocks, someone to do a Tom Devlin and break the voting pacts.



    Read up on thier ambitions, and other than a hostile takeover I cant see how we progress.

  23. The Sinn Féin MP team met with SNP Westminster leader @Ianblackford_MP and Martin Docherty Hughes at Westminster today to discuss Brexit, language rights and campaigns for referendums on Irish unity and Scottish independence.



    · Jan 7, 2020·



    Itiswhatitis EL CSC

  24. Chairbhoy on 29th July 2021 7:35 pm



    Apologies Scullbhoy, hadn’t seen your posts…


    Hail Hail





    He looks, and sounds, like a good addition.






    We are building for the future.

  25. IV,



    got your Jinky cutting, its on my work laptop now.


    On seeing the pic i kInda remembered the story being in the paper.



    Playing fitba with him, is one thing, but getting to run him home and share stories, that is brilliant.

  26. Corkcelt at 7:02



    I agree with much of what you write. Regarding this point –


    “Posters, making dozens of similar repetitive negative Posts every day are simply annoying and depressing their fellow Supporters”


    I would suggest many posters are boring and repetitive to those with whom they don’t agree. I may even be so bold as to suggest those who were happy at the start of last season and appear equally compliant now could be accused thus.


    Personally, i welcome any and all posts. Personal insults and nicknames are not the best, though I exercise complete discretion over which posts I read.


    Good post otherwise

  27. fairhill bhoy on

    SAINT STIVS-when we meet I will get the first few in .


    Just to apologise 😉

  28. glendalystonsils on

    GEEBEE1978 on 29TH JULY 2021 7:17 PM


    Any news on Buta? Has he actually signed or are we haggling?




    Naw , we’re waiting until he grows a bit .

  29. Saint Stivs on 29th July 2021 7:28 pm



    A new one for me, belter as it says.




    Celtic Curio




    Excellent photo of both Jock Stein and Bobby Collins.


    Taken at Inverclyde Training Centre, Largs on Jock Stein’s first day in the Scotland job Flag of Scotland


    Ex Celtic teammates Four leaf clover






    Love it! Still love being a Celtic supporter (I am what is called ‘A Happy Clapper’ and a ‘Lawwellite – still think it is a low-calorie beer and seemingly sit at the back / front? of the bus). Oh well, I have had my look in on CQN and now off to watch some TV. Hope to wake up to some good signings tomorrow, but Celtic are stuck plying their trade in Scotland, so I will be realistic.



    Chillpill CSC Night all.