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CQN Player of the Year: nominate three outstanding players from today’s game to Jobo at cqnpoty@gmail.com .

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  1. Rennes game on Thursday gives us real football and a real test.



    We can only play who are in front of us and I am grateful for the 3 pts, however the game on that pitch in that environment does nothing to enhanse Scottish football.




  2. Good morning, friends from a sunny again at last Ibiza. Last full day of this holiday and an awful lot of, ahem, supplies to get through so should be fun.


    If you haven’t yet nominated your top 3 performers from yesterday, remember to vote by email before 10pm tonight. I can’t access the cqnpoty@gmail.com account until I get home tomorrow but I’m expecting, or at least hoping, that the voting may well be the most open yet. Time for a walk…

  3. Haven`t read back so I don`t know if Sydney Tim has been on singing our winger`s praises. Maybe this, from our Manager, will help:



    ” “He scored another brilliant goal, and his run for it was great. That’s James on seven already and we’re only in mid-September.



    “It’s a great return already. Brilliant player, absolutely brilliant.”




  4. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
















  5. Re 16 Roads, I might be hallucinating but my memory is that it was a post about Simon & Garfunkel that caused the hassle, I have never met 16 Roads but I have been assured by those who have that he is a cracking ghuy without a bad bone be in his body.



    CQN has been in decline for some time now, which is sad to see. It has been a catalyst for some great good, perhaps the Kano campaign was it’s finest hour,



    I have spoken to a few of the lost Tribe of CQN’ers as to why they left, technical difficulty in accessing the site seems to be a major factor guys whose Passwords are no longer recognised, have sent emails direct to Paul to try & resolve issue but have not received replies.



    Paul is quite obviously a very busy man, apart from the Leaders he hasn’t really interacted on the Blog for years. However the Blog continues to be over Moderated on P.C. issues & as a result we have lost some great ghuys like BMCUW, The Bhoy Jinky & now apparently 16 Roads joins the list of the Fallen in Action.



    I do acknowledge the need for Moderation but ghuys posting might sometimes be acting out of character be it drink, depression or whatever, one would think a suspension for a couple of weeks might be more appropriate & fine if someone continues to break the rules then produce the red card.



    In the meantime the Huns & Trolls who infested the place after the Cluj result but have not been heard of since will be welcomed back with open arms the next time we suffer a bad result.



    End of Rant.

  6. DAVID66 on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1:00 AM


    Up for a bottle of water and a quick read back on CQN


    Kitchener Canada 👍


    Istanbul Turkey 👍


    Ibiza Espana 👍


    Sooside Hoose 👍


    Neesons Bar Glasgow 👍


    Howgait Bar Glasgow 👍


    Already a variety of places where the hoops were watched yesterday..👍🍀👍🍀👍






    Hi David66



    You can add me & Da to that list



    East Stand, New Douglas Park, Hamilton, Row D, Seats 54 and 55 :-))))) 👍🍀






  7. Corkcelt 10.47am



    That’s what I tried to say last night, posters who use the blog to spread their negativity but stay within the rules, can use (& abuse) to their own wee agendas, as I said the posters who complained or emailed P67 directly are very rarely to be found, yet 16roads who enjoys the fitba (& horsey) stuff cant contribute .. it stinks



    Hot Smoked 9.48am



    When wee Jamesy bhoy scores our winner after 3mins yesterday in the 5th minute he was shepherding the ball out for a bye kick for us… very few people will comment on the work the wee man does defensively… but again a lot don’t even give him credit for his goals & assists :-)

  8. Stivs.. The Raven….way earlier.



    A great story and left this reader wanting to know more about what was obviously a strong character, now sadly departed. As Tims we have been blessed with an oul’ brigade on whom we’ve relied on for generations.



    Thanks for sharing.



    CQN – at its best.




  9. A mate told me this morning that Kent was in an airport on his way to sign for Bruges when Sevco made their offer. Any truth in that?




  10. As for CQN in decline, I look on it differently … CQN has been so successful that a lot of people probably communicate through text, email or even in real life, I speak to Dallas Dallas & Art of War on a daily basis Monday to Friday, two bhoys I would have never have met if not for CQN … and sometimes when posters post and then just say I mainly lurk these days it sort of shows that like most things in life, over a period of time we take them for granted :-)



    And lastly when Celtic are flying we have less to complain about, think Neil has now been in charge of 28 games and lost 2 so even the unhappy Tim’s canny justify their moaning





    For those lurking and unable to log in, I had that difficulty for nearly a year!



    Can I suggest first of all clicking on the link that talks about whether or not you have forgotten your password first of all and follow that through to see if you can reset the password and then log in.



    Secondly, if that doesn’t work, try searching for WORDPRESS log in and see if you can enter the site or change passwords that way.



    Just a thought.

  12. After yesterday’s ugly win I headed down to Croke Park to search for a ticket for the All Ireland Final football replay.



    Secured said ticket and watched the Dubs ‘Drive for Five’ succeed against a good Kerry side. Dublin are the first football team to win five football All Ireland’s in a row.



    This afternoon at the same venue Dublin take on Galway in the ladies All Ireland football final in their quest for ‘three in a row’.



    55,000 spectators are expected to attend – probably one of the biggest attendances at an amateur ladies sporting event in the world.



    Throw in is at 4pm and will be shown live on TG4.



    Up de Dub ladies.

  13. I wouldn’t be the most technically able chap and I’ve never had an issue with logging on to This Dear Green Place………………….



    I’ve never lost my password and it’s simple enough if ye have to request another.



    AdBlocker sorts oooot……..any annoying pop ups…………and gives a very comfortable, clean and easy experience.



    Celtic Quick News Abu!







  14. I am trying to get tickets for rennes away. It is unclear from their website which end is the celtic end.


    Can anyone help?


    Thanks in advance.

  15. in fact………………..I’ve been lucky enough to log onto Celtic Quick News from …


    ………….”Bonnie Scotland………., County Cork ………………….and even from New York.”



    As the song goes!







  16. Westcraigs 12.00pm



    Not sure if same for European games



    Away fans are housed within the south-east corner between Tribune Ville de Rennes which is the eastern goal-end and Tribune de Bretagne which is the grandstand to the south.



    Hope that helps :-)

  17. Blog attrition?



    Not sure, There’s not many rules as far as I know, is there?



    Swearin’ ? Personal digs? Abusive language? Probably bevvied……..



    I’m sure folks get carded for good reason. (They’ll know themsels, shirley, if they’re honest?)



    Folk will get bored………. / board?…too?






    And them some just need to be angry…..ANGRY!!!!!….and unhappy.


    There’s loads of choice on the internets…….just not much quality.




  18. THE RAVEN on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:53 PM


    Saint Stivs on 14th September 2019 4:53 pm





    THE RAVEN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2019 9:51 PM




    Great read about a great man. 🍀🍀

  19. I’ve been unable to access comments on safari for weeks now. Affects iPhone and iPad. Adblocker is installed and have had tried turning JavaScript off. I don’t even try now.


    The absolute PITA workaround is to download the Firefox app and try from there with limited success. Even as I type the page is jumping up and down, absolute car crash of a site now.

  20. Gftb


    Thank you.


    I didn’t want to buy tickets for the wrong end.


    The only French I know is “Allez les vertes”

  21. Westcraigs 12.21pm



    vous êtes le bienvenu



    (Your welcome)



    By all accounts I think you’d be ok in Rennes end, although if Edouard notches another two on French soil maybe the locals won’t be too welcoming … enjoy your trip bring back a point or three :-)

  22. GFTB



    You’re blaming the wrong people and calling them ‘easily offended’. Should they not have complained? Is it all right for people to come on here and post offensive stuff with impunity? It was a very poor post. The complainers didn’t make the post, 16 Roads did. I am sure the ball is in his court. If he apologises to Paul 67, I’m sure he will be allowed to post again. I think everyone on here is a good Celtic supporter but that doesn’t give us licence to post things that most right minded people find offensive.

  23. TOSB 12.41pm



    I don’t disagree … and in my opinion the post was poor, the outrage was over the top, again I am the first to admit of probably being out of order at times but never would cross my line to go out of my way to get somebody banned … by the way maybe some people don’t agree with you or my views so because they have a different opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to then post ???

  24. TOSB 12.41pm



    Line is mind :-)



    Not sure I used “easily offended” but if that’s the way you read it fair enough, words in a post might be read differently which I think you just done and put my words into the way you read my mutterings… again apologies if I used “easily offended” but considering I also thought it was poor at the time am pretty sure I didn’t label the complainants as easily offended …

  25. Guys a great read back when I’m sober😂😂😂



    Some tributes there guys, (The Raven and Sain’t Stivis) you should be proud.💚🍀💚🍀



    What about some of the far flung and not so far flung places that the hoops get watched, truely amazing.


    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that our glorious support will go to see the Famous Glasgow Celtic. Absoloutley amazing. 🍀🍺💚🍀🍺💚🍀🍺💚


    I can imagine what it must be like in these places when I see the names💭⚽️🍺



    Hail Hail Bhoys and Ghirls



    D. :)

  26. Spurs season ticket holder told me this morning that yesterday was the first time since December 2017 that they’ve had a Saturday 3 o’clock kick off at home.

  27. Gene 1.03pm



    Maybe that’s why Spurs put on their best performance of the season, am biased as I had them, Man Utd & Chelsea on a nice wee enhanced treble :-)

  28. Stevie ( blame everyone else) g is now saying uefa rules are crazy and is preventing him naming more players for the Europa League.


    Well Slippy do what your lot normally do and ignore

  29. GFTB


    Sky + BT = no consideration for the fans who want to attend matches.


    Man citeh fans 5 hour journey to Norwich on a Saturday night – probably back after midnight

  30. Gene 1.18pm



    Sky & BT only care about the adverts, although I moan am part of the problem when big Julien was injured yesterday I flicked over to the Liverpool game … the atmosphere in the crowd was non-exsistant… and this from the so called best league in the world … or so Sky would have us believe

  31. GFTB


    Living in Engerland if I want to watch the Bhoys then it’s TV. Couldn’t afford to travel regularly and don’t do illegal streaming.

  32. GFTB on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019 12:46 PM


    TOSB 12.41pm




    I don’t disagree … and in my opinion the post was poor, the outrage was over the top, again I am the first to admit of probably being out of order at times but never would cross my line to go out of my way to get somebody banned … by the way maybe some people don’t agree with you or my views so because they have a different opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to then post ???





    Come off it Gerry. You’re being disingenuous. There’s a world of difference between people disagreeing with what you or I have to say when we haven’t said anything that is remotely offensive and someone being deliberately offensive. Of course you shouldn’t receive a ban for saying something which isn’t offensive but a lot of people disagree with. Like most people, I didn’t even know 16 Roads had been banned until I read PETEC’s post. I had forgotten about 16 Roads’s post as well. Most people move on after a few days. All 16 Roads needs to do is say ‘Sorry, I posted something I’ll judged which I realise I shouldn’t have’ and I’m sure everyone would move on. To be honest by making it a cause celebre, I think you’re now the one that’s rekindling it and keeping it going.

  33. TOSB 1.30pm



    Rekindling :-)



    I mentioned the “complainants” very rarely posting but your trying to justify the complaining with all your “right minded” guff



    What’s done is done …



    I would prefer to communicate about Celtic so can we leave it be

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