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  1. Interesting first 45.



    Celtic caught a bit cold on the surface losing to a very good Accies goal, the balance was restored when we started to dominate through time, and assuming control of the midfield.



    The ball spins unnaturally on the deck and even Hamilton’s players are slipping all over the shop.



    Superior power and more goals to come, on the down side Accies are dangerous on the break and one or two Celtic players without naming individuals will require to join in on the game, if they are to escape Ronny’s habitual hook.

  2. Hoping we don’t have any need for our ability to hold a lead to be questioned at match end today. We should get more space second-half, so exploit it without taking risks at the back or over-committing going forward, Bhoys.

  3. Lustig for Janko at HT. McLean will have him off in a heartbeat in the 2nd half.


    Nothing but a cheat


    Was the ball out of play for the Hamilton throw in at there goal. I thought Izzy kept it in. No replay

  4. Well that was a painful watch…



    We look jaded and off the pace. Midfield really struggling to get a grip, ball not sticking up front, and I fear for us every time Hamilton get a free kick in our half.



    Referee is a complete joke: this is the cheat that cost us the Cup last season and he is making it perfectly clear that even the slightest touch by one of our players is a foul usually accompanied by a torn-faced warning.



    Accies meanwhile are diving all over the place and committing a series of cynical challenges with nary a second glance.



    We need to get a foothold in the midfield asap, otherwise the opportunity for this clown to level it up will always be there.



    Well done Leigh – fantastic, Larssonesque header.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Way below our best today. Not helped by a horrible pitch and a horrible MIB though.


    I don’t see hamilton keeping up the pressing game too long so we should be able to put the game beyond them 2nd half.

  6. Referee Asscociation declares support for a more competitive league and will do their utmost to make sure that it happens.

  7. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Craig Gordon. If you are going to come out, make sure you connect.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I loved big Sutton as a player, he is just playing to an audience these days, try and don’t let them bother you, in one ear and out the other…. As for MacLean, I would love to see the reaction if one of our former players brothers reffed a game involving the team that currently plays at ibrox, not to mention his brother picked Northern Ireland over Scotland, but funnily enough no journo bothered withthat story, he was mince anyway……



    By the way Leigh Griffiths is having some season, I loved the fact early doors he chased back from the halfway line tracking back, not just a goalscorer

  9. The concept of playing one forward is based on the idea that the midfielders attack the last third when opportunity presents.


    We do not do this leaving LG isolated.


    The system needs to be properly implemented or abandoned.


    Our first goal came from a set piece as we had no threat from open play

  10. viewfaethewindae on

    We can’t judge anyone on this surface, sooner it’s banned the better. Janko will get his marching orders as the ref tries to give Hamilton another advantage.


    I’ll take any win and move on.

  11. Cowiebhoy….



    Re Rogic. Lovely player, but lots of games pass him by. He doesn’t seem to have the character to demand the ball. If he doesn’t get that sorted, his career will pass him by, I am afraid.

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Brisbane ?



    Whit, he missed the ball and we got a bye kick nullifying the pressure, would you have preferred Craig to get a touch then Hamilton have a corner…. Well maybe you might have

  13. not the classic that i had hoped for :-)



    but we go in 2-1 up after a shaky start . still not really settled into the game.



    S.J. will need to be careful 2nd half .



    good build up for griffs goal . settle down a bit 2nd half and take the 3 points .

  14. Hamilton present wee Jay with the penalty spot,he scored Goal of the Season from at HT

  15. The midfield giving no protection to the defence, bit slow on passin, and I have to agree, why does nobody move at throw ins! In kids football your told to move make space, are professionals different, Hamilton are just as bad. Enjoyable game though. Ref is a cheat, no ifs buts or maybes, just a turd.

  16. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Celtic need to finish this game off in the next 20 minutes or look out.

  17. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    CANAMALAR on 4TH OCTOBER 2015 1:09 PM


    Did Hamilton score the killer goal before we scored ?




    You remind me of a Pampers. Self absorbed and full of shit.

  18. ItaliaBhoy



    Of course it wasn’t, I posted that about a minute after we lost the goal. Blatant mibbery , as they are all Dons fans , obviously.

  19. McLean is shocking. We can’t get into any rhythm, he is giving our players no protection, but giving them every opportunity to load the box. Janko? I see a problem today.

  20. Glad to see that we are not being fooled by the half time score.



    That was a poor half of football- back to the standards of the Raith game, which we also won.



    It is an unfamiliar back 4 but they are not organising and talking well enough amongst themselves. Boyata is the best bet as a leader back there to get a grip. Ronny has obviously taken some pressure off them by allowing them to hoof it more often and not expecting us to play out from the back as much but we are losing too much possession.



    I am amazed that a lad like Blackett, who can defend well enough, survived at Man U with such imprecise passing. Izzy, Brown and Bitton have to take more ball off him.



    We got a very easy equaliser- Hamilton were awful in defending that free kick, but Griff’s hang-time is immense for the second.



    We need to get more cut backs and allow Griffiths Rogi and Commons to attempt more 1-2s through the middle of the defence.



    Hoping for better but still very worried about our form.



    P.S. Has Macjay been caught singing Roll of Honour yet?

  21. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    ham still confident enough to put first time passes together and bypass our mid

  22. The original…,


    Just using that unflawed Logic of yours, how many do you think we’ll get beat by today, keeping in mind the killer goal has already been scored.

  23. Chris ‘Hun Skelper’ Sutton is, imo, one of the better footy analysts on TV. He tries to remain impartial and calls the game as he sees it. Far better than the usual assortment ‘soup taking uncle tims’ who usually pollute the airwaves withier biased assessments.

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