Hareide: threat comes from the stands, not Celtic players


So much about modern football is skewed away from those who strategically plan and develop teams. It wasn’t always this way. It isn’t this way everywhere. Tonight upwards of 50,000 people will pack into Celtic Park to live every kick of the ball. They will be there to see the champions of Scotland face the champions of Sweden, two clubs who bookended the 1970s by losing the first and last European Cup final of that decade respectively.

For the Celtic and Malmo, this is the modern equivalent of the European Cup final. The meritocracy, which European football enjoyed in the 70s, has been replaced by Rule of the Rich, but these two clubs go head-to-head in what is an all-encompassing battle. For each club, winning will be their biggest trophy of the season.

Both teams fancy their chances. Malmo manager, Age Hareide, is enjoying a welcome midseason form hiatus. When asked about Celtic before leaving Sweden, he dammed with difficult to find praise.

The challenge for visitors to Celtic Park, it appears, lies in standing firm to the distractions of a boisterous stadium. Celtic’s players don’t worry Hareide so much, “At Celtic, the pressure will not come from the opponents but from the stands”, apparently. Take that.

Hareide’s Helsingborgs lost to Celtic at this stage of Champions League qualifying three years ago, but after losing the first leg 0-2 in Sweden, he dismissed Celtic’s achievement by saying “we were better than Celtic at everything; in possession, we ran more than the Celtic players, and we actually played really well”. Celtic won both ties by two goals to nil. Hareide, no doubt mystified at just how his superior team were denied.

On-loan striker, Nikola Durdic, was also at Helsingborgs when they lost to Celtic. Former Aberdeen defender, Kari Arnason, lost on his only visit to Celtic Park. Jo Inge Berget made two starting appearances at Celtic Park, scoring twice in a 6-1 win over Dundee United, before losing to Maribor and slipping out of contention.  All three will start tonight for Malmo if fit.

These people think we’re a one-dimensional shouty football club, who can be undone by sophisticated Scandinavian guile.  Which has annoyed me, who do these people think they are?  Abba, were artistically unremarkable.  Take that, yourself.

Didn’t think I’d that anger in me.  Hareide is in for a surprise tonight.

You can win a Celtic European shirt (the bumblebee one), courtesy of club sponsor, Magners, who have kindly donated the shirt to help with our Mary’s Meals appeal.  The competition closes as kick off takes place TONIGHT, so you don’t have much time to enter.  To win the shirt, email me at celticquicknews@gmail.com with the answer to the following question IN THE SUBJECT line:

How many goals have Celtic conceded to Swedish opposition in history?

When you are entering, if you can give a £1 or so to help build what would be our fifth school kitchen in Malawi for Mary’s Meals, you can do so here, it will only take a minute.  I’ll give you a clue, the answer is not as hard as you may think.

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  1. Hail Hail



    So looking forward to returning to Paradise tonight.



    Roll on The Music…





    Have you started early on MALORBHOY’s Magners and Miller?



    I so hope you are right,of course.




  3. traditionalist88 on

    We could blow them away if we start at the same tempo we ended the home Quarbag tie with.



    Just hope we don’t leave it too late to change things if it isnt working.




  4. Maybe Paul67 knows? Will the Kerrydale lounge be open to ordinary season ticket holders tonight?

  5. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Bobby M



    Just tipsy with excitement and intoxicated on optimism


    Later wil be a different story ;-)

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Won’t be won or lost tonight. Fancy us to win, but not sure about the clean sheet, although I don’t think it will be crucial in the end. 2-1 tonight, 1-1 away.





    Abba may well have been artistically unremarkable,but they were remarkable aesthetically pleasing.



    Agnetha even managed to look rather fetching-down,boy!-in a bliddy raincoat. And I’ve got the negatives video clip to prove it.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Rubicon on 18th August 2015 11:04 pm



    From Your post last night



    Yes Yes and Yes




  9. Bobby Murdoch


    A Tim’s got to do what a Tim’s got to do






    How you doing big mhan





    Obviously my attempt to score out negatives failed miserably!



    Anyway,all who are going,I hope you all have a night to remember. And I hope SNEDDONI catches his train. And that ITSABOUTTIM gets an answer to his bliddy question!


    Oh,aye-and TIMALLY29,I believe they are Siamese Twins who share the same brain.

  12. Captain Beefheart on

    Paul67 added to the Abba Abba banned list.



    Strange arrogance from them. Celtic to win.

  13. 1. Gordon





    3. Izzi


    4. VVD


    5. Dedryck











    10.Stuart Armstrong





    bench Cifti,Scott Allen,GMS,Bailley,



    i hope for a good performance tonight,respectful of Malmo


    a hard nights graft is ahead of us,we have never been afraid of hard work


    go to work Celts




  14. St Stiv. Why may I ask.and does anybody know what the weather will.be later on.we’re I stay Livingston. Blue Skies warm and Sunny.

  15. traditionalist88 on

    67 European Cup Winners on 19th August 2015 12:12 pm Rubicon on 18th August 2015 11:04 pm



    From Your post last night




    Yes Yes and Yes










    What were the questions?!





  16. Itsabouttim


    I think someone posted yesterday that the Kerrydale will be given over to UEFA requirements, so don’t believe it is open to the punters.



    I recommend the Battlefield Rest (Italian) where I will be having my usual pre- match meal with my ghirl, no problem with parking.



    H H

  17. Few wee things on the site to point out.



    If you look at the League Table – to the right on desktop and tablet and nearer the bottom on smart phones. Just above the league table you will see LATEST COMMENT – click on Paul’s heading here and this will gives you a short cut to the most recent post on the blog i.e. the last page.



    Just below the league table we’ve added an ARCHIVE option where you can find articles & comments going back to October 2011, when the previous design was introduced.



    At the bottom there is a CALENDAR option. Click on the date and this will give you all the posts on here on the selected date.

  18. BMCUW



    Sneddoni will catch his train even if he walks – assuming he has no health impairments – I’ve done it in under an hour many times?



    I, on the other hand, are still waiting. :(

  19. “Super Hooper”



    Super Hooper beams are gonna blind me


    But I won’t feel blue


    Like I always do


    ‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you



    I was sick and tired of everything


    When I called you last night from Glasgow


    All I do is eat and sleep and sing


    Wishing every show was the last show


    (Wishing every show was the last show)


    So imagine I was glad to hear you’re coming


    (Glad to hear you’re coming)


    Suddenly I feel all right


    (And suddenly it’s gonna be)


    And it’s gonna be so different


    When I’m on the stage tonight



    “Super Hooper”



    beams are gonna blind me

  20. A lot of pressure v the Swedes tonight and next week.



    As we know, the winner takes it all.

  21. FourGreenFields on

    Bus loads of Malmo supporters just arrived in Merchant City , drums / flags etc . Looks like they are here to party .

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