Hapoel threat has merit, fabrications don’t make SFA report


Hapoel Beer-Shiva delivered Olympiakos first defeat in a Champions League qualifying match in six years. The Greeks have competed in the group stage every season since, holding their own throughout the period, so getting knocked out by Hapoel was the equivalent of losing a Scottish Cup semi-final to a lower-league club.

Hapoel are not better than Olympiakos, not nearly so, but they were good enough to progress when they got the breaks. Anyone who thinks we’ll easy past them into the group stage is being ridiculously complacent.

I’m trying to avoid the nonsense coming out of Ibrox while we have more important things going on, but good grief! Please, please, have them follow through on the nonsense of ditching their legally contracted Puma strips to wear something else.

That stadium seems to be a beacon attracting stupid people doing stupid things.

You’ll note the INDEPENDENT SFA report on crowd at the Scottish Cup final recorded no assaults whatsoever on Newco players. This clearly caused some dissonance at the media organisations who reported utter fabrications after the game.

Never mind, Newco is in the same good hands which were on the tiller when their disastrous EBT plan was enacted, and the players who benefited from EBTs are front and central of Newco media coverage.

If you can’t see how this story ends, you’re not looking.

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  1. I did give detailed reasons why the Sinclair transfer fee would be £3.75 million – 3.75 +vat = £4.5 – deal done.

  2. Paul67, how about A Sevco official kicking a young Hibs fan in the technical area, was that also noted by one and all ?



    Apologies also to clunks – thoughts and prayers with your family, will light a wed candle in Sacred Heart Cowie for you all



    Now off oot




    From last thread.



    Met John and Lena from Cowie while on holiday in Crete.



    Good Tims.



    Do you know them?



    Prayers said for Ryan too.





    I’ll mail CLUNKS later. Just to let him know that he has much support.



    Last night’s post was painful baring of the soul. And that was only reading it!



    HH to you,guid Tim.

  5. viewfaethewindae on

    Best wishes to Celtic as the new season starts.


    We may start slow, European football may cause some strange league results and Referees will try to even things up as they always have however with Brendan in charge we have a great chance of six in a row.


    Let the Journalists spout their nonsense, we’ll do our talking on the park backed by a packed Celtic Park – COYBIG.

  6. Celtic need to the job at Paradise against Hapoel especially when you see the amount of “big” teams that crashed out of the CL this week but first we have to deal with the minis.3 points greatly appreciated Celts.



    Welcome to Celtic Mr Sinclair, may your time here be fruitful:))



    Stand Up For The Champions..

  7. Philbhoy


    I am trying to get oot :-)


    Know them well if it’s John Hammil and Lena Stillie ?



    Right off Ooot :-)this time

  8. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    Apologies if covered before, but is anyone else seeing a small square with a cross in it when reading comments?



  9. What is the Stars on



    Hannon yard like. .- Forest Angel 2.05 Grizzel 3.15 Bahaarah 5pm all Newmarket.Dourado 6.50 Lingfield. 5/1 12/1 11/1 & 8/13.


    Also heard balding yard fancy Poets Vanity 205 Newmarket (same race as forest angel) and sunflower 405 ascot.

  10. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    Will Richard Scudamore, Chief Exec of the EPL, be on the pitch next week to present Burnley with the English second tier divisional trophy? Did Hearts unfurl the Championship flag at their first game last year? We are being presented with a display of street theatre reminiscent of Andy Warhol or the 1920s Dada movement in France.




    I really hope The Clumpany is watching this.



    Kevjungle – I normally scroll past your posts – nothing personal, I do i to all the Negative guys.But it’s good to have you back – hail hail.

  11. Colour Blind Bhoy.


    Yes I am seeing that too. I have been for about a week. I just ignore it.


    Kev J..


    I left message for you at end of last blog.

  12. Colour Blind Bhoy on



    Thanks for reply, maybe Paul or WC will know why.


    PS, great goal Hamilton ☘



  13. Sitting outside the Traveller’s Tavern at Victoria Coach station quaffing a cold one in the sunshine. Meeting my best mate’s son later for a few beers and a curry when he will tell me where we are watching the game tomorrow.


    C’mon the Accies show those zombies the door back to Hades.

  14. I-0 Hamilton is a “surprise scoreline” according to an awfully disappointed sounding Rob McLean. You kinda get the impression that the season could turn a bit ugly if things don’t go according to the fondly imagined script.

  15. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Well done to the club on Scott Sinclair. Ambitious signing. It’s coming together.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers Wits


    I was talking to myself over on last thread☘☘☘

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