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  1. Evening all.



    Great win and performance today. Noticed CQN was losing posters by the dozen, so thought I better come on and show a bit of support. Hope all are well. HH

  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    the bhoys woh complaynz bout peder liewell is realy bangin on bout the naychurz of plcees




    Very interesting.



    CQN just like Celtic, is a broad church it lacks direction in editorial with Paul67 merely doing what he’s always done and posting whatever he chooses. Many joyless Celtic cynics, or as they used to be known mineshafters interpret this as ‘pro board.’ because its not what they want him to lead with.



    Its not pro board of course it can’t be if previously christened malcontents like me post here, and the ‘neganons’ of the Celtic world have already deserted Celtic, long, long ago some of them long before the dreaded summer transfer window, and long before Rainjurz died in 2012, some of them from before when they knocked down the pis*ing section of the Jungle, where we all CQN’rs stood and sang topical rebel songs.



    Its just a different approach to how you support Celtic or don’t support Celtic, the reason they ‘hang around’ or want CQN to die is because they are Celtic supporters that want Paul67 and his editorial to change to board bashing, and they can’t comprehend why he has a very different approach to them.



    The biggest miss at the AGM was the work of the Celtic Foundation, not a mention in Celtic Social Media, never mind the Red Top guttural Scottish Press, no Marys Meals, no Green Brigade record breaking Food Bank, and nothing on the Kano Foundation, the bedrock of CQN.



    Take Resolution12 for starters, Paul67 has rarely posted since it was raised, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t wish it well, and this Blog does more efficiently than teven our ultras call out the same club myth, see the League Table on the front page of CQN, the only site on the entire internet that records Rainjurz


    as “ Rangers “.



    The Green Brigade ( God bless them ) miss every chance they get , at least twice a season so far, in calling out the same club myth maybe their leaders prefer other topics, but Ireland under the the Good Friday Agreement is hardly an edgy ultra topic, given that there is no-one North or South of Arlene Foster’s blood red border singing about any type of IRA never mind ‘the Jungle preferred Joseph Plunkett version.’



    We’re all Irish in Celtic Park, bar stool republicans, fireside fusiliers, and sabre rattlers but all naturalised xxxx generation Scots, that have made Scotland’s Celtic, one of the most famous clubs in the world that really did leave Orange


    ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ where they belong, when we opened the doors to all race, creed or colour in 1888.



    Celtic remain a miraculous club.



    Carpe diem CSC

  4. Hi all.


    Here’s some other cut and pastes from Sentinel Celts.


    I think there’s a bit of respect for CQN.


    Awe Naw


    If this site becomes the go to anti CQN website. Then I’m offski. Lots of amazing guys on there whom I have a lot of respect for.






    Sentinel Celts is commissioned as an entirely independent site with no intention to add or detract from any other site.






    Re CQN .


    Perhaps it reads that way to you which is my fault . Todays article was not an attack on Cqn I assure you . More the general malaise and accepted infrastructure of the fans clubs groups that some might turn to.


    Perhaps there are a few things best said here . You will have noticed neither myself or Majoc attack Cqn or any other blog / association

  5. TIMHORTON @6-30PM


    FAN-A-TIC on 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 5:17 PM





    Strange that so many on here are willing to have a go at Celtic fans but any criticism of the suits has them apoplectic .



    You are trying to claim that is an attack on you???


    Boy are you a sensitive soul.

  6. Weefrathetim.


    Good to see you posting?


    Is the pet tup still going strong?


    Hopefully it’s still giving you great joy.


    Hail Hail

  7. Franny.


    If you’re still lurking, Cumbernauld won 6.1 today.


    That shows you, as if that hasn’t already been shown,that I know not a lot.


    After saying to you that they were really missing Chrissy and Prunty up front, they score 6.


    Hail Hail

  8. Gerryfaethebrig.


    I read a lot of the Celtic sites.


    What I like about Sentinel is that if you send them an article, in all probability they will use it as a leader. So it’s not the same person hogging the show.


    What I would say too, is that Paul 67 is very gracious and allowsllows links for other sites on here. I think he deserves a lot of credit for that. He’s happy to help the Celtic community, or that’s how I see it any way.


    Hail Hail

  9. JNP



    A tup???? being over 3 years old he is enormous. Pity he was snipped at birth, what a sire he would have been.lol. Still thinks he’s a dug, demands his snack when we come home from shopping, comes to you when asked and gives kisses just like yer dug does. All’s well here, domestically as I hope the same for yourself and family. Just hoping this winter is nowhere as bad as last year which was brutal. Luv to all. HH

  10. 16 ROADS


    The lionizing of ex political leaders likeNixon,Ragan,Obama,Blair and Thatcher is nauseating.


    The hypocrisy of politicians is ever present.


    I live in the USA and the disbelief of the American public that they are not always the good guys is constant.


    My daughter was at John Hopkins uni when Obama was elected and i remember her phoning me super excited with the campus wildly celebrating in the background.


    I told her of the Mark Twain quote of If voting made a difference they would not allow you to do it.


    She has defended Obama steadfastly since though agrees he was underwhelming.


    I think he was just doing as politicians do and being self serving to the detriment of the citizens who voted for him and the planet in general.

  11. Hail! Hail! Been missing for a wee while and it seems I am not the same not the only one.


    Due to some serious work commitments this last month I have popped on here and witnessed a serious decline in numbers and in quality. This is fair enough, I hardly add to the quality or the quantity.


    I was surprised at the comments when BT Sport lost out to Sky on the SPL deal. My opinion is that they are two cheeks of the same arse. BT Sport are seriously over exposed financially in their commitment to televising sport. They bid silly money to oust Sky from the CL package and have recruited some very expensive heads. Football is not the only sport where they have gone in “big”.


    At the same time, the market has shifted to a streaming model and that will be the future. Like it or not SKY still have a global appeal and have been able to hold onto the EPL, the only show in town for the Far East and North America sponsors ( mainly betting driven).


    I no longer subscribe to either of them having resorted to streaming model to pick and choose the games I want to watch.


    I don’t even know who broadcast our game today, I had other things to do and had to catch up with the highlights.


    This is the challenge for the broadcasters, we all have a choice and at the end of the day , we will make our choice. At the end of the day, we all know that Sky have inferior pundits, if Sutton, Currie and the rest want to jump ship, then Sky will have to pay them more than they pay the second raters they currently employ

  12. Weefrathetim 7.09


    Brilliant, seriously you have no idea how much I enjoy your stories.


    How quickly time passes though, over 3 now.


    Yes, we are all fine, my mum was 80 a month ago, still sharper than me and,still puts me in my place, but she’s becoming frail now,but considering she smokes 20 a day and has a wee glass or two every day she’s doing well.


    Thank you for,enquiring F. It’s good ghuys like you who keep me returning to CAN


    Weather wise, I keep a keen eye on it, so next 14 days at least are ok.


    Changes of 10 degrees or more, leave me very vulnerable to attack, particularly minus temperatures, so for differing reasons I’m with you about winter.


    Hail Hail

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    JNP 6.59pm



    Don’t disagree at all with that, this is the only site I have ever registered with (well ma neice done it for me :-) during international weeks the volume of posts do down, I try myself not to post during the week just for my own sanity … am grateful for this site and don’t have to agree with P67s leaders but like yourself I tend more to just try and enjoy the chats I want to get involved in…. I actually prefer when nobody responds to a post of mine because then it would be easier to just read and then my own opinion in my head would be right without anybody questioning it :-)

  14. fanatic



    the older i get the more sensitive i become.(so my wife says)


    i think we would agree on most things celtic, the board , they are there and will not imo take up the fight.



    do you think if they did and won that there would be real trouble in glasgow and the wes



    i cant for the life of me (living in canada) start spouting revolt, ma be if i lived back home.



    i know that a few of my celtic friends are not up to date with res12 and thats being kind.



    i honestly think if br walks and we bring in another ronnie that will really drop st sales.



    i could be wrong but i dont think you will see that dramatic a drop because of res12 .



    i hope i am wrong.

  15. JMCCORMICK on 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 7:24 PM


    Good to see you posting too.


    A bit like Fra with his” tup ” I also enjoyed your food posts.


    Yes, no doubt there are less posting now, posts,per article used to be in the thousands now it’s in the hundreds, I think there are many and varied reasons for that.


    Hail Hail

  16. hi ghuys, weefraththetim nice to see you posting, now as one of those bad bhoys that post on sentinalcelts, let me say one thing, nearly all the ghuys on there have praised cqn ,it was also sad to see some posters accusing the exiled tim of bad mouthing cqn, believe me it never happened, yes he might say something against the board but never cqn,.anyway we won today whats not to like.hh.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Meant to say Dallas sent me a copy of your “love street” article on SC it started a three way email conversation with me, Dallas & AoW where we were in 1986 that day, Dallas at the game (obviously) AoW in the pub and I was playing in an under-16 fitba tournament… AoW (although being in the boozer at a pals birthday party) slagged me for not being at the game (even then I must have been a part timer) although I did point out as teenagers I was playing fitba and our AoW was in the pub….. says it all :-)



    I actually prefer when nobody responds to a post of mine because then it would be easier to just read and then my own opinion in my head would be right without anybody questioning it :-)



    Gerry, that funny, made me laugh, you and I certainly get questioned up in the house between wives and little blades. :-)


    I just said that I was the in smartest in the house, quick as a flash the 8 year old said no you are not!! She said it was her, then Mum, then Harry then you Dad. That is even worse than you think, Harry is the cat. !!!


    So that’s me told, again.


    Hail Hail

  19. JNP



    Great news about your mum. As an aside, I’ve hardly had a healthy day since I gave up the fags over 4 years ago. Lol. After 60 years a smoker I was dead chuffed at giving it up. I was warned by others not to stop after all that time as it was b detrimental to my health, as my body was so used to it. My late gran was 90 when she gave up the fags and started on her 100th when she recieved her telegram. Lol. She passed away 6 weeks before her 101st. People who live beyond retirement age are the lucky ones. Far too many die in their early 30’s 40’s 50 ‘s and 60’s. On that depressing note I just read that 50% of men are suicidal, and the other 50% are single. ????????????????????



    Ha Gerry.


    Art of War is some man, imagine slagging you for playing u/16s, when he missed it as he was in the pub.


    He’s another who is sorely missed on this site.


    Hail Hail

  21. Weefrathetim. 7.43.


    I remember you saying about giving up the fags, over 4 years, well done.


    Hopefully you will get a break health wise.


    Your joke made me laugh, im just hoping my wife doesn’t lurk. :-)


    Hail Hail

  22. Mahe the Madman on

    Howdy bhoys and girls and I hope this finds each and every one of you in good health.



    I see some discussion regarding a blog I set up along with Majoc.


    I have laid out my reasons for starting that blog over there.


    I, Mahe, have ZERO problem with this fine site and the good souls that inhabit these pages.


    There are many sites that have been naturally spawned by this one, such as JF and Brth etc.


    We are just one more, nothing more, nothing less.


    If anyone has an issue with me personally please speak out and I assure you I will be courteous, I always try to be.


    I don’t curse in my posts and I don’t personally attack people or blogs.



    Youre a great bunch, I have consistently said that ,and I’m sure some could confirm I don’t come on these pages with ill intention.



    I literally reached a point where I said eff it I will speak up before I’m gone.



    Respect, except yer man from the brig and thoul Cork fella ?



    I’m a lover not a fighter if truth be told.



    Hail Hail

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on




    “Respect, except yer man from the brig and thoul Cork fella ?”



    If that is for me am delighted to be considered in the same company as the “Cork fella” we all read posts differently and “Majoc” is definitely one of the good guys who I could easily disagree with on many things… I just found it strange for somebody who has fell out of love with Celtic and I paraphrase you couldn’t pass Celtic onto your child(ren) I find it strange that you would feel the need to write so much about something you now cared little for…. Celtic aren’t the enemy hope this finds you well

  24. glendalystonsils on

    By the way…..I would just like to let all of you who couldn’t post on the site last night know that………..I won the Friday night quiz! Now I’m away back to lurking (and basking).

  25. Salsburg unbeaten at home for over 2 years, beat Leipzig away and yet Leipzig are 10/11 to win and Salzburg almost 3/1.


    Hmmm, it seems the bookie are smelling the red BULL.


    Hail Hail

  26. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Dallas (who hasn’t a clue about betting) pointed that out to me today, mug punter (me) will be in Salzburg at 3/1, might have a wee look at Salzburg with both teams scoring … could maybe square Santa up early doors :-)

  27. It’s like this,……


    Empty the park till Desmond and his tory paper puppets are gone.


    When the PLC swamp has been drained, get a new structure in place, based on equality, and rights, and let Bro Wilfrid’s Celtic for the, poor, the homeless, and the displaced,…..we were all of that,….once upon a long ago, let it be reconnected to the founding principle’s of the “real” Celtic, not a soulless, deceitful Celtic, without a backbone, that has no vision beyond a, parochial, and dangerous domestic rivalry, we could be much bigger than that, and we should be.


    A great man, who will remain nameless, once said….


    “If Celtic had as many golden nuggets in their boardroom, as they have on the terraces, then this club could be an unstoppable force.”


    ….And it still can be. Despite the markets.


    Those golden nuggets are more, afluent, educated, and worldly wise now.


    To allow such an entity, as Glasgow Celtic to be, beholden to a bunch of Tory £££billionaires, is soul sucking, to put it mildly.



    Jist,….jist, find the nerve, the bottle, or whatever it takes, to set Celtic free.


    Thank you.





  28. Mahe the Madman on

    Gftb, I sincerely hope all is good partner.


    Truth be told, I wouldn’t pass what we are seeing on, but will try to help force change in my own ways so it’s a better setup I am comfortable with.


    I literally have nothing to lose, so go out fighting right?


    Miss your banter brother.


    Hail Hail Gerry

  29. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mahe 8.06pm



    The Res 12 stuff has sickened me, everybody and their granny knows they cheated, they flouted not only tax laws but company law the lot, but again if any one Celtic fan thinks the “Sevs” have got away with anything have a look… they “cling” onto their hatred, like it’s a trophy (something this incarnation has yet to achieve) best of luck with the blog there are definitely good posters on it but fir me it goes against every Celtic thing I know, Celtic won lose or draw has always brought me different kinds of joy (my best night out ever was after Raith Rovers on 1994) so for me typing on the internet is sad enough so I may as well try and enjoy it



    Hail Hail

  30. Mahe the Madman on

    Gftb, you’re a goodun son and I look forward to clinkin glasses with ye.


    Watch out for ThomtheTim though, , ,,

  31. I’ve had a few peeks at Sentinel Celts and enjoyed the read, there could never be enough Celtic Blogs for me.


    I understand disenchantment with the Board and with Scottish Football set up and I understand and respect any person who campaigns for change.


    However for me the Celtic Team is sacrosanct, if you are a Celt you put all the hassle aside for the 90 minutes the team are playing and support the Hoops.


    If guys have lost their love of the team then they are no longer Celts in my eyes. I bear them no ill will & thank them for the years they were Supporters ,


    However I do resent them continuing to post on Celtic sites trying to encourage practicing Celts to give up their religion.

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