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  1. VP – Yes he is having a quiet Christmas and New Year and hopefully if we beat the Huns the big mhan will give us some laughs when he is back on.



    Also yes the bin men are ok up here it’s the collection rota that’s fecked and at christmas there should be extra collections.


    We have moved to 3 weeks but no reduction in price for the reduction of service. Anyway its trivial pish I suppose.


    Think I will burn all my rubbish in a big drum like steptoe and son.



    D :)

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    Morning folks,



    A lovely day for a wee stroll in the countryside, fresh snow crumpling beneath the boots. If you can, get out there and fill your head with the scenes. I’ll be heading down DBBIA country shortly, Woodycleuch Dod and Snowgill in my sights.



    I’m sure most folk will have seen the reports from London and the South East as regards the increasing rates of new Covid-19 infections. At the last count – with data from 5 days ago – the rate of new infections was in excess of 800 per 100,000 per week. Some boroughs in and around London are running in excess of 1400.



    To put that in some perspective, prevalence in Scotland last week was 120. When the rate in Glasgow and Lanarkshire reach 400 at the end of October it caused a ‘Code Black’ status in the NHS in November.



    The rate in the south east will continue to climb in the coming week or two as the consequences of Christmas and New Year socialising is seen in the testing data. The impact on the capacity of the NHS to cope will be severe, and we can only guess at the scale of it. My ill-informed guess is somewhere between March in Bergamo and winter in Hell.



    Because London is connected to every part of the UK by business and family, whatever happens there will radiate out to most other parts of the country, particularly given the Christmas family tradition. You may have seen the ‘superspreading event’ that was St Pancras station the night before London was put into Tier 4.



    Scotland has been managing infection rates better than elsewhere, but the likelihood is that this one won’t miss us, and indeed, prevalence here has been increasing in every mainland area for the past two weeks. The pattern previously has been a slow steady increase followed by a rapid escalation, and the signs are we are getting closer to that rapid stage.



    One of the lesser reported aspects of the illness is the lag between becoming infected and the onset of symptoms. It’s about 6 days on average. However they become infectious to other people on day 3 or 4, and thus are oblivious to the risk they pose to family, work colleagues and casual contacts in the interim. You can see an example of it Here



    Added to the delay in onset of symptoms is the test turnaround time. Folk book a test when their symptoms appear – day 6 or 7 – they get a test the next day – day 8 – and the result is returned on average within 2 days in Scotland and 3.5 days in England – day 10 or 11, and reported the following day, day 11 or 12.



    As a result, new cases reported today were probably first infected almost two weeks ago. We’re looking at the infection as it was in the week before Christmas, and not in the real-time days following it. As a result, it takes around two weeks from the implementation of new measures before their effect is seen in the rate of new infections. In the meantime the numbers continue to rise, and the number of those requiring hospital treatment continues to increase in the week following.



    Added to this is whatever impact socialising at Christmas will have. As explained above and in the linked graphic, those infected on Christmas Day will be at peak infectiousness on New Year’s Eve, but be completely unaware of it. Whoever they choose to spend Hogmanay with may have an unhappy new year.



    None of this factors for the reportedly more infectious new strain of the virus.



    If you have any influence on your family members, please do encourage them to cancel any Hogmanay plans. Stay at home.



    Add all of this into the mix, and we can expect January in the UK to exceed the peak of late March/early April in all measures. We can also expect restrictions to be tightened, but too late to head off what looks inevitable, certainly down south.



    And all of this at the very time that we have three vaccines developed, but in the face of this new wave insufficient time to manufacture and distribute.



    What has any of this got to do with football chat on a football blog? Well, aside the small matter of the health of you splendid bhloggers, the many lurkers and their family members, is the fate of the league title.



    Northern Ireland has already shut down professional sport for the next six weeks. I notice the Man City match was cancelled at short notice last night. More will follow as bubbles are burst. January may see the card wiped out irrespective of what the weather brings.



    Will the SPFL be able to complete the full schedule? I’d say the odds were lengthening on a completed league season. If the title is decided on the same points-per-game basis as last season, where do we stand?



    About the only thing any of us can do to give Celtic the best possible chance of retaining the title – this season of all seasons – is to Stay Safe. Do whatever we can, and exert whatever influence we have, to limit the spread of the virus.



    Hence this rambling, incoherent drivelling.






    And apols for the inevitable typos in the above. I’m late for my stroll and don’t have time to proof read it.

  3. ` Hence this rambling, incoherent drivelling.`



    Far from it. An excellent piece which the Government would do well to `borrow`.


    Stroll time for me as well.


    Cheerio for now.




    You are obviously well informed about this wretched virus, and I do not underestimate this pandemic.



    I assume you have also seen the statistics about how many people under 60 with no underlying conditions that have succumb to the virus.



    Under freedom of information, I also assume you know the statistics of how many people have actually died from Covid rather than after testing positive for Covid in the last 28 days.



    I do not mean to devalue or disrespect anyone or anything, however what if we apply the 28 day criteria to everything.


    E.g. If a person unfortunately dies within 28 days after taking the vaccine, should cause of death be attribubital to the vaccine ?.



    Again thankyou for your learned posts.



    Cheers and HH.




    Thanks for your excellent post. Fingers crossed and prayers offered up that people will be sensible at New Year and that the toll from Christmas won’t be as bad as expected. I hope that everyone on here and their families remain COVID free. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. A win tomorrow bhoys and keep momentum going.



    Then let’s talk about the Huns game.



    I feel a 4 or 5-1 coming up for us.



    D :)

  7. BB et al,



    If you are feeling down in the dumps or fed up listening to others ( me ) talking trash; Dawsholm recycling centre is open until 15.30 hrs as normal.




  8. GREENPINATA on 29TH DECEMBER 2020 11:11 AM



    “ I do not mean to devalue or disrespect anyone or anything, however what if we apply the 28 day criteria to everything.



    E.g. If a person unfortunately dies within 28 days after taking the vaccine, should cause of death be attribubital to the vaccine ?.”






    As a Scot I would not like to disparage the efficacy of Irn Bru but if I had a glass of Irn Bru for the very first time and died within 28 days, should the cause of death be attributable to the Irn Bru?



    What about corned beef?




    Exactly. The data collection methodology is misleading.




  10. Jack and Arfield out for game on Saturday, don’t be surprised if Sevco get a Covid outbreak and get the game cancelled

  11. glendalystonsils on

    GENE on 29TH DECEMBER 2020 11:38 AM


    85% of men die with their trousers on – therefore….,………..



    And 95% of cowboys die with their boots on .

  12. Greenpinta,


    The figures about Covid related deaths,are based on the 28 day period,as we know.That is not the only computation.They measure the past 5 years deaths to take an average of how many extra have died at this time.Going by these figures,the death rate is a lot higher than the past 5 years.In fact,the figures for Covid deaths could be a lot higher than the official figures.

  13. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Four reasons why Christie needs dropping:



    1. Poor in the collective press – never seems to know when to stop and hold the line, too eager to chase the ball leaving others in MF to get dragged out of position to cover his space.



    2. Gives away too many free kicks in opposition attacking third, further exposing our weaknesses at set pieces.



    3. Pot shots galore! Probably at NL’s instruction as NL has said he wants his team to take more shots. But likely success rate of goal is very low – somewhere between 2-5%. Instead this breaks up fluidity in our possession and build up play.



    4. His delivery at set pieces has been very poor this season in particular.



    Time to drop Christie for Wed/Saturday.

  14. Anyway,when are we going to see Paddy Roberts back.He is the boy for packed defences we continually face.


    No matter what anyone thinks,we are missing Jamesy.His goals,and assists.Probably not back until March,playing.We need good width,and unfortunately,wee Jeremy is far too wasteful going forward.


    Get him signed.