Harsh realities when top European clubs come calling


Celtic are keen to stamp on speculation for players this summer, including right-back Josip Juranovic. Josip has made no play for a move, he is the model professional, back from injury and ready for the new season.

You and I both know the reality is that even full-backs born into the Celtic family move when the right offer comes along. If, as reported by Sky, Atletico Madrid are interested in Josip, it would be naive to think he would not reciprocate. For Celtic, the question would be about money and backfill. Atletico paid Spurs £20m for right-back Kieran Trippier three years ago. A year earlier, they paid half that to PSV Eindhoven for right-back Santiago Arias.

Atletico are one of Europe’s most successful clubs, not one of their big spenders, so a Trippier-like fee for another right-back may be beyond them and an Arias-like fee would not meet the player’s value to Celtic.

I’m not convinced Atletico have the budget to spend on a right-back to make this happen, but I expect Celtic will be scouting right-backs across several continents right now. We are in for a long two months before the window closes.  Remember, our business model depends on bringing players in, achieving success, selling them on at a significant profit and reinvesting.  These dealings are part of that process.

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  2. bournesouprecipe on

    What time the first post, ” why is it taking so long to sign Jota and Bernabei” ?

  3. I don’t think the initial fee for Trippier was anything near 20m, more like 12m, and as much as I like Jura, he’s not as good a player, or nearly as experienced at the top level as Trippier was when he went to Atleti.



    Half of 20m sounds about right, he’s 27 by the end of the window and doesn’t have any top league experience and little sell-on value.. For 10m I’d do business, provided its with enough time to get a replacement in – I like him but I think we can do better while turning in a tidy profit that can be spent in other areas

  4. Looking at the new Adidas Training Kit ,Personally I don’t like that green colour very dull looking ,can’t see them selling well ,Nike for me any day of the week

  5. Timbhoy, Danny allowed me and Dad and my Son to Witness Celtic Together, not sure MWD realised how high he’d go after seat swapping.




    Eternally grateful.



    You are right, the Main Stand could dae wae an upgrade.



    The 1st mix on BBC was betta….







  6. McPhail Bhoy on

    Timbhoy 163


    If the reaction of my 20 something son and daughter are anything to go by they will be massive sellers

  7. Garngad to Croy on

    We slag the Hun’s for auctioning off their best but we do the same when it suits the suits!

  8. Ok so we had over £20 million in the bank in the interims, we’re guaranteed CL income for the first summer in 15 years and we must sell JJ if we get a 15 million offer ?

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Remember, our business model depends on bringing players in, achieving success, selling them on at a significant profit and reinvesting. These dealings are part of that process.”




    Should be looking to keep Juranovic for another year at least. Still achieved nothing in Europe for donkeys.


    Need to give our players a proper vision of what we want to do and how they can be a part of it.

  10. P67 — not one of your better efforts.



    Full of expectation management and excuses for AM’s lowball bid when it arrives.


    Not good plus you have the selling club dimension — that seemingly is our business model.


    To think we paid PL millions to reduce us to a life of fodder management — not good at all.



    We should not be a selling club — if we need to sell players to keep the lights on then we are a shadow of who we were and what we could be.



    The issue for us is to keep / manage / develop players over a longer period of time so that the players we develop / scout / prospect do it on the park for us again rather than punt them at the first opportunity.



    JFr — lasted 18 months with us.


    JJ — looks to be lasting 12 months with us.


    Just how fast has the player scouting wheel got to turn?



    It is better that we keep good players for longer and harvest the CL money year after year than flash our wares at the CL regulars and sell for peanuts.





    JJ / VVD / JD / KT


    JMcG / KA / ON / CMcG


    MD / OE



    Bench include DB / JFr / DT / RC / JF



    I wonder where that team would have gotten us over the past 4 years?


    Too many were / are happy with SPL pot hunting rather than challenging ourselves and daring to grow.

  11. quadrophenian on

    I’m feeling uncomfortably softened up by that article Paul.


    Timely reminder we’re a trading club (sounds better than a selling club !)


    I haven’t developed as much affection for Josip J as I have for Tony the Tiger so if he goes…Tel Aviv, as they say in France ;)


    For all you tipplers, news that a local (Port Melb) whisky – Starward – picked up a swag of wins as the best whiskey in the world at San Fran’s World Spirits Comp.





    Another great thing from Melbourne aside from Angey baby.

  12. MADMITCH on 27TH JUNE 2022 1:42 PM


    The problem we had with buy low sell high in the Lawwell years was the recruitment, basically Lawwell going to Dudu Duhan or his son at Man City.


    That’s fine if those sources are only a small part of a bigger operation but they became major parts of our recruitment.


    Thankfully the Lawwell years are gone, hopefully never to return, even P67 himself let the cat out of the bag when he flagged up just how amateurish our recruitment set up was when he told us that no finalised plans for possible goalkeeper recruitment via scouting was in place as late as March 2020 for the following season.


    Unbelievable really.


    P67 has said that the recruitment model has changed, so I would like to think that this will have us scouting a year ahead like all the serious clubs so that the model Celtic want to run can actually work properly.

  13. Players won’t come if they think we’ll hold on to them when offers come in from bigger leagues



    We sell ourselves to players like Vvd as a stepping stone club. They wouldn’t be with us in the first place if there wasn’t a tried and tested route to the epl.

  14. C40 @ 12.21



    I really have to hand it to you — you never stop.


    Excuse after excuse / reason after reason — all to do a very good player down.


    No stone left unturned to generate a case for giving JJ away to the first EPL team / CL regular that comes along.



    KTr — you are having laugh.


    Didn’t make the NT until 26.


    Sold for £20mill plus add ons at 28 and 7/8ths — after a poor season.


    His last move at 31 was for £12mill.


    Struggling with injuries.



    And we are expected to understand JJ is worth less than him?


    Younger at 26 and 3/4’s now plus playing of of his skin for a NT of somewhat better quality than England.



    JJ is a good player who I hope we keep for at least another season.


    But if he has to go then we should expect and get top dollar for him.


    To push for something else is just a new version of the Scottish cringe.

  15. Every club is a trading club. Everyone has assett manage as a central part of their business

  16. Should have added that the perfect summation of future recruitment in the Lawwell years was the bit of paper that a cleaner found in a bin in Lennoxtown.

  17. I’d have thought that a club of our size would have a database of available right backs throughout Europe.



    Or maybe not.



    I also think Juranuvic, being a regular for Croatia, could easily fetch £20m

  18. L14 @ 1.58



    My issue is the idea that we are a selling club first and foremost — according to many including P67.



    To me that suggests that we need / have needed to in the past to sell players at a profit to keep the lights on / pay PL his grotesque bonuses.



    If that is the case / was the case in the past then we were a bigger shambles than I thought.



    My thoughts are that we go all out for on field improvement — a growth agenda to build the squad / the team / the support / the trophy cabinet.



    That means targeting CL group stages every year and getting to the latter stages of the EuL if that route is what we have to fall back on.



    No excuses / no tear jerking hard luck stories — just total focus with ever increasing levels of resources to support our efforts.



    If players want to leave then fair enough but we have the management smarts / squad building nous to make sure that they leave of our terms.



    One milestone will be the first player we pay £100K a week.


    If the 2000 version of HL re-appeared at P/head then he would be the first candidate.

  19. It’s a probable CL group place again next season for the winners of the SPFL. Why don’t we pivot our business plan towards that ? Why don’t we give our manager a fair crack at what will already be a big ask to perform and compete well in the CL group stage by retaining his first choice players that all have long term contracts in place ?



    I like Tony and he’s came on well but he’s not my choice for European games or games against the huns.



    Our balance sheet will provided little comfort should Kent tear him apart next season and we’re on the wrong end of a derby defeat.

  20. If Juranovic is wanting to move then Ange won’t keep him, it is fantasy to think Celtic will get a better fullback than him,but if he wants out which I see no sign of its not a question that needs asked until he indicates to the manager he wants to move, only the plc accountants will want to sell a happy player who has the CL World Cup and the league here to look forward to, but knowing them from the past I would rule out nothing.

  21. MADMITCH on 27TH JUNE 2022 2:02 PM



    Kieron Trippier played in a World Cup team that got through to the semi finals in 2018 (knocked out in the semi finals by a Croatia team that did t have JJ in the squad). He scored in the semis



    He was in the spurs team that got through to the Champions League final



    Spurs finished in the top 4 in every season he was there



    He’s a very good player, he was excellent when he went back to England play for Newcastle



    JJ has played his entire career in the Croatian, Polish and Scottish Leagues. Until recently not in the top ten leagues. Trippier has played for top 4 teams in the two biggest leagues in the world



    Doesn’t mean I don’t rate JJ when I say Trippiers better.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    celtic40me on 27th June 2022 2:01 pm



    Players won’t come if they think we’ll hold on to them when offers come in from bigger leagues







    We sell ourselves to players like Vvd as a stepping stone club. They wouldn’t be with us in the first place if there wasn’t a tried and tested route to the epl.



    Beat me to it, we sign a lot of players to sell them on,it’s a big part of getting them to Scottish football, nearly all want to play in EPL, i imagine most will have a buy out figure in their contracts, we reneged on Boyata and Dembele as we didn’t have replacements in,eventually cost us a fortune.

  23. C40 @ 2.03



    Us as a trading club — you are the spawn of JB and I claim my HH autograph.



    You suggest trading but P67 says that we are a selling club.


    Huge difference between the two concepts.



    I would have us as a buying club — investing £10mill pa over and above any trading surplus that we might generate.



    If we were to generate a player trading surplus then we should treat it as a windfall and use it to improve the physicals around P/head or use it to start a team in the US / Aus / Canada / Japan.

  24. C40 @ 2.19



    JJ vs KTr — 5 years apart in age.


    Might he a reason a 22 yr old JJ didn’t make the 2018 WC — just saying like.



    KTr would appear to be a slow developer — made the England NT at 26.


    Had a good WC along with HMag and JP — must have been something in the water that summer. Struggled the year after the WC and got a £20mill plus move to AM with a host of niggling injuries.



    Compare and contrast the situation with JJ where he is now a star with a very good NT with a string of good performances under his belt this summer.



    Consequently AM are getting a much better player in today’s JJ than a 2019 vintage KTr — just my thoughts on the situation.



    Plus a high level of incredulity at your efforts to run JJ down.

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    In this window 30yrs ago we bought Paul Byrne from Bangor City for 70K



    What a time to be alive CSC

  26. Paul67 et al



    I can’t be the only one on here that is hearing the sound of distant drums…


    And for the old folks on here I’m not talking Jim Reeves


    Though you never can tell…..


    Not sure that even the Celtic Board could push through a Jura fire sale with only three days left in the FY but our host is certainly doing his bit to let us know it is a possibility.


    Over the next season or two Celtic FC have the opportunity to establish ourselves as one of the top thirty six clubs in European football, something we will most certainly wont do if we stick to a largely failing template which will keep our annual turnover somewhere between £60-70 mill, a number first achieved around twenty years back. Dont need to be Henry Ford to realise……time for a new model.

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