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  1. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Another 3 points and the Griff back thats all i want to say about these


    type of games.


    Reading a cracking little book at the moment, it’s called…1,000 Celtic


    quotes notes and anecdotes… would make a great wee Chrissy pressy


    for the readers of all things Celtic.


    It’s by Robert Harvey obviously a massive Celtic fan to gather all these


    gems together, like Bobby Lennox talking about faither,


    ” He never lets a goal in on the right hand side because thats where he


    keeps all our false teeth in his bunnet ”


    Or the one from Arthur Numan after Henke had destroyed the huns




    ” I wanted Henrik Larsson’s shirt after the game but i didn’t ask because


    our fans wouldn’t take too kindly to it ”


    But the funniest was a Timmy getting grief from his wife.


    ” It’s Celtic awe the time with you, you never even think aboot me, in fact


    a bet you don’t even know the date of oor wedding anniversary?


    ” Aye a dae, it wis the week efter Cellic beat the ragers 7-1. 8-))))))


    H.H Mick

  2. Park road67



    Yes indeed. I support Celtic the team, absolutely nothing to do with the board. Top of the league again. ?? In days gone by, 50s 60s 70s 80s nobody ever asked who the board were, but we still got massive crowds at every game home and away. This board bashing thing seems to be a new thing in the past 20 years, why, I have not a clue. Maybe some supporters are getting better educated or maybe they think they know better than what we have. IMHO the over all success this board have had since their inception has been nothing short of incredible. I may be wrong, but I reckon we must be one of the most successful football clubs in the UK. Most certainly financially. I know the negs will come on and moan about bonuses, these guys need a job in the banking industry. Some of tnese guys get bonuses of, upwards of £5,000,000 per annum. Dry your eyes.We are a business. HH

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    11.30 kick off last night , pal.


    Could hardly keep my eyes open by the final whistle.


    Worth waiting up for , though.

  4. Gerryfaethebrig on

    SID !!!! 9.31pm



    Stop ! Twisting my blinking posts :-)



    I said I wouldn’t be surprised …



    If you keep misrepresenting my words people will be lazy and just remember your posts and not blinking my original words …. nae wonder the Sevs still think their Rangers tell a lie often enough some (most) might believe the untruth

  5. As an add on to Park road 67, if we want the best, we must be prepared to pay for it. AL A Brendan. HH

  6. …anyhoo………….



    It’s got to be a good thing that there are so many Celtic blogs, who knows, some will survive some won’t.



    Some of the new ones are alright.


    Newsnow often shows some.



    I’ve read a few from time to time – but who really has all that time to devote to all of them?



    This Dear Green Place, what Paul has provided……and the very many, many genuine Celtic characters who have made CQN what it is – is a special asset to Celtica.



    Our host has shown remarkable restraint in the face of some unpleasant criticisms.



    We are lucky to have CQN imo.




  7. D.D.


    Andy Robertson, gave Marcus a mention on the Open Goal blog with Si Ferry.


    I posted earlier that’s the Bankies into the 5th round of the juniors, Scottish.


    Albeit, there is,a,train of thought that Nannies have been drawn away to Celtic in the proper Scottish Cup.


    Hail Hail

  8. TET, Quite obviously nobody has actually urged people to stop supporting Celtic,


    However there are a few who have said they no longer support the Celtic Team, yet continue to post on Celtic Fanzine sites and continue to piss in the pool where the rest of us swim.

  9. MACJAY1



    Kept myself reasonably sober to stay up and watch, but by halftime


    i was asleep on the carpet.


    Hate these games, but winning them brings championships.


    H.H Mick

  10. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Sid 9.31pm



    Just read all of your post



    I think our board has considered what is best for the club …. might not agree with it, but am afraid the Sevs are a selling point for a Dembelle, a N’cham, and disgusting or not every sponsorship going …. like it or not that’s the reality … I would prefer them to either and disappear but would Brendan, Boyata, Edouard be there if it was just us, Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts, Hamilton & co…. am afraid like it or not the Huns are an attraction for Sky and every other sponsor …. does any Celtic fan on here actually want the hun to disappear … and “what if” it harms your own club ??? Life isn’t always fair so why not make it as good as you possibly can

  11. Gerryfaethebrig



    So what are saying then ?



    You’ve went from jumping sharks to sitting on a fence.



    So the question is……..



    Who in your opinion is responsible for Res 12 being kicked into the long grass?

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    The Championship.


    Hate to mention it , but huns two points behind and same goal diff.


    Next head to head at Ibrox.


    Hopefully , we`ll have pulled away before then.



    But we`ll have to keep an eye on them.

  13. Gerry


    On CQN at times there is very little football posts, SC is at least trying to generate talk about change within the game, cos it sure needs it.


    Nobody is asking for anyone to like the site or post on it, but why the need to slag it off, that is pathetic, as for cqn being a board loving site, I defy you or anyone else to say it’s not, all this pish started earlier cos a poster on here lied about me slagging cqn.


    That’s all ;-)

  14. Celtic get a home game in the Scottish Cup draw and the Ibrox mob an away match.



    Must be a sacking offence surely?

  15. MACJAY1



    Yes and decisions like that blatant handball and penalty not given


    are the reasons why.


    H.H Mick

  16. Sid 9.48pm



    The board by a million miles … no dispute whatsoever, for me the cheats should have a 0-3 result for every single game an improperly registered player played … Res 12 is about the Sfa giving the cheats a Euro licence but the cheats have already flouted every law in the land … so am afraid their are actually more culpable than the Celtic board … the Celtic board are there to look after Celtic … I don’t have any time for any Celtic board but for me it’s an easy (& lazy) target for the minority of Celtic fans who try to blame Celtic for the Huns cheating






    As you said it’s all about choice I was slagging SC more questing the fans on it being so unhappy ☹️

  17. JIMTHETIM53 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:58 PM


    Celtic get a home game in the Scottish Cup draw and the Ibrox mob an away match.


    Must be a sacking offence surely?



    No Jim, it’s Donald Findlay getting a we favour from the ludge.


    Cowdenbeath are almost out the game, even more skint than Sevco, so a wee home tie against Sevco, is just what was needed and no doubt it,will be shown on TV too. Cowdenbeath finished 42nd out of 42 last season.


    Or am I too cynical?


    Hail Hail

  18. Gerryfaethebrig



    Thanks for the answer, we’re getting somewhere now.



    I agree with a lot of what you say but would getting a result for Res 12 mean the Huns would dissapear?


    I don’t think the punishment would be that severe, in fact a likely punishment would be against the old club and maybe a sin die against a director or 2.


    So that smacks of making excuses for our board’s inaction again.



    The other main problem with that line of action other than trashing the product as a sport is, where do you stop, would it be acceptable to give them a wee title or 2 if they needed it.



    For the good of the sport of course.




    I pop into SC as well as most other Celtic sites and it’s always good


    to read another point of view away from the normal.


    And BMCUW posts there as MAJOC and i feel he always has


    something worthwhile to say, and i hope P67 has the good sense to


    rescind his red card on CQN but thats if Michael wants him to?


    H.H Mick

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 24TH NOVEMBER 2018 9:52 PM




    For a ” Board loving site ” it certainly tolerates lots of Board bashing posts .


    I think that you get the impression that it is a Board loving site because the articles do not criticise the Board in a way in which you would like them to .


    I don`t criticise the Board often , because I don`t know the inner workings of the Board and am unwilling to make assumptions based on whatever prejudice I might hold about whatever happens to be the issue at any particular time.



    I would suggest to you that much of the Board criticism is simply based on ill informed speculation and anti-Board bias.


    AND particularly by those with a particular political axe to grind.


    I.R.A. , Palestine , Poppies , Living wage etc. etc.


    For some , Celtic have just become a vehicle to be USED to promote their causes.

  21. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I reckon that CQN really hit the buffers when HunderbirdsAreGone and his like joined the blog. Who do these third generation Celtic supporters get off with there pathetic attempts at humour, slagging off good Tims like Kev, who used to stand in the Jungle back in the seventies and eighties,, when they only… err stood in the Jungle back in the seventies and eighties.


    So his proudest moment in life was when his 15 year old daughter regularly completed a 284 mile round trip to attend Celtic Park with her own season ticket bought with her own money for three years. Whit right does that give him to come on here posting his own thoughts when they occur to him?


    Downhill, all the way man…. downhill.



  22. Corky


    I can think of one who has said he was delusioned with the team, the board were the cause of the disillusionment but that’s an aside, this poster actually said that on here many moons ago, yet he wasn’t challenged for it, so why now ?


    The new site doesn’t slag the team, they don’t slag the manager, they have serious problems with the board and the governance with the game in scotland, this is what CQN was started for in the first place, time has changed this it by the looks of it so it has.


    The amount of posts on here slagging the team is a joke, the manager is now fair game, yet where are all the posts calling these posters out, where the ef are they ?


    Yet a new site starts and goes after the real cause of the problems within our club and the stamping of the feet and the scweeming come to the fore, the suits are our problem, they are scamming you all, they only care about your money, they don’t give a flying feck for honesty and transparency, they just care about your money, so please spare me the pish.


    This is NOT directed at you Corky.



  23. Sid 10.05pm



    Again… directorship of a company



    Yet again another law (company ?) that has been disregarded is this our “boards” fault ???



    My earlier comment about Sky was s touch flippant but the Huns aren’t allowed bad news so keep them sweet let them flout the laws of the land … but “blame the suits” read on here about suing the Celtic board … ffs the government (Phoenixism) aren’t doing anything so what the flip can Lawell &


    Co do ….FOR the record I do not and have not liked any Celtic board but some actually post more about the suits than the team



    Roll on Rosenberg then maybe another wee Hampden triumph for Brendan …. and if Brendan was unhappy with the board would he be that shallow to tell the shareholders he is happy ?



    How ‘s it going mhate hope all is well with you and your and your family down the peninsula , I’ve had a few pints of the Black Stuff today , look forward to another pint or 2 with you in the future in OZ !



    Better to just ignore the perpetual whingers.If you dont jump onto their wee bandwagon,you are a Board lover.As GFTB,says,I could never have told you when an AGM ever took place.Could never give a toss who was on the Board,still dont.I just love following Celtic.Seems thats a crime.The blog full of people looking for things to be outraged at.


    Across the club as a whole,we have never been as successful.That fact really seems to upset them for some strange reason.

  26. TET, I have no problem with Sentinel Celts already said in an earlier post that I have had a few peeps there and enjoyed the read. The more Celtic sites the better.

  27. Hunderbirds 10.09pm



    You & Philbhoy were missed the other week… by the way I try my best to get no replies on here but I noticed during the week I got name checked by yourself for the “different shoite same flies” by no means that was mine but I loved it and it was / is so apt



    I’m fact the new entity is probably worse …. they only have their hatred