Hammond’s early work. Under a Glasgow sky


Nick Hammond, who was made temporary Head of Recruitment early in the summer, became permanent Head of Football Operations yesterday.  Considering he landed at the 11th hour, his work during the summer window was encouraging.

Christopher Jullien arrived for big money (for Celtic) but is looking the part in central defence.  On paper, Hatem Elhamed was an odd signing, but he has more than delivered above expectations.  Compare and contrast to the more-celebrated right back, Jeremy Toljan, who arrived in January before drifting into squad obscurity soon thereafter.

Boli Bolingoli came through a torrid start to life at Celtic but has been solid for weeks, while on-loan Moritz Bauer is challenging Hatem for the right back role.  Mohamed Elyounoussi’s arrival was an odd one.  I expected this to be Mikey Johnston’s major breakthrough season, so Mohamed’s arrival puzzled me.  Mikey’s subsequent injury has given the on-loan left-mid player the opportunity to make the position his own.

I expect Nick had a smaller role in the recruitment of Greg Taylor and Fraser Forster, but he would have been central to the arrivals of Luca Connell, Jonathan Afolabi and Lee O’Connor.

January could be Nick’s ‘difficult second album’.  There will inevitably be patches in the squad to be covered but the more important job is qualification for next season’s Champions League.  Work on that should already be underway.

Foundation Sleep Out at Celtic Park

Every year an increasingly large number of souls do more than just raise money for our homeless and poor, they sleep under a cold Glasgow sky.  The event, which is a critical part of the Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal, next takes place on 16 November.

You spend between 10pm and 6am in the company of other Celtic fans who want to connect with our club’s founding cause, as well as one of modern society’s most pernicious scourges.  As I say about so many things your Foundation does, getting involved is a fulfilling and uplifting experience.

If this is for you, sign up here.

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  1. PARK ROAD 67






    Incestuous, corrupt, self serving. I could go on………….but I won’t.

  2. PAUL67



    On holiday in Crete in July i met a young lad from Israel.



    He told me Elhamed was a great player and we would be getting a bargain at the price.



    So I never had any doubts!

  3. I believe we have strength in depth as things stand.



    The striker position it could be argued needs supplemented. Altho that is a hard call, considering we tend to operate 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1


    I reckon Bayo and Griffiths are more than capable back-up to Eddy.


    Difficult to judge Bayo, based on 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there.


    I think he could be a handful with some more minutes and exposure under his belt.

  4. Nicky Hammond’s appointment, to my mind will have benefits medium to long term.



    With regards to the critical importance of this season, the responsibility there in lies with one man. Our success or lack of it will rest unequivocally with Neil Lennon.



    That doesn’t change.

  5. `KINGLUBO on 17TH OCTOBER 2019 1:13 PM


    When I think of a snake, I think of Michael Gove.


    Don’t get me started on Arlene Foster,ffs.`



    When I see Arlene Foster, I think of Les Dawson without the humour.

  6. Paul67 et al



    We all know that any Celtic manager is hamstrung by the cartel that is the Champions League, and the qualification criteria that applies to clubs that do not finish fourth in the cartel premier division. But the fact that you are even mentioning next year’s CL, in October of this year Paul illustrates the other handicap facing our manager, the end of year accounts, that time of year when not only bonuses are decided but the level of dividends to be paid to the few by the many. These decisions are more important than those of any Celtic manager, and will remain so as long as the end of year accounts precede the beginning of the CL, you know the one we are looking forward to next season.

  7. Good afternoon all. It’s been about 100 since I last posted here but I now wonder if I can a fellow tim or two even.



    Due to an unfortunate change in my domestic circumstances I now have a spare ticket in the North Stand for the Lazio game next Thursday. I also have a spare ticket for the South Stand at Hampden for the LC Semi.



    If any of you would be interested in these then please contact me directly. Paul should be able to give you my private e-mail address.

  8. Whilst Googling to see if I could educate myself a little re Liquidation,


    I came across this:



    ” Question


    Can you keep a company name after liquidation?





    Section 216 of the Insolvency Act, 1986, states that company names cannot be retained post-liquidation, apart from in very limited circumstances. Similar names are also included in this ruling, which is intended to protect creditors from further financial loss and ensure that members of the public are not misled into thinking that the company still exists.



    The rule applies to the 12-months prior to liquidation, and to all directors or shadow directors in office at the company during the same period. It is regarded as a serious offence to contravene these regulations, with the potential for severe penalties including fines and even a jail sentence in the most serious cases.



    Three exceptions


    These are the three exceptions to the ruling:



    Directors can buy the company, its debt, and the company name – they must advertise the fact publicly by placing a notice in the Gazette within 28 days of purchasing the business. Company creditors must also be informed.


    A court application can be made within seven days of liquidation, to retain the company name. A decision will be made by the court as to whether you can keep the name, but you are allowed to use it whilst the court decides, or for a period of up to six weeks.


    If the new company has been known by a similar name for a period of 12 months prior to liquidation and has not been dormant during this period.”



    Anyone care to comment? Does it support or undemine the fact that Rangers were allowed to keep a similar name?

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    Great Podium ma man. If I wizny island hopping in the Med (Adriatic) and sampling so much Pivo, I could’ve been a contender… how’s the knee?






    Enjoying your holiday posts!



    Seemed to be making progress until I started physio last week as more pain and discomfort since then.



    Mind you, fairly minor compared to other people’s ills.



    Enjoy the rest of your holiday S!

  11. with Christie suspended, is this what we are looking at for the wk.end :






    Elhamed Jullien Ajer Holy Boli






    Forrest Ntcham McGregor Mo







    would be good also to see Rogic and Mikey Johnston back involved at some stage.

  12. Do we need any more Midfielders? 1st Team squad has 16 listed. We generally pick a maximum of 5 out of 15. So we currntly have 11 players not starting. 32 players in total plus 4 out on loan. we should have 26 maximum



    If we are to sign midfielders than we need to get rid of players



    Hendry, Taylor, Kouassi, Arzani, Connell are not needed



    Griffiths, Sinclair and Rogic’s time is up and need sold where possible



    Remember O’Connor, Frimpong, Afolabi, Okoflex and Dembele are in reserve and need games

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    HOT SMOKED on 17TH OCTOBER 2019 2:41 PM



    Always thought that was odd, thems getting to retain what is more or less their original name, in fact its that very act which underpins the whole same club myth. The same club myth would be busted wide open if it had a different name.



    Then I remember that we live in Scotland where the SFA rule the roost, no sporting advantage, march where and when we like, etc. They are the establishment club and we are on the outside looking in, thats why contrary to all company law, thy are allowed to retain their original name.



    ….and another thing, they even have a term for anyone challenging the myth, ‘rangers hater’. ho ho ho, well at least they got that one right.

  14. BIG BHOY



    Good post and agree we need to offload.



    However, who wants to buy these players?



    Have we ever had an enquiry for the Griff, Sinclair or Rogic?



    Easier said than done, I fear.

  15. Bigbhoy



    I think that’s really harsh on Taylor, he hasn’t played yet, how can he be judged as not needed? I know some of us want instant results from players coming in (myself included) be even I can’t decide fairly at this stage that Taylor is a ‘get rid’ candidate!

  16. Connell as well



    These are just young lads, only in the door. Just at this juncture trying to learn and make an impression.



    To list Taylor and Connell as not needed, is bonkers

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    HOT SMOKED on 17TH OCTOBER 2019 2:41 PM



    …and as you can see by the reaction to your post on here, nobody cares – which is also very strange.

  18. In my opinion Hammond will need to line up a top goalkeeper, a replacement for Calmac and a replacement for Edouard before next summer.


    Sorry to say but Forster will be deemed too expensive to keep, I think Calmac will join BR and Edouard will be sold for another club record, hopefully 35-40 million.


    Others who might be tempted to leave will be Ajer and Christie if EPL clubs recognise how good they actually are. If KT can leave us for the EPL, anyone can. Kidding ourselves on to think otherwise.

  19. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    They’re not impressed by that fine on FF. Judging by this comment, they think it’s chicken feed… …“Fine after fine after poultry fine after fine after fine after fine after fine.


    Yet that’s fine? That organisation is as corrupt as the one they repeatedly fine.”

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Think he meant paltry. That’s right up with Escape Goat shoorly? 😂



  21. Rock Tree Bhoy


    Looks like it is just you and I , then !


    I think the reality is that none of the more legally aware Bhoys are on just now and other posters, like myself, are not au fait with the legality of the situation.I was hoping that one of our legal chappies would explain the situation in layman`s terms. Maybe they are busy doing their paid work at the moment :-)


    Cheerio for now.

  22. BBC :


    `It is the 18th time the Parkhead club have been punished by European football’s governing body since 2007 and their second charge this season.`



    I know we have been in Europe much more often than Sevco but I don`t think their fans let off flares. If that is the case, why is it so?


    Is it a European thing and they are more parochial than us?

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