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  1. DD wants the huns back aye, Peter and Neil doing what he wants. No other reason for both men to constantly fail and not get moved on.



    It’s suits the plc.




  2. nice 5 mins of play – including christie – 2nd wave resulted in a goal with a great flick from Eduard to griff

  3. Mind you we’ve been to up before……………………………..



    Help ma boab!



    Time for a drink!

  4. Much better. Soro and Turnbull in the middle. Eddie and Griff upfront. This isn’t hindsight. Set up like this after the Ferencvaros game and 10IAR is on…

  5. Eddie and Griff have linked well.



    Not sure about Christie.



    We’re looking more like ourselves game by game.

  6. I don’t think we have thumped anyone this season.



    Its been tight or we’ve conceded with every attack it feels like.