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  1. Voguepunter 8.59pm



    A poor post .. but there are plenty of other poor posts that stay up without any red cards…



    My point is 16roads is a terrific contributor to these pages and some jumped on that post … it’s a blog move on… the only thing that annoys me is a Celtic fan who enhances these pages and somebody who I would enjoy arguing with about Celtic or agreeing about Celtic isn’t here and actually wants to contribute … some think the blog is on the wane … I think it’s because Neil is flying 2 defeats in 28 games … the blog is busy when when some posters (probably Huns or unhappy Tims) think they have something to post about

  2. Me, I watched the game in the reception lounge of Casa Luis Aprtments in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. Wi-Fi failed a few times but caught most of the game and certainly enough to mail my 3 top performers to cqnpoty@gmail.com;-)

  3. GFTB…16 Roads post was open to interpretation…he never came on to defend it…hence the red card…what’s past is water under the bridge…mangledmetaphors…open to all needs to have some guidelines…no?




  4. TLT 9.31pm



    Exactly .. but poor post or not I think the the easily offended can run to the P67 without any reasonable questioning of said post …



    Is every post not open to interpretation?

  5. GFTB…me saying Henke is the best striker I’ve seen is open to arguement…and is something I would back up wae stats…and a youtube vid of 242 goals…am not saying he’s the best striker we’ve ever had…so



    16 Roads had an opportunity to defend himself…

  6. Saint Stivs on 14th September 2019 4:53 pm


    THE RAVEN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:51 PM



    St Stivs ,



    If your about , our mentor from our hot headed days has sadly passed on .



    Lots of good advice and guidance he gave to me in those yrs .



    Funeral is wk , details in tele , sad .




    RIP big Jim………………….




    You’ll never walk alone……….hail hail








    Och Steph, I only just caught this.



    Really really sad, what that man gave me at a time when I really needed a guiding hand well you know the story,




    The good thing for us is that we get to our 50’s in relative comfort, the bad thing is offcourse we have to watch those we love pass on in life. Last year it was John McAleice. Some years ago wee Frankie Gallagher. Now the incomparable JIM MOONEY.




    I am sure young Jim wouldnt mind me recalling his dad on here.




    For the rest of the blog, We both worked with Jim as our “groupie” in Larkfield and Spango modules of IBM.



    A fearsome, outspoken , volatile man, a legendary temper, but all of it bundled together was for one thing, if Jim thought an injustice had been done, a cheat had happened, a slight been made to us, our team, the celtic , greenock, catholics, even the port, Jim would take it on, and fight the battles for us.





    He made me go to college, gave me the time to do some study on the backshift often , told me i could be whatever i wanted to be as long as i listened to good advice and cool my jets, used my brains first and overtake them, play the long-game. His story telling of growing up in real harsh times, smart catholics never getting treated fair, the closed shops employment practices around the town, working in Joys, training at celtic park and morton, the family tragedy of losing his young boy, Not getting to Lisbon, then getting to san siro but walking out and running back to the hotel crying. The stories of the weans scarpering when they saw him coming of the celtic bus, and knew from his face if the celts had won or not. Him standing up to any of the bigots , most arguments started with a “well you would say that wouldnt you, cos we know what you are”…..



    His own football career snatched away with everything that went on.



    Skin Broon and Owenie McLaughlin often told me they idolised Jim as a player, a different class of player, someone who should have made it.




    He told me he had to stop going to see celtic after Kenny left as he saw it was affecting his health, The retelling of the great games and the great nights of european games, in that DI office his recall was brilliant. The famous players he had played against when young.




    And the slammed door of the managers office , as he got his coat and walked out, “up the road”. His face like thunder, the white hair, that getting into his stride walk as he had just proved a point , i can see him now.








    Thats what got us through the 90’s , him handing us our history from being there, first hand witness before the internet and videos.




    During the hampden season i got us seats in the directors box courtesy of mr mcginn. Jim loved it, we bet Dundee United, the football was poor, but it wasnt enough to convince him to go back. He said if i could play now , (was that 94) , i would earn a fortune and be better than all of them apart from mcstay, but then I am 56 now. hahahha




    He was at Jims graduation at paisley coats memorial , he said he was very proud of me for passing the exams, 3 years study, while working, while still supporting the celts, while working all that o.t., It meant a lot to me and him,




    After the 6-2 game I was driving to drop off brother at module 1, when Jim crossed the road at the high school walking towards ravenscraig, i gave him a shout of the window,



    He lifted his head, a big laugh , he pumped his fist in the air ……… I told you son, we will come good, he let out a song “we done it before and we will do it again …………




    To my shame I last saw him and Margeret in Gourock maybe 10 years ago, walking along the front to see the QE2 or whatever ship was in. He did not know me. Margaret tried to remind him who i was, My daughter was with me , maybe 4 or 5, i filled up as I walking away, and she said “whats wrong dad”, i couldnt really tell her.




    So, another great celtic supporter leaves us, but lives on forever in our hearts.




    God Bless JIM MOONEY.





    St Stivs



    Brilliant summing up of our time time working with Mr Mooney .



    That college education certainly helped you compose that ! ! !




    He covered for you going to college , covered for me me going awol


    most sats & suns ! ! !



    Telt managers a wasn’t coming in ha ha ha


    Phone would go bout 10 ish , make sure your in the morra ,


    Mon morn fekd , he never said anything , all business and work like ,


    soon as that bullshit was over you got , as a thot at the time a lecture , but


    it was guidance and keeping you right .



    I always called him my 2nd father ! !



    Prob telt you this before but he turned up at the shammy the day


    of the centenary clincher . Can you get me a seat on the bus for the game son as he would say .


    Ffs Jim , no probs ,most of the mad squad that went on that bus knew who he was


    from their parents being friends of his and his own boys going to games .


    He was welcomed with opened arms .




    In work on tues after it , awol for me all wk end ha ha, he was telling everybody how it was his


    1st game since Dalglish left and how he was the only guy sitting on the bus after we reached the 1st pub on


    the gallowgate ! !



    He was absolutely delighted he was their to see the centenary league win in person.


    Think that was the only time a saw him smile ! ! ! !



    No wonder me , you and him got on so well , all grumpy bassa’s ! !


    nothing at all to do with following celtic ha ha ha



    Rest In Peace Jim ,






    You’ll never walk alone ……..




  7. TLT 9.53pm



    Exactly … I don’t even think he is the best striker I have saw wearing the hoops :-)






    Am sure 16roads is will do as he pleases without other Celtic fans judging ? Naw

  8. Asupporterwhogotlucky on

    Evening all, haven’t posted for a while, i left for a bit when all the bed wetters, we’re gonna get cuffed (the rainjurz ur cummin) were whinge-ing, seems like many games ago, how did that go for them ? :-)



    SAINT STIVS on 14th September 2019 4:53 pm


    Very fitting and ultimately sad post (However well said, we should remember our mentors)



    D66 i watched the game at hame currently Milton of Campsie, which used to be Maryhill, brought up in the Gaspipe (Garscube) Rd, and weaned oan chips fae Bundoni’s in Trossach st, and knickerbokker glorys, fae Bert cocozza’s Blythwood cafe. Of course that was way back in the days when i’d get a lift over the turnstiles at Celtic Park, a tradition that I continued probably too long, as at the latter end i recall some of the men suggested i lift them over :-)




  9. Stivs and The Raven…wow…humbled…thank you…heaven better watch out for the Mooney ;-))




  10. BRRB…bunch of us will be in the BV on 21st…a 1st CQN/SentinelCelts hootenanny…hope you can make it ;-))




  11. BRRB…open to all, mate…rum crew takes me back to wen I was working in Alaska…and that’s total bullshit lol…;-)) look forward to putting a face to the name




  12. TLT 10.37pm



    My days of meeting strangers over the internet are at an end :-)



    Enjoy your day oot next Saturday don’t understand your post at 10.37pm but nothing new there 👍

  13. Soz…for the use of a comma 😂…doesn’t…be all you can be, include lying…that leaves you free to meet up wae other civil servants…ouch lol




  14. 10.55pn






    This place is full of civil servants



    Neil Lennon ✔️



    Some Celtic fans treat Neil as bad as the Huns …. it’s a shame



    We have a manager who wants what Celtic fans want ….

  15. Does the Civil Service include the armed forces? Some of my family headed in that direction…and were successful at it…speaking to them…it was just a job which they done to their best ability…nothing political in their motivations…

  16. Up for a bottle of water and a quick read back on CQN



    Kitchener Canada 👍


    Istanbul Turkey 👍


    Ibiza Espana 👍


    Sooside Hoose 👍


    Neesons Bar Glasgow 👍


    Howgait Bar Glasgow 👍


    Already a variety of places where the hoops were watched yesterday..👍🍀👍🍀👍






    D. :)

  17. D-B,



    I witnessed Oasis so many Times. It wiz only when ma Son was playing them ALL the time going frae his Mums or Grandas house, that I thought they are Quality.



    Seeing them at the òlde SECC – bròooootal.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Made the mistake of sounding like he did not like the sound of a middle eastern language structure,


    He made a backhanded compliment about a player from occupied Palestine and was roundly accused of the above.


    As a Christian fundamentalist he probably still blames them for killing our Jewish deity, whereas I view it as all part of the great plan that was preordained.

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Consistency is the issue.




    If I were to say …



    ” I don`t like Christians ” , would that be an eviction offence ?



    Course , there may have been other issues involved .

  20. TLT be in no doubt about the FACT that nobody knows Anything really.



    Our Lord and Saviour is there for us all 24/7.



    When Neil name checks the Celtic Board that is done with genuine sincerity.



    Neil went through So much. An absolute Genius so he is.



    TOGETHER we are unstoppable.

  21. Macjay1…christians covers a multitude of ethnicities and beliefs…but you know that. So the comparison doesn’t work…nice try tho ;-))




  22. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    There are many Judean sects as well, so macjays comparison may be valid, you need to find out more about the Judean religion before you can make such dismissals.

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