Hamilton Accies v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:45.

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  1. Looks very much like:



    :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Gordon ::::::::::::::::::::::::::


    Matthews : Denayer :: Van Dijk : Izaguirre


    ::::::::::::::::::: Brown :::::: Bitton ::::::::::::::::::


    :: Commons :::: Johansen ::: Henderson ::


    :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Griffiths ::::::::::::::::::::::::::



    I’m not mad keen on Johansen/Griffiths up front, but that aside, it looks a pretty decent line-up.



    Last time out, at Rugby Park, Ronny threw a curve-ball to the keyboard tacticians by playing Henderson on the left of the AM three. It worked very well, and Henderson was MOTM for many.



    Commons has partnered Matthews on the right quite a few times, and it has always led to a solid performance. Despite being a Commons fan, I was less impressed than the majority by his performance v Killie, but he’d had a lack of recent starts, and hopefully today will see him shake a few more cobwebs.



    Brown/Bitton has been shaky, but when they do click, they each offer something different in midfield. At Kilmarnock, it was Brown’s energy that drove Celtic in the first half, while Bitton’s calm assuredness helped us as Kilmarnock came out to attack.



    Denayer/Van Dijk – gets the job done in this formation (Denayer to clear it, Van Dijk to bring the ball out).



    The only question mark is Johansen behind Griffiths – Johansen scored when they played against Salzburg, (we went on to lose 3-1), but was poor for the rest of the match, despite Griffiths having an excellent game – they had little understanding together.

  2. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy on

    0/4 today…..



    Another ground ticked off on my every scottish pro ground visited crusade, only 2 to go

  3. What’s wrong with wiziwig?


    Where can I watch online without paying or registering?


    I live in England.


    Thanks. HH

  4. roboboy



    google vipbox and you should find one.



    failing that email me on lubo dot moravcic at ntlworld dot com




  5. robobhoy – wiziwig was taken down on Jan 1 due to threat of legal action in Spain where they were based. I used it a lot in USA and now find it hard to find a decent stream for live games. Thankfully we have all the ‘Tic games live on Celtic TV overseas.

  6. the glorious balance sheet on

    Shortbread pundits wasting time talking about whether VVD is good enough for Arsenal.



    Who cares?



    He is playing for Celtic today. If he wants to be here, great. If not, punt him for the best price possible and who gives two damns whether he is good enough for whatever club he goes to?



    Its all about Celtic.

  7. Would rather keep KC than sign Maloney. Younger, scores more goals, creates more goals for others, fit and available a lot more.

  8. Cumon the hoops. Hope the players enjoyed the break, and prove it was a wise decision.




  9. Right,this is the team most people have been wanting.Please no after match grumbling about the selection.

  10. Gary67


    12:29 on


    17 January, 2015


    Would rather keep KC than sign Maloney. Younger, scores more goals, creates more goals for others, fit and available a lot more.



    Whats the problem with having both?.We have a load of deadwood who contribute nothing.


    I know its a different universe,but Barca played with Iniesta and Xavi for years.I bet there was plenty saying they could never play in the same team together.Too alike.Cant get enough skill and good players in my opinion.

  11. the glorious balance sheet on

    Fraser Wishart is a very strange kind of trade unionist – what kind of union man is happy to see people intimdated and assaulted as they go about their work? What kind of trade union activist makes excuses for people who threaten and intimidate working people such as the receptionist and doorman at Argyle House.



    Hun lickspittle. Is it possible to complain to the SPFA and the STUC about this toad? In my view he brings the Trade Union movement into disrepute.

  12. So Tanner said when Hamilton beat us at Celtic Park it reverberated all over the world ,well l live less than a Mile from the English border and l can tell you they didn’t give a Donald Duck about that result, how this so called expert survives on TV god only knows.

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