Hampden glory a consequence of century of struggle, denial and sacrifice


Congratulations to all at Celtic on securing our fourth consecutive trophy. Those of us who lived through the 90s (and those who also lived through the 50s) know how precious these times are.

Collecting that trophy yesterday is not the act of a vastly better resourced club picking up what is their divine right. It is the consequence of over a century of struggle, denial and sacrifice. The current success of Celtic is as remarkable as it looked to be unlikely for much of its existence.

The reflective glory that shines on all of us is the gift of downtrodden ancestors who wanted to escape hardship. When the trophies arrive, celebrate a deliverance.

Throughout the first half yesterday Celtic were well below their normal incisiveness. You and I have seen so many League Cups slip away over the years against weaker opponents. At halftime I thought, “All it will take is a half-chance for Motherwell and it’s the same old story.” Instead, James Forrest found the breakthrough and Craig Gordon (and the post) were up to the job when called upon.

Motherwell manager Steve Robinson has done very well but he set himself up for a fall after beating Newco in the semi-final. Pedro Caixinha was correct predicted Motherwell would not finished the final with 11 men on the field.

The get-into-their-face/leg/body approach was Motherwell’s best strategy for taking on Celtic (and Newco), but there’s no point crying about the consequences afterwards, when you lose.

There has been more heat than light shed on the penalty incident, a consequence of seasonal pantomime analysis. Ask any referee the question he is trained to ask himself in this scenario:

What is Kirpe’s arm doing across Scott Sinclair?

His arm is there to inhibit his opponent. No one will be able to give you an alternative scenario.

The incident would have been a foul and a yellow card anywhere else on the field. That is the statutory punishment for putting an arm round opponent in possession, unless it is a goal-scoring opportunity, in which case the card should be red.

It is unacceptable for a player to fall to the ground when he was not fouled, but not only is it acceptable to fall when you have been fouled, it is expected, unless you want the referee to play advantage.

I do feel sorry for Kipre, who by that stage of the game must have assumed his could foul and hack with impunity, but as well as pumping him up to play this brand of robust football, his manager should educate him on the consequences of putting an arm around and in front of an opponent inside the box.

There is a lesson here for Celtic too. When we lose a cup (or a game), it is likely to be when we concede a penalty and a red card.

Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon: love your work, but your performances on TV yesterday is why good analysts learn the guidelines given to referees. Stick to baiting Newco fans and finishing second in the league respectively.

Moussa, love your work too, but I don’t like penalties that go right down the middle of the goal. Note that every keeper in the land watched yesterday’s game and many will gamble on your repeating the exercise next time you face them from the spot. This is a tactic you must use sparingly.





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  1. Good morning Bhoys from a freezing cold central Éire.


    The hangover is just about gone away after Sunday’s win but it was well worth it, myself and my fellow Tims partied into the early hours. Seven days until my next trip over to see my beloved Hoops in action against Anderlecht and I can’t wait.



  2. My computer is down and I can’t read back cos its so difficult on this phone.


    I made one post yesterday which MAY have came across as a bit sexist ?


    I posted about mudderwells Lapsleys wife calli g Celtic cheats etc on twitter etc.. and said that real men should take their WAGS phones off of them sometimes ?


    I was of course not only referringto Lapsleys wife, bit also the recent RACIST remarks made by the wife of a N. Ireland player, following the Swiss match , against the Referee.


    Lapsleys wife had nothing to say when Celtic players were being assaulted by her Hubby’s team !


    I need to try and get my computer fixed, but this problem happens sometimes when I can’t even switch it on, and then suddenly its fine for months ?


    That’s why I don’t want to pay for an engineer right now, unless this problem persists ?


    Its a pain in the Erse trying to read and post with this phone.


    COYBIG….hammer this muddetwell mob on Wednesday !



  3. I was in F7 at the final yesterday and first reaction live was that the penalty seemed a bit soft but on viewing it again this morning on you tube am of the opinion that the penalty was a stonewaller.



    Everyone should maybe think if that was themselves running at full tilt towards the opponents goal and had been tugged I would reckon a large percentage would have been knocked off balance and landed on the floor too



    Well done Craig Thomson I think the first correct decision he has ever made for us




    Hope you are feeling better!



    Lapsley’s wife won’t be the first non Celtic minded wag to put he foot in her mouth, so no big deal as far as I’m concerned.



    Take care!

  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    SFTB, very amusing as ever! You should do an alternative WOTD every day!





  6. MICKBHOY1888 on 27TH NOVEMBER 2017 9:42 PM


    Was this the same Chris Sutton that was receiving due praise a couple of weeks ago when he stated “They won’t be playing Tina Turner on the coach home!”





    Come on; You’ve been on here long enough to know the script.



    When the pundits run with the clique they receive unadulterated praise, but when they contradict the clique, they become the devil incarnates. : ))))))))



    Cest la vie.

  7. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 8:19 AM



    Did you manage to check out the Laws of the Game link I posted for you (at your request)?

  8. Good Morning All…



    Great to have another Trophy in the Cabinet.



    When was the last time we retained the League Cup? Big Jock? I’m sure we couldn’t have done it too many times.



    Think Motherwell put up a good challenge. Over physical but we expected that.



    Read the BBC report, Tom English was of the view Motherwell had a real chance of the Cup at half time.



    Didn’t see that myself. It will take something special to beat Celtic this Season. Motherwell didn’t have that in their locker.



    If you look at the top drawer goal Jamesy scored and the sublime save from Craig Gordon you see we can produce the type of class and performance unmatched in Scotland.



    Of course others may try to manufacture points of controversy in order to acidulate our first class victory.



    Garcia Lorca’s great post (linked above by TBB) highlighted the reasoning for this.



    There can be no doubt about the penalty decision. Anyone who has doubt, they are the ones who have been conned.



    Why? Because there are certain perennial issues that pop up in Football games all too often. In order to ensure severe punishments wrongly imposed and cheating are minimised, the authorities allow some retrospective recompense in certain cases.



    Simulation (the cheating Scott Sinclair is being accused of) is one. The officials can look at a video of the game in retrospect and any incident where a player gains an advantage due to simulation can be dealt with and the player punished.



    Also a straight Red can be looked at. If a defending player commits a foul on an opposition player to deny an obvious goal scoring opportunity a free kick/penalty is awarded and the offending player is sent off. This is a punishment that can be appealed and subsequently looked into.



    Motherwell have appealed such decisions already this Season with mixed results.



    So, if there is any truth in what the naysayers think, we will see these decisions reviewed and dealt with. I think both the penalty decision and sending off were sound.



    Hail Hail

  9. Chairbhoy @ 9:15



    A couple of excellent points re simulation and video evidence plus red card and appeal.


    It will be interesting to see if either happens.



  10. This was posted yesterday ( original by an Aberdeen fan) but I think it is worthy of a second airing:


    ” 2012-16: Rangers in administration/The Rangers out of the top flight – 9 different winners of the two domestic cups through 10 competitions.




    The Rangers in the top flight – one winner of ####+++ everything.




    Thanks for “saving the game” lads.”



  11. CHAIRBHOY on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 9:15 AM



    ‘So, if there is any truth in what the naysayers think, we will see these decisions reviewed and dealt with.’







    Your if/then argument is flawed. It assumes that the review process is infallible.



    From a Celtic supporter (which I assume you are) that seems like an odd view to hold.

  12. saltires en sevilla on

    The Motherwell manager is a Joker!



    Sees what he wants to see and pathetic attempt divert attention away from the truth.


    Almost as pathetic as the attempt by CQN regular ( aye!) to focus attention on Scott Sinclair rather than the real villain.



    Kipre started off his shift on Sunday by running almost 70 yards deep into Celtic left back territory to aim a boot at Kieran Tierney. Fortunately contact was insufficient to put KT off his game. A central defender runs all that way out of position early in the game with intention ( sue me ) to lay down a marker (sic) on one of our top attacking threats! No action by ref! Not even spoken to!



    He was just warming up…



    Kipre aimed a straight-leg horizontal kick at full force over the ball onto Moussa Dembele’s shin, the classic leg-breaking tackle, Moussa left writhing in agony. No action by ref! Not even spoken to!



    Scott Sinclair running onto a pass achieves goal-side position in a foot race to ball inside Mothers’ penalty area, he is looking only at the ball and travelling at pace. His intentions are clearly to kick ball into the net. He has beaten his opponent. Kipre knows he cannot make a challenge with his feet, he is looking directly at Scott and not at the ball ( he has given up any hope of reaching it) decides his only remaining option to lay his ‘considerable’ hand under Scott’s arm and on his left breast, just long enough to impede progress on his left side, causing his opponent to spin around and lose balance.



    It wasn’t a push it was an obstruction on one side. Enough to knock the palyer travelling at pace off his stride and fall over.



    There was no valid reason for him to place his hand on Scott. His intention and motive was abundantly clear!



    Thompson knew he had no choice but to apply the rules.



    Penalty and red card.



    Will Stephen Thompson now admit his player did put his hand on Scott in a last ditch attempt to put him off his shot on goal? Will he even metion the two other disgraceful challenges by his player? Will he?!



    Absolute Roaster!!




  13. HOT SMOKED @ 9:22 AM,



    Yes, Motherwell have not been shy in appealing red cards nor have the officials in citing Simulation. So as you say, we’ll see.



    ERNIE LYNCH @ 9:32 AM,



    Yes, you are quite right, as a Celtic Supporter I have little faith in the review process. I have commented as such on here, often with detailed reasoning (Dougie, Dougie anyone).



    But that wasn’t my point…



    The Motherwell Manager basically called Scott Sinclair a Cheat, he said his defender was completely innocent of the foul and should not have been sent off.



    If he really believes that his Club will appeal, they have done so before. In fact they have had reds successfully recinded this Season.



    The officials have been badly conned due to Simulation in recent Seasons, the press are on this like a rash. They are clamping down on simulation and retrospectively penalising guilty players. There is no reason they would allow a Celtic player to get away with conning a ref at a showpiece Final @ Hampden.



    There has been a mighty brew-ha-ha over this penalty. If there are ANY grounds to the accusations made against Sinclair and if Kipre is an innocent victim of Sinclair’s “cheating” there would be an appeal at least and almost certainly a review. Why wouldn’t there be?



    Checked in my own question retention of League Cups.



    Interesting (although I’m sure the older and wiser already knew)…



    The Hampden in the Sun 7-1, was a retention of the LC. Won in 56′ an’awe.



    Jock won 5 in-crowd… so much for it being our bogey trophy.



    And after King Kenny won it in 2000, MO’N’s first trophy was the retention of the LC.



    If (like me) you don’t know your History;)



    Hail Hail

  14. I like the way Stephen Robinson defends his players in public, I also think he’s tactically astute; however Murderwell have previous for wanton thuggery .



    Subsequently we need to think carefully about our selections before the season defining Anderlecht game. We are really dancing to Robinson’s and the MSM tune by continuing to focus on the penalty decision rather than the thuggery that could have potentially ruined a promising young player’s career.



    I trust BR to set the record straight.






    Ps ! Never witnessed so much crap about a disputed penalty. : and we have countless to choose from.

  15. Greenpinata 10.25.


    Thanks. I was just about to post similar.


    We won a cup, we should be enjoying the moment, not doing Motherwell and MSMs bidding.


    Remember when we won the league cup against United at Ibrox 1997?


    We celebrated for ages.


    Now instead of celebrating people are still going on about a pen.


    Enjoy the moment my fellow Celtic supporters. Nothing stays the same.


    Hail Hail

  16. ernie Lynch


    ” Your if/then argument is flawed. It assumes that the review process is infallible.From a Celtic supporter (which I assume you are) that seems like an odd view to hold.”



    The review process is all too fallible and your second sentence suggests you are aware that this fallibility does not usually favour Celtic. That being so, why should we not expect a review of Sinclair`s alleged simulation ?




  17. Just seen the tackle on Dembele on facebook having been too far away on Sunday to make a definitive judgement on it. Aye it was a red card but i’ve seen worse, not going to lose any sleep over it.


    Watching Lazio v Fiorentina at the moment, referee went to sidelines to review a penalty incident and awarded a penalty after viewing same, an idea worth exploring although it cost my favourite italian club Lazio all three points.

  18. Could Kipre face retrospective action for his leg breaker of a tackle on Dembele?



    Could this possibility have affected Motherwell’s decision not to appeal the red card he did receive?



    Do the SFA just want to avoid any further embarrassment and draw a veil over the whole shambles of the referee’s performance in a tournament that is now finished?

  19. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    How’s this for a laugh?



    Manager Stephen Robinson explained: “It’s very simple. We’ve appealed numerous decisions and wasted a lot of time and money.



    “Another reason is we want Cedric completely focused on tomorrow night and Saturday. We’ve got big, big games.



    “And the reality is his ban is next season, in the first round of the cup and by then he could be in the Premier League, because he’s a top footballer.”



    He added: “So I think we need to concern ourselves with the here and now and the here and now is Wednesday night and Saturday.



    “What I do know is we’ve appealed numerous things when we thought we had good evidence and they’ve been turned against us so we’re not going to go that way this time for that reason.”



    He could be in the Premier League by then? FFS get a grip. He’s bang average in this league from what I have seen thus far so a move to the EPL just ain’t on the cards!




  20. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 8:58 AM


    VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2017 8:19 AM



    Did you manage to check out the Laws of the Game link I posted for you (at your request)?





    Ernie, there is no need to; as usual, you obfuscate and don’t answer the question. I have taken the following from a post I made yesterday; the italics are my comments and the bold are direct quotes from FIFA Law 12 and the referee guidance on Law 12. It is straightforward enough; the foul was for holding not for impeding.



    Let’s be clear here, Kipre wasn’t penalised for impeding an opponent; FIFA Laws of the Game (Law 12) state that:>



    Impeding the progress of an opponent means moving into the path of the opponent to obstruct, block, slow down or force a change of direction by an opponent when the ball is not within playing distance of either player.



    The ball was in playing distance of Sinclair and Kipre.



    Kipre was penalised for holding an opponent:



    Holding an opponent includes the act of preventing him from moving past or around using the hands, the arms or the body.



    It is a cautionable offence unless it prevents a goalscoring opportunity, one of the seven offences resulting in a red card:



    denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick



    Hopefully that clears it up for you.





  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Two Sundays ago, by happenstance I found myself with a guinness in a pub next to a large flatscreen tv. No sound but Watford v W Ham were playing and I started to watch idly. Five minutes on I started laughing, knowing exactly what Watford were about. Their pattern of play in and out of possession is a carbon copy of the Celts. Uncanny.



    They have a player, Will Young from Derby, who made me sure Kris Commons could’ve been accommodated in a Brendan Rodgers team had he not burned his bridges at the club previously. The manager is Marco Silva, another from Portugal. I’m impressed and think he’ll move on soon.



    I won’t see them against Manchester Utd tonight but expect them to do well. We wouldn’t finish lower than Watford because our players are better.

  22. I have one or two pals of the opposite persuasion and one of them has sent me details of the latest wheeze from the PR/Marketing gurus at the other place. She’s fizzing that these clowns are wasting money they don’t have expecting their fans to proudly sit in baltic conditions just to appear in a 360 panorama shot displaying their recently-purchased tops. Do they really expect thousands of gullibears to pay a fortune and then freeze near to death in order to secure a prize? I know most are hard-of-thing but…..



    Anyway, here’s the tempting offer:




    RANGERS fans are encouraged to create a “Blue Sea of Ibrox” for the upcoming match against Aberdeen at Ibrox on Wednesday 29 November with a dedicated Rangers FanPic. A hi res 360’ picture of the stadium will be taken during the first half which will allow supporters to zoom in and find themselves after the match. A number of prizes will be on offer to those that are spotted (dead or alive presumably) wearing the new home kit which is available to purchase online HERE and in the Rangers Megastore at Ibrox. Prizes include VIP hospitality and a training ground tour as well as signed home shirts.





    You almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

  23. Dear God,this is the guy who was voted onto the SPFL board .How bad must you be for your own fans to be getting up petitions to have you removed.The offices at Hampden need demolished.




    It reads: “Stewart Robertsons time on the Rangers board is up. The disastrous appointment of Pedro Caixinha has set our great club back years. He is clueless, inept and unfit for purpose. The longer he stays, the longer it will take for the club to recover. Stewart Robertson must go!”




    Good fun though.

  24. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    VFR, as expected , every other SPFL manager never seems to be scrutinised about things apart from whoever our manager is.



    If Motherwell get a penalty in a similar sutuation in future , there will be hee haw furore about it with Robinson not being asked any quesions about it.



    I have not seen or heard and dont expect any questions directed at Stephen Robinson about Kipre’s over the ball tackle on Mouusa .



    Again the media’s emphasis is completely negative towards us , which they relish. As I have posted on previous occasions , a friend of mine who previously worked in the media told me of their unwiritten rule , bad stories about us , good , good stories about an Ibrox club, better. He told me a lot of media people hide behind this unwritten rule to have a go at us with that Gordon Waddell and Leckie , being two of the worst.



    Leckie’s latest go at us is incredibly bad . He has a go at Thomson for the penalty but from memory , I cant remember him having a go at Thomson for knocking us back for 3 penalties at Ibrox as well as wrongly booking Maloney and Wilson for simulation.

  25. CORKCELT on 27TH NOVEMBER 2017 10:10 PM


    We won a trophy yesterday. The 4th in a row, unbeaten in Scotland for 65 games. Going to win 7 in a row this season. Strong chance of doing an unprecedented double treble, & extremely strong chance of getting into knock out stage of Europa Cup.



    The whole bloody day dominated by bickering over the penalty when we should be rejoicing




    In my opinion no team in the World has been robbed by controversial decisions as much as we have.



    We were awarded a penalty , so bloody what,



    We are where we are on merit, we have nothing to be ashamed of, We were leading & cruising before the penalty, this is a pile of crap we should move on & stop this annoying debate.




    Thank God for this post.

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