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  1. JimTheTim53 10.43pm



    I might be incorrect but an sure you’ve posted at one point … we all love Celtic so why argue … wise words my friend :-)

  2. Petec 10.56pm



    The real test was Ibrox …



    Neil can handle Europe



    We have a manager who wants what we want …. remember Neil left Leicester for us for less MONEY 💰

  3. Hello again all you young rebels.



    G’day to all you fine Celtic bhoys and ghirls.


    Just watched sir Rod’s wee interview on CTV there, sitting with his two


    young bhoys both in the hoops.


    What a great ambassador for Celtic this man is, and as for his tiepin?


    pure class, need to get one of them.



    Sorry to read of young Jack’s passing RIP


    H.H Mick

  4. If you get a chance listen to “off the ball” the Celtic board reneged on the deal for Murdo after Murdo & Davie Hay agreed … never trust a board

  5. Stevie fits right in there with the Sevco belief system: Sign contracts, agree terms, take the money and then renege on the whole deal, blaming the other party for being unfair by forcing Sevco to follow the conditions they originally signed up to.



    Hey Stevie, the rules were there when Sevco agreed to compete in the Europa Cup. You are happy enough to accept the revenues generated by that competition. Maybe if you are so unhappy at the restrictions being imposed on Sevco you should withdraw your team in protest.



    Aye right!!

  6. Gerry,



    Wan guy I’d have loved to see play was Davie Hay.



    Hard as nails but so much more from what I’ve heard.



    Youtube disnae seem to have much footage of the Legend.😔

  7. Petec … you started a lot of grief today and by chance I ended up with the grief …



    Gutted … TOSB is the last poster I would try to argue with …far too intelligent for a bhoy fae the scheme

  8. PETEC



    I was lucky enough to see Davy Hay play for the Celtic and seen many


    supposed hard men in the opposition teams back off from a 50/50


    challenge when he went for the ball.


    Hard as nails right enough.


    H.H Mick

  9. Petec … that day will come



    You & 16 roads I miissed in McChuills I should be happy as Lennybhoy & Leftclicltic were my minders….. that day … through CQN I have met many good Celtic people …

  10. Petec



    I hope that day isn’t far away… I think you got landed with AoW that day in McChuills . unlucky :-)

  11. PETEC



    I know we haven’t spoken for yonks, but I still follow your musings on here. I fear my CP days are over due to ill health. I still love you all and hopefully will meet again one day. Take care good buddy. HH .

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Quote of the week: Former Labour MP and Brexiteer Austin Mitchell, 84: ‘Never in British history have so few gone to such lengths to reject the verdict of so many for so long.’





  13. Macjay1,



    Totally scunnered with Parliament.



    Jacob is a Ghetto Superstar batting away questions Incredibly well.



    I ‘m Sad and watch PTV..



    Neil is a Genius – James will get the goals in France.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Absolutely agree about Jacob Rees Mogg.


    Erudite , unfailingly polite and a staunch defender of democracy .



    Damned because of his posh accent and House of Commons posture.


    Not altogether unforgiveable flaws.

  15. Good morning CQN from a dry and mild Garngad



    Reading on another site about our European game in 1970 against Kokkola.



    As a 4 year old then, that is my first memory of watching the Famous Glasgow Celtic.






    D. :)

  16. Haha Macjay. Mogg is an even bigger tax dodger than sevco. Him, and the other Tory brexiteers are only dong this to avoid eu scrutiny on their tax avoidance schemes. On the other hand northern England labour brexiteers are doing it because they have no hope under labour or Tory and will try to deal with the devil. They have no chance of coming out of this better off. If brexit does happen, and I would bet against it, the troubles for working class Engerland and Scodland ( north brits) would have just begun. Hail Hail. Enjoy your fishing.

  17. PETEC on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2019 2:21 AM



    ‘Jacob is a Ghetto Superstar batting away questions Incredibly well.’



    Jacob Reese Mogg has made an estimated £7 million from investments as a result of Brexit.



    The man is corrupt and disingenuous. How much are you gonna make from Brexit? Because unless you are a millionaire like him it’s going to hurt you and your family.

  18. Dear God.



    Maybe it’s a wind up though 🤔



    JR-M of the same cut as Trevalyan and his corn



    What a world view



    May God preserve us

  19. Wow,



    Jacob Rees Mogg is indeed a bawb@g. All politicians sicken me now, they have lost touch with reality and the people they represent



    The ERG and their irk are contemptuous , but look at the remainder side for sleeketness.



    Who would trust the likes of :


    David Cameron


    Tony Blair


    Peter Mandelson


    Gideon Osbourne


    Alex Salmond.


    Amber Rudd


    Nicola Sturgeon etc etc.



    As for ” celebrities ” who preach to us while indulging in tax avoidance schemes, they give me the boak.



    The elite on all sides are unscrupulous, unprincipled and frankly incompetent.



    Rant over.

  20. Alasdair MacLean on



    I was almost tempted to post something on the subject, but you’ve pretty well done the job for me.






    I can’t help but feel the people of the UK are being played …. as always …. to suit the aims of the players. Depressing.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Painful to see the lack of respect which CQN`ers have for the will of the British people .


    Expressed freely in a referendum.


    But , then , that`s socialism / communism / fascism for you.



    That`s what the punters want , but WE , the intellectual elite , we know what`s good for them.



    Viz. every tin pot dictator from Stalin , his surrogates in Eastern Europe , right through to his acolyte in Havana …..the brother of Fidel .

  22. Not going to rise to Brexit debate, basically Teresa May’s rejected deal will pass this time anyhow I’m beyond caring.


    However on more important issues, I must say I am really liking Elhamed, he came with little fanfare but so far he has been immense. My only worry is will he be messed about to make room for Bauer.


    Right backs are like Buses you wait for ages for one then 2 come together.

  23. Macjay



    Do you honestly believe that there is such a thing as `the will of the British people`?


    If so, are they born with this `will` or does it arrive after a careful consideration of any particular issue?




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