Harley St got it wrong with Jozo


Jozo Simunovic was sent to Harley St for a confirmatory look at his knee before Celtic signed him five years ago.  An affirmative verdict came back but Jozo has missed the majority of games since due to injury or the need to protect his fragile joint.

When fit, he performed well and was more reliable than a clutch of central defenders we had in the years before he joined (with a couple of notable exceptions).  Still only 26, others would consider their best years ahead of them, but it is difficult to see where Jozo will fit in.  Countries in northern or eastern Europe, with a preponderance of artificial surfaces, are out.  His best opportunity might be a pay-as-you-play deal for a crisis club.

We are going to miss Craig Levein; his gaunt look, his whiney analysis of every defeat and his legendary take on the ‘natural order’.  He was rubbish, of course.

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  1. Square Slice @ 9:58pm



    Totally understand mate but the people on the front line of the NHS during the current virus deserve appreciation. They are very dedicated and putting themselves at risk for the benefit of others. It’s the system that fails us and it all comes down to money! They are so concerned about financial liability that they lie and cover up their mistakes, what price a life eh?!? Shocking as it is, the nurses, paramedics, ICU Dr’s etc. are 21st century cannon fodder!



    Stay safe and HH

  2. Good morning CQN from another dry sunny at the moment Garngad



    Talking about the Scottish cup, when is this years to be played?



    I want that Quadtreble🏆






    D. :)

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Early Morning Newshound reporting-


    SD 2 metres you have a 1.3% chance of catching C19


    1 metre you have a 2.6% of catching C19


    For me the 2 metre rule is nonsensical, compared to the risk involved.


    No disrespect to anyone affected but IMO,the measures still in place totally outweigh the risk involved. Coronavirus is not a death sentence, the survival rate is around 96%,which takes us back to the common flu argument, and the mortality rate there,involving the same demographic.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    PCS- scanning US news channels last night they all said Trump does not go to church,and nobody could remember seeing him there.

  5. KINGLUBO on 1ST JUNE 2020 8:00 PM





    I am so very sorry for your tragic loss, words cannot describe how you feel or what you are going through and will go through. But please take this on board, things will get better, honestly. I know. 30 years ago we lost our 6 year old son Paul, a brilliant wee boy. The loss was unbelievable and and the black hole we were in seemed never ending, and life as we knew it stopped for good. Or so we thought.But time iIS a great healer. Sure, the pain never goes away but we know he is with us all the time, looking over us. For example, my wife sometimes loses an ear ring or her glasses or something silly and asks for Paul to find it. Honestly it always works.



    So my friend, please believe your good lady is with you always, and she is, believe me.




    Hope you find comfort at this awful time for you.










    Thank you what a beautiful and incredibly brave post!



    At the moment it’s about taking things hour by hour, you and MNcelt will know that. It’s not being melodramatic it’s just that you think you’re fine one minute and the next your crippled by such a range of emotions. However, that’s natural and to be expected and I’ll bet their isn’t a poster on CQN who hasn’t experienced that same sense of utter desolation and helplessness.



    This morning is brighter as Helen’s Just Giving page has just gone through £20k and with gift aid it’s over £24,500!



    KingLubo and MNcelt, thank you!

  6. Reading back, I was interested in the HHS Superheroes ` comments.


    My, fortunately rather limited experiences with the NHS, have all been excellent. Total commitment and being treated as though I was special. Ten out of ten.


    Even so, I find some of the `appreciation` a wee bit OTT. It smacks of the `Our Boys or Help our Heroes“ syndrome and I am not at all keen on that.


    Just to be clear, though, I think the HHS is a fantastic concept but various Governments have undemined it.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    HS- totally agree, the NHS has been decimated by this government, and voted down a cost of living pay rise last year. They totally hijacked the Clap for Heroes, and Colonel Tom’s fundraising, to hide their total incompetence, I have not donated to the new wave of charities, as I don’t believe the money would be going to where it’s intended, and our tax/NI pays for this anyway,but has been criminally wasted,or cut back.HH

  8. Good news for Celtic is that Ralph Hasenhuttl is set to sign a new 4-year deal at Southampton



    There was a worry that he would be sacked at one point this season. We know Forster and Elyounoussi are not in his plans.

  9. Jimmynotpaul on

    In my opinion, Pharmacists have being doing an incredible job with little acknowledgement.


    Twice in this pandemic, they have gone way beyond the call of duty to assist me, despite the pressure they have been under, themselves.

  10. JNP



    The role played by so many pharmacists, during normal times and extremes, is certainly to be recognised.



    HammyTim…..as our pal would say, ‘Love’



    HH jg



    That speech was written by Charlie Chaplin for his film “The Great Dictator” released in 1940.


    Paolo Nutini uses it on one of his albums.


    Strong stuff

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 2ND JUNE 2020 8:57 AM


    ‘Early Morning Newshound reporting-



    SD 2 metres you have a 1.3% chance of catching C19



    1 metre you have a 2.6% of catching C19’






    Catching it how? Droplets? Aerosol? Contact on surfaces? How much viral load do you receive at 1m compared to 2m, and to what extent does the viral load affect the severity of the infection?







    ‘ the survival rate is around 96%’






    It’s too early to say what the survival rate is. One aspect of Covid 19 that has surprised doctors is how people who have apparently survived are then subsequently reporting other, wide ranging health problems.



    Covid19 isn’t flu.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada – respectfully, Covid-19 is a death sentence if it kills you?



    If you assume the disease, left unchecked, will infect half the UK population (consistent with the “herd immunity” nonsense those halfwits in Downing Street were still considering in mid-March) ….



    …. and for 4% of that 50% the disease is fatal?



    ….. 1.3 million lives lost.




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ernie- stats were from a medical professor on tv earlier, I didn’t say it was flu.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Back to Basics- in the UK’s case,their efforts in reducing the spread has been laughable, with Boris leading the charge from under his bed, airports not closed etc. To where we are now, IMO, the restrictions don’t equate to the risk.When do we reopen fully? When the death rate is zero? When will that be? Do we wait for a vaccine? HH

  16. FESS19 on 2ND JUNE 2020 10:16 AM







    That speech was written by Charlie Chaplin for his film “The Great Dictator” released in 1940.





    Paolo Nutini uses it on one of his albums.





    Strong stuff





    Re Charlie Chaplin…



    He has never been of much interest to me as I always preferred Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, and I didnt find Charlie to be funny, however….



    He did write some songs and one of them was excellent. It was/is called ” THIS IS MY SONG”, and it was sung by Petula Clark in the 1960’s and was a big hit I believe.


    Check it out on youtube.





  17. Canamalar,



    As someone who finds the concept of God, or any omnipotent deity, at best challenging, an angel moving to the other side of the street and opening up a polar opposite venue to and trying to tempt people in for eternity is a good few steps too far.



    And I’m not sure how they decided on the contract re purgatory. There must have been plenty of haggling when agreeing a place like that’s terms I’d imagine.

  18. greengray1967 on

    Just catching up on from last night.


    KingLubo and MNCelt God bless you and your loved ones. Brave words. As a father of 5,, 21,18,11 and 8 (one still born, shes 12 now) I worry and fear every day for their health. Im a hugger by nature but my guys are been hugged more than ever since the start of this pandemic.


    CQN can really bring out the best in us all.



    Chris, what a beautiful mass on Saturday. My first virtual mass and I have to say it will not be my last. The tributes to Helen at the end were heartwarming and showed the high regard in which she was held. Thoughts and prayers with you all and pray you get the strength through time.

  19. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul, how are you ? I hope you and your family are well. .



    I finally received the stuff I require to work from home last week. I was getting used to being offsite it was better I was able to work from home.



    I know it’s not the most important of subjects but have Cumbernauld United found out yet if their season has ended .

  20. Jimmynotpaul on



    We’re all doing fine, thanks.


    I’m still waiting, 11 weeks today.


    Cumbernauld were deemed to have finished 3rd, so have been promoted, so in with the big boys, next season.


    Although, an investigation is taking place. seemingly null and void was on the table, until Talbot stepped in, they were awarded the Premier Title.


    In the championship Blantyre Vics and Darvel, were deemed, joint winners.

  21. Jimmynotpaul on



    Thank you so much for that.


    I will pass the information on.


    How is your health now?


    Are you out of hospital now?






    I was reading something just yesterday where it said that the invention of Purgatory by the Church was one of many contributing factors to the reformation, por cierto

  23. vaccine? HH



    BIG JIMMY on 2ND JUNE 2020 10:51 AM




    I know the song but am amazed to discover Charlie Chaplin wrote that. Then again, the guy was a genius in some ways. I recently watched Modern Times. He was way ahead of his time.

  24. Jimmynotpaul on

    Majestic Hartson.


    It was to do with games in hand.


    Darvel were ahead but Blantyre had a good few games in hand, Cumbernauld had been in second and ended third, that was probably where they would have ended up.


    I’m not sure Blantyre would have caught Darvel, though.


    The juniors used a formula to calculate where teams would have ended up.


    If it was as close as 1%, then deemed a tie.


    Auchinleck were a good bit behind Kilwinning, with plenty of games in hand and Auchinleck were awarded the title,using the same formula.

  25. Jimmynotpaul on



    That’s some amount of time.


    I hope you’re health improves enough from you to be discharged very soon.


    Thanks so much for thinking of us, when you have so much going on yourself.


    You’re a kind man.

  26. ….☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️

















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