Hampden is ours!


Scottish football was waning in 2016.  In the five years before then, Celtic won all league titles, while the Scottish and League Cups each saw five different winners – nine clubs won cups across both competitions.  The ‘neutrals’ raved at this and fair play to the likes of Ross County and Hibs, (especially Hibs), but there was something missing.

Brendan Rodgers arrival gave Scottish football a team who were not just champions, but imperious champions.  18 trophies have been awarded since, 14 to Celtic.  Those neutrals (yet to meet a neutral) bemoaned a lack of competition, but you and I know the truth.  The value in even the League Cup has never been higher.

Other teams want to win it because so few sides apart from Celtic get to win anything.  Celtic want to win it because we know the historic significance of these times.  We are living in a period that 100 years from now football fans will look back at the records and marvel.  This.  Is.  History!  You and I know it and we kicked every ball.

When I think back on highlights from those 14 trophies, that magnificently-horrible League Cup win in December 2019 jumps out first.  The thought of losing our run, history denied, was such, that the eventual relief was euphoric.

Next is the game we watched from home.  We knew the run that led to the Quadruple Treble was over before the Scottish Cup Final against Hearts in 2020.  An equally horrible performance before Kristoffer Ajer blasted his deciding penalty into the net brought a feeling no less joyful than beating Newco 5-0 to win the league.

When your status is as high as Celtic’s has been since 2016, historic significance is always on the line.  This is Celtic’s gift to the rest of Scottish football.  Every competition here has an importance other countries could only dream of, and I include the often-vaunted English game.  There, their top clubs use the League (and increasingly FA) Cup as a development opportunity.

Even the second strongest team in Scotland is not robust enough to do that.  They need the League Cup.  A loss there, while miles behind in the league, would be a disaster.  February is a bit early to have only the Scottish Cup to look forward to.  Can you imagine looking at the months stretching out between February and August and thinking, ‘at most, three games in the Scottish Cup”?  They cannot walk out of Hampden on Sunday muttering, “Bigger fish to fry”, it all goes on the line.

Celtic are playing so well, some of us are disconcertingly confident.  Hatate, Kyogo, Jota and Maeda are on fire.  The back line is rock solid, and Joe Hart looks ready for anything (except a back pass).  McGregor and Mooy will move, block and pass their way through the game, while Ange will make changes that reinvigorate the second half.

Five League Cups out of six, you know the script, Celtic, Hampden is ours!

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  1. Prestonpans bhoys on

    “magnificently-horrible League Cup win in December 2019 jumps out first. ”



    What we witnessed there was a reminder of playing against the man with no surname. Playing against him was a lot worse, more one sided and a goalie who seemed to have six arms!

  2. The big English teams take the cups seriously these days, maybe since Pep arrived or slightly before. At least the past 10 years.



    Gone are the days of playing development squads.



    I’d actually prefer if Celtic started using their development squad in the cups but that will never happen.

  3. Loving Spoonful got their name the same way.







    Apparently, a spoonful of that product has enough nutrients that if you mix it into a milkshake;







    you get sacked from McDonalds






    No more milkshakes for me pal



  4. So, they want it more Paul67 ?






    Not sure I like that narrative. One that tends to lead to upsets.









    This a great wee tune off one of the many albums I ended up having .



    My first single I bought was Edison Lighthouse (love grows ).



    I miss ……



    WEEBOBBYCOLLINSused to play the Soul/mowtown songs ….played them all the time from my mother’s record collection .

  6. First two singles I ever bought were purchased after a hard day of “doin’ the trolleys” at Wm Low.



    Ghostbusters theme tune and Feed The World. I would have been 9 years old.

  7. The first of this weekend’s Glasgow Derbies is live on BBC Alba tonight. A 7pm kick off for Celtic v Sevco. Ladies. A win for the good girls takes them to the top of the league, level on points with Glasgow City who will have a game in hand.



  8. First record I bought was the first LP by the Rolling Stones. Thing is we did not have a record player so I had to borrow from our next door neighbour until my mum got me one for my birthday.

  9. *Repost*



    I now have 3 spare tickets to ‘An Audience with Martin O’Neill’ at BAaD in the Barras tomorrow evening (6.30pm start) if it interests anyone / you are looking for something to do on Saturday evening to calm the pre-match nerves…!



    Happy to sell the tickets individually or in groups. Face value is £25 per ticket, I’m looking for £20 per ticket…then a £5 donation to the Celtic Foundation if you wish!

  10. My first LP with my own money was Kings of the Wild Frontier/Adam and the Ants; first single was Can’t Happen Here – Rainbow



    Just Supposin by Status Quo was bought for me , so doesn’t count

  11. AIPPLE



    Were the Spinners not a folkie type group of singers from Liverpool? who used to be on the wee music programme before or after Sportsreel on a saturday night? big Aran sweaters etc,lol came to mind when you wrote it lol now realise you meant the ol 33,45 and 78s :)




  12. THE_HUDDLE @ 12:31 PM,



    Used to like those league cup games, it was getting difficult to get league game tickets in England



    The midweek league cup games were ideal for popping in after work and taking in a game



    Remember seeing some terrific young players notably the teenage John Hartson playing for Arsenal and Wayne Rooney playing at Stamford Bridge for Everton



    The romance seems to have gone out of cup football, or maybe it’s just me getting auld…



    Still as Paul67, it’s a joy seeing Celtic these days, we will be unlucky not to win the cup on Sunday



    But as Ronny Delia can testify, bad luck comes in different forms at Hampden for Celtic



    Hail Hail

  13. AN TEARMANN on 24TH FEBRUARY 2023 2:30 PM




    Your right mate, The SPINNERS were a British Folk Group…….NOT for me.


    But an American Group also called ” The Spinners” came on the British scene, but quickly changed their name to ” THE DETROIT SPINNERS” to avoid any confusion in the UK.



    The DETROIT SPINNERS were excellent.


    HH Mate.

  14. glendalystonsils on

    RON BACARDI on 24TH FEBRUARY 2023 1:56 PM


    First record I bought was the first LP by the Rolling Stones.



    That was my first too . I thought it couldn’t be beat until I heard Chuck Berry doing the original version of a lot of the tracks.

  15. AN TEARMANN on 24TH FEBRUARY 2023 2:30 PM




    Although known/re named ” The DETROIT SPINNERS” for the UK Market, I think they were STILL just known as ” THE SPINNERS” in the USA and other countries ?



    The DETROIT SPINNERS sometime in the 1970’s had a Big Hit with the Song…” ITS A SHAME”.



    In the 1990’s…MONIE LOVE did a Cover version of the Song…its also BRILLIANT.



    BOTH the ORIGINAL and the Cover version years later are just GREAT.



    HH Mate.