Hammond’s early work. Under a Glasgow sky


Nick Hammond, who was made temporary Head of Recruitment early in the summer, became permanent Head of Football Operations yesterday.  Considering he landed at the 11th hour, his work during the summer window was encouraging.

Christopher Jullien arrived for big money (for Celtic) but is looking the part in central defence.  On paper, Hatem Elhamed was an odd signing, but he has more than delivered above expectations.  Compare and contrast to the more-celebrated right back, Jeremy Toljan, who arrived in January before drifting into squad obscurity soon thereafter.

Boli Bolingoli came through a torrid start to life at Celtic but has been solid for weeks, while on-loan Moritz Bauer is challenging Hatem for the right back role.  Mohamed Elyounoussi’s arrival was an odd one.  I expected this to be Mikey Johnston’s major breakthrough season, so Mohamed’s arrival puzzled me.  Mikey’s subsequent injury has given the on-loan left-mid player the opportunity to make the position his own.

I expect Nick had a smaller role in the recruitment of Greg Taylor and Fraser Forster, but he would have been central to the arrivals of Luca Connell, Jonathan Afolabi and Lee O’Connor.

January could be Nick’s ‘difficult second album’.  There will inevitably be patches in the squad to be covered but the more important job is qualification for next season’s Champions League.  Work on that should already be underway.

Foundation Sleep Out at Celtic Park

Every year an increasingly large number of souls do more than just raise money for our homeless and poor, they sleep under a cold Glasgow sky.  The event, which is a critical part of the Celtic FC Foundation’s Christmas Appeal, next takes place on 16 November.

You spend between 10pm and 6am in the company of other Celtic fans who want to connect with our club’s founding cause, as well as one of modern society’s most pernicious scourges.  As I say about so many things your Foundation does, getting involved is a fulfilling and uplifting experience.

If this is for you, sign up here.

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  1. bigbhoy



    arzani has the rest of the season, on loan from city he only played a few minutes before being injured.



    would like to see more of him.

  2. Bada


    Apparently it will be on Reporting Scotland at 6:30. Maybe lead to an increase in traffic on CQN ?

  3. Well, that was given surprising prominence on BBC`s Reporting Scotland.


    What would undoubtedly have been a traumatic experience for the boys who suffered at the hands of Neely may, at least, have the side effect of getting supporters of many clubs to take these matters seriously rather than simply using them as as amunition with which to attack Celtic.

  4. PB



    That is the moderate, reasoned response we would expect from such a dignified support :-)

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    On is uefa fine, I’m surprised Lawwell doesn’t pass it onto the perpetrators I.e. the GB. If they know there’s 300 of them then £10400/300 is £34.66 added to you ST.



    Lads missing a trick here😵😱

  6. Guys



    It may seem tough on Taylor but I reckon he is already well down the order. I don’t think we should have signed him. I think that at Training he is not showing good enough. I was never impressed when he played for



    We have played Bolingoli McGregor and Hayes before him. I reckon he is 5th in the pecking order, My opinon is











  7. With a big squad of 32 + reserves then if this is too many.



    We need to reduce it by passing on players who don’t play. Taylor and Connell haven’t played because they are well down the pecking order.



    Arzani is not even at Lennoxtown. Would he play before Forrest, Johnston, Christie, Sinclair or Shved?



    We do not need to be fair, its not a training set up we are running we are on for 9 titles in a row.



    We have only one point from last 6.



    Lennon obviously doesn’t rate these players

  8. As it’s only now 2 more sleeps until I resurrect the man of the match player of the year thing may I take this opportunity to remind you of the current standings, 9 games into the survey. Apologies in advance for the poor formatting but hope you get the gist of it. I’ve listed all of the players who appeared on the park at any point during those games. And with Ryan being suspended for our next 2 league games there’s every chance that the top placings will change.




    Ryan Christie – – – 8 – – – 177 – – – 17


    Odsonne Edouard – – – 8 – – – 156 – – – 16


    Scott Brown – – – 9 – – – 151 – – – 15


    James Forrest – – – 8 – – – 149 – – – 15


    Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo – – – 8 – – – 129 – – – 13


    Christopher Jullien – – – 8 – – – 161 – – – 12


    Moritz Bauer – – – 4 – – – 63 – – – 11


    Calum McGregor – – – 9 – – – 86 – – – 9


    Hatem Abd Elhamed – – – 6 – – – 70 – – – 8


    Mohamed Elyounoussi – – – 5 – – – 56 – – – 6


    Olivier Ntcham – – – 7 – – – 43 – – – 5


    Jeremie Frimpong – – – 1 – – – 34 – – – 4


    Nir Bitton – – – 2 – – – 41 – – – 3


    Vakoun Bayo – – – 6 – – – 30 – – – 3


    Jonny Hayes – – – 8 – – – 21 – – – 2


    Kristoffer Ajer – – – 8 – – – 27 – – – 1


    Fraser Forster – – – 7 – – – 14 – – – 1


    Mikey Johnston – – – 2 – – – 11 – – – 0


    Tom Rogic – – – 4 – – – 3 – – – 1


    Craig Gordon – – – 2 – – – 1 – – – 0


    Anthony Ralston – – – 1 – – – 0 – – – 0


    Jack Henrdy – – – 1 – – – 0 – – – 0


    Lewis Morgan – – – 2 – – – 0 – – – 0

  9. Taylor played 2 Premiership games for Killie and 1 game for Scotland before he signed for Celtic.



    He signed on 2nd September, the day after we got beat with Rangers with Calum McGregor at left back.



    We have played 7 games since then and Taylor hasn’t figured. This is against a background of some criticism of Boligoli but also with Hayes.



    The coaching Team have not seen enough of him to risk him.



    I am not in the Know but I have never been impressed by him while playing for others

  10. So Celtic Man City and Liverpool have been fined again .


    €12000 for an iconic display. I absolutely hate Celtic’s reputation being damaged.



    But is it ?????



    Look at the latest disciplinary list from UEFA.





    PS : The question remains unanswered. Is there any regular participants in European football that haven’t been disciplined?

  11. BIGBHOY @ 7.34 –


    “He signed on 2nd September, the day after we hammered Sevco on their own ground, 2-0 when Boli Bolingoli-Mbbombo played at left back and was voted our 2nd best performer that day based on emails to Jobo’s POTY thingmy”


    Sorted that for you.


    Calum has only played left back once this season, on 13th August at hoe to Cluj.

  12. Good Evening.



    See Scotland’s U19s beat Germany 1-0…



    Well done Billy Stark and the boyz… from the highlighs I saw, they were playing football the Glasgow Celtic way;)



    It’s been very quiet on CQN recently.



    Went in search of some of the ghuys who have gone awol but can liven the place up…



    Not sure if I’ve found our antipodean legend (one off)






    You’ll need java…



    Hail Hail

  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Some good points re: need to trim squad and improve quality in one or two positions.



    Although midfield numbers are good, we are missing a Broonie doppleganger and, possibly, a lock-picker for tight defences (although we do have some who can play neat passes through a tight defence – Bauer’s ball for Eddie a few weeks ago was a brammer).


    Agree with others that it is far, far too early to judge people we haven’t even seen playing yet (Taylor, Connell, one or two others).






  14. The BBC Scotland story tonight is, in a way, unremarkable. What is appalling is the life-long, often crippling, effect on the victims’ minds and lives.


    As part of a ‘Times’ campaign to make Celtic compensate Boys’ Club victims, Graham Speirs named two Celtic directors, friends of an accused paedophile, and said they must have known all about this man and what he was doing. He stopped short of saying that they, themselves, were involved . Assuming Speirs’ motives were pure, and that’s an assumption, he was wrong.


    Cunning and deceit are part and parcel of a deviant’s psychology. There’s plenty of case history which tells us that people can ‘know’ an offender – even be married to one – without ever suspecting evil.

  15. PHILBHOY @ 7:57 PM,



    I thought so…



    SFtBs @ 8:23 PM,



    What? Not even a wee longing for a Kojoism!?



    As folk than I once said… nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…



    BTW- Which generation Educated the misinformed turds…






    Hail Hail

  16. Neely resigned from Rangers then the abused kid was hounded out the club by the other coaches? Scumbags. Why are Smith and Souness etc not been interviewed about covering up a crime and failing to report it to Police? The fact that Neely went on to abuse more kids after being given a glowing reference from Rangers is so disgusting it just makes you sick.

  17. Charliebhoy- superb vid.



    That reminds me of when I was a postman, I chapped a door for ages and the voice shouts to me “be there in a minute” a few minutes later I chapped again “be there in a minute” 10 mins later and several attempts later, I shouts through the door you can come and pick up your effin parcel, you are taking the piss out of me.


    As I was only covering the duty, the next day I tells the other driver and he bursts out laughing… I said what you laughing at???



    That’s a parrot ya daft Cnut ….









    D. :)

  18. Mohamed Elyounoussi’s arrival was an odd one. I expected this to be Mikey Johnston’s major breakthrough season, so Mohamed’s arrival puzzled me. Mikey’s subsequent injury has given the on-loan left-mid player the opportunity to make the position his own.






    Interesting how the goals have dried up since Michael Johnston got injured. Time will tell if the trend reverses itself.

  19. CHAIRBHOY on 17TH OCTOBER 2019 7:53 PM



    That video was utter pish. No wonder a growing number of young people loathe the old.

  20. Prof Adam Tomkins The Times May 31 2019 “A full and independent investigation must be carried out into the systematic child abuse within Celtic FC’s feeder club “, a senior MSP has said. Professor Tomkins, the shadow cabinet secretary for communities, has also said that he is seeking a meeting with Mr Lawwell and Ian Maxwell, the chief executive of the Scottish FA.”

  21. Der Hun give no consideration given to the victim, who was then hunded out the club by Neely’s fellow coaches. The scum then pat Neely on the back give him a glowing reference allowing him to abuse other children. Surely Walter Smith and Graeme Souness must be arrested/ detained for questioning at the very least?

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