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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Widden legs, glass eye,s and hugemungus? You never complained the last time:_)



    Bada, always behaving pal. Trying to sort out my alarm system and still doing a wee bit of work while Im over. So thats keeping me out of trouble. Off to Cartagena once I get my alarm sorted.



    Missing out on the hootenanny on sat though:_(




  2. BMCUW at 9.26am



    email sent re info for Hootenaney this coming Saturday, hope to make it along




  3. NatKnow



    Haha Oldtimer as in CQN years:))



    Tony is a very decent man and I did really want him to succeed with us, wasn’t to be, in that respect Ronny has had a very decent start to his Celtic career.



    As we saw yesterday in his interview he already knows what he’s up against with the media which must be strange for him coming from outside to see that agenda against the country’s champions:))






  4. antipodean red on




    I’m doing great at the moment in the nanny state, had the wee fat hun at work telling me that they were as good as St J, their heads are starting to pop up again, you planning to be back in Oz anytime soon?






    I’m in Karratha most of the time, was hot last week, high 30’s in September, watching the high temps all around the country this early in the year, need to try to catch up with you soon.



    Sydney Tim,



    Cool over here today but heading back up towards low 30’s by the weekend, you guys getting it hot now. Not been in Sydney for a couple of years, maybe November, depends on work.

  5. GREENPINATA on 5TH OCTOBER 2015 10:23 AM


    My friends in Celtic,




    Saying that I hope that Ronny gets 5 years.



    …Seems a bit harsh….:)

  6. STARRY PLOUGH on 5TH OCTOBER 2015 10:39 AM






    Haha Oldtimer as in CQN years:))



    Tony is a very decent man and I did really want him to succeed with us, wasn’t to be, in that respect Ronny has had a very decent start to his Celtic career.



    As we saw yesterday in his interview he already knows what he’s up against with the media which must be strange for him coming from outside to see that agenda against the country’s champions:))







    CQN Years – is that like “dog years”? ;-)))



    Ronny has picked up on the media’s approach to Celtic. No doubt he’s surprised not just by their eagerness to look for negatives where Celtic are concerned. Compare and contrast with the relentlessly upbeat messages re: the new club – despite the clear and present danger to their existence – and their thinking is laid bare.

  7. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    NatKnow on 5th October 2015 10:16 am









    To this day, people, STILL give praise to The Sun for that headline . It was definitely not The Sun who wee the originators. I first saw it in the Evening Standard in London claiming: SuperKellyQuiteFantastixQPRatrocious but I think it may have been expressed even before then regarding Super Cally at Liverpool.







    You’re dead right. The Liverpool Echo used it in the 70s about Ian Callaghan v QPR.



    It used to be in a frame above the sports subs’ desk.

  8. I thought Ronny played a blinder with the meeja yesterday, I’d like him to consider that as a new strategy to handle them, instead of answering their questions have a go at them then talk about what you want to talk about Ronny, it will really get on their mams :)

  9. South Of Tunis on

    Tallybhoy @ 10.10 .



    Yes ———Napoli have being playing well . . Insigne has been playing really well. . I was really pleased to see him dissing the ever so predictable Maradona comparisons from the media .



    Fiorentina have been good too .



    Going to a wedding in Napoli in a couple of weeks time . Luck sees Napoli playing Fiorentina that weekend . I shall go to the game .



    Auguri !

  10. Antipodean red



    Hopefully some time, not easy these days, doing the dreaded 4/1 rosta for as long as I can, moving home next year and have wedding and baby to save for .



    Haven’t even got into Rosie’s since season started for a game.

  11. I thought that yesterdays game was nothing more than a battle.A battle we won,by the way.The pitch,as anyone watching .could see was disgraceful.Even the Hamilton players,where slipping all over the place.Not conducive to good football.LGs goal was superb,Larsson at his best,and his delivery for the first was brilliant.Its not going to be great every game at the moment.Injuries,and having to try and rest Lustig at times is causing havoc with the defence,but when Simunovic is fit,playing with Boyatta,Lustig and Izzy,we will be fine and settled.Boyatta slipped on the surface yesterday,nothing more.As I keep saying,its only the team I care about.I know where we stand at the moment,in the grand scheme of things,and when we win,I am delighted.

  12. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    What was Ronny saying to the Press yesterday?





    PS Greenbingley. Thanks for confirmation.

  13. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Watched the highlights last night on BBC skint recordings.



    Aberdeen lost 4 goals at set pieces where they were man to man marking. I haven’t seen a single post from the zonal critics pointing out the folly of man to man marking and the loss of goals? :-)




  14. Celticfirstlastandforever


    Celtic once again look like they will raid Dundee United, this time for defender come midfielder John Souttar, in a pre-contract agreement.



    Souttar, still at the young age of 19, has become one of United’s key players over the last year or so. Originally he was a centre back, however recently he has been moved into the defensive midfield position.



    It became clear that Souttar had talent when he made his debut for United aged just 16 years old. From there, he hasn’t looked back and has made the most of the opportunity given to him.




    It was reported a while back that Ronny Deila sounded Souttar out as potential cover for Scott Brown and Nir Bitton in a holding midfield role.



    It is unclear as to whether Celtic are looking to sign the player as soon as possible, or on a pre-contract agreement when his contract expires with United next summer. Regardless, compensation will have to be paid for the player, however only little.



    Elsewhere, there is talk circulating that Carlton Cole will also be signing for Celtic over the next few days.




    Celtic are extremely short in striker options, only having Leigh Griffiths and Nadir Ciftci available at the moment. Cole has been training with Celtic over the last two weeks, and picked up an injury during the week, however nothing too serious.



    Celtic could do with another striker, however Cole has divided the fans opinion once again. I’m in the for camp in this one, purely because we need that other option when chasing a game. He’s a big target man, and he obviously has talent as he’s spent the majority of his career playing in the English Premiership. I’m sure he could do a job for us when required.

  15. According to some trumpet with a pair of brown brogues,the only thing holding them back at the moment from ripping off the gullibles again are those infernal Stock Market Johnnies.If only they would play the game,and adopt an SFA approach to the Huns,then all would be fine.


    As for that Charles Green,and his damn watertight contract,dont get him started on that odious person.


    “We are hamstrung at the moment,with all these damn rules and regulations”he cries.Good thing that TGASL is jetting in,economy class,to try and make sure the blue pound will be spent on Sevco,and not on a family Xmas.


    Time is running out.

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust,saw your reference to Cartagena and I’m in Los Alcazares next week,any idea how to get to Cartagena from Los Alcazares by public transport?



    Also any general Cartagena tips?

  17. Saltires….



    Sorry to hear your sad news.



    Thoughts and prayers with you at this time.

  18. Jimthetim


    No you won’t, but I read this on sept 13/2015 and Tom English cough! cough! Hasent wrote anything this weekend, well not that I’ve seen?




    Maybe it was just a one-off.


    Maybe – surely – Celtic will galvanise themselves at some point and re-establish dominance through the course of the season, but Saturday was a day that dangled the carrot of a truly competitive league and a serious challenger to the team from the east end of Glasgow.


    The thought of a real – and sustainable – title race is something everybody should welcome, even Celtic. When the smoke clears, they should realise that fear can be a good thing. They’ve been without it for too long in the league.


    Saturday showed that Aberdeen are a burgeoning force. They haven’t just put Celtic on the back foot, they’ve put them firmly on their backside.

  19. TD 67, Tom English being Irish tries too hard to be ‘impartial’, like a lot of our ex players. They give me the boak. You don’t get it with ex Ibroke players.

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Been reading back since Saturday afternoon trying to catch up, but great posts and great views, so couldn’t scroll past.






    Thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. I lost both of my parents in the last 3 years, but they are with me yet, and for always, the memory will never die, your Dad will always be with you, in your heart and soul.





    ⚽️ PROS


    We won



    3 points gained and 3 points closer to The Sheep.



    We came from behind to win – A new team, which we are, needs episodes like yesterday to build trust, understanding and cameraderie. They can draw on yesterday as a positive, when they go behind in the future.



    Nobody was seriously injured, on a seriously bad surface.



    The Griff. I had serious reservations that both his ability, and his behaviour, we’re not up to Celtic standards when he signed. I am happy to be proved wrong. He has really knuckled down, and is now a genuine predator. His goal was just fantastic. Many posters have said that only Seeler, or Muller, or Larsson could have scored with a header like that. I am not sure. Having watched it over about 20 times, I have to say, I think only Griffiths could have scored it. Watch it again, watch his casual glance to double check it was on target – unnecessary, he knew it was a goal the minute he got his head on to it. It was a high degree of difficulty, how did he hang in the air so long? Just majestic.



    Brown, Biton and Izzy were up to standard.



    Bhoyata (after his aberration), and Lustig and Armstrong, when they came on, just get pass marks



    ⚽️ CONS


    Terrible defending throughout, not just for the goal. Apart from individual errors, which are in season, I think there is a problem with the set up. The full backs need to offer some cover for the centre backs. That’s two recent goals lost, (Fenerbahce and Hamilton) to simple route one balls, one of them a throw in, aimed at our centre backs. It’s too easy for the opposition. Play enough route one balls, and a mistake will come, and then the opposition are clean through on our goal. This possibility should be considered, and the full backs, if they are in the vicinity should be alert for any slip up, and be on the front foot, ready to react, to bail out the centre half.



    Loss of form. Craig Gordon is a shadow of the Superman he was last season. With the centre halfs prone to allowing strikers a run on to him, his reluctance to leave his line is proving costly, both for one on ones with a striker, and for dead balls in to the 6 yard box. Joe Hanson – no further evidence required, he has been worse than a man short all season. These two have suffered the most obvious loss of form, but I also think Brown, Commons and GMS have struggled for their best form. To play the way RD wants to play, the whole team needs to be more dynamic, and I think this requires at least 7 or 8 players to be in top form, and that is not the case at present.






    We are still in 4 competitions. Two good performances, and results, against Molde should be enough to propel us to the knock out stage, and from there, everything is possible.



    We have certainly not played anywhere near our full potential, and have yet to see what Jozo can bring to our team. But we are one point off of the league summit, we have progressed in the one round of domestic competition we have played, we are in an ok position to progress in Europe.



    The Hoops look great, and we are the Famous Glasgow Celtic. Happy times.



    All of the above is my personal opinion, and no offence to any other poster is intended ;-))) Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. ;-)