Halloween in July


At the end of last month, looking ahead to the Miydjitlland tie, I predicted, “a Halloween movie awaits”.  Home and away, Miydjitlland created few chances until late in normal time, when Celtic tired.  They were unable to sustain periods of pressure and will surely not lay a glove on PSV Eindhoven in the next round.  Still, we endure Halloween in July.

The young and inexperienced defenders performed well, this one was not on them.  As did Scott Bain, whose confidence to drop the shoulder before playing a 30-yard forward pass, created our best chance of the game.  He also made two fine saves, which makes me wonder what could have been had we never embarked on our Greek Odyssey.

Callum McGregor’s goal was sublime; he placed rather than blasted his shot, one of the few occasions we tested a keeper who never convinced.  Anthony Ralston reminded us why we had such high hopes for him a few years back, while Stephen Welsh and Dane Murray outperformed expectations.

James Forrest should have put the tie beyond the Danes shortly after coming on but poked his shot wide.  Within seconds, Miydjitlland were level.

Like Celtic, Miydjitlland were short of reinforcements, but started extra time with four substitutes on the field, including an 18-year-old debutant, Victor Lind.  The teenager repeatedly mishit the ball whenever he got near it, but he and the other subs managed to provide what proved to be crucial energy.  Celtic made only the one change, Forrest for Liel Abada, until after they went a goal down in the 94th minute.  When energy sapped from ever-busy Ryan Christie and David Turnbull, the writing was on the wall.

Even though Celtic closed the game unable to pass out of their half, Ange Postecoglou stuck to his game plan.  Teams on their way out of a cup invariably go Route One in the final minutes, not so this time.

I am sure none of us had Champions League expectations; we are not at PSV Eindhoven level, but Europa League group stage qualification is crucial for financial, competitive, coefficient and recruitment reasons.  That would have been achieved with a win last night.  Two qualification rounds now have to be negotiated, you have more fraught evenings ahead.

I remain hopeful the squad we have on 1 September will be significantly better that that available last night.  Whether that will be sufficient to take the Champions League bounty available to this season’s Premiership winners is another story.

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  1. Newsnow Celtic



    Is it just me or does no one else give a shit about what Neil Lennon thinks what the fans should think what the fans should expect next?

  2. 7 @ 10.33



    A period of dignified silence from NL would do everybody a power of good.



    His lack of self awareness is turning him into a caricature.



    I fear he will not have a real job for quite some time.

  3. The Celtic Trust & its Drive for 5%



    Celtic have just over 28,000 shareholders, of which only 1200 ever use their votes


    Taking out the top ten shareholders


    Or those that vote


    There is over 26000 small shareholders holding around 24% of the total club shareholding


    The fact 24% of votes are NOT being used in turn gives Dermot a majority shareholding for votes


    Breaking this down further


    There is over 12500 small shareholders with over 500 shares, holding around 22% of the total shareholding,




    The Trust with over 1200 members, has much less than a 0.5% shareholding, this does not include members own shareholding or proxy votes.


    Drive for 5%, is a crowdfunding initiative, to raise funds, to allow the Trust to initially. Contact the 12000 small Shareholders, and both encourage them to re-Engage with their shareholding, if wanted register their email with the Trust to keep in contact, potentially proxy their shares for the Trust use them on AGM votes etc, if minded join the Trust.


    Gaining a 5% total shareholding ( through proxy ) of votes, allows the Trust to have a significant say in Celtic, can hold the board to account, can call an EGM etc.


    Important thing is having shareholders reconnect with their shares and use their voting options.



    Hope that makes sense

  4. Clunks…………….



    Me too……..that wee nyaff has much previous.


    Really enjoyed that………



    Shortie will lead the broadcast equivalent of the cracked crest crusade………



    Whatever happens we’ll doubtless have difficulties and success but some are in awfy rush to have us and ours “catastrophied”




  5. MM






    I loved and still love the man…..but…


    He’s responsible for where we are and I don’t need him now to tell our new man how to rechristened mistakes….

  6. CLUNKS on 29TH JULY 2021 10:24 PM


    love Ange ripping into the bbc churnalist who described the resukt as a catastrophe




    Its not even august yet




    Chill the feck out






    There’s a mischievous element in the media out to up the ante on Celtic.



    Tom English is his piece described this year as worse than the previous 3 failures.



    This is clearly drivel. This year we were in the non champions route and had a huge ask to make it to the groups.



    Last night was not a disaster or a catastrophe, should we make the Europa then last night will matter little.



    The frustration is that we could have secured the Europa already but now need to do it the hard way.



    Get the players in, win our league games and qualify for the Europa and the season is off to a good start.

  7. Not sure how many more players will come in during the next 4/5 weeks?


    Not sure how many will go out and who will they be — deadwood or money making transfers?



    However given the number that we have pushed out the door we desperately need numbers in.


    That then brings up the issue of bringing in SPL players — who should / could we go for?



    We definitely missed a trick by not bringing in 4 or 5 squad fillers.


    There would have been the usual howls that they were not good enough.


    But not good enough for what standard — last season we were as a team shockingly bad.


    Now that we have some proper coaching the possibility of developing players becomes credible.



    However that ship has sailed and the CL is now next year’s dream.


    Any players we could bring in from the SPL vs players we could bring in from the Danish mob?



    The squad is paper thin at the moment.


    JH is a start but we need more than him.

  8. NORRIEM on 29TH JULY 2021 10:37 PM



    made absolute sense and recalls Low 1993 scouring the shareholding list to find the old lady in ireland and canada and america long lost shareholders who proxied to the families because they did not know or lost interest.



    that the missing 13% shareholders take no part in actually “owning” celtic, having only bought shares in 94 is the most bizarre thing for me.

  9. We definitely missed a trick by not bringing in 4 or 5 squad fillers.



    duffy, laxalt, kenny, and ?

  10. The usual suspects are aw aboooot spreadin’ fear and anxiety among Timdom.


    Some are gloatin’ sleekit huns, some morbid flounce-prone dummy-chuckers and some genuine Tims just wanting whats best for the Club…



    make yer own mind up on the who’s who…..



    It’s a cliche buy we rarely see things the way they are but mostly we see things the way we are.



    MeIncluded CSC

  11. mitchy.


    you sound as tho your stuck in your own ideological pigeonhole,fully sphincter controlled.lol wish we could meet for a pint,face to face,like Celtic fans do.


    but you wont.



    toatytrumper/ex moaist/accountancy is this your latest pigeonhole?(have you tried-smarter than me,its there haha)


    ayn rand etc that second part of your post is meant to be scattergun offensive?just comes across as a shite fake tag being confused while gleaning poorly.



    is that tonights cumbie nonsense? still finding that funny lol.



    ýou take care now,worried bout you 🤣





  12. I started a wee search on scotlands people website for former celtic owners or directors that actually went to saint als.



    and then checked saint als alumini.



    suprisingly (for me anyways) they dont include any Keltic Konnections.



    If they produced great people for celtic, they aint advertising it as a way of getting new recruits.




    how you doing Jack ?

  14. Greenpinata



    I see crc has already informed you of the PayPal option. If anyone is donating money via PayPal be sure to let crc know it is for Sean’s trust.



    Guess who has forgotten to make his own donation as yet? I’m a notorious eejit





    An Tearman- We obviously have plenty who have donated but are not playing and that’s fine with all of us. I will co-ordinate with Marc soon and announce the prize pot for when the action is underway.



    Thanks again to everybody

  15. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    ” what’s happened to your club Mick ?


    That question came from a Leeds supporter parent down at our


    soccer facility last night.


    ” they seem to be slipping into obscurity ”


    So ire up now ” Ok then how many Leeds tops do you see down here ?


    ” None ”


    ” And how many hoops tops do you see ”


    ” Quite a few ”


    ” Not exactly obscurity is it?


    Conversation over.


    Almost spring here, now for the GREEN shoots of recovery.


    H.H. Mick

  16. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    Still waiting for that beer date!







  17. Toaty Trumper @ 11.05



    So you are not owning up to your dalliance with accountancy then?



    Plus no updates or comments on Monetarism — was hoping you had something credible to say?



    Progressive politics — past / present / future — more silence.



    Comments on DD / The Irish Raj or PL / second rate property bean counter — again none.



    If you don’t want to talk about football then why get involved with CQN?



    Strange / Strange / Strange.



    Oh well — now back to watching the latest B team game.


    Poor StU keeper — got done up like DM.


    Even better finish.










    Still waiting for that beer date!




















    weans get their degrees though all this ?

  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    You do know that “Bend it like Bertie” is on at Websters







  20. I did not, need to get it worked out how to go.



    On a personal level, in recovering during illness, and despite sad news on the night.



    yourself and BRTH at the Bend it like Brattback event,






    Keep it lit bud



    need to get to bed



    piloting that early flight from GLA to AMS in the morning 6:05.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    NorrieM – thank you for further info re Celtic Trust’s drive for 5%.



    Very interesting.



    Am still bemused by their lack of traction.

  22. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    That’s me and Wee BGFC both signed up and sorted for now and Jan – – best to do that now because we both have minds like seives :-))



    Now I just need to work out what’s the game all about (I’ve got a feeling we’ll have the default pick half the time).



    HH folks – and God bless.



    BGFC and WeeBGFC (now 18, and just passed all his first year exams at Strathclyde – still a daftie but)

  23. quadrophenian on

    GEEBEE1978 on 29TH JULY 2021 7:17 PM


    Any news on Buta? Has he actually signed or are we haggling?





    Seeing our desperation for talent, it’s v likely that he – and every agent/accountant/adviser – is also ‘haggling’ whenever they speak to Celtic. I’d guess not all their demands are realistic either.





    Separate point:


    You know, despite us Celtic fans’ pain at seeing us again fall at the first big Euro hurdle, I console myself there are some worse off than ourselves: like Huns logging onto an opposing team’s fan site – day-after-day – to try to get some cheap jollies trying to sew disaffection and discord while not making themselves known as sevvies.


    Operating anonymously and not stepping up to back their real allegiance – kinda like they did when their club died in 2012. When I see the usual culprits I think how sad their wee lives must really be – where the highlight of the day is to do some cowardly trolling.



    Wee Leigh’s not done a lot right of late, but I’ll always remember his classic airport line “Yer club’s deid mate”




  24. Sláinte Ange on

    Allegedly, Watford will make a move for St Mirren’s 24-year Republic of Ireland midfielder Jamie McGrath if they fail in their efforts to sign Scottish 21-year-old Lewis Ferguson from Aberdeen.

  25. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Burnley 78



    You previously mentioned that Eddie Howe was not “man enough” to take the Celtic job, and I reached out you to you as an employer of a business to say is that a reasonable way to treat people that don’t agree with you? You did not respond. Maybe this is something you should reflect on? Anyway, I hope our team makes a good progression. “Rolling stone”, suggests a bit of a childish response and lack of respect for posters that have different views.







  26. I expect some one line troll along in a moment to say



    Burnley 78



    Aye but

  27. Melbourne Mick on

    What a great post from BURNLEY 78, put in such a way that most


    true Celtic supporters will understand and empathise with.


    Everybody has a moan now and again and the constant arguments


    on here aren’t caused by differing opinions, but by the same constant


    narrative by usual half dozen trolls and those who can’t see through


    their agenda, in saying that, is it a half dozen ? or just the two with


    multiple monikers ?


    H.H. MICK

  28. Brendan Rodgers knew what he wanted – to modernise the club bringing in sports scientists, analytics folk and the like. But he never got the key ingredient – the right players – and he knew he never would, so he left. It all quickly reversed after NL came in as his replacement. Ange seems to be a continuation in terms of philosophy of Brendan Rodgers and will need to start from scratch more or less to implement the philosophy but he too is likely to face the same hurdles mainly in terms of player recruitment and he still has no sports science or analytics people as far as we know and still has the coaches from the previous regime. And if the philosophy is to be sustained it does require regular CL football and the income it brings in, selling top players who have developed considerably for top prices at at the right time i.e. before they down tools for not having been let go. CL has to be the benchmark, not SPFL.


    Fans to have to understand what it all means but many won’t be able to as they suffer from a kind of debilitating nostalgia, i.e. I note recent calls to bring back Eric S, M Lustig, C Gordon even, although we wanted rid of them in the latter part of their contracts here. Some even want Roy Keane or WGS in the mix somewhere. I am in my 70s but have a young progressive mind. Some fans already writing off players that we know little about but have been told they can be developed into good players with good coaching. So we need to be convinced they will get good coaching. The younger fans’ (chronologically or psychologically) voice is even more important than ever. Is it represented by the Celtic Trust? If it is please make sure that it gets heard. Don’t accept put downs from the likes of Bankier and smoke and mirrors fromDD.



    If we have a rush of loan players at the end of the transfer window know that we are doomed to fail. Usually they haven’t played for ages and why would they want to do all the really hard work on and off the field to fit into Ange’s philosophy? And it means we still haven’t found a way to make the B team something useful.

  29. Sláinte Ange on

    Just finished watching USA v Qatar in the Gold Cup. Can someone explain how Qatar can participate in a tournament for North & South American teams? I wonder how much they paid?


    USA hacked and cheated their way to the final. The referee was far too lenient with them for far too long. Whoever they meet in the final, I hope they get gubbed!

  30. Another point: looking at the list of teams that have put us out of CL and EL competitions early on reveals:



    (i) We had better players for the most part but had defensive frailties which they exploited


    (ii) bigger budget


    (iii) generally bossed the game ( the opposition took (i) into account and allowed us to boss the game relying on counter attack or set plays – the smart thing to do in the circumstances


    (iv) we were let down by defensive frailties, weak strikers and lack of fitness despite (i)



    Of course the managers, coaches and players can take some of the blame but did the manager get the players he wanted? No, and that’s because of the board. The board has left us unprepared for the last four years at least.

  31. If Joe Hart is a contender for no. 1 GK then surely it is evidence that Ange is not calling the shots. Joe Hart won’t fit into Ange’s system of playing it out at the back. He is not good with his feet. There must be better/more appropriate out there.