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  1. The tv picture doesn’t do the weather justice.It is absolutely howling here in Hamilton.And getting worse

  2. almost 1-0 – shot looked like it was going in , Eduard defected closer to keeper. Eduard has 3-4 players around him as he looks to dribble – if he looks up we have players free – he needs to me less selfish.



    please take christie off – his form for a month is simply not acceptable.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Couldn’t score in the proverbial barrel.



    No width. Hamilton Reserves pack the box and allow Taylor and Frimpong all day to hit the first man. Christie is rotten. Who lets him take the set pieces?💩



    Get him aff and Mikey J on.



    Lennon will probably leave it till 85 mins…

  4. Eddy’s missed a load of sitters recently.



    Christie is just plain crap.



    Who picks these guys?

  5. In general .


    We concede too many and don’t score enough.



    Maybe we should spend tens off millions on forwards and defenders .




  6. its not longer Christie thats the problem – its Lennon for not seeing it and accepting this level of performance from a midfielder. He shoots wildly when the pass is on, his distribution is poor and he traverses along the pitch getting in way of the other midfielders.



    this could be settled by a set piece.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    Christie reading his own press. Sell him in January, Peter could do with the cash anyway…

  8. Christie, McGregor and Turnbull giving an abject lesson on how not to brake down a packed defence.




    horrible pitch, horrible weather, horrible strip, horrible performance,..merry xmas

  9. poor poor conditions but the same for our performance.


    Ajer set the tone in the first few minutes passing ball sideways when Bitton was under pressure.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Let’s not forget that despite the conditions, Hamilton have 8 first team regulars missing.

  11. Christie has been a disgrace for weeks, plays for himself.


    Griffiths scores early on and it’s a different game.


    Get Bitton off before he gets sent off and MJ for Christie

  12. ONIL



    Who is gonny buy him?



    Just get rid of him in any way possible.



    He’s told the club he wants a “fresh challenge”.



    Why is he even in the first team SQUAD?



    Only lennon can tell us that.

  13. How many games have we seen like this… Some decent football but just something lacking….. If Griffiths scores in a couple of minutes it would be 3 or 4…… Sometimes it’s just not meant to be…..

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    ST TAMS on 26TH DECEMBER 2020 3:55 PM



    Get Bitton off before he gets sent off and MJ for Christie



    You can just see it…

  15. Turnbull showed some encouragement in fist game, but has done little since.



    How Tom Rogic ant get into that midfield is beyond me

  16. Guff!!!


    What is it wi boydichenkos stance…legs apart innat. Is it to make him look powerful??

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Game management?



    44 minutes Frimpong spins the already booked full back.



    Guy has lost the position and is grappling Jeremie.



    If JF grapples back (to continue the contact between an attacking player in a good position and a defending player in a bad one) and then falls down …..



    …. that’s the cue for four other Celts to scream and rush the ref.



    And he is off.



    Celtic are the only team I see that do NOT deploy this tactic.




  18. do we really need to play with 2 centre backs against nobody up front , just makes it easy for ayer to pass sideways

  19. We should be in front. Griff and Eddie should have scored.



    Eddie in particular is very frustrating – I’d love to see him much more direct and forceful in his play. Side footing from the 6 yard box needs to be replaced with a drive from the 6 yard box.



    If he gets more on that cross in injury time it hits the back of the net. Instead he diverts it to the keeper.



    Big 45 in store. They’ve something to hold on to now. We’ve seen this movie before this season.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Has anybody got a pair of binoculars to see if this corner we’re meant to be turning is anywhere in sight ?

  21. I think the pitch is perfect for these conditions – would rather a wet flat surface than a muddy bumpy Celtic Park for that matter

  22. Philbhoy


    What makes it worse is that we spent circa £7 m plus more millions on wages on Klimala and Ajeti and they are poorer than Eddy.



    Who have we recruited has proven to be an adequate replacement for those that we have sold or have left?



    Lennon for Rodgers


    Taylor for Tierney


    Elyounoussi for Sinclair


    Barkas for Forster.



    Our recruitment is abysmal.



    Truly shocking .



    I could greet.




  23. Ah come on. We should be out of sight. When will our team click into gear. Lots of chances but even our dynamic duo can’t find the net.



    Still think a 4-0 victory is possible. But really should have been looking at 6-0.

  24. prestonpans bhoys on

    If you were able to go to the game, it’s one you look at your ticket stub and think why did I pay £28 for this😵

  25. don’t want to hear about tough conditions and a win being all that matters.



    Hamilton are awful and have 8 first team players missing.



    This was an opportunity to dent the goal-difference.

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